5/20 Instance: The Nutcracker

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5/20 Instance: The Nutcracker

Post by Ferguson » Mon May 21, 2012 2:14 am

current timeline

<@Jimmy> Mrs. Drake had called him down to the DR for some 'extra training' and as Jimmy entered the room, fiddling with the collar of his gimp suit, he realised that there was no other students in there.

<@Jimmy> He suddenly had a very bad felling about this ....

<Lorna> "Hey there, Jimmy!" Lorna called out from beside the control panel, waving happily. "How are you today?"

<@Jimmy> "I was feeling great, up untill like ... ten seconds ago," he checked to see if maybe anyone else was coming down the corridor outside, no luck ... but hey, you never know, this could be just like those pornos when the hot teacher asked to see the student privatly, right? Right?

<Lorna> She frowned a little bit, head tilting to the side. "I don't make your nervous now, do I?" Nobody else was coming and Lorna was prodding the control panel to seal the door as they spoke

<@Jimmy> "Nervous? Nooooooo, not at all, it's not like you've just trapped me in the room of death or anything," Jimmy mumbled, watching the door seal shut behind him ... he automatically started looking for another way out.

<Lorna> "Nobody's died in here yet, I promise. The room has safeties set for such things so that doesn't happen." Actually, that wasn't the most comforting thing but at elast it meant that nobody was going to die today.

<@Jimmy> "Okay, so the room of almost-but-not-reallly-death then," Jimmy looked over his shoulders again, checking no evil daisys were sneaking up on him, "Sooo ... guessin' it's too much to hope you've called me down here for kinky teacher sex, huh?"

<Lorna> "Sorry kiddo," She did laugh though, making her way over. "Afraid this isn't a porn and my husband would probably not like that too terrible much."

<@Jimmy> "Which one's your husband again?" It was a given that he'd be bigger than him anyways, "I can always distract him with my dulcet tones if he comes for me, huh?"

<Lorna> "Bobby." Lorna smirked and just shook her head. "Well, can't say you're not persistent, Peanut."

<@Jimmy> "I thought my codenames was Distract," Jimmy sulked, yanking his hat down lower over his head, "Bobb-oh, you mean Mr. Drake the maths teacher? ... Actually, duh, her name's Mrs. Drake, dumbass ..." he rolled his eyes at himself.

<Lorna> "Oh, er,...well, no need for codenames now, hmm P...Jimmy." Why was that so hard not to do? "And yes, that Mr. Drake. So, what experience do you have fighting?"

<@Jimmy> "... Kids at school tried to punch me in the face, I run and get my mates, they sort it?" Okay yes, reeeeeally didn't like where this was going, nu-uh!

<Lorna> She nodded, frowning slightly but that was pretty much how she figured. "Yeah, that's pretty typical. So we'll start from the beginning, yeah?"

<@Jimmy> "Do we have to start at all?" Jimmy whined, "I mean, there's so many other people at this place who are so much better at the whole hitty-punchy thing, can't I just ... hide behind them and jabber at the enemy till they're neuteralised? I mean, that's always worked before ... even before I knew about my ... speaking thing."

<Lorna> "We just don't want you caught alone...though your jabbering would help with that but just in case you ever lose powers for some reason it's a good thing to know how to do."

<@Jimmy> "... We can loose our powers?" Given that the fact that he couldn't hold a decent conversation with anyone without turning them into a zombie was putting a decided dent in any possible romantic overtures, this didn't necessarily sound like a bad thing to him.

<Lorna> "There are some inhibitors that can keep you from them, yes...generally not a good thing to come by one of those."

<@Jimmy> "Really? From where I'm standing that sounds like it could be a good thing ... but even if like ... Ankka or that ninja guy lost thier powers, I'd still be staying behind them if any fights broke out, trust."

<Lorna> "What I'm saying though is that we might not always be able to be there for you...so we've got to get beyond the running and screaming portion of things." She tried not to smile as she remembered his reaction during the Famine training.

<@Jimmy> "But running and screaming works out so well for me," he whined, then thought on it, "actually, it works out for all of us since I found Famny for ya by doing it, huh?"

<Lorna> "And someday we're not going to be there when you do run into someone like that."

<Lorna> Lorna sighed, stopping in front of him. "So that's why we're going to go round right now, okay?"

<@Jimmy> That shut Jimmy up as he just goggled at Lorna, "... You mean ... you wanna pratice fight me, now?" What was her power again? She could fly couldn't she, could she punch through walls? Oh man, and she'd locked the door to hadn't she?

<Lorna> "There's only one way to learn how to take a hit." Lorna pointed out. "Don't worry, I'm not going to just attack you."

<@Jimmy> "For some reason that doesn't fill me with confidence," Jimmy backed away a few steps, "so what are you gonna do?"

<Lorna> To answer, Lorna gave a light jab to his shoulder.

<@Jimmy> Jimmy flinched but didn't bolt, "... Okay, that wasn't too bad," he said suspiciously, just waiting for the sledgehammer blow that was bound to come.

<Lorna> "See? No need to run, now you hit me." Lorna bounced in place a bit, waiting to see what he'd do.

<@Jimmy> "Hit you?" Jimmy looked for a safe place to hit her that was within reach and settled on her stomach, aiming a half-hearted punch at her with no real power behind it.

<Lorna> Lorna almost felt sorry for him. "For the record though, you don't have to be all x-man if you don't want to, yeah?" She smiled, giving him another hit. "Just need some defense."

<@Jimmy> "I saw footage of you guys fighting the giant blobby monster thing, not sure I'm up for that kinda crazy shit ..." but a little bit of self-defense, he could get behind that, he tried giving her a slightly harder blow to her upper arm.

<Lorna> "Yeaaah, that was really gross. I wasn't there for that much at least." She gave a laugh though, jabbing right back trying to push him into more.

<@Jimmy> Jimmy jumped back, twitching slightly from nerves, "Yeah? Lucky you, that looked disgusting," Okay ... he could do this, he tried for a serious swing and it managed to connect ... unfortunatly for him he was holding his fist wrong and he yelped and hopped back, shaking out his hand, "Arrrrrgh ... man!"

<Lorna> "And now we reach the first stopping point of our lesson. How to punch." Lorna quit bouncing, moving over beside him to see how he was holding things. "Punch the air for me?"

<@Jimmy> Jimmy balled his fist up, his thumb wrapped up in his fingers and did as he was told, punch his arm out straight infront of him.

<Lorna> "Now that's a grade a way to break your hand, my friend, lets just move a few things around here." She pulled his hand back, adjusting a few things here and there and moved his arm back and forth a few times to get him used to how she wanted him to swing. "Now."

<@Jimmy> Jimmy tried to mimic the move Lorna showed him, "It feels weird to have my thumb like this though," he whined, though he was doing a fairly good imitation of how Lorna had moved his arm.

<Lorna> "It'll feel weirder to break your thumb on someoen's face though. Hands aren't the strongest things in the world."

<@Jimmy> The breaking of the thumb did not sound pleasent at all, "Yeah? You'd think they would be given how often we use them to hit things, how'm I doing?"

<Lorna> "Not bad, not bad." Lorna encouraged him though she was imagining just how far he would have to come. "You think you're up to putting the danger room on to things that are going to hit you harder than I will?"

<@Jimmy> "... What will you do if I say no?"

<Lorna> "Probably tell you too bad and turn it on anyway. You might as well practice taking a hit from something that isn't actually going to hurt you afterwards."

<@Jimmy> "... In that case that sounds well boss," Jimmy said with very little enthusiam.

<Lorna> "That's the spirit!" Lorna slapped his shoulder, laughing and turning the boxing simulation on. "Now in that ring you go!"

<@Jimmy> "... Oh hell ..." Jimmy gulped, then noticed his arms, "hey, it's given me gloves and a dressing gown, I didn't know this place could like ... make clothes," he tugged on the sleeve of the robe, "feels real ... freeeeeeaky ...."

<Lorna> "Danger does great work!" Lorna declared, laughing as she looks over her boxer, then seeing Peanut plastered on the back of his robe. "Ready, slugger?"

<@Jimmy> "Do I have a choice?" Jimmy asked, clambering gracelessly into the ring and shrugging out of the robe, mercifully not noticing the name on the back.

<Lorna> "Yeah but I think in the long run you'd best learn here as someone real who wants to mess your face up."

<@Jimmy> "Yeah, I get your point," what did boxers do? They did that bouncing thing, so he bounced, "So, who's here to beat the shit outta me?"

<Lorna> Lorna pointed over to the opponent Danger had stirred up for the occasion. "Good luck, Peanut."

<@Jimmy> Jimmy eyed up the guy and took a few steps back, "Okay, seriously, what's up with the Peanut thing?" He whimpered as the other guy approached him.

<Lorna> Lorna just cringed as she saw 'Nutcracker' scrawled on the other guy's robe. "Oh this is going to just suck."

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