5/24 Instance: Training, Interrupted

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5/24 Instance: Training, Interrupted

Post by Starfish » Thu May 24, 2012 9:34 pm

Timeline: Current


<@Noriko> Finally for one evening she had the training room to herself after bugging others with sweets not to go in. Danger had prodigy blarring in the background making the very portalised Tokyo landscape vibrate as Noriko practised her wall running.

<Mick> Mick wasn't feeling too great, between the pounding headache and the vaguely metallic taste in his mouth, but he'd promised Lorna he'd keep practicing, and damnit he was going to learn to fight properly. Already he was getting faster and fitter, and thanks to Danger was really starting to improve. So, trudging down the corridor with a mug of tea in hand and wearing a pair of jeans and nothing else, he tried to muster up the energy for today.

<Mick> He sighed, rubbing his eye as he poked in his code for the door. It beeped at him. Frowning, he opened the door and peered in, trying not to do his fanboy squee of 'Star Trek dooooor'.

<Jimmy> Okay ... sooo power control, power control, the green haired teacher lady who's name he couldn't remember right now had suggested maybe he try praticing on the holograms in the DR, so here he was, he turned the corridor and paused as he saw ... Mick was it? Punching the code into the door, "Oh, sorry, are you using it? I'll come back later."

<Mick> Mick was too busy staring at the cityscape to have heard the guy coming up behind him, the half-deaf guy jumping hard and nearly falling over as he spun to face him. Oooh, spacey...don't do that again. "Hey, dude...nah, not me, was gonna but look like someone beat me. Wanna go 'splorin' an' find out who?" He jerked his thumb into the room.

<@Noriko> Noriko had found with the super speed she could clear alot bigger gaps, what she needed now was better landings. So what the lads were about to find as the explored was alot of random fences, security cameras and squishy crash mats.

<@Noriko> Music switching to *Invaders must die by the prodigy Noriko practised her speed running and jumping between roofs, oblivious so far to the actual invasion.

<Mick> "...Whoever it is has awesome taste in music." Mick muttered.

<Jimmy> "Can't you just like ... check on the little log in boxy here to find out who it is?" Jimmy suggested, peering around the door and taking in the landscape, "... I think I saw an anime like this once."

<Mick> "Fuck if I can work that, mate, I just got here." Mick snorted, taking a gulp of tea and stepping in. "I can put in my code an' call on Danger, that's as far as it goes. Hello?" He called out to the room in general, making sure he was completely disconnected. At least Jimmy could help with that, right?

<@Noriko> Noriko missed her next jump, instead ending up sliding down a slanted roof tombraider style completely by accident before falling onto the crash mate in an attempted roll. Eventually the limbs detangled themselves and the green and blue hair girl sat up to see Mick and Jimmy infront of her. "Oh hi guys!" Cheery wave before she rubbed her head.

<Jimmy> "Oooh, it's a tiny japanese girl, and here's me without a pokeball to capture her," Jimmy laughed and held out a hand to help Noriko up, "Heya chick, you alright?"

<Mick> "Hey, Nori - I shoulda known it was you." Mick grinned, taking another gulp of tea. "Whatcha doin'?"

<@Noriko> Gloved hand taking the offered one she jumped to her feet. "I'm good." Dusting herself off alittle before getting Danger to take the music down. "Training, I'm no good for one on one fights so I practice pking instead but stealth pking."

<Jimmy> "Stealth parkour? Is that even a thing?"

<Mick> "I dunno, mebbe she tiptoes over th' rooftops or somethin'." He chuckled, his strange eyes dimming right down for a moment before brightening again. So tired...maybe he should have stayed in bed today. "Hey, I wanna train too, but I do hand-t'-hand combat training...Lorna asked me to, 'cause I've never bin in anythin' worse'n a playground fight."

<@Noriko> "Well I guess it is now, I get alot of *Surge destroy this, or Surge knock out this* So I need to practice getting for one place to another really quickly without drawing to much attention." She looked back up at the slated roof. "I'm not normally this clumsy honest, you can train to we just turn off the lanscape thing for abit and share space yeah?"

<Jimmy> "Well, if you're okay with that, I was gonna try testing my powers on the holograms though," Jimmy shrugged, "So you many ... I dunno, wanna put some earphones in or something?"

<Mick> "Nah, trust, I could use your powers righ' now." Mick sighed, finishing his tea. "How 'bout this - we keep the city-scape for your PK, program in some holos for me to beath the shit outta an' some for Blabberface here to yak at? I mean, learnin' to figh' and power-control in a city's a good thing, righ'?"

<@Noriko> "Ok sure sounds like a good idea, just don't fall over all the crash mats... yeah I have headphones with me." Bouncing slightly from side to side with all the adrenaline she'd worked up. "Ooo oo oo wanna see my house before we start training?"

<Mick> "...Y' live in the DR? Wouldn' Danger get a little..." His brain finally caught up. "...Oh. Nevermind." He facepalmed, then wished he didn't as his head seemed to echo with his pulse. "Ooow. Sure...sure, that'd be awesome."

<@Noriko> "This is Dangers Tokyo City suburbs, my house is just down the street if you want to follow me?" Either way she needed a sit down, starting to skip towards her street.

<Jimmy> "Well okay, but if roboobs has programed your family and pet dog into the DR imma hightailing it outta here, 'cos that's just creepy ... huh, you know, I thought everyone in tokyo lived in apartments or those paper house thingies ..."

<Mick> "Her name's Danger." Mick corrected absently. "An' she only does tha' if you tell her to...mostly." Though her programming herself possibly the hottest Blood Elf Rogue model he'd ever had the priviledge to raid with made her think she possibly had an interesting - and cruel - sense of humour. He trailed after Noriko. Ugh, the lines were going fuzzy again...not good.

<@Noriko> "No just my dog but he's not moving or anything just in his dog bed, I miss him to much." Skipping along she pointed at one of the biggest houses on the block, all wood panelling and lauquered paper walls. "Thats my house, it's nearly correct, dangers very good with detail isn't she?"

<Jimmy> "... Big house? Your folks rich then?" Jimmy itched the back of his head under his cap, "Hey, do you do the whole taking shoes off in the house thing? Do Japanese people really do that?"

<Mick> Jimmy's talking was a blessing right now. Mick couldn't stay focused if he tried, and with the constant questions he couldn't connect - which was a damned good thing, all things considered. So long as he didn't push himself too hard, he should be okay...hopefully. Totally. Right?

<@Noriko> "My dad is the head of a finace department in a big firm and my mother runs a little privately owned business making handmade kimonos and parrasels." Frowning as she tried to hold her concentration together while pulling the big wooden gate open. "Yes we do the whole taking shoes off thing hehe, its polite."

<Jimmy> "Paraseles, those silly little umbrellas that you can't use in the rain? What's the point in those things anyway, and how is taking your shoes off in the house poliet, what if you've got reeeeeeeally bad cheesy feet or sommit?"

<Mick> "Guessin' the Japanese have somethin' to bypass tha', right, Nori?" Mick smiled. "An' hey, parasels are nice...kimonos're them robe-things, righ'?"

<@Noriko> Her giggle was alittle distant, but she nodded. "For those that don't use them they make great decoration, and if your taking your shoes off to enter a house there is always clean guest socks and slippers to walk round in so your not bare foot. Yeah the kimonos are the *robe things*" Sliding alittle more as she opened the front door for them.

<Jimmy> "I dunno, if I had bad feet I'd feel kinda bad stinking up someone elses socks, and what happens if they have reeeeeally funny shaped feet and ... you have a well swanky house," Jimmy gave the front hall an aprasing look.

<Mick> Mick quite happily lost focus, zoning out on the house. "...See, why couldn't I be born in Japan? I like this. Plus, y' know, bet my parents wouldn' be stoners in Japan..."

<@Noriko> "My parents worked very hard to get this house and make it bigger, hopefully I cna make them proud with my work here." Voice definetely showing she had alot of respect for her parents before she giggled again at Jimmy. "My Father has a friend that brings his own socks and slippers for that reason, I don't know Mick, they might just get into herbal teas hehe."

<@Noriko> Opening a very pretty shutter she showed them into the frontroom, kimono's decorating the walls with afew child made fans. A big comfy sofa facing a TV right in the centre though. "The Tv's not there in real life, just for me when I'm having a sit down."

<Mick> "I don't mind herbal teas. What I do mind is LSD slipped int' my mornin' coffee." Mick rubbed a temple. "Nori...y' mind if I sit down a moment? Feelin' a little spacey." No, he wasn't going to. He was just...a little tired. Yeah. That was all...

<Jimmy> "The herbal teas in Japan probably do have LSD in them, come on, you've seen some of the crazy shit they come up with ... uhh ... no offense Noriko ..."

<@Noriko> "Sure it's not really my house you know just looks like it." She couldn't help but laugh at Jimmy's idea flopping down on the sofa and grabbing her bag off the coffee table for the sweets. "More likely for mushroom tea here Jimmy."

<Mick> Mick sank onto the sofa, head in his hands. "Thanks..." He murmured, fingertips going numb. Oh hell, he was, wasn't he? He shifted, blinking slowly and swaying a little. "Damnit, knew I shoulda stayed in bed..." His voice was a little thick and slurry as he rubbed an eye.

<Jimmy> "Magic mushroom tea?" Jimmy suggested, glancing over at Mick, "Hey, you already been sampleing some dude?"

<@Noriko> Noriko shuffled up to Mick and put a hand gently on his shoulder. "You don't look so good... you sure you want to be training and not resting? Exactly Jimmy real easy to make to."

<Mick> "Shouldn' have come ou', really, not like this." Mick huffed half-heartedly. "No, Jim, don' like drugs..." He kept his head in his hands as reality decided to take a step back from him. Uuuugh he hated this feeling so much. "Uuuh...either of you know how t' deal wit' epilepsy? 'Cause...I think...I'm about t' seizure..."

<@Noriko> "Ep-i-lep-se? I don't know what that is?" Gently petting a shoulder and wishing her english hadn't just gave out on her. And that her first aid training was past broken bones yet.

<Jimmy> "Did he say ... epilepsy?" Jimmy flailed backwards away from Mick, "Oh shit oh shit he's gonna start foaming at the mouth and shitting his pants! Quick, you gotta put something in his mouth to stop him eating his own tounge oh man oh man this is not good!"

<Mick> Mick rolled his eyes. "One, don' ever put...anythin' in an epileptic's mouth. Two, I am not gonna start foamin' and shittin'..." He took a deep breath. Sod it. He pushed himself onto the floor, putting himself into the recovery position. "...An' three...jus' make sure I don' bounce my head off anythin' an' we'll be...fine...s' long as I still remember y'..." He closed his eyes, willing the numbness, spaciness and metal taste to go away.

<@Noriko> "Ok... so do I keep you in the recovery position then and just stop you hitting you head?" Following him down onto the floor so she could put a pillow under his head. Talk about a crash course in seizures.

<Jimmy> "OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGODWHATDOWEDO!!!?" Jimmy screamed and flailed, "Robot Danger lady! Do something! Turn of the holgrams, lights case seizures right? Oh holy fuck! Oh shit!"

<Mick> Mick winced. "Shut the fuck up, man, it's under control...jesus...give him somethin' to shut him up, will ya?" A spasm went through him, causing him to tense up. "Motherfuck...okay, another thing...I-I might not recognise y' when I wake up...jus'...keep me calm'n tell me...details...it'll come back..."

<@Noriko> "Jimmy, no offense but take a deep breath and be quiet, theres some sweets in my bag if you'd like some. But I need to concentrate and look after mic ok? Danger leave the house on for now just turn the rest of the landscape off." Right be calm and cool, don't let anyone know your panicking on the inside.

<Jimmy> "He's gonna loose his memory too!? Oh my God! What's his power again!? What if he wakes up and attacks us!?"

<Mick> "...I teleport, man, I teleport. I won't be in any...condition to...attack..." Mick sighed. "Seriously, chill..." He trailed off for a moment, seeming to stare into space, then his eyes rolled back and closed as the spasms started.


<@Noriko> Noriko turned round and gave Jimmy a mouthful in japanese before a packet of sweets got thrown at his shiny shiny head. Hands trying to stop mick jerking to much she started concentrating on breathing herself, don't panic don't panic.

<Jimmy> "Oww!" The sweets pinged off his shiney, shiney head and he slapped his hand to hs forehead, "Whatchu go and do that for! Mad woman, now's not the time to go mental and start hurling snacks about, we gotta stay calm!"

<@Noriko> "Coming from the guy running round screaming about Mick dying! This obviously happens alot for him, so just eat afew sweets and sit down we don't know how long this is going to last."Huffing alittle as she re-adjusted mick as much as she could trying very hard not to let his head hit the floor.

<Jimmy> "He might be dying, those seizures can kill people I think ... or maybe that's only if they're driving or something ... oh man that looks so wrong, it's like he's having sex with an invisible eel!"

<@Noriko> "Gods don't be so insensitive he can't help it!" Rolling her eyes at the panicking boy before looking round. "Grab me the blanket off the other sofa, least we can do is keep him warm, he's not going to die I know CPR and Danger can get Dr Summers down here really quickly."

<Jimmy> "... Can a holographic blanket keep you warm, and come on, it's not like he can hear us ... can he?"

<Mick> Yes, yes he could, but unfortunately he was completely unable to give the cueball the finger he so desperately wanted to.

<@Noriko> "I honestly don't know, and if a hologramn can hurt you a holographic blanket can probably keep him warm, now pass it here." Sighing again wondering how on earth Jimmy would cope in really scary missions.

<Jimmy> By running screaming in the other direction, "Okay, guess I can't fault tht logic," he did as he was asked.

<Mick> There was a groan from the jittering guy on the floor, eyes slightly open but completely unfocused as he clawed. He swore, if he had his memory when he came round, he was going to throw the nearest shoe at Chrome Dome.

<@Noriko> Noriko started rubbing Micks arm nervously, worrying about how long this should be going on, or bad signs to look for. What is he was dying and they just couldn't tell? "Its ok Mick we've got you." pulling the blanket over him gently,

<Jimmy> Jimmy handed the blanket to Noriko and sat down heavily on the sofa, panicing quietly for once.

<Noriko> "There we go, we just keep calm and look after him and everything will be ok you know? If you can stay calm with shocks like this you can stay calm in bigger ones to right?" Making sure Mick was covered but not likely to get himself tangled she continued petting him.

<@Mick> Luckily, this was only a small seizure, apparently. The arching and clawing form started to slow, becoming twitching shudders, his breathing starting to go from rasping pants to steady, deep breaths as his body finally started to relax into the floor.

<Jimmy> "... That wasn't a death rattle was it? Please tell me it wasn't a death rattle!"

<Noriko> "No Jimmy, that wasn't a death rattle, his breathing is just going back to normal again and look." Picking up a limp wrist gently showing the lack of twitching. "His bodies relaxed now, I think it's all stopped."

<@Mick> And lo and behold, a couple of moments of silence and then an intake of breath, followed by a groan as Mick blinked awake. He couldn't see anything but blurs, but that was fine, because he could remember his name. For some reason, that was a Good Thing.

<Jimmy> "Oh thank God he's alive!" Jimmy slumped down on the sofa with a relieved gasp.

<Noriko> "See, there we go, everything going to be alright and he isn't dead, help yourself to sweets ok Jimmy?" Petting at Mick's arm she breathed her own sigh of relief that he was breathing and ok. "Don't worry Mick your safe and we're looking after you."

<@Mick> There was another groan and a nasty snap followed by a whimper as his shoulder went back in. Then he took a deep breath. "Nori...punch Jimbo for me...will y'?" He slurred.

<Jimmy> "Wha-? Why?" Jimmy rolled off the sofa in preperation to run.

<Noriko> "You can hit him yourself, I don't like hitting people." Trying not to wretch or freak that she had *felt* the shoulder go back in. "Aside from what I'm going to guess was a dislocation, are you alright?"

<@Mick> "Because, dickweed, I can hear while'm havin' a fit. I'm fully aware." Mick muttered, giving himself a moment for his head to stop floating before risking pushing himself up. "What? Owfuck. Yeah...yeah...old acciden', shoulder joint's fucked, it clicks out when it feels like it...'kay...everythin' hurts, but I can remember you...this is a good start. An' I do not look like I'm humpin' an eel. Do I?"

<Jimmy> "Hey, i've never seen a fit like that before, you expect me not to freak out?" Jimmy flailed, "We don't have to carry you back or anything now, do we?"

<Noriko> "I don't know what people humping eels look like but I'm going to guess no?" Helping Mick to sit against the sofa till he felt better. "Neither have I, but the trick is Jimmy is to breath ok? We have to learn not to freak in these situations. Right so your generally ok? good."

<Noriko> Huffing she flopped back onto some pillows and covered her face while she calmed down.

<@Mick> Mick tilted his head back, closing his eyes and waiting for the aches to lessen and the fog to go in his head. "I'm fine. Seriously. My kinda fits ain' nothin' to panic abou'." His voice was still slurry, but with it. "Sorry 'bout that, guys...but I don' really...get much choice when it hits." He rubbed an eye, wincing. "No, you won' hafta carry me. Jus' need a few minutes is all. An' a cuppa."

<Noriko> "This is why I miss Dr McCoy, he was giving me first aid training before he go taken." Flopping out on the floor she let herself relax and shred the stress, now she felt like sweets and hot chocolate. "I'll make you some proper tea when you can walk up to the kitchen, because I need one now to."

<Jimmy> "Make that three, I'm starting to get the feeling there's no such thing as a normal day in this mad house!"

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