4/30 Instance: The Red Horse Watches

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4/30 Instance: The Red Horse Watches

Post by Ferguson » Tue May 01, 2012 3:39 am

Current Timeline

<Hope> Hope was so over being bored. So, so over. The white 'room' that they had shoved her in could do with some improvements, that was for sure. Still, it wasn't the worst place she'd had to stay in. She had finished a round of jumping jacks, lunges, and push ups. Hope's next exercise was to put her legs up on the bed and do sit ups.

<Hope> "30, 31, 32, 33..."

<@DrEssex> The squeaking wheel announced the the presence of the Doctor as he made his way down the hall again. The first round of injections had been a success; no bad reactions, all the expected results, and soon they would be ready for the next step. The door in front of him unsealed in front of him with a swipe of his card and shut behind her. "Good afternoon. I see you are hard at work."

<Hope> "I see you aren't." Hope got to her feet. She was always on alert with that bastard nearby.

<@DrEssex> "On the contrary. It is time for us to do our little dance. Would you be so kind as to have a seat at your bed?"

<Hope> "Would you be so kind as to wear your ass for a hat? If so, I think we can come to an arrangement." She held out her arm for him though. It was better than the restraints.

<@DrEssex> "Must we do this little dance each time?" He asked, really wishing he could properly break these people right away. It was tiresome putting up with the behavior nowadays. He merily came over and delivered the shot, however. "Now, my assistant is going to be coming in with a chair. You are to sit down and allow us to transfer you to the viewing room."

<Hope> "And why would I do that?"

<@DrEssex> "You have learned that it is much easier to cooperate by now, yes?"

<Hope> "Where's the fun in giving you your every whim, Little Bug?"

<@DrEssex> "You're right, there is no fun in it as I wouldn't get to play with you near as much as I enjoy."

<Hope> "Mmm enjoy it while you can, little bug. While you can."

<@DrEssex> He merely turned, giving a knock at the door for the chair to be brought in. "You'll be feeling drowsy soon enough from your injection that sitting down will be advisable anyway. This floor is quite nice but quite hard."

<Hope> Hope sighed and rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say." She sighed a bit again, tapping her foot impatiently.

<@DrEssex> He stepped out of the way as the chair came and the assistant wheeled it over towards Hope, moving to assist her into the contraption. "I have us booked for a few sessions today," the doctor began, checking his schedule to see just how long they would be in the viewing room. "Yes, most of this day it would seem."

<Hope> "Oh goodie, and afterward can we go out for cotton candy?"

<@DrEssex> That earned a smile as the wrist restraints snapped her into the chair. "We'll see."

<Hope> Hope braced herself mentally. There was no telling what horrible things he had planned for today.

<@DrEssex> "It's been since you were brought in since you've been out." Dr. Essex observed mostly to himself as the door hissed open again and he led the way out. "I imagine this is something of a treat for you."

<Hope> "A treat would be for you to give me my powers back. Just for a minute."

<@DrEssex> "Oh, you will have that and more, War. So, so much more."

<Hope> "And Johnny? You planning on killing him too?"

<@DrEssex> "Kill? Now why would we be killing mutants?"

<@DrEssex> "My dear War, that is not what we want at all." His tongue clicked as they made it through the doors at the end of the corridor. "The opposite as a matter of fact."

<Hope> "It'd be kinder." She muttered.

<@DrEssex> "Howso?" He asked, more amused than actually curious, counting down the doors until they came to one slightly ajar. "Through here please." He motioned his assistant on, pushing the door to what appeared to be a miniature theater.

<Hope> "How would you like to be taken away from your home, friends, and family and prodded and poked and sliced and diced and injected and otherwise tortured? I'm pretty sure death would be far kinder."

<@DrEssex> "I wasn't aware I was doing all of this to your Johnny. I must be a very busy man indeed."

<Hope> "Too busy to listen apparently. I was answering your stupid question. I'm sorry you lack the mental capacity to keep up with the conversation."

<@DrEssex> "And you are too ignorant of a child to realize the connotations of the things you say. I am making you into a role, War. A role that will elevate mutant-kind to our rightful status."

<Hope> "Awww too pitiful to do it yourself. It's alright little bug. Do I need to wipe your ass for you too?"

<@DrEssex> "We have our roles to play, War. My role is to enhance what you all ready have. Now, please look forward."

<@DrEssex> The chair was wheeled in place in front of the screen, close enough to make sure it took up most of Hope's vision when she looked forward.

<Hope> "Oh what fresh hell is this?" She dared to ask, not liking it one bit.

<@DrEssex> "I believe I all ready mentioned the viewing room." Another motion for the assitant brought a device to immobilize Hope's head to attach it to the chair. "There we are, that will do nicely." He smiled, screwing it into place and tightning it to make sure she couldn't turn enough to look away.

<Hope> Hope shifted a bit, taking a deep breath. She could handle this. yes she could. She was stronger than this asshat. She could win. "Viewing... what?"

<@DrEssex> "We'll call it...your inspiration. Fetch me the eye restraints please." The last part was to the assistant and soon enough he was bending in front of Hope, fastening his next device to make sure the only closing of her eyes that would be done was blinking as it would pull her eyelids right open again.

<Hope> Hope shot him a glare. "My inspiration is how to best destroy you, little bug."

<@DrEssex> "Now now, that will get us nowhere." He smiled at her before moving out of sight. Soon enough the door sealed shut and the film began.

<Hope> Hope told herself that it wasn't so bad. Just a bad movie. Her mind wandered back to Johnny, wondering if he was ok.

<@DrEssex> The destruction of Genosha was first and seemed to go on for hours. It seemed to do so because it really did go on for well over two hours. That wasn't where the film for today stopped however, feeding hours upon hours of gruesome footage of humanity putting mutants down from all over the world.

<Hope> After hours and hours of the footage, Hope could barely keep her eyes open. Unfortunately she couldn't droop her head nor close her eyes. She made a mental nose that this would make excellent torture for terrorists. She'd be sure to recommend it to Homeland Security if she ever got the chance.

<@DrEssex> It was probably five in the morning by the time the assistant returned minus Dr. Essex. He did not speak but unfastened the eyelid and head restraints, not bringing up the lights in the theater so that, once he pushed her into the halls, the light was blinding and disorienting.

<Hope> Hope shut her eyes tightly, refusing to make a sound. She could keep that much dignity.

<@DrEssex> The assistant smiled to himself, guessing about what she would be seeing when forced to shut her eyes now as he soon clipped down the corridor to her room.

<Hope> Hope willed herself to see something more pleasent than the horrible movie. Just as she started to see Essex in a ballerina tutu, it faded to a bloody Essex in a ballerina costume. Well, it was something.

<@DrEssex> Her door hissed open and the assistant pushed her on in, releasing the restraints along her wrists and pushing her to the bed just as wordlessly as he had done everything else.

<Hope> Hope felt around before crawling into the bed. Sweet bed. Warm bed. Her fingers found a bit of her hair and she began to soothe herself to sleep. She turned her mind to Johnny. Maybe if it stayed there, she could escape the nightmares that were sure to follow.

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Re: 4/30 Instance: The Red Horse Watches

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Re: 4/30 Instance: The Red Horse Watches

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Pretty creepy. :shifty

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