5/24 Instance: Prowler On the Property

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5/24 Instance: Prowler On the Property

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Fri May 25, 2012 9:38 pm

[[Timeline: After "Miles Lets Out His Peurto Rican"]]

Miles: Miles stood at the grassy edge of the property, closest to the woods. He appeared to be staring into the trees... at nothing.

TheProwler: The Prowler watched from the trees. His camoflauge hid him perfectly from his young nephew and, while he peered over him from the branches, he couldn't help but be amused at how innocently ignorant the boy was.

TheProwler: Is what I'm doing really all that wrong? If anything, I'm wisening the kid up to the real world, teaching him what his powers are actually useful for. He thought about carnal needs, monetary gain, and how all of it was achieved thanks to his own mutant abilities.

TheProwler: Now he can pass that knowledge onto this kid.

Jessica: Jess spied Miles as she stepped out onto the patio. She watched him for a few moments while she tried to decide whether or not to just go back inside with her tea.... but her curiosity got the better of her and she flew over to him.

Miles: Startled by the sudden looming presence of Jessica, Miles snapped around and hand sprinted back into the bushes. "Back off!" He shouted.

TheProwler: Prowler snarled at the newcomer and then found himself smirking at the boy. Nice reflexes he thought to himself.

Jessica: Jess landed and frowned at him, "What are you doing out here?" It was getting dark but she didn't mind that so much, she could still hear perfectly well enough.

Miles: "I'm... uh..." His heart was racing. "I dunno. I'm just screwing around. What's it matter?"

TheProwler: He sighed internally. Way to cover your tracks, kiddo.

Jessica: "Because you were staring into the trees like you were looking for something?" she offered, her frown growing as she folded her arms, her ears picking up other feint sounds from around them... including an extra heartbeat. She turned her head ever so slightly to try and work out a direction.

TheProwler: Prowler knew he was being noticed. If there was one thing he knew, as a thief, it was when people are on to you. Just get her out of here, Miles...

Miles: "I'm staring at uh... The cardinals. They're out this time of year. They scavenge for food around this time. They're bug eaters, like bats. Actually, they're dangerous to the area 'cause once they're there no other birds can be around. Cardinals and Blue Jays are an invasive species. Very territorial."

Miles: He nodded. He totally had pulled all of that from the back of his mind somewhere, a stupid National Geographic article he had read. AKA, he pulled it out of his ass.

Jessica: She raised an eyebrow, "Really now? That's fascinating..." bingo. She turned to face the source of the extra heartbeat. "There's something a lot bigger than a bird out here though."

TheProwler: "Bitch." He muttered. With that he threw a small pellet the size of a pea out towards her. Suddenly it began to screech loudly, at a pitch almost inaudible to human ears.

TheProwler: With it, he threw down a few smoke pellets, leapt down, wrapped his large, thick arms around his nephew, nearly strangling him, and with his shock absorbing feet, kicked off and bounced back up into the trees.

Miles: Miles could hardly breathe. "N-Guh!"

Jessica: Jess yelled in pain and surprise, covering her ears with her hands until she could find the godawful thing and stamp on it to make it shut up. She coughed at the smoke and waved it away, looking around for Miles. Damn it.

Miles: Miles was yanked up into the trees and held tightly in the arms of his assailant. He had no control or way to fight back, or so he thought. He was mostly confused and scared.

TheProwler: Finally, Prowler stopped and, when he felt he was a good distance away, dropped his nephew like a bag of bricks. A thin, metal cord tied to his ankle of course. The cord snapped and pulled him up like a bungy jump, bending the bow of the branch it was tied to in the mere seconds Prowler had to tie it.

TheProwler: "Listen up, kid. You're helping us. You'll do it and you'll like it. Or your friends get hurt. We already have infiltrated your precious school, we know plenty about them. Even got an ex-student on our side. You fuck with us again go to that police officer again son? You'll be the one whose car spontaneously blows up."

Miles: Miles, in all his fear, couldn't help but choke out a laugh. "I don't drive, man!"

Jessica: Ah. Voices. That seemed like a good place to start. She took off towards them. It was easy to approach silently when you didn't need to touch the floor.

TheProwler: Prowler looked to the west and frowned. "Doop?"

Doop: "Dweerrskyzzxxx ShrweerruuuffshfBUK".

TheProwler: "Thank you." He said calmly into the receiver, squinting at the sounds coming loudly into his ears.

Doop: Doop appeared before Jessica, staring blankly. His small green body hovering before her, his pale eyes unblinking, and his mouth, neither frowning nor smiling. The only resemblence to anything on earth Doop had was to the fictional character "SLIMER" from the 1980's Ghostbuster films. He reached out his small, slimy hand, and touched Jessica. She and Doop were suddenly right back where she started, at the edge of the forest.

Jessica: Oh wow that was disorientating. "Hey!" Her first impulse was to venomblast the little sucker. She went with that. It seemed right.

Doop: Doop jiggled. Doop giggled. He said something loud and inaudible to her.

Jessica: Okay so that was no good. She frowned. Fine. She took off again in the same direction. Stupid green thing would just have to chase her.

Doop: Doop didn't like that. "BWOOOOOOOOMMMMP!" He shouted. He took off after her, opening his mouth and suddenly growing in size. Soon his mouth was larger than that of a great white shark. And he was awfully close to Jessica. "SffkkeeerrrrrrrrnnnHUUrrsseooP!"

Miles: Miles didn't like those sounds. He threw his weight up to his feet, catching the cord, and began to climb up. "Uncle Hobbie, what are your people doing to my friend?" He demanded.

TheProwler: "Doop's just playing with the little spider-girl. Don't worry. He won't hurt her. Much." He took out a large knife and began to cut the metal cord.

Jessica: Jess decided to use the things now slightly alarming size to its disadvantage and started weaving in and out of the trees quickly to make it hard to follow her.

Doop: Doop ate the branches, like a Pacman, chomping his way closer to her.

Jessica: Okay. Notgoodnotgoodnotgood! Plan B. Pheromones deployed.

Doop: Doop liked her suddenly. A lot. He liked a lot of things, but... there was something special about this one. He stopped biting. His pupils melted into little hearts and his chomping became kissing.

Miles: Miles scrambled up the metal cord as his Uncle tore through it with the knife, finally slicing through the last metal strand. Lunging forward, Miles grabbed the branch and pulled himself up to his uncle. "You think you can just force me to do things?" He demanded, taking his uncle by the throat, and lifting him up off his feet, slamming him into the trunk of the tree. "Huh!? PUTAS?"

TheProwler: Prowler laughed and choked at the same time. "Good grip, kid. And no... I think I was just proving to you that you're ruthless enough as it is. How much you wanna bet I can get you to throw me off this tree?" He kicked his nephew in the gut, between the ribs, with his steel toed boots.

Jessica: Okay. The kissing was gross. But maybe it would also be useful. She patted the green thing in a friendly manner, "Do you think you can take me to my friend? I'd be ever so grateful."

Doop: Doop frowned. But then he realized, this didn't mean hurting Miles right? And if he didn't HURT the poor little bastard, Hobbie wouldn't hurt him. That sounded reasonable. Doop squirped, squeemed, and floomed about, leading Jessica to their friends.

Miles: Miles was rocked back and nearly fell, loosening his grip on his uncle's neck.
TheProwler: Prowler took the opportunity, swiped around and out of the grasp, putting his own hand on the back of Miles' head and slamming it into the tree. Then he put Miles in a headlock and whispered into his ear, "You may not understand yet, but you are not helping anyone by fighting me. We're not the good guys... but we're not the bad guys. We're just the other guys. And the more you fight back..."

The Prowler: He looked up to see Jessica coming towards him. "The worse you make it for them." He promised Miles. With that, he threw his nephew off the branch and backflipped off of it himself, whistling to Doop.

Jessica: Jess dove to catch Miles before he hit the ground, sending a glare at the man who was apparently Miles' uncle.

Miles: Miles shook his head and blinked, trying to snap to. "Damn it! He got away!" He looked up to Jess and frowned. "I'm sorry..."

Jessica: Jess set Miles gently down, "What the hell are you apologising for?" She backed up a bit, aware she was still putting out pheromones.

Miles: Miles shook his head and tried to get his anxiety level down. "I don't know I just... This whole situation is blowing up in my face. He's going to drag you guys into it, I know it. I need you to just stay out of it..." He basically pushed her away. "I don't need you involved, okay? It's for your own safety."

Jessica: "Okay, first of all I don't need you to protect me." She was more than a little offended, "And second of all I'm already involved so how about you start talking?"

Miles: "There's no talking!" He demanded. "I just... ARGH! You dont' need to be involved!" He pointed his finger at her face. "You keep involving yourself so how about you just get out of here, and mind your own business?"

Jessica: Jess didn't like people pointing accusing fingers at her like that. It offended her on every level and she acted without thinking about it, grabbing his wrist and twisting his arm up behind his back. "Pardon me for trying to be a good friend! I thought friends were supposed to look out for each other or have I been doing that wrong this whole time?"

Miles: Miles yelped and spun his arm back around, reaching for Jessica's head and by using the very same tactic his uncle had used on him, pulled her head back, behind him, and flung her into some shrubs.

Miles: "I'm not your friend!" he lied. He really didn't want to do this.

Jessica: She pushed herself halfway back up then stopped and stared at him. The shock and hurt plain to see on her face. "Fine." She got to her feet and turned her back to him. "I won't try to help you anymore... you're on your own."

Miles: "Good!" He shouted at her. "¡Fino por mâ, puta!"

Miles: He felt broken hearted. He hated himself for this. But he wouldn't let her get hurt because of him. Next time his Uncle came for him... Miles was just going to shut up and do what he was told.

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