6/3 Instance: Hot Tub Sex Machine

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6/3 Instance: Hot Tub Sex Machine

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:04 am

Timelined a day or so after [Instance]No Regrets.

Danny: Danny flipped open his cell phone and quickly punched in Jess' number. Then he went to the message box and typed in: "Sorry about the other night. I know I scared you. I feel really bad. :< "

Danny: He stretched out his legs and watched the beginning stages of the sunset from the roof of the school. He had been told to do so and now he decided it was finally time to try it. He had avoided mostly everyone since ... that night. Everyone but the X-Force. Even though they had no idea what he had done, he felt like they would accept him if they'd known. He felt they were safe.

Jessica: Jess jumped a little as her phone vibrated in her pocket. She was never going to get used to that. She chewed her lip, it took her time to navigate her phone messages still and, rather than text, she decided to just call him back.

Danny: He frowned at the call. He didn't know if this was the best idea right now... He shrugged, flipped the phone open, and answered anyways. "Hey..." He said quietly.

Jessica: "Hey.... I'm not good at text messaging yet so... this is just better... I told you you don't have to feel bad about any of that, Danny.... where are you?"

Danny: "I'm... on the roof. Thinking." He sighed and leaned over the edge. "Looking down... wondering."

Jessica: "Wondering about what?" Her eyebrows went up a little and she decided to go up to the roof to continue this conversation in person.

Danny: "Just thinking about... shit." He didn't like swearing but he wasn't really sure how else to describe it. "Feeling shitty... regretful... a little glad." He said with a smile, hoping she knew what he meant when he said that.

Jessica: "I'm coming to you..." she opened up a window and stepped outside. "We can talk properly face to face...."

Danny: "Well... okay?" He didn't get the point of that, but alright. Not like he was going to argue.

Jessica: She closed the window after her and flew up to the roof, hanging up and waving when she saw him. "I prefer to see the person I'm talking to..."

Danny: He looked at her, perplexed. "Well I wasn't the one wasting minutes with phone coversation. You alright, Jess? You look concerned."

Jessica: "I had to call, I'm bad at texting I said that... and there's nothing wrong." she gave him a small smile as she walked over to him.

Danny: "Good." He winked to her and motioned to the ledge of the roof. "Wanna sit and watch the sunset with me?" he asked.

Jessica: She glanced out over the grounds and gave a small shrug, "Okay..." she moved to take a seat on the ledge.

Danny: "I have been told to see the sunset from up here before. Strong recommendation."

Jessica: "Well then I'm sure it'll be worth it." she smiled, settling beside him.

Danny: "You uh... you sure you're okay with the other night? 'Cause I'm great with it, ... I mean... only if you are though." He felt super awkward. When did it get so hot?

Jessica: "I'm fine..." she glanced at him, "A little confused though..."

Danny: "Confused?" He wasn't sure he understood the reasoning for being confused. "Why? Is it... something I said? Or did?"

Jessica: She nodded, "Something you did.... I mean.... forgetting the other stuff.... what happened to planning... and waiting?"

Danny: He looked down off the ledge and sighed. "I didn't think it was safe to bring you... I made my plans to not include you in the last phase. I couldn't risk ... losing you. Or being responsible for it."

Jessica: "Danny.... I can take care of myself... and it was my choice to go with you... what if something happened to you? Then no one would know where you were. Did you even think of that?" She frowned at him, "I don't need protecting, okay?"

Danny: "I... I left notes. On my bed." He smiled at her. "I know you don't need protecting, but that doesn't mean you're not special enough to me that I am going to try."

Jessica: "I can't tell you how frustrating that is..." she sighed and looked out over the grounds again. "I've been protected all my life... even though I was being trained how to fight and defend myself... It's such a contradiction.... and it made things really hard for me when that was over..."

Danny: "Well... I had very little time to make a decision. It's not like I did it with the intention of being deceitful, I just didn't know what I was going to go up against. It was easier for me to take it on alone." He thought about the fight.

Danny: The neck's, the arms, the blood. "I don't really want to talk about it right now anyways..." he muttered.

Jessica: "We don't have to talk about it... just promise me you won't do that again. You want my help, you have it. All of it. I knew what I was getting into when I offered." She leaned against him a little.

Danny: "Fine." He snapped. "It's .... It's fine. I'm sorry."

Danny: He got up, walked away from the ledge and towards the center of the roof.

Jessica: Jess was a little startled by his sudden change in tone, she looked round at him. "Danny... what's wrong?" she moved to get up and follow him.

Danny: "I don't know." He admitted. "I'm afraid. I'm afraid they're going to come after me... come after you. Come after the school. I'm afraid we're never going to get those students back. I'm afraid Xavier's going to find out and put me in prison..."

Danny: He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pill bottle. He shook two of the tablets out and gulped them.

Danny: "And my arm's fucked up from the fight."

Jessica: She stepped up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder, "I'll be fine... and if Xavier was going to do any of that it would have happened already... Why would they come after the school? A place full of mutants... it'd be insane..."

Danny: "I think they would come specifically for me..." he argued. He nearly jumped at the touch of her hand on his shoulder He hissed in pain. "Watch! Ow!"

Jessica: She withdrew her hand, biting her lip, "Sorry..." She didn't know what to do now. She wanted to help him or reassure him but she didn't know how. "Come back and sit down...."

Danny: He turned to her. It was the first time he had directly looked at her since the night before. His face was bruised, even swollen in some places. There was a scratch from the back of his ear down his neck. His hair was a mess. He also appeared to be physically exhausted.

Jessica: She sighed and pulled him into a hug instead. It was the only other thing she could think to try. "You need someone to take care of you for a while."

Danny: He could only nod in agreement. He did his best to wrap his arms around her and as he did his face moved into her neck. He could smell her hair, and he loved it.

Jessica: "How about we finish watching this sunset and then I make us both some dinner?" she suggested, gently stroking his hair.

Danny: "I'd like that." He mumbled into her shoulder.

Jessica: She smiled and turned her head to press a soft kiss to his temple, "Come on then..." she stepped back from him and took his hand to pull him back over to the edge of the roof.

Time Passes

Danny: "So I was going to take a much needed uh... rest. In the hot tub." He mentioned to her as they walked away from their dinner in the kitchen and down further towards the gym and pool areas. "I don't mind if you wanna go to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

Jessica: "It's not quite bed time yet... I can come with you for some company if you'd like? I'll have to run up to my room first though..."

Danny: He shrugged. "Alright. What for though?"

Jessica: "A swimsuit?" she replied, wasn't that obvious? "And a towel...."

Danny: "Oh... I wasn't even going to bother. You really don't need one, they're the same as underwear." Oh God! Is she not wearing any underwear?

Jessica: She chewed her lip considering that.... well as long as it was only Danny she supposed it would be alright. She gave a small shrug, "Okay..."

Danny: "Good." They walked together to the hot tub. Danny turned on the bubbles and smiled as they fired up. "This is going to help." He carefully took off his tee shirt, revealing the large scars and bruises from his fight with The Beast. He then pulled off his pants, which showed the same thing. He got into the steaming hot tub with just his boxers on.

Danny: He hissed at the temperature. "Aaaawwoooooh yeah."

Jessica: She smiled, stepping out of her shoes as she unbuttoned her shirt and looking him over discreetly. That was a lot of injuries. Mind you, she wasn't exactly scar free either. She took off her jeans and left her clothes on one of the chairs before climbing into the tub with him.

Danny: His eyebrows arched at the revealing of her undergarments. He melted a litle as he slouched into his seat, his chin just above the surface of the bubbling water.

Jessica: "Feeling better?" she asked, cocking her head on one side after settling across from him.

Danny: He burbled a yes in the water. Then he got a good idea. He dropped down below the surface and disappeared beneath the bubbes.

Jessica: Jess blinked as he disappeared under the water and waited for him to come back up again.

Danny: Slowly his hands found their way to Jess's feet. He wrapped his hand around her ankle and then pulled himself up, right in front of her legs. "Bah!" He pushed his wet hair back and smiled.

Jessica: She startled at the hand around her ankle and had to remind herself to breathe, finding a smile when he reappeared. "You shouldn't startle me like that when we're immersed in water."

Danny: He winked at her. "It's okay, I know what I'm doing." He disappeared again, this time slightly moving her legs apart. His hands rubbed up from her ankles into her inner thigh and reached the elastic of her panties. He popped back up, his hands still on her panties, and went in for a kiss.

Jessica: She kissed back and shifted a little in her seat, slipping her arms around him.

More Time Passes.

Jessica: She turned towards him and slid her arms around him, settling close to him again and nuzzling his neck gently. "That was.... different..."

Danny: He smiled and wrapped his arms around her, propping himself with one foot and wading in the bubbly water. He kissed her on the cheek a few times and then said, "I think it was just right."

Jessica: She gave him a small squeeze. "Danny... can I ask you something?"

Danny: He nodded. "Sure."

Jessica: "I... I've never... I've never had this before.... Are-... are we in a relationship now....?"

Danny: Danny shrugged. "It's a fair question to ask. I can say yes until the cows come home but it doesn't mean anything unless you agree we are. So really... unless one of us desn't want to be... I'd say yes."

Jessica: Jess leaned against him a little while she thought about it, eventually nodding. "I'd like that..."

Danny: "Awesome." He kissed the back of her head. "Me too."

Jessica: She smiled and turned to kiss him again. "What do you want to do now?"

Danny: "Hmm... well I was just thinking that some tea sounded nice buuut... I think we may as well take advantage of our luck..."

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