4/29 Instance: Web Heads

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4/29 Instance: Web Heads

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:59 am

Miles: Miles peered out of the room and looked around suspiciously. I really feel like I'm not supposed to be here...

Miles: He opened the door a little wider and stuck his head out into the hall. "Wow... this place is way more beautiful during the day."

Jessica: Jess climbed back in through the window at the far end of the hall and closed it carefully behind her, blinking at the unfamiliar head in the hall.

Miles: "Oh... uh... Hi?" He looked back. "... Is there breakfast... 'round here? Can we not bring those to classes? Where are classes?"

Jessica: "Um... I'm new so.... there's a kitchen...? I can show you where that is..."

Miles: "Oh... please." He realized now htis mean he had to leave the bedroom. "... I need to put pants on. Hold off."

Miles: He came back out in a moment with pajama pants. He also was sporting a Michael Jordan jersey.

Jessica: "Uh... okay then..." she gestured for him to follow her.

Miles: "We're not gonna bump into too many people, are we? I'm really... really ... not sure I'm supposed to be here. I
notice you didn't question why i was here... you new too?"

Jessica: She nodded, "I just said I was... You're the one who sneaked in last night then?"

Miles: "Yeah I- wait, how'd you know that?" He asked, suddenly scared.

Jessica: "I heard you." she replied simply, "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

Miles: "You heard me? Jeez..." Milews was impressed.

Miles: They entered the kitchen. "Holy smokes... thi splace is huge! And it looks brand new!"

Jessica: She gave a small shrug, "I wouldn't know. You can pretty much help yourself to anything unless it's labelled as someone else's I guess...."

Miles: He opened the fridge. Massive. "Nothing's labeled. Can we eat it all?"

Jessica: "Uh... if you're that hungry?" she went to the pantry to get the tea.

Miles: "Whatchu want?" He looked through finding hot dogs, ketchup, and more." This is great... so much food!"

Jessica: "I'm okay with tea..." she came back out of the pantry with the tea and headed for the kettle.

Miles: He took out four hot dogs and turned on a frying pan. He began to look for hot dog rools. "Any uhh... buns?" He asked. He then went back to the fridge, got out ketchup and mustard. He tried to put them down but couldn't let go of them.

Miles: "Crap... This keeps happening. I'm sorry... it's like... a sticky-spider... thing..."

Jessica: "Oh... I had that problem..." she went to go and help him. "Are you sure you should be having those for breakfast?"

Miles: "You've never hot dogs for breakfast? C'mon!" He grinned. "It 'cause you're Australian, right? Gotta have all 'dat shrimp on 'dat barby!"

Jessica: "... I'm British." she frowned. "And I don't eat... that."

Miles: "What's that? Shrimp or the hot dogs? And you don't sound British to me, you don't have that 'wots this aowl goin' own heeyah' type thing..." He grinned and turned the hot dogs.

Jessica: "I haven't lived in the UK for a long time.... I lived in Amsterdam for the last four years... and hotdogs... I don't eat those..."

Miles: "I don't understand... you were in Amsterdam and you didn't eat sausages?" He still couldn't get the ketchup off his hand but he had gotten the mustard. "Sticking to shit... is getting old, real fast."

Jessica: Jess went to pull the mustard off his hand, "Yes I was in Amsterdam and no I don't eat sausage. Only fish and poultry."

Miles: "Really? Gross." She was able to rip the mustard off. "Oh! Hey, thanks! So yeah... I just sorta figured out I'm a mutant... not quite sure what to do about that yet..." He turned the stove off (his hot dogs very black at this point... just the way he liked them).

Miles: He went to ready the buns.

Jessica: "What's gross?" she wrinkled her nose at the burnt smell.

Miles: "Fish." He said. He poured himself a mug of coffee. He sipped it. Everything was suddenly amazing. The coffee not so much.

Miles: "Oh wow, I forgot about caffeine. It's awesome." He looked to Jess.

Miles: Awake now, and more alert, he realized something... This chick was hot.

Jessica: "You don't like fish?" she raised an eyebrow.

Miles: He stared at her. He couldn't find words to respond with. No, of course he didn't like fish! He wanted to say that but his thoughts were stuck on how much nicer she would look if she would lose the shirt.

Jessica: And he was staring. Blatantly. She sighed and rolled her eyes a little, turning her back to him so she could make her tea.

Miles: "Yes. Fish. You're gorgeous."

Jessica: She looked over her shoulder at him, "Thank you?"

Miles: "I... have never been around a gorgeous chick..."

Miles: "Honestly, I am... that feeling? People get? The one in the cockles of the hearts or whatever... the feeling where your stomach goes up your throat?"

Miles: "... Wow. I just admitted some serious Go Ask Alice shit..."

Jessica: "Um... okay...." she wasn't sure what else to say to that. She picked up her tea and sipped it, leaning against the counter. "So... My name's Jessica... yours?"

Miles: "Mmm... Miles." He smiled wide.

Jessica: "Nice to meet you, Miles." she retuned the smile.

Miles: "I'm wondering... and call me blunt... but... Do you wanna go grab a cup of coffee some time? 'Cause... well.. girl. You fine."

Jessica: Oh Jeeze. "Uh... I... maybe a-as friends?"

Miles: "... I can start with that." He grinned.

Jessica: Well she supposed that was okay. "Right... well... okay then..."

Miles: "Awesome." He ate his hot dogs (all three) in moments. With a full mouth he smiled. "I canf wait."

Jessica: "Great.... you know it's rude to talk with your mouth

Miles: "Mmhm, yeff. Forry."

Jessica: "And you're still doing it.... Swallow first."

Miles: He gulped a swallow. "Mmm, sorry. Too good, y'know?"

Jessica: "I'll take your word for it..." she figured she should eat something for breakfast and went to get some cereal.

Miles: "Okay so..." He put his dishes in the sink. "I literally just woke up here. No clue where to go. Where did you go to sign up?"

Jessica: "I... um... what? Sign up for what?"

Miles: "Uh... classes?" He said, in a very this-is-fucking-obvious tone.

Jessica: "Oh... I don't know.... I haven't really.... I've only been here a few days...." she bit her lip.

Miles: "Hmm... okay well, I need to figure that out." he began to head to the door. "You coming?" He turned to her to ask. As he did, he slammed his knee into the chair. "Ow!"

Miles: Suddenly his camouflage ability flicked on. "Oh-shit!"

Jessica: Jess winced in sympathy and went over to him then paused, "Uh... are you okay?"

Miles: "I... No..." He sniffled. "I don't know what I'm doing. Lookat me, dawg! I just... hit my knee... and I disappear! This shit is weird! The other morning I got stuck to the ceiling! I really had to pee!"

Jessica: "Well I can try and help you with the sticking to things just... try to relax..." she reached out carefully and found his shoulder, giving it a comforting rub.

Miles: "I... I don't know what to do anymore." He wanted to chase her away. She shouldn't see him nearly sobbing.

Miles: Then again... she couldn't.

Miles: "I feel like stress makes it worse."

Jessica: "Then don't be stressed. Just breathe... all you did was hit your knee on the table. Yeah it hurts but you're not in any danger..."

Miles: He winced. "Yeah but... When stuff like this happens though... I get worried that MRA or someone is gonna bust my door open. I feel like my pops would just give me up..."

Jessica: "I don't know what that is.... but no one here is going to let anything happen to you.... they're nice people. Some are a little weird, sure but they're okay... do you want some ice or something?"

Miles: He looked at his kneed. "Naw... I just... I want to figure out how to turn this stuff on and off..."

Miles: As he talked his camouflage faded away.

Jessica: "Well apparently they teach that stuff here so... you're in the right place."

Miles: "I hope so..." He realized he was no longer camoed and smiled up at her. "Okay... I'm gonna head up."

Miles: "Find these professors... get signed up. You coming?"

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah I'll come with you... I should at least see what they have on offer..." Breakfast could wait.

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