5/31 Instance: Mutant Rhapsody

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5/31 Instance: Mutant Rhapsody

Post by Starfish » Thu May 31, 2012 7:30 pm

Timeline - Current

<@Jimmy> It was a good day, Jimmy had found real cider, lots of it infact, but unfortunantly it was not enough, which is why he and Jack were making thier haphazard way into town on the hunt for more booze. Now technically they were on patrol trying to contain the ... the thing. The fighty thing. For that reason he had a megaphone to make full use of his powers.

<@Jimmy> And abuse of his powers, he was hanging out of the window with his megaphone singing, "The village policeman he was there, a credit to the force! They caught him in the stable block tossing off a horse!" He sang cheerfully as they passes a cop car.

<Jack> Jack looked very worried at the bottle of cider in his one hand, while holding the steering wheel in his other. "Jimmy... we're almost dry, man, we're almost dry. Where the hell is that bar?"

<Jack> "Was that a cop?" Jack asked as he looked in his side view mirror, watching the cop lean out of the police cruiser, holding a gun. His sideview mirror suddenly exploded as a bullet went through. Jack jerked and the van swerved a little. "He didn't look happy."

<@Jimmy> "Singing 'Balls to you father, back's against the wall, if you don't get shagged on Saturday night you'll never get shagged at all!'- Argh!" Jimmy flailed as the bullet shot past him, "One of THEM man! Must be! One of the fukkin' ... fukkin ' RAGE things mate!"

<@Jimmy> Jimmy flailed around for his own bottle and raising it to his lips discovered it was empty, "NOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!" He howled, then flailed and pointed when he spotted the neon sign, "There! There! Bar there! Make with the landing thingy! No ... not landing, parking!"

<Jack> The van swerved again as Jack did the turn when goign a little too fast. For a second the only thing that was touching the street were two wheels. "Driving school flashback!" Jack yelled as he remembered how to do an emergency break. The van came to an incredibly abrupt stop.

<@Jimmy> "Mate-" he realised he'd automatically raised the megaphone and lowered it, "Sorry ... what was I ..? Oh yeah, you went to driving school mate?" He flailed with his door and half fell out, still clutching his bottle and megaphone."

<Jack> "What?" Jack wiggled a finger in the ear that got most of the megaphone. "No, driving classes at school. Didn't you.. nevermind." Jack opened his door and climbed out, and went "Ack!" as his seatbelt stopped him. "Release me!" he yelled at the seatbelt's buckle as he kept pressing it to lock. "Jimmy, this way!" he called as he headed for the door.

<@Jimmy> "Whaaaa? They teach you to drive at school?" Jimmy managed to roll himself to his feet, stared at the empty bottle in his hand and then tossed it over his shoulder where it smacked off the head of a a guy who was trying to sneak up on them with a crowbar and knocking him out, "Mate, I need to get in on this!" He called as he staggered after his fuzzy friend.

<Jack> "After Jimmy went in, jack followed, quickly closing the door behind him, grabbing a broom from the corner and shoving it through the handles of the doors, barring it. Turning around, he paused. "Sweet..."

<@Jimmy> Jimmy just stared, jaw hanging open, they had apparently stumbled into the only bar left in New York that was running a drag show. A burly guy was on stage doing some kind of Marlyn Monroe medley and there were far too many feather boas in the audience to be healthy.

<@Jimmy> Back ramrod straight he made a beeline for the bar, "Barkeep, more ale!" He was no where near drunk enough for this!

<Jack> The doors started banging and thudding. Jack quickly followed Jimmy's, smirking at one of the lad...gentl....persons that was eyeing him. "Jimmy, I don't think the ragemonsters outside will stay outside for long." Jack looked over to the bartender, a man dressed as a woman dressed as a man... like an inverted Victor/Victoria. "Apple Martini, please." Winking at the bartender.

<@Jimmy> "Fuck the ragemonster, bring me booze!" Jimmy banged his fist on the counter, which was actually quite tricky since the counter was shoulder height, "ragemonsters are no ... no match for my thing, my thingy here," he waved is megaphone, "the speaking thingy ... fuck did we come in here wearing the gimp suits?" He yanked the collar of his shirt and peered down it suspciously.

<@Jimmy> ".... Yeeeeesssssss, this is prob'ly a bad idea."

<Jack> "That's a nice look for you. Bet they all love it when you show some skin" Jack said, waving at the few who were giving them notice. When he looked back at the barcounter, his drink had magically appeared, followed by what Jack could only guess a very random drink for Jimmy. His ears perked when he noticed the song had ended and the people appluaded Marly Munro.

<@Jimmy> Jimmy eyed the drink, some kind of fizzy wine, we at least he had a good bellyfull of real booze as lining before hitting this stuff, he did approve of the fact that it was served in a pint glass, "Y'know ... in the comics all these like ... skin-tight thingies don't look anywhere near as ga-gimpy! Gimpy! Stupid supper 'ero thing."

<Jack> "Don't be so, I look fantastic in mine." Jack said, looking down at himself for the umpteenth time. "Best thing of all, it breathes like nobody's business, haven't worn anything this tightfitting over my fur and not almost passing out due to heat." He sipped his drink.

<@Jimmy> "That'll be the magic science material stuff," Jimmy took a deep pull of his wine as the door shuddered behind them and the patrons shot it worried looks, "Y'know ... I coul' get used t' all this ... hero stuff if it 'volves all these bars and shit ... y'know?"

<Jack> "Definitely, cheers." He said, tapping his glass to Jimmy's mug, and drinking a bit more, looking over to the door when it had another hard thud. "That broom's not gonna hold."

<Jack> On the stage, a very fabulous looking Cher announced that karaoke night is now open, holding up a mic that was blinged up so much, even Lady Gaga would be embarassed about it.

<@Jimmy> Jimmy drained his glass and slammed it onto the counter, he was british teenager reared in the fine tradition of bingdrinking and coul neck almost anything, as the door buckled, "Don' worry 'bout it," Jimmy grinned, "I can handle this!" He started to weave hs way towards the stage.

<Jack> Jack realized what was happening, then finished his own drink, gesturing the barkeeper to make another round for him and his friend. His ear twitched as the broom broke and the doors flew open. THe place went silent for a moment as the rage mob adjusted to the lights and the audience looked at them. "Showtime." Jack said, grabbing the new drinks and making his way to the stage as well.

<@Jimmy> And as he was a true brit, there was only one song he could sing for just such an occasion, "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" He started to croon, trying drunkenly to force all his power into his voice.

<Jack> Putting the drinks on the stage, Jack waved at the sound guy, who threw the extra mic his way. It was adourned in pink and blue rhinestones. He hopped up on stage, "Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality," Jack joined in, handing Jimmy his drink.

<@Jimmy> Jimmy took a mouthful of his drink as his voice already started to work it's magic, the crazies going glassy-eyed, "Open your eyes... Look up to the skies and seeeeeee ...."

<Jack> "I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy," Jack took a sip from his drink. Some more angry people came rushing in, stumbling over the ones that was already in a trance, which just broke their trance momentarily.

<@Jimmy> The audience, who had also started to go glassy eyed, also seemed to snap out of it, started yelling and screaming as the rage-thingies attacked and Jimmy neatly ducked as a bottle was thrown at him, not missing a beat, "Because I'm easy come, easy go. Little high, little low." He took a another mouthfull as feathers exploded into the air, " Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to meeeeee"

<@Jimmy> He started to air-piano.

<Jack> It was only then that the audio guy found the right track, having zoned in and out a couple times before getting to do his job. The speakers started making the music that Jimmy was air-playing. "Mama," Jack sang, "I just killed a man, put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger now he's dead..."

<@Jimmy> "Mama, life had just begun .... But now I've gone and thrown it all awaaaaaaaay!" Jimmy crooned, a rhinestone encrusted shoe, big enough to be used as a boat, sailed past and knocked one of the speakers over, but his mutation was starting to work it's magic as everyone started to zone out, "Mama! Ooooooooh. Didn't mean to make you cry! If I'm not back again this time tomorrow carry on... carry on... as if nothing really matters..."

<Jack> "Too late, my time has come, send shivers down my spine, body's aching all the time," Most of the bar was almost completely quiet except for furry and hairless duet at the front, and the open doors at the back with more rage filled people trying to get in.

<@Jimmy> The angry people were shoving and hitting thier zombiefied companions to get through, with little sucess, before succombing to Jimmy's power, "Goodbye, everybody. I've got to gooo. Gotta leave you all behind and face the truuuuth!"

<Jack> "Mamaaaaa, oooohh, I don't want to dieee, sometimes I wish I'd never been born at all!" Jack looked amazing playing his air-guitar.

<@Jimmy> Of course, while Jack was playing his amazing air guitar, it meant Jimmy wasn't singing, which meant that the spell was starting to wear off.

<@Jimmy> Luckily for them, the rage-cop from earlier had attracted his not so crazy fellows with his death-threats over the radio and had turned up, looking a little bewhildered at all the heavily armed people and cross-dressers standing around in rapt attention to the two on stage.

<@Jimmy> "Ullo ossifers," Jimmy said cheerfully, "Distract an' Black Jack o' the X-Men ... doin' y' fuggin' job fer ya-shit that's my cue! I see a little silhouetto of a man. Scaramouche! Scaramouche! Will you do the Fandango!?"

<Jack> "Thunderbolt and lightening, very very frightening me!" Jack sang while in a very Freddy Mercury pose, "Galileo,"

<@Jimmy> "Galileo!"

<Jack> It was actually interesting to see how people went in and out of their trances. The whole room would stand still or even sway slightly, then the next second everything would start moving fast as people start goign crazy again, and then the calm would hit them again.

<Jack> "Galileo!"

<@Jimmy> "Galileo! Galileo figaro. Magnificooooooooooo!" It was actually kinda funny, though since the cops hadn't been exposed to too much of his singing they were slightly more resistant and started dragging people out. "I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me."

<Jack> "He's just a poor boy, from a poor family, spare him his life from this monstrocity!" Jack gestured to the crazies. "Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?"

<@Jimmy> "Bismillah, no! We will not let you go! Let him go!" Jimmy sang, waving bye-bye to the carted off crazies.

<Jack> "Bismillah! We will not let you go! Let me go!" Jack waved over a police man and pointed to one crazy that was swaying around the corner at the bar out of the police's line of sight.

<@Jimmy> The cop raised a hand in thanks before grabbing the guy and draggoing him away, " Will not let you go! Let me go! Ah No, no, no, no, no, no, no!" That looked to be all the nutters out.

<Jack> And as the last Jack watched the last one get dragged off, the two let their best out for the rest of the song. "Oh mama mia, mam mia, mama mia let me go, Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me! For me!! FOR MEEEEE!!"

<@Jimmy> And then came the moment. The glorious moment they had all been waiting for. Now was the time ...

<@Jimmy> The time for ...


<Jack> Image

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Re: 5/31 Instance: Mutant Rhapsody

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Re: 5/31 Instance: Mutant Rhapsody

Post by PsychoKez056 » Thu May 31, 2012 8:11 pm

Best instance evar!

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Re: 5/31 Instance: Mutant Rhapsody

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It's everything I thought it would be and more

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Re: 5/31 Instance: Mutant Rhapsody

Post by Starfish » Fri Jun 01, 2012 9:00 am

This is... wow. It's a thing of beauty.

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