5/27 Instance: Good To See You

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5/27 Instance: Good To See You

Post by Ferguson » Mon May 28, 2012 3:42 am

Timelined after Plants vs. X-men

<Michael>Michael laid back and stared at the bright light coming down from the halogen lamps. He gave a loud yawn and pulled the pillow over his head.

<Rose> Rose had wasted no time in hurrying down to the med lab as soon as she heard Michael was back. She tried to think of just what she would say to him, but she paused at the doorway. Was it really him? Was he ok?

<Michael> Michael pulled the blankets up and over and tried to get comfortable.

<Rose> "Mm...Mm... Michael?" She managed to get out.

<Michael> "Yes I'm back, just leave the flowers on the table and no I don't remember much...."

<Rose> Rose was surprised at how much that hurt. He had been gone for over a month and he didn't even want to see her? She just stood there a moment, caught motionless while her mind raced to catch up.

<Michael> Michael pulled the pillow off is head. "Rose?! I didn't know it was you... I won't hurt you. You can come over here..."

<Rose> Rose ran to him, crying with relief. She hugged him tightly, unable to look up at him yet.

<Michael> Michael gasped a little when she hugged a little too hard. "I'm alive until you choke me to death."

<Rose> Rose laughed a little and kissed him, letting go a bit so she didn't hurt him again.

<Michael> Michael kissed her back. "Miss me?"

<Rose> "You have no idea how much.... ok maybe some idea if you missed me too." She ran her fingers through his hair, resting her forehead against his cheek.

<Michael> Michael pulled her into the bed with him. "It was all pretty weird Rose. But I missed you."

<Rose> "Are you ok? Did they hurt you?"

<Michael> "No but lets see if you can guess what good came out of it."

<Rose> "Some good came out of it? I got you back, that's good enough for me."

<Michael> "I ment them taking me." He kissed her cheek.

<Rose> Rose was confused. "What good could possibly come from that?"

<Michael> "Take you time. I'm sure you can figure it out."

<Rose> Rose looked up at his face, confused. She blinked again. "Your eyes... what did they do to your eyes?" She touched his cheek gently.

<Michael> "They fixed them." He ran a hand through her hair slowly. "I can see you."

<Rose> Rose bit her lower lip, then hugged him again, crying into him. "You can see!"

<Michael> "I can. Still gettin used to it."

<Rose> Rose smiled at him through her tears. "I Rose it isn't a disappointment."

<Michael> "Well I did have a pretty good idea of what you looked like before this." He kissed her softly.

<Rose> "I'm so glad you are ok, Michael. I was so worried about you."

<Michael> "Yeah I am too. Too bad I can't really give them any help."

<Rose> "That doens't matter. What matters is you are ok." Rose snuggled into him, getting comfortable.

<Michael> "Yeah. Pretty sure I'm outa the woods but the docs are keeping me down here to keep an eye on me...."

<Rose> "I can stay with you, if you want."

<Michael> "I don't know if you'll be allowed."

<Rose> "I'd like to see someone brave enough to kick me out." She smiled at him.

<Michael> Michael laughed a little and gave her another squeeze. "I'm just ready to be out of here and have all the testing be done with."

<Rose> "I don't blame you. Can I get you anything?"

<Michael> "Another kiss?" He grinned.

<Rose> Rose smiled and kissed him happily. "Anything you want."

<Michael> Michael kissed her again. "Anything eh?"

<Rose> Rose smiled and kissed him again, deeper this time.

<Michael> Michael nipped her lip. "You know we'er being watched right?"

<Rose> "Mmmm and?"

<Michael> "Just makin sure." He grinned and groped her butt a little.

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