5/27 Instance: Reunited and It Feels So Good

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5/27 Instance: Reunited and It Feels So Good

Post by Ferguson » Sun May 27, 2012 10:36 pm

Current Timeline

<Jimmy> "Did you see the tumbleweeds? I saw the tumbleweeds! Mate! That shit is well fucked up I can't believe it, sick as fuck! Though gotta admit the flaming horses were pretty cool, think once's he's been deprogrammed Fam-sorry-Michael can set me up with one of them? Would be WELL boss mate, seriously!"

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul had found himself crammed into his sofa corner again but at least this time the news on the television wasn't Clarice and Reed but rather Michael's rescue with the reporters taking a positive and hopeful stance. It was still tense out there and there was more than enough people taking up the anti-mutant mantle but at least it was something.

<Jean-Paul> "Yeah...the tumbleweeds were quite something, wish I had been there."

<Jimmy> "So we missed the Herald? Chick musta bailed when she saw you guys kicking SO MUCH ass! So that likes, make you guys even huh? Tied 1-1?"

<Melati> "I got them to know much closer than I would have liked," Melati commented, lounging in her chair, legs draped over one side of it, tail over the other. "At least they just gnawed on me, though - unlike those cows. I could have done without that acid bath."

<Adam> Adam dragged himself into the recroom. One eye was a beautiful black, the bridge of his obviously broken nose was taped and he had stitches down one side of his face. Oh. God. Pain. He groaned, biscuit hanging out of his mouth as he mumbled a low-key 'haaaaai' to the room.

<Melati> "Think I'll make a point to eat nothing except beef for one week, just to show it to those uddered bastards."

<Jean-Paul> "I figured it'd sort of make you lose your taste for it for fear it was acid filled?" Jean-Paul chuckled to Mel, looking up at Adam as he came in and winced. "How're you doing?"

<Jimmy> "Boooy, I'd hate to be her after that, bet you her boss wasn't too happy with her loosing one of his horsemen, huh? Maybe he did your job for you and dealt with her?" Jimmy blathered away unthinkingly, shoving popcorn into his mouth.

<Adam> "Pain." Adam began, then stared at the behatted boy. "You, you right there, you shut the fuck up right now." He suddenly snarled.

<Jimmy> "What I dooo?" Jimmy asked, mouth full of popcorn.

<Melati> "Hey, blabbernut, forgot she's still one of us underneath all that brainwashing," Mel asked, glaring at Jimmy.

<Adam> "That person you just talked about dealing with?" Adam pointed at the screen as his fight with the Herald came on. "That's our friend. Why do you think I didn't fucking knife her straight off, eh? Watch your fucking mouth." It didn't help he was feeling frustrated and angry at himself for not managing to bring her home. He'd failed, somehow.

<Jimmy> "... Oh shit, yeah, sorry," Jimmy waved his hand as he tried to appologise, popcorn flying into the air, "It's just .... never knew her before, I forgot."

<Adam> "Yeah well..." Adam deflated, sitting very carefully on a chair. "Just...you know..." He curled up stiffly, most of his usual manic bounce elsewhere. "It's Adam, by the way...resident nutcase and apparently an epic cow-jockey...oh wow, no wonder I hurt." He winced at the replay of the Herald breaking his nose.

<Jimmy> "... Did you seriously have a fist-fight with her on top of a rampaging monster bull?" Jimmy's eyes were glued to the screen again.

<Jeanne-Marie> Jeanne-Marie quietly smiled to herself as her taxi pulled up to the front of the school. Getting out she paid the driver as he took her suitcase out and drove off leaving her at the front steps. Taking a deep breath she opened the door and stepped inside.

<Jean-Paul> "Yeah, I'd imagine you'd want to be laying down in the medlab bumming twinkies from Scott, right now." Jean-Paul laughed softly, though now finding himself worried about what was happening to Clarice right now.

<Jean-Paul> "...he'd surely need her all right to do her Herald thing for the other Horsemen, yes?"

<Melati> "Yeah, don't beat yourself over the head with it, just... fighting your own friends gets everyone a little on th edge, right?" She gave Jimmy a look, complete with half-hearted smile. "If it's any consolation, I doubt anyone will harm her. Quite sure they're not going to risk her taxi talents."

<Adam> "Yeah...knocked her out too." Adam flicked a green dread out of his face. "That's me under the mask...if you're ever not sure, look for the dreads, goggles and biohazard symbols." He looked at JP, feeling a guilty twinge again and looking down. "Can't eat Twinkies, remember? And...I got...bad down there..."

<Jean-Paul> "Yeah, I guess there's no such thing as a sugar-free twinkie...that'd be nothing at all."

<Adam> "Yeah...then there's the flavour too...I mean, I'm not against flavourgasms but it gets awkward." Adam curled up a little more, eyes going to Melati. "How're you doing anyway, Mel? You were in the thick of it too."

<Jimmy> "Haaa! Look at that! Rubin just punched the cow in the face! Look at him go!" He crowed, clapping and spilling more popcorn, who ever knew the news could be this awesome.

<Jean-Paul> "The whole area's been declared a national disaster area apparently...can see why." Jean-Paul looked at all the crops destroyed in the background of the fight and remembered the news reports talking about how long it went for. "Huge mess, really."

<Jeanne-Marie> JM heard voices coming from down the hall. She heard her brothers voice and smiled. She had wanted to surprise everyone and it seemed she was going to get away with it as she walked down the hall to investigate.

<Melati> "That makes how many disaster zones by now," Melati asked, trying to remember the constant news-crawl on every single TV program these days. "With all the quarantined city centers because of that plague Pestilence spread."

<Adam> "Too fucking many." Adam curled tighter.

<Jean-Paul> "Nine? Ten? This is definitely the biggest one though."

<Jeanne-Marie> JM heard her brother and couldn't wait anymore. She walked into the room and smiled. "The biggest what JP?"

<Jimmy> "So, just checking, could Fam-sorry-Michael do that kinda shit before or was he like ... boosted by the bad guys?"

<Adam> "Not...not like that..." Adam looked up at the new voice and scent - or rather- "Omygod."

<Melati> Raising her head, Melati checked who the unfamiliar voice belong to. "Hey there," she said, greeting the girl who walking in with a nod.

<Jean-Paul> "Disa-Jeanne Marie!" Jean-Paul was up and running the second he realized who he as talking to, grabbing his sister in a hugh which resulted in a not-so-subtle flash of light.

<Jimmy> "Argh!" Suddenly TV was interrupted by light, "What the fuck-firework!?"

<Jeanne-Marie> Jeanne-Marie couldn't help but giggle when JP hugged her and the light consumed the room. "Well it's good to know that still works even when we haven't seen each other in a while."

<Adam> "Light! Lightlightlight-" Adam squeaked, hiding his eyes suddenly as his pounding headache got so much work. "JP! Jeanne-Marie! Light show!"

<Jean-Paul> "...sorry everyone." Jean-Paul winced a bit but was right back to excited the next second. "Whatareyoudoinghere? Ihadnoideayouwerecomingback!"

<Jimmy> "... and I though I could talk ..."

<Adam> "You're not an excited speeder. Trust me, we all do that if we have suddenly yays."

<Jeanne-Marie> "Well I just decided I'd been away long enough. So I came back. You know I did kind of miss you the entire time I was gone."

<Jean-Paul> "Pffft, kind of." Jean-Paul snorted at that, back to his usual sef at that. "...are you staying then?"

<Adam> "You missed JP? Why the hell would you miss him?" Adam smiled, then, more genuine than it had been. "You're looking really good, Jeanne-Marie."

<Melati> Melati rubbed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Wait, there's more than one of you," she asked, squinting at Jean-Paul. "And together you're more annoying than the sum of the both of you? Lordy."

<Jeanne-Marie> "Yep I'm staying. I wasn't here all that long but I missed this place, and the people." She turned to Adam. "Thanks Adam."

<Jean-Paul> "Everyone misses me. And there's only one of me, too, and one of her. None may compare."

<Jimmy> "Who would have though his female version would be so hot too," Jimmy snickered.

<Adam> Adam snuck a look to Jimmy, then chuckled nastily, though he didn't say anything

<Jean-Paul> "I'm hot, it'd make sense she is, too."

<Melati> "Well, nice to meet you, anyway, and welcome to the school. Or... welcome back, rather." She gave a quick salute with two of her fingers. "Name's Melati, by the way, but you can just call me Mel."

<Jimmy> "No comment, mate."

<Jeanne-Marie> "And it seems there have been quite a few changes since I left. She turned to the unfamiliar faces. "Hi, I'm Jeanne-Marie this twerps twin sister." JM said with a wave.

<Jimmy> "Jimmy Killer, the man with a name more awesome then his mutation."

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul leaned over conspiratorily to his sister. "He goes by Peanut."

<Jeanne-Marie> "Does he now." Jeanne-Marie said with a snicker.

<Jimmy> "Huh? What'd he say?" Jimmy shot JP a suspicious look.

<Jean-Paul> "I told her your name!"

<Adam> "Nothing, though I've got a serious craving for nuts now..."

<Jean-Paul> "Almonds? Pecans? Cashews?"

<Jeanne-Marie> "Oh this place hasn't changed one bit." JM said as she plopped down on an empty spot on the couch.

<Jean-Paul> "Well...aside from the Apocalypse but I suppose you've seen enough of that on the news." Jean-Paul flopped back into his now customary corner.

<Jimmy> Jimmy wasn't the brightest spark, but he was pretty sure some how, some where, he was being made fun off, "Yeah, I guess so, students being kidnapped for evil experiments is like a rite of passage from what I hear," she muttered, waving at the TV.

<Melati> "Does that mean I'm not part of the in-crowd yet," Mel asked, looking up again. "Aw man."

<Adam> "Well, I got kidnapped and flayed alive, so..." Adam gave a half-shrug, wincing. "Mmm...nah, more salty than that, JP."

<Jeanne-Marie> "Yeah it's kind of hard to miss all that going on. But I figured you guys were handling it the best you could. Not going to lie and say part of the reason I came back was to help."

<Jean-Paul> "If it makes you feel better, Mel, I've not made it through that rite of passage yet, either." He looked back to Adam. "Cashews?"

<Melati> "Well, welcome aboard then." She gave an appreciative nod. "Damn sure we can use any help we can get."

<Jimmy> "Gonna make twinkly lights at the Herald then? When she pops up again?" Jimmy said sulkily, he was certain they were taking the piss now.

<Adam> "Close, but not quite." Adam grinned at JP.

<Jean-Paul> "I wish we had more control than we do." Jean-Paul sighed, sure she knew exactly who the Horsemen and Herald were. "So, you're up for helping, now? How did the things go with your therapist and doctor?"

<Jeanne-Marie> "It went really well. The family were really supportive and I've got it under control. Thanks to some wonder medications but I can't complain, at least Terri, Cherry, and Rick haven't made an appearance in a very, very long time."

<Jimmy> "... Who?"

<Adam> "Her real close friends, Jimmy."

<Jimmy> "Then why wouldn't she want to see them?"

<Melati> "Can anyone actually see them, for that matter," Melati asked, looking from one to the other.

<Adam> Adam just chuckled, but smiled at Jeanne-Marie. "That's kinda awesome news, though...the meds are fun, aren't they?"

<Jeanne-Marie> "You two are horrible." Jeanne-Marie said pointing to Adam and JP and turning to the others. "I have dissociative identity disorder. Terri, Cherry and Rick were my alters. And trust me it's better they don't come around."

<Jimmy> "... Disso-what?" Questioned Jimmy the scholar.

<Jeanne-Marie> "I have multiple personalities. Cherry was a very shall I say friendly girl. Rick was a redneck who liked nothing but beer and guns. And Terri was a drag queen."

<Jean-Paul> "I'm glad it's working out now." Jean-Paul smiled wider than he had for a month, actually. "Though, we're going to miss Terri showing us how to walk."

<Melati> "Am I bad for wanting to meet those people?" Her eyes went back and forth between Jean-Paul and his sister.

<Jimmy> "... Is there no such thing as a normal person around here except me?" Jimmy asked dramatically.

<Jeanne-Marie> "Probably not I think JP liked Terri better than me at times." Jeanne-Marie said with a smile.

<Jean-Paul> "Nonsense." He prodded her side at that.

<Adam> "Cherry was..." Adam tried to find the words. "...Interesting. Oh! The club invitation's still open, Jeanne-Marie!" He smiled, partly because JP was smiling too. "And Jimmy, give it long enough and you'll be the same as the rest of us." The giggle then was only slightly put on...

<Jean-Paul> "And I am perfectly normal." Jean-Paul laughed at Jimmy.

<Adam> "Hah!"

<Jeanne-Marie> "Well I can get a hold of the therapy tapes where my doctor talked to each of them if you want some entertainment." Jeanne-Marie said with a laugh.

<Jimmy> "Lies, you're a nutter."

<Melati> "You know, when you seriously believe that everyone is insane but you, I may have bad news for you," she told Jimmy, flashing a grin.

<Jean-Paul> "...that sounds like a great drinking game, actually. Would your doctor think that's an okay thing to do?"

<Jeanne-Marie> "Eh, I mean he gave them to me as a reminder of why I don't want to go off meds, like I need one."

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Re: 5/27 Instance: Reunited and It Feels So Good

Post by Ferguson » Sun May 27, 2012 11:14 pm

And since yesterday, welcome back Bome with Emma and Jeanne-Marie!

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Re: 5/27 Instance: Reunited and It Feels So Good

Post by Starfish » Mon May 28, 2012 9:55 am

Woohoo! Welcome back to the crazy, Bome! :dance

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Re: 5/27 Instance: Reunited and It Feels So Good

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Mon May 28, 2012 4:59 pm

Hooray! Emma is back!

That scathing bitch!

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