5/4 Instance: Back From Ten

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5/4 Instance: Back From Ten

Post by Ferguson » Sat May 05, 2012 12:36 am

Current Timeline

<@DrEssex> "Awful quiet." Dr. Essex murmured pleasantly as he pushed the chair along in front of him, forgoing the squeaky cart this time as he didn't intend to drug his victim this time. He stopped by the door he had in mind, swiping his card and causing the door to hiss open. "Good morning, Famine."

<Michael> "My name is Michael." He turned his head to where the voice had come from.

<@DrEssex> "Yes, but I am calling you by a better name; one you will come to appreciate soon enough, my boy." Dr. Essex pulled the chair up beside him. "We're going to go on a little trip today out of your cell."

<Michael> "I'd rather not." He gritted his teeth. "I'm quite fine right here."

<@DrEssex> "Actually, I think you're imprisoned and rather depressed in here. I don't think you want the others hearing you either."

<Michael> "I'm not going to beg for mercy. Just do whatever you're going to do."

<@DrEssex> "I'm rather afraid you've gotten the wrong idea about what our discussion will be about." Dr. Essex shook his head, taking a few steps until he was in front of Michael. "If you'd rather I put you in the chair then I suppose we'll just have to do it that way."

<Michael> Michael struggled against him but eventually ended up in the chair.

<@DrEssex> "Now, you see? Wasn't that unnecessary?" Dr. Essex hummed again as he set the restraints around Michael's arms, turning them to head out of the room and down the corridor although not without bidding the girls a fond farewell. "I promise you I'll be bringing you back. We've kept Reed for a bit more extensive work but you and I are just going to have a little chat today."

<@DrEssex> "I promise you, it will be a talk you'll appreciate though."

<Michael> "Not unless it involves you releasing me and my friends."

<@DrEssex> "Now, Famine, my collegues and I are people with imagination. There are a number of things that we can talk about with you that would interest you that have nothing to do with leaving or your friends."

<Michael> "Yeah your collegues can suck my cock, And my name is still Michael."

<@DrEssex> "And Michel is boring and vulgar which, I suppose if you continue this behavior, would be quite fitting." A dramatic sigh came out of the doctor as he reminded himself that they had wanted this one's powerset for a greater purpose and he would simply have to put up with the behavior until the child could see the light.

<@DrEssex> "Famine, Famine is what you will be and you will be glad for it and for what we are going to be talking about today."

<Michael> "I'll be glad when you lose these crazy delusions of granduer and let us all go. I want back in my own bed with my girlfriend."

<@DrEssex> "Do you think you are normal, Famine?" The Doctor asked thoughtfully as he pushed his way into his main lab, putting Michael behind a table and going to the other side. "Would you care for some coffee or anything?"

<Michael> "No I'm a mutant. Plus there is no such thing as normal every being on this planet differes in more ways than you can count."

<@DrEssex> "Yes yes, but there is a certain divide among them and their betters, isn't there now. And I think you underestimate my intelligence." Going ahead and pouring his own coffee, Dr. Essex took Famine's failiure to answer the question as a refusal. "Now, shall we get down to business?"

<Michael> "Unless you're throwing me a surprise party with frisky strippers I don't care to hear what you have to say."

<@DrEssex> "You wouldn't be able to do much with a stripper you cannot see now, would you?"

<Michael> "That's why I said frisky, see you're not thinking as quickly as you think you are.

<@DrEssex> "And you are going slower than I thought possible. We're here to talk about your sight."

<Michael> "If you say so." He shook his head.

<@DrEssex> That earned a laugh from the doctor as he sipped at his coffee. "Do you doubt me?"

<Michael> "What's there to talk about I'm blind and I'll always be blind."

<@DrEssex> "And there's your lack of imagination again, or maybe your ignorance as to exactly who it is you are talking with." He leaned in more out of habit than anything. "You see, I am quite good with eyes. You could even ask your Dr. Summers if he were here."

<Michael> "I don't feel strippers I think I'll just wait till you run out of hot air and take me back to my room now."

<@DrEssex> "My dear Famine, I may seem like it but I never boast. I believe I can promise you that." Oh, youth. They really did not know what they were dealing with. "I will begin returning your sight to you today. It will take a while as it will be a series of procedures but your sight will be returned."

<Michael> "Y...you're lying." Michael could feel his face go flush.

<@DrEssex> "I've brought you to my lab and I fully intend to wheel you over to my operating table and get started and I can assure you, Famine, I am more than capable of doing this."

<Michael> "Are you going to make me a robot like you did Clarice...."

<@DrEssex> "The Herald believes in what she is doing. We will be asking you to play a role for us, that is all." Dr. Essex seemed to believe, and did believe, that it was a small price to pay, especially for the end game. "We will make you see, make you stronger and you will be Famine."

<Michael> "I won't fight if you don't mess with my head." Michael was defeated he wanted to see so badly and Essesx was just dangling the ability infront of his face.

<@DrEssex> "In that case," The doctor stood up, moving back around to Michael's side and pushing him towards his work table. "I believe we should get started. Welcome to the cause, Famine."

<Michael> "J...just make it so I can see." He frowned.

<@DrEssex> "Don't you worry." He hummed as he undid the restraints on the chair and guided him to lie back on the bed. "I will do that and more." He moved to work, putting the anesthetic to work. "Please count back from 10."

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Re: 5/4 Instance: Back From Ten

Post by puppygirl » Sat May 05, 2012 12:46 am

I guess it's true, every man does have his price :shifty

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Re: 5/4 Instance: Back From Ten

Post by JackSkulls » Sat May 05, 2012 12:49 am

some pink boobs woulda broke him quicker ;) lol jp offerin him sight kinda easily took the cake

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