4/24 Instance: Unexplosive Welcome

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4/24 Instance: Unexplosive Welcome

Post by Ferguson » Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:24 pm

Current Timeline

Jessica: So much food. Jess stared into the pantry. Urk. Stomach. She was hungry. She looked around at the shelves to see if there was anything that looked familiar and spied tea instead. Tea! Real tea! She grabbed the box to inspect it. Yep. Proper tea. Okay. She liked this place already. Heading into the kitchen she set the tea on the counter and peered into the fridge.

Jean-Paul: "Oh, hello." Jean-Paul greeted the unfamiliar girl peering into the fridge as he ran in, stopping to lean against the bar. "A new recruit then? Welcome to Xavier's, swear we're not about to blow up."

Jessica: Jess jumped at the sudden voice and straightened up, "Uh... Hi... Yeah I'm new... and why did you say that?"

Jean-Paul: "It's a bit of a running joke. I'm afraid I've not been around for most of it either so you'd have to ask someone else to explain it better." Jean-Paul just shrugged the statement off, smiling and offering his hand. "I'm Jean-Paul Martin."

Jessica: "Jessica Drew..." she shook his hand, still frowning a little, "It's not a very funny joke..."

Jean-Paul: "Well, you get used to it, promise. You're who Danny and Johnny brought back then, yes?" Jean-Paul zipped over to the pantry as he waited for her to confirm this, starting to lay out things for a potential culinary experiment.

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah that's me..." she found some chicken, sniffed it and decided it was okay then headed over to the grill.

Jean-Paul: "Has to be a bit of a change I imagine. I've always wondered what people think about their own recruitments. Mine was...a bit different at the time so coming here actually wasn't that much of a shock to my system I guess."

Jessica: "Yeah this is.... a lot different..." she frowned slightly as she turned the grill on and waited for it to heat up. "I guess they told you where they picked me up?"

Jean-Paul: "Do they seem the type to be too good about keeping quiet?" A small laugh came along with the question as he leaned over the counter to plug the mixer in. "Don't worry about that though. I wouldn't anyway."

Jessica: "No you wouldn't. I'm not here for that." She moved to slice up the chicken, sighing, "Everyone's going to think that though..."

Jean-Paul: "Well, I doubt that would be the case and if they did they'd be quite stupid to do so." He shook his head, fiddling through the cabinets for a measuring cup. "A lot of the students here have a bit of a checkered past people can make assumptions about. By now they should know better."

Jessica: "Except in my case, a lot of the assumptions would be right on the money..." ugh. Bad wording. She got a bit more violent than was strictly necessary with the chicken.

Jean-Paul: "Well, I dare say if you treat them like the chicken they'll get the message you're closed for business pretty quickly."

Jessica: "Huh? Oh... yeah... well I guess we'll see...." she went to wash the knife once the chicken was diced and picked up a few peppers to slice next on her way back.

Jean-Paul: "So, what is it you do?" In went the dry mix and with a quick jaunt to the fridge the wet and soon chocolatey brownie batter was being beaten to perfection. What would a person do without their sugar fix?

Jessica: She looked over at him, a little confused, "I don't know what you mean..."

Jean-Paul: "Power-wise I mean, mutanty mojo and all that."

Jessica: "Oh..." she put the knife down and noded to the door, "Better to show you outside."

Jean-Paul: "Destructive?" Jean-Paul looked up from the mixing bowl, quiring an eyebrow curiously. "And now you know some of why we talk about the place exploding."

Jessica: "No... well... maybe but that's not why. There's just more room." She opened the back door. Brrr. Cold. But it wouldn't take long to show him.

Jean-Paul: "Well that's good then. It's always nice to have some quieter powers around." Jean-Paul shrugged as he followed her out, stepping back to watch.

Jessica: Jess jumped straight up and stuck to the wall over the door, climbing up a little way then she flew back to the ground and landed beside him. "I can also lift a reasonable weight... and this..." she lifted her hand, charging a blast and creating a green energy aura around her hand. She held it there for a moment then gave him a light zap - akin to a static shock.

Jean-Paul: The sticking routine earned clapping from Jean-Paul and the zapping a surprised laugh. "Well, pretty handy I'd imagine, yeah?"

Jessica: "It's good for a fast escape yeah..." she nodded, "The enhanced hearing I could live without though. Overheard way more than I ever wanted."

Jean-Paul: "...oh yeah, that would be unpleasant." Jean-Paul wrinkled his nose, just imagining all the things a person could overhear that they really shouldn't.

Jessica: She nodded, "You have no idea...."

Jean-Paul: "I won't lie, things like that's probably going to happen a lot here. At least it's not telepathy?"

Jessica: "Honestly? I think that'd be less scarring..."

Jean-Paul: "I don't know. People can think about a lot more messed up things than what they end up doing."

Jessica: "Mmhmm... but you can learn to block thoughts. Can't walk around and not hear things."

Jean-Paul: "Most people do a pretty good job of it. It's all in not listening. Do you hear anything interesting now?"

Jessica: She shook her head, "No, just people talking and the tv... Not that I want to hear anything 'interesting'. At least it's quieter here than it was where I used to live...." She shivered and hugged herself, rubbing the tops of her arms as she headed back for the kitchen.

Jean-Paul: "Well, if I intend to do anything that might be considered interesting I'm sure I'll give you warning ahead of time." Slipping back inside with her, Jean-Paul looked a bit thoughtful as he considered that. "Well, not sure if it'll manage to stay too quiet. We're usually a fairly loud bunch. It's been a bit sedate of late though."

Jessica: She shook her head, "There's all this space around the building... it's nice... no loud music or sirens or any of that.... It's a lot quieter." she went back to preparing her peppers.

Jean-Paul: "Lets hope it stays that way. I rather don't like the sound of sirens around here." Leaving that statement to speak for itself, Jean-Paul went back to his brownies. "I guess you're an advance warning system if anything's ever out lurking in the woods, eh? You can let us know if Jason Voheers is about to pop out."

Jessica: "Yeah, I-.... who's that?"

Jean-Paul: "Horror movie serial killer."

Jessica: "Oh... okay..." she filed that away for later as she put her sliced peppers and diced chicken on skewers then set them on the grill.

Jean-Paul: "We'll have a movie night, nobody should be here and not know their fictional murderers."

Jessica: "Yeah... I haven't seen a lot of movies.... or tv... been a bit busy..." she watched the chicken as it cooked on the grill.

Jean-Paul: "Yeah? Well, I'm sure that will be readily ammended; especially since it's still all wintery outside. Most of the school doesn't really appreciate the cold it seems."

Jessica: "I don't mind it if I'm doing things... It's not great if I have to stand around for a while." she carefully turned the skewers.

Jean-Paul: "It's one of my favourite things so I might be a tad biased." Brownies were another thing Jean-Paul would catagorize as his favourite and in they went into the oven finally. While he did love to cook it almost did trigger some impatience in him.

Jessica: "It makes me sleepy...." she shrugged. "Pretty sure it's not good for you to fall asleep in the cold though..."

Jean-Paul: "Yeah, it's not exactly the best thing to do." He gave the statement a small chuckle as he sat at the bar. "Well, won't be much call for that."

Jessica: "I'd hope not. I'm sure I'm not very interesting when I'm asleep." she looked around the kitchen for a likely source of plates.

Jean-Paul: "Plus nobody wants to find you frozen on the lawn. Try the top left cabinet."

Jessica: "No probably not..." she opened the suggested cabinate and found plates. "Thanks...."

Jean-Paul: "Of course, let me know if you need a tour of the place or something, yeah?"

Jessica: "Well... Danny and Johnny showed me around a little... I thought I'd probably just go and explore later... not sure if any areas are out of bounds though - there's a lot of closed doors in this place."

Jessica: Jean-Paul: "Not really anything out of bounds, no. If there were people would go right in them anyway judging by how we usually go about things."

Jessica: "That seems a bit rude... but I guess if no one minds..." she shrugged, checking the chicken to see if it was cooked through.

Jean-Paul: "I suggest knocking first before going into the costume closet though. Strange things happen there."

Jessica: "There's a costume closet?" her eyebrows went up.

Jean-Paul: "Oooh yeah, Professor Drake's Wardrobe of Wonder. It's got a little bit of everything. I still haven't asked what the hoop skirts are from."

Jessica: "Probably safer not to in case they try to put you in one." she gave a grin.

Jean-Paul: "Saving yourself for when she does it then?"

Jessica: "I've been in enough 'costumes' to last me a lifetime." she picked up the skewers and pushed all the pieces off and onto the plate.

Jean-Paul: "But more than likely without near as much singing."

Jessica: "Oh I definitely am not signing up for that..." she shook her head, "No way...." she went to get a fork.

Jean-Paul: "In that case I look forward to seeing you in the audience." He nodded and raised the glass of milk he had been getting to accompany his chocolate treat of the night.

Jessica: She smiled, "I'm sure that can be arranged. I'm almost certain I won't have anywhere better to be." She went to get a glass of water then sat down at the table with her food.

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