5/18 Instance: My Parents are DEEEEAAAAD!!

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5/18 Instance: My Parents are DEEEEAAAAD!!

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri May 18, 2012 4:47 am

timeline: current

Miles: Miles strolled out into the rec room to find just the two people he was looking for. "Oh hey! Look! The popular kids!" He smiled and sprung over into a couch.

Jessica: Jess blinked and looked over at Johnny, "Is he being serious or sarcastic? Because I can't tell...."

Johnny: Johnny barely managed to contain a snort at that. Jess, popular... The notion of that was hilarious. "I think you mean popular kid, seeing as I'm the most popular here."

Miles: "Well, ..." he looked to Jessica. "I would disagree. I think Jess has easily 10 points over you. She's a girl." He winked to her. "Ma'am."

Jessica: She gave him a smile in return and shifted a little in her seat.

Johnny: He looked over to Jess and then to Miles, raising an eyebrow, "I don't think so. I'm totally better looking than she is and far more awesome."

Jessica: Jess managed to find it in herself to be offended by that, "Pfft."

Johnny: "Don't 'pfft' me. You don't even know anything about pop culture."

Jessica: "That has nothing to do with anything."

Johnny: "You can't be cool if you don't know anything."

Jessica: "The words you used were 'better looking' and 'more awesome'."

Johnny: "Well, duh... Because I am."

Jessica: "And again I say 'pfft'."

Miles: "See, this!" He insisted. "This! I want to know how to be like this! Jabs, jive, quips! You are both so good at it! You're the popular ones! The bullies and the cynics! The ones everyone wants to be"

Miles: He snorted and finished with, "'cause everyone's afraid of them!"

Jessica: Jess raised an eyebrow at him, "I'm confused how you can be popular and hated at the same time.... I'm not sure I want to be either...."

Johnny: "Well, people can totally hate you because you're popular... Jealousy and all that," he shrugged. "Wait... Since when are people scared of me?"

Miles: "No, not HATED!" he quickly corrected her. "I don't want to offend you, no one is full of hate towards you, they just have piqued curiosities founded in... well.. fear."

Miles: "No you're the one who's too cool to care. About anything. That makes YOU popular. You," he turned to Jess "You're scathing. And different. And mysterious. You two are, flat out, the two most popular in the class!"

Jessica: "Johnny... you can set people on fire and you have to ask that question? I think you melted your brain...." she looked at Miles, "and you are insane."

Johnny: "But I don't set people on fire! ...Often," Johnny protested with a roll of his eyes, "However, I will accept being most popular."

Miles: "How am I insane?" He froze and a grin grew on his face. "That's great! Can I use that as my 'get' ?"

Miles: "Think I can be popular by being crazy!?"

Johnny: "I wouldn't try it. You'll just end up like that creepy Adam guy..."

Miles: Miles thought about it. "The stabby one? Does he have a rabbit?"

Johnny: Johnny nodded, "Yep, that one."

Jessica: "Yeah he's weird.... no one wants to be that guy... Even I know that." she nodded along.

Miles: "Yeah... I dunno... he does have a rabbit. I just don't want to be like that weird Lizard guy... he's like... a lizard. And he eats shit."

Miles: "Weird shit."

Jessica: "And occasionally licks people." she'd overheard that part.

Johnny: "Hey, Curt's cool..."

Miles: "Eating them is a far more crucial concern."

Jessica: "I'm not worried about getting eaten..."

Johnny: Johnny shook his head, "He doesn't eat people."

Miles: "Not that you know of." Miles chuckled.

Jessica: Jess wrinkled her nose a little, "You realise I'm going to the library after this and digging out old newspapers, right?"

Johnny: "He's my roommate, and I generally babysit him. I'm pretty sure I know what he eats," he insisted.

Jessica: "You can't watch him all day every day... unless you stare at him in the shower and visa versa...."

Johnny: Johnny made a face.

Miles: "Wait you have to babysit your room mate? Man he really is kind of a weird wackadoo, huh?"

Jessica: "Shot yourself in the foot there, Johnny..." she smirked a little.

Johnny: "Ugh, no... Just to make sure he doesn't, y'know... eat anybody..." he sighed, "Besides it's not like he's the weirdest person here..."

Jessica: "No... but he's definitely up there...."

Johnny: "I mean, there's your roommate," Johnny glanced to Jess, "She's totally worse than Curt."

Jessica: "There's nothing wrong with Laura."

Johnny: "Nothing wrong? Are you serious...?"

Jessica: "Yeah I'm serious. She saved my ass - that makes her perfectly okay in my books."

Miles: "Laura... is she the... uh..." he looked around skeptically. "The crazy one with the claws?"

Miles: "She's scary. She's terrifying, in fact."

Johnny: "She worked with that creepy guy... and she stabs... Yes, her."

Jessica: "I share a room with her and she hasn't tried to stab me once. She's fine."

Johnny: "So? She's still scary."

Jessica: "You've obviously not actually spent any time with her."

Johnny: "They kept her locked in the danger room for a reason."

Jessica: "From what I gather, that was more out of concern she'd go running back to the bad guys."

Miles: "You don't need to spend time with her... she hunts you..." He said quietly.

Jessica: Jess rolled her eyes, "You're both ridiculous." She got up from her seat and headed for the kitchen.

Miles: "It's the hunt that thrills her." He chuckled to himself and realized that he was actually freaking himself out more than anything "Okay, so one is a weirdo, one's a chompy creep, and the other is a stabby assassin for hire." Miles tried to stop Jess. "Wait, I want to know about the others!"

Miles: "Who else do you guys judge?"

Jessica: "I don't think I'm in a position to judge anyone." she pushed the door open and stepped through it.

Miles: "But you do! The Lizard! And Rabbit-Guy! And don't forget Danny, he's a real odd-duck. Guy pretends to be asian one day and then before you know it he's full-blown American the other. And his odd, 'my-parents-are-dead' thing?"

Miles: Miles snorted. "When you can go camo, you hear a lot. And this guy? Whines like a mule."

Johnny: "Oh, I totally haven't heard much about the rabbit guy yet. What's he like?" Johnny asked, looking to Miles, "And... Well, Danny's... Danny."

Jessica: Jess poked her head back through the doorway, "What do you mean a ''my-parents-are-dead' thing'? That's not a thing."

Miles: "From what I can tell, he listens to a lot of metal or some kind of noisy music. I want to offer him some Miles Davis or something, but I think he wouldn't get it." Miles shrugged.

Johnny: "Like, Batman... You know, 'my parents are deeeeaaaad'..."

Miles: Miles looked to Jessica with his eyebrows arched "Totally a thing. That's like... A Batman thing. Or a Superman thing."

Miles: He looked to Johnny and threw up a hand for a high five.

Johnny: Johnny high-fived him.

Jessica: She frowned between them, shook her head and headed back into the kitchen muttering 'whatever'.

Miles: "Oh Jess, come on!" He followed her. "You can't tell me he's not at least a little bit overdramatic? Like, 'My Chemical Romance' over dramatic? I mean... he's like a sack of sad. Which, ... I don't even wanna think about what happens when you shake up a sack of sad, man. It becomes a bag of cats, y'know?"

Johnny: Johnny got up to follow him, critically eying her, "You're being all extra touchy about this..."

Jessica: "First of all, you're making all these references that I don't understand, and second of all someone having dead parents is not something to joke about."

Johnny: He blinked, "You don't know who Batman is?"

Miles: "How do you not know who Batman is?" He asked, stunned.

Miles: "Danny... is... THE BAT! The Dark Knight!" He pretended to swoosh a cape and leapt onto a stool, spinning it around. "Where's Dent?!!"

Jessica: "Where exactly do you think I would have learned about that? In the hospital? In Amsterdam? I kind of had bigger problems."

Miles: "How about Edward Scissorhands?" He asked pretending to snip Jess' hair. "He wants to cut your hair and smell it, y'know. He's actually silently got a whole bunch of problems."

Johnny: Johnny considered that, eventually asking, "What about a hospital...?"

Jessica: "Oh you know... the place I woke up... after the car crash... that killed my dad..."

Johnny: His jaw dropped as he stared blankly, managing to control his expression briefly before shooting a panicked look to Miles.

Miles: "I bet Danny cries a lot and has a hard time 'sleeping' without his hair clipping..." He tried to hold in a snort. "I bet he dresses up in a skirt with a wig, and looks in the mirror saying 'Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me...' "

Johnny: It took him a few moments to work out forming words again. "Dude!" he nudged Miles.

Jessica: Jess sent a glare at Miles, accidentally releasing some of her other type of pheromones in the process. Tea. She needed it.

Miles: Miles yelped and reached out, instinctively, touching her forehead with his finger. "Oh-God!" He didn't have time to stop himself.

Miles: He had already touched her with his paralytic sting. "Whoops!"

Jessica: Jess let out a small sound of surprise before she collapsed to the floor.

Johnny: "Dude!" Johnny repeated as he watched Jess drop.

Miles: "What!? I just... man, I didn't expect her to scare the shit out of me!" He ran to the sink, filled up a glass of water, and walked over to her. He promptly dropped it on her face. "Wake up?"

Johnny: "She just told us her parents are dead, so you knock her out and dump water on her?!"

Miles: "I didn't know!" He shouted.

Johnny: "What do we do with her…?!"

Miles: "I don't know! Man, when my dad passed out once, my mom threw water on him!"

Johnny: "...Or do we just leave her here?"

Miles: "I don't know, dump more water on her? Slap her awake? Shout at her until she wakes up? Oh wait, I know!" He reached into his back pack. "I dunno... I feel like that's worse. Hold on..." he pulled out an airhorn.

Jessica: Jess didn't like this. She didn't like it at all. She had no idea what the hell had just happened or why she couldn't move but she did know she was going to kick seven shades of shit out of Miles... and Johnny too if they just left her on the floor.

Johnny: "Wait-" Johnny started.

Miles: "Got this the other day at the Mets game. Couple good honks left in it." He held it out and blew it, realizing with a dropped jaw that she was in fact waking up. "Oh... f-*BLLLEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRREEE!"

Jessica: Oh God. What awful thing was he going to try no- ARGH! She reacted on instinct to just make the noise stop and hit him with a venom blast.

Miles: "Gah!" He crumpled to the ground, his face hitting the tiles as the horn dropped to Johnny's feet.

Johnny: Johnny looked between the two of them, grabbed the glass of water, refilled it, and tossed it on Miles since he didn't have any better ideas. Obviously the airhorn hadn't worked, but she had been starting to stir after the water.

Jessica: Jess curled up against the wall once she'd managed to push herself up. She wasn't going to cry no matter how much pain she was in right now from the noise and the impact with the hard tiled floor.

Miles: Miles sat straight up and yelped, instantly turning transparent. His forehead hit the table, and he was out, collapsing right back to where he was laying.

Johnny: He muttered a few curses, trying to decide who to tend to first and eventually decided to go with Jess because... Well, because she was a girl. Crouching down next to her, he hesitantly placed a hand on her shoulder, "Jess?"

Jessica: She shoved him back and got to her feet, "Don't..." crossing the kitchen to where he'd been standing, she picked up the airhorn. "I'm confiscating this."

Johnny: "Oookay..." Apparently, he'd made the wrong choice. Miles would probably be nice. Making his way back to his feet after having been shoved over, he hauled Miles up.

Miles: Miles just went limp in his arms.

Jessica: Jess turned for the stairs, deciding to shower until she calmed down and then go and get tea when hopefully the kitchen area would be free of people that pushed her buttons.

Johnny: "Hey!" Johnny called after her, sighing heavily as he glanced to Miles and trailing off, "What am I supposed to do with him...?"

Miles: Miles reached out, wrapping around Johnny's neck. "Mommy..." he mumbled.

Johnny: He blinked and dropped him, stepping over Miles' body and making his way back to the rec room.

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Re: 5/18 Instance: My Parents are DEEEEAAAAD!!

Post by Ferguson » Fri May 18, 2012 4:49 am


And now that I've read, oh, that was smoooooth!

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