5/13 Instance: Talked to Dust

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5/13 Instance: Talked to Dust

Post by Ferguson » Tue May 15, 2012 5:37 pm

Timeline - Current

<@Sooraya> "So," Sooraya turned to her partner for patrol tonight. "You are new, yes? How do you find the school so far?" Sometimes Sooraya wondered if she knew that this place would be traumatic experiences and late night guard duty she would have come but she didn't find herself regretting it yet.

<Jimmy> "Completly beyond bizzare, mate, seriously, giant talkin' rabbits, bar fights and I find out that it seems to be a reaccuring problem that students get kidnapped and have horrific things done to them!" Jimmy flailed with his torch for emphasis, "and the american's all believe cider should be alcoholess! Insane!"

<@Sooraya> "Well...if it is any consolation I have yet to be kidnapped?" Sooraya offered for reassurance, smiling slightly at the tirade. "I am afraid that I will not be able to offer any opinion on your cider problems, however, but I am sure that some of the other British students will have found sources for things form home."

<Jimmy> "Oh I dunno," Jimmy gave the girl a sidelong look, "you were that burkha all the time, how do we know it's really you? Huh? Maaaaaybe you're an imposter with a voice changing .... thing under all that get-up, though if you're thinking of kidnapping me and trying to do strange experiments, I warn you, I can hypnotise you with my voice!"

<Jimmy> He made magic wiggling fingers at Sooraya.

<@Sooraya> "I would offer to take my hijab off for you but you wouldn't know how to recognize me with it off anyway." She had to laugh at that and the mystical finger waving. "I promise I will not try to kidnap you."

<Jimmy> "I thought there were like ... rules about taking it off infront of strange men? Like Muhammad appears in a flash of lightning and wags his finger at you and deducts ten percent fro your dowery ... do you guys still have doweries? I've never really approved of doweries, the whole 'paying someone to take your kid off your hands' ... feel the love."

<@Sooraya> "I have never believed it to be a true compromization of my modesty. I do not always wear the face cover. It's just warm and it is my first winter here." Sometimes the extra layer of clothes was practical even if nobody that didn't wear such things would ever think such a thing.

<@Sooraya> "But I am sure there are many people who would believe it would be so but I do not believe Allah will be overly concerned if you were to see my mouth and nose. They're not going to take your senses."

<Jimmy> "Heh, you ain't touchy, I like that. And as pretty as your nose and mouth probably are I doubt that they'll drive me to ... wassit, lust fueled passion and sin and ... thingy, whatever some people believe or whatever."

<@Sooraya> All of that earned another chuckle as Sooraya tried to bring her mind back to their patrol, finding it notably difficult. "Well, while I am sure there are certain kinds of people who would use that as an excuse eventually one does have to be responsible for one's own sins of the mind rather than accusing those around them to be a sort of taudry temptation."

<@Sooraya> "So, your power is talking, I understand?"

<Jimmy> "Yeah, I know, great super-power huh?" Jimmy rolled his eyes, "I'm like a walking daytime telly show ... well, certain types of daytime telly, personally I think Jerry Springer is HILARIOUS, did you ever see the one with the midgets having a punch up, classic, CLASS-IC." Jimmy flashed his torch at some bushes and spotted nothing more nafarious then one of the school cats daintilly washing it's genitals.

<@Sooraya> "I am afraid that I have not seen this." Sooraya's brow furrowed slightly as she contemplated that show set-up. Sometimes the programming here confused her to no end but most of it was interesting still. "Well, I suppose it is quite useful. I heard you were very effective dissolving the fight at the bar."

<Jimmy> "The landlord with the gun helped," Jimmy said, face wrikling up in disgust at the cat. Ewww, "So what exactly are we looking for out here? And what do we do if any super-villians turn up ... except maybe run screaming like little girls, which is probably what I'd do anyway."

<@Sooraya> "We sound the alarm, essentially." Sooraya shrugged. "So you are not far off at the idea of running and screaming I suppose. It seems to be effective plus we would need more people if we were going to confront anyone."

<@Sooraya> "But I do have a headset to call back into the school. It is connected to the intercom inside so we will get you one as well soon."

<Jimmy> "... They don't even give the noob a radio to call for help when they send him on patrol?" Jimmy sighed, "So is this like the super-hero equiverlent of sending the apprentice to the van to find a box of nail-holes?"

<@Sooraya> "I can give you my radio if you would like?" She looked a bit confused about the nail-hole talk but shrugged it off. "Well, we all start somewhere I suppose. It is very unlikely anyone will be coming to bother us, however."

<Jimmy> "You know, sending the apprentice out for a box of nail-holes? Tin of tartan paint? Box of sparks? No? Left handed hammer? Sky hooks? Sheet of broken glass? Never heard of those before?" Maybe Sooraya came from a mystical, magical land where people didn't prank the newb?

<Jimmy> ... And now he had Kevin Bloody Wilson stuck in his head and had to watch out that he didn't start singing about having his trousers pulled down to his ankles and having his pubic hair shaved, that would be a great way to start a relationship with a unattached, cute girl (well, he assumed she was cute, she sounded cute).

<@Sooraya> "Ooh, I see what you are talking about now." Sooraya shook her head, dispelling some of the funk that had settled in during her moment of confusion. "I just had not heard the saying before but you mean a fool's errand, yes?"

<@Sooraya> "It can seem so at times but it is necessary. I suppose we might have even went a bit lax about it, though when attacks come in the broad daylight that would be a different thing." She was still surprised at the nerve of what had happened and the fact Michael had disappeared from right behind her.

<Jimmy> "Yeah, that sorta thing," Jimmy nodded, "And you know, with all that crap in the ... whatcha call it, Danger Room? You'd think maybe they're fork out for ... I dunno, perimiter defenses, like little rocket launchers that pop out of the grass at fire and intruders? How awesome would that be? It'd be all 'pheeeeeewBOOM!'"

<Jimmy> "And then they wouldn't have to send those of us with the talky powers out on patrol without a radio and those of us with the talky powers could be working on important stuff, like finding a shop that'll import real cider."

<@Sooraya> "Unfortunately some of our enemies would be able to easily use those against us so it might not be the best of ideas so we make do." Oh, right, she was supposed to actually be keeping watch. When had they gotten to this part of the school yard? Sooraya was convinced she was actually losing time now.

<Jimmy> "Really? You guys have arch enemies that can like .... hack rocket launchers hidden underground? Can't you just get .... thingy, Cylon Danger lady or the punk professor to like ... put a firewall around them. Speakig of which, that chick, creepy as HELL man, even if she is a sex bot with built in boob-jiggle, that's just pure uncanny valley right there, metal tits shouldn't wobble, or if they did, they should wobble in time with the ass, but her ass is solid, like, proper nut cracker!"

<@Sooraya> "I...um...I suppose so. I am sure they are working on that." Sooraya looked over to him, brow furrowed slightly as she was sure he had said a lot more for her to have at least some response to.

<Jimmy> "What? Working on Danger's ass to give it a proper wobble when she walks? They're wasting time and money on THAT when they could be working on defenses so they don't have to send out students to patrol and fall victim to some kinda mad child-mutant-student-catcher thing? What kind of a nuthouse are you guys running over here, mate, seriously!?"

<@Sooraya> "No, no, I meant they're working on the first thing...though I think he did work on Danger as well...I mean...she does seem to have...'expanded'."

<Jimmy> "Expanded? You talkin' about her tracts of land there? ... Well I guess everybody needs a hobby ... robot boob jobs, mate, this place is to bizzare to be believed, I mean, did you see the combination safe that someone put in the fridge? Is that normal, even for mutants? And I saw this one guy hanging upside down from the cealing reading, I mean, why would you even do that? Wouldn't you get like a headrush or something?"

<@Sooraya> "I think the locks are pretty new, only a week or two." She murmured, feeling that headrush that Jimmy was talking about despite being completely rightside up.

<Jimmy> "Oh so it's one of the new kids? It's still nuts though right? 'Cos I know that food gets stolen a lot in schools like this but that's taking security detail to the extreme huh? Just a shame that everyone else here isn't that extreme about the safety of the whole like ... premesis as a whole. Like sending me out, I mean, I'm only good as long as I can talk but if there's someone out there who can like ... mute people with thier mind, or even if they just suck up on me and hit me over the head, that's me off to to frankenstine's lab innit?"

<@Sooraya> "I...well." Speaking was getting to be too much. Actually, being solid was beginning to be too much. Sand started slipping to the ground and soon enough Sooraya caved into a pile of sand.

<Jimmy> Jimmy was too caught up in the sound of his own voice to notice anything wrong to begin with, "Unless, of course, it turns out you have some super-awesome power that could kick the ass of any pointy-nosed dudes in tophats, huh Sooraya? What is your power an-"

<Jimmy> He turned to her just as her robe collaspsed inwards, "SOORAYA! OHMYGODOHMYGODWHATHAPPENOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!!" He screamed and flailed, falling over backwards and butt scuttling backwards away from the pile of sand, "OHMYGODITALKEDHERTODEATH!!!!" His power must have ... mutated or something! And now his voice was like that box from that Indiana Jones movie!

<@Sooraya> Somewhat aware of the buzzing of the voice out there, Sooraya tried to pull herself and reform but with each word her concentration cut and the sand she had been pulling up fell away again.

<Jimmy> OhGoditwasTWITCHING! Twitching deadsandthing! "OhmyGOD! I'msorryi'msorryi'msorry!" What did he do? What did he doooo!? Should he go get someone? Maybe a dustpan and brush, her was a terrible person with his death voice! She seemed like such a nice girl too! "Um .... HEEEEEEEELLLLPPPPP!?"

<Lorna> The radio that was now nestled in the occasionally tossing sand went off and Lorna's voice came over. "What do you have out there?"

<Jimmy> Sooraya's radio! He went to grab it then remembered that it was sitting in a pile of dead-girl sand and did a little dance of ick, "Um ... it's JImmy, um ... I ... that is to say .... itwasanaccidentandi'mreallysorryIdidn'tmeantodoit!"

<Lorna> "...do what?" Lorna sounded confused at the sudden word vomit that came over. "Breathe. Now what happened?"

<Jimmy> Jimmy took a deep breath as advised, "I ... I think I killed Sooraya with my voice, I was talkingandshejustcollapsedintoapileofsandi'msorryIdidn'tknowIcoulddothat!" Okay .... this breathing thing, not working out so good.

<Lorna> A sigh came over the line. "Jimmy, I need you to do something for me, okay?"

<Jimmy> "... Yeah?" Came the whimper back.

<Lorna> "Just sit there and be quiet. She'll come back in a minute or so."

<Jimmy> "... Whaaaa?"

<Lorna> "Is the sand still sort of flopping about?"

<Jimmy> "... Yeeeeeeah, it's freakin' me out."

<Lorna> "Then be quiet so she can reform."

<Jimmy> "... Waaaait a second, so that's her thing? She turns into sand?" All of a sudden he felt really, really stupid, "and no one told me? Wouldda been nice to know 'Oh hey, Jimmy, watch your mouth around your partner since if you loose control of your mouth she might turn into a pile of freakin' sand, just an FYI'"

<Lorna> On the other end Lorna was wondering exactly why Jimmy had thought she had just randomly turned to dust. "Okay, you're still talking so would walking away be easier?"

<Jimmy> "Oh no, I can be quiet, if I need to be, if someone warned me, 'Jimmy, your talking might cause her to loose control of her dusty powers, so keep the talking down, well I'm going to be quiet now, see, this is me shutting up, silent as a mouse's fart-"

<Lorna> Lorna just kept quiet on her end, waiting to see if it would actually take.

<@Jimmy> "See, I'm gonna be silent right now," and with that Jimmy zipped his lips.

<Lorna> Despite the situation, Lorna had to bite back a laugh.

<Sooraya> Soon enough, however, Sooraya started to piece herself together, coming out of the mindfog.

<@Jimmy> "... Gaaaaah, that is sooooo creepy!" Jimmy did another flailing ick dance as the sand started to heave and mold itself.

<Sooraya> "...what on earth happened?" She blinked, still half formed as she looked over to Jimmy.

<@Jimmy> ... Talking sand thing! Gaaah! "Erm ... umm ... my bad?" Wait ... was she gonna come back naked, should he turn around?

<Sooraya> "Oh, that's right." Sooraya shook her head, coming out of it and reforming herself. "I am sorry about that. I imagine you did not get much warning." She dusted off her abaya some, situating her radio back where it should be.

<@Jimmy> "Hey, if you can make your clothes all dusty with you, why did your robes fall off?" He said, waving to indicate the body suit she was wearing, "And ... heh, your nose and mouth havn't cast some enchantment on my feble male mind either," he gibbered slightly, "Umm ... you sure you're okay?"

<Sooraya> "When I can focus I can take the clothes with me as well unless something goes wrong." Sooraya explained. "But if I get distracted or something happens I have the suit; unstable molecules like the uniforms."

<Sooraya> "And I am glad your mind remains strong. I'm fine, do not worry about it." She offered a smile as she fixed the rest of her clothing.

<@Jimmy> "Ooh ... the magic science material thing," they'd tried to explain it to him but he'd stopped paying attention and starting thinking about lunch, "Umm ... sorry about making you loose concentration there and ... collapsing ..." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

<Sooraya> "Do not worry, there was nothing you could have done about it." She looked over to him once everything was in place, chuckling slightly. "Are you all right to continue?"

<@Jimmy> "Erm ... yeah, I think we should finish up, I can finish up, no problem," and then he was going to hide under his duvet with a hot chocolate and whiskey ... unless the crazy yanks took the alcohol out of that too ...

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