6/7 Instance: Snapped

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6/7 Instance: Snapped

Post by Ferguson » Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:54 pm

Current Timeline

Jason: It was amazing what the right illusion would get you. In this case, it got a free plane trip down to Florida and another warehouse that had been uncovered as part of Essex's storage. The right illusion also got a freely rented car to drive to said warehouse. Jason did rather like illusioning money.

Jason: "Right, this is the place."

Adam: Adam looked up, tightening the glove, feeling the tenseness he'd come to know intimately - and oddly start to love. "You sure about that?" He said calmly, Irish accent slightly muffled by his mask. "Hate to break up the wrong warehouse, eh?"

Jason: "Well, if you see a lack of Marauders once you're in there we'll know we've hit the wrong place."

Pietro: Pietro looked around at the rest of the team, trying to spot signs of how they were after the last mission.

Danny: "Can you imagine though?" He asked with a smirk as he wrapped his hands and wrist with tape. "I mean seriously... if we broke down the door of the wrong warehouse..."

Rogue: "An' if ya see a multitude of 'em ya know ya in tha right one."

Melati: "This this will finally be the jackpot, or just another of Essex' facilities," Melati asked, adjusting her gloves while looking out the window. "Don't get me wrong, trashing his stuff and beating up his henchmen is satisfying all right and surely will do some good, but I keep hoping we're going to find some trace of our missing friends."

Adam: Adam tilted his head slightly. "Fair enough." He seemed outwardly calm enough. "Same, Mel, but if we're giving the messege that this time we mean war, well...all the better, right?" He cracked his knuckles and smoothed his gloves down his trousers, before getting out of the car, eyes flaring red. "There's definitely people around."

Danny: "We should've enlisted a private detective." Danny thought aloud. "Who would think the Marauders could be so good at covering their tracks?"

Rogue: "That's gonna take a lot more'n what we've done so far, Mel... Essex is good at coverin' his shit. Unfortunately." She zipped her uniform up tighter and unbuckled, "Y'all need ta watch yaselves an' each other. We don't need ta lose anybody else. Got it?"

Jason: "I'm afraid it's just a facility from the looks of things. Has your more squeamish frinds made any more discoveries as far as where all of this ships out to?" Jason looked back to Melati.

Jason: "Each time he's escaped it's been because he's had people covering his back, best to pick off anyone who might this time."

Pietro: "If we take down his protection we'll stand a better chance of getting to him. I makes sense to do it this way."

Rogue: "Exactly. If we don't we could lose 'im again. An' our friends'd be even further gone. Gotta get rid o' tha body guards 'fore ya can get ta tha celebrities."

Adam: Adam wasn't entirely sure why being in the same team as Jason and Rogue was setting him so much on edge, but at least it meant he was already over-observant. "Sometimes it's better to cut the tail off the snake bit by bit, right?"

Danny: "If we corner his people, take them out, we essentially corner him. Leave him with few options. I hope we're moving through fast enough that he doesn't get desparate..." Danny would hate to think what Essex does when he becomes desperate.

Adam: "Can we can it with the metaphors and get out the car already? I need to go pee."

Jason: "I told you you should have went to the bathroom at the airport."

Melati: "Whatever, just let's get this over with." Melati flexed her hands, the finger-less gloves allowing her claws to protrude unhindered. "Maybe someone in there knows where we need to look, so I suggest we go in and ask for directions."

Jason: Jason settled back in the driver's seat, pulling out a laptop from the bag he had brought. "I've pieced this into what little security the places has so I can report to all of you from in here. Usually they have been seen closer to the dock so I would suggest you start there."

Danny: "Away we go..." Danny hopped out and tightened his braces on his boots.

Adam: "Nah, wanted a present to give Essex's goons. Peecannon!"

Jason: At the mention of a 'peecannon' Jason felt everso glad Adam was no longer part of the Brotherhood, even if they weren't overly active at the moment.

Pietro: Pietro rolled his eyes a little and got out, stretching. "Want me to run ahead and look?"

Adam: Adam fixed on the radio, eyes flaring again, going back to serious like a switch had been flicked. "Okay, I know there's people in there, many heartbeats and whathaveyou. I can take out any guards they might have with one of my flashovers. Would that make your lives easier?"

Melati: "Might as well, Speedy," Melati replied, getting out of the car to get her bearings. "Would be good to make sure what we're up against, and there's no surprises waiting for us."

Pietro: "Okay. I'll be right back." He smiled and dashed off to look. In the blink of an eye he was back. "Two Marauders and many guards."

Adam: "Excellent." Adam nodded. "I can take care of at least some of the guards. Do we want any to take the news back to their master?"

Melati: She frowned. "Sounds familiar." Melati stepped up to the nearest corner and took a careful peek around, spotting their target near the docks.

Danny: Danny used his keen eyesight to spot some cameras in the corners of the buildings. They had been painted to resemble the building and were almost undetectable, but the glare off the lens gave thei position. "Cameras, 2 o'clock and 7 o'clock." He whispered.

Rogue: Rogue turned on her earpiece and gave a nod of thanks to Jason before getting out of the car. "No, Adam. No survivors. If they look or act innocent, spare 'em. But other than that, take 'em all down. If they run back ta Essex, he could just double up on other forms o' protection. We don't want 'im ta know when'r who's comin'. Just that we're comin'."

Pietro: "I could go and unplug the cameras but I think Jason might want them to watch for a bit."

Adam: "Yeahuh, can do." Adam kicked up in the air, PVC coat flaring. "Alright. Sneak or plough on in?"

Melati: Melati looked at Rogue, the darkness hiding her frown. "What about those surrendering or making a break for it?"

Rogue: Rogue sighed, unhappy that she was going to say anything about survivors, "Surrenderin' gets an automatic prisoner sentence. But there shouldn't be any makin' a break f'r it. They shouldn't have time."

Danny: "I would say use CQC and silently take out the guards and make our way into the interior of the Maurauders who are here..." He looked to Rogue. "Exactly. Don't give them time to flee or suspect anything."

Adam: Adam frowned to himself. While he wasn't above killing, slaughtering people that were trying to escape wasn't his style. If they were trying to kill him or his friends, yes, but that...no, if they ran, he'd let them, like last time.

Rogue: "Ah think some o' us should go through tha front door an' tha rest should sneak up behind 'em. Who's sneaky like?"

Adam: "Meee. I'm not really a powerhouse, for all my strength."

Pietro: "I can do either. I don't mind drawing fire, I can dodge anything they throw at me."

Melati: "Guess I can sneak well enough for what it's worth, but when it comes down to it, taking fire is what I do best." She popped her knuckles and readied herself to head out. "So I'll pick the front door, if no one has any objections."

Adam: Adam looked at all of them. "You're all powerhouses or can dodge. I'm squishy. You go in front, I'll take the rear and mop up what you miss and send the rest back to you. Sneakylike."

Melati: "Sounds like a plan," Mel commented, giving a nod. "Best stay under cover and work from there. Pretty much like a sniper. Or I guess artillery would be more accurate."

Melati: "Could you make out which Marauders are holed up in there," she asked. "Would be nice to know who and what we're having to expect to get thrown at us."

Jason: Jason came in over the radio. "I've seen evidence of them all coming and going, the latest being Blockbuster."

Adam: "Roger, 'Mind." Adam nodded. "Alright, suggest we get movin' before they decide to go home for the night, guys." He pushed further up. "I'll go spook 'em, you go do your smashy thing." With that, he blurred for the back of the warehouse.

Danny: "I can sense when there is physical energy around me." Danny noted. "And Im feeling.. a lot of it." His eyes widened at the name of Blockbuster.

Pietro: "Yeah he's in there now. And the one called Lady M. That's all I saw. The rest are just humans."

Melati: "I remember that one all too well." She nodded to herself. "Hits like a truck and can also take as much punishment."

Rogue: "Ah don't want Adam alone. Ah don't want anyone alone. Pietro, go with Adam. Ah'm goin' in front."

Danny: "Being just human doesn't excuse them." He pointed out.

Adam: Adam found a handy open window, slipping in. "Bit late." He whispered. "I'm already in."

Danny: Iron Fist sighed and followed him. "I'll go, Rogue."

Pietro: Pietro sighed and ran to the building, phasing through the wall. "It's okay, I'm in."

Melati: "Isn't that the one who messes up your mind," she asked, looking up. "Guess that what make all our intel just a bit more unreliable."

Jason: "Lady M, hmm? Well, if she gives you any trouble I'll be sure to put in a few illusions to mess with her concentration on her own."

Adam: The mutant crept to a walkway overlooking the warehouse floor, picked a target... "Party's about to start, hope you bought fireworks-" -and then snapped his fingers, a human goon suddenly, messily exploding in the middle of his mates. There was a second's pause, then the screaming and chaos started.

Rogue: "Thanks." She shrugged, "We'll just hafta make sure she tells us tha truth first." Rogue looked at Melati and Pietro, "In we go."

Jason: That was a good deal of noise coming out of that area. "The security here is lax but you might want to off them quickly so they're not overheard too much."

Melati: "Roger that." Melati took off, making a break straight for the front door. The guard posted there managed to raise his weapon halfway before she jumped him and knocked him down with an aimed strike.

Pietro: "They won't talk. I tried to get information out of Scalphunter before." He moved around knocking out the guards he passed. He didn't bother to be gentle and he definately heard a lot of sickening cracks.

Rogue: Rogue slipped one glove off and flew straight through the doors, busting them down properly. "Honey! We're home!"

Adam: The blood from the exploded human was slicked off the floor, walls and other surfaces, the splatters on people suddenly superheating and melting flesh and material alike. The whips of controlled blood were used to blow apart guns, but this time Adam wasn't killing indiscriminatly, hell no.

Lady_M: The chaos was heard by Lady M, however as she looked up from watching the workers load their next transport. "Blockbuster, we've got trouble." She illusioned herself invisible, scurrying to a corner of the warehouse.

Blockbuster: "What's that now," the hulking mutant demanded to know, nearly taking the door off its hinges as he trampled into the warehouse. "Real trouble, or just those losers taking potshots at some bums again?"

Danny: Danny followed up closely behind Adam, alarmed at the visual of the spattering human. "Little opposite of low-radar isn't that?" He leapt up to a scaffolding and monkeyed over to another side of the warehouse. He dropped down on two guards, colliding his feet, which were currently "ironed up" as he liked to call it now, with their backs.

Danny: As he landed on them, forcing them sprawled out, he used both his hands to raie their heads by their hair and smash them into the concrete.

Melati: There wasn't much resistance when she stormed into the warehouse, quickly scanning the area to identify cover and potential spots for ambushes. Most of the guards were in disarray, scrambling about to cover the rear of the building. "Guess the diversion worked," Melati radioed, swiping two more off their feet with her tail.

Rogue: Rogue wrestled a machine gun from a guard that burst around a corner, shooting bullets up into the ceiling. "Didn't ya mama ever teach ya ta be hospitable?"

Adam: "Chaos and mayhem, my work is done." Adam shrugged, leaning on the bars and almost lazily conducting. He tightened a glove, watching as a large group of humans collapsed, literally sweating blood. He pulled it up into the air, before sniffing. "I think someone's trying to hide, I can hear a heartbeat where there's empty space..."

Melati: Then she spotted the bloody mess left on the walls and floors. "Aw crap, you can't be serious," she muttered.

Lady_M: "X-men trouble." Lady M reported..."Though, you know, after what happened with Scalpy and Vertigo they're not exactly playing by their old rules."

Blockbuster: "Just when I thought 'this would be dull night," Blockbuster announced, barging through stacks of crates as if they weren't there. "Good... was hoping they'd be foolish enough to show up here."

Rogue: Rogue used the butt of the gun to knock the guy flat to the floor then looked at what Melati was talking about. "Shit." She threw the gun aside after making sure all of the bullets were gone, "Adam, run 'em our way."

Adam: "Yes'm." He was grinning a little maniacally behind the mask, herding the now panicking guards easily towards the front. Easy enough to do, even without any more explosions - they didn't want to come near the lethal ribbons of superheated blood, and he was using them like lashes to direct them. So far, he'd only killed three, and one of those had been a heart attack.

Jason: "I'm not seeing any others coming to your position. I think you've got what you're going to see tonight in there." Jason switched cameras so he could see inside.

Danny: Danny spotted Blockbuster running and smiled. He focused his chi into his leg and ran towards him. In a baseball style slide, Danny dropped down, his energized foot glowing purple with whisps of smoke flying behind him. He drove his leg into the path of Blockbuster, looking to trip him.

Blockbuster: Loosing his footing, the large Marauder fell forward and left shattered concrete in his wake. "Fool, you'll regret messing with us," Blockbuster said, pushing himself up, debris dropping from his shoulders. "Just as you'll regret what you've done to Vertigo." He stormed forward, balling a huge fist to smack the X-Mam who felled him.

Lady_M: Cringing as she saw her partner for the night go down, Lady M concentrated and soon the room seemed to be changing, the walls pushing in on them.

Danny: Danny rolled out of the way of the massive fist as it crashed after him. He sprang to his feet and tried to take a posture of defense.

Melati: "Am I imagining things, or are we about to get slimmed down awfully fast," Mel asked, watching the walls close in on them.

Pietro: "Let me check...." Pietro phased through the wall.

Blockbuster: "Prancing about won't save you, little man." Blockbuster swung again, knocking whatever came in range of his fists away.

Rogue: Rogue didn't think twice as she was defending herself from the few guards that were left around them, "No. That ain't right..."

Adam: ...Which for a room containing a manic Adam, was not a good thing. The bars under Adam's hands were suddenly torn apart as the room closed in on him, eyes widening in panic and another couple of people exploding as he gibbered a little down the radio.

Rogue: Rogue quickly looked around for Lady M, frowning when she couldn't see her. "Jason? A little help'd be nice."

Pietro: "Walls are nice and still outside," Pietro informed them.

Adam: At those words, Adam force himself to close his eyes, muttering to himself as he tried to calm down. There was another illusionist. That was all. He would be fine. He cracked an eye open, squeaked and squeezed it shut again. "Makeitstop."

Rogue: "Adam. Adam," she flew to him, "Where's tha heartbeat? Ah need ya help, kiddo."

Melati: "Can't tell if this is going well or not..." Melati had disarmed another guard, knocking him out with the butt of his own rifle. There was a menacing growl coming from behind her. As she spun around, she found herself faced with a pack of fiery hounds who looked like they had crawled straight out of hell. "Tell me those aren't real, either..."

Jason: "Just a minute, panning the cameras around." Jason replied, switching angles as he searched. "Right back corner and moving and I'm on my way." With that Jason shut the laptop up and got out of the car, casually strolling up to the place.

Adam: Adam took a deep breath at Rogue's words. He was needed. He needed to concentrate. A shaking hand was raised, then he pointed to a patch of bare ground behind some crates. "Th-there. She's there. Pretty scared too."

Danny: Danny backstepped. "Distraction over here, would be grand." He insisted. He used his energy to fire up the iron defenses in both his arms. Blocking the smacks which would have normally snapped his fore arms were instead just really, really, painful.

Pietro: "One distraction coming up!" Pietro picked up a few disguarded weapons and started throwing them in extremely quick succession at Blockbuster.

Danny: He grit his teeth and looked to Pietro. "You're not shooting the guns, you're throwing them?" He asked.

Melati: "Rogue, try to help Fisty with the big guy, I'll do my best to corner the Brain-Lady." Melati swung her stolen rifle at the hopefully illusory dogs, before jumping up on stack of crates to get on some higher ground.

Rogue: Rogue picked up a guard and threw him in the direction Adam pointed, trying to throw her off guard, "Thanks!" She flew into Blockbuster and practically bounced off of him. "Damn."

Pietro: "Trust me. I can throw the guns faster than a bullet will leave the barrel. This hurts far more."

Blockbuster: He snarled, swatting at the weapons chucked against him. "You'll have to do better than that," Blockbuster growled, reaching out to pull one of the very pillars of the warehouse from its foundation. "You're only making me angry, and you won't like me when I'm angry." He swung it as a makeshift club.

Danny: "Pietro, this guy is a brontosaurus. You're faster than him! Show him how velociraptors do it!" He spotted a large chain, similar to what is used on anchors. "Rogue! Chain!" He pointed. He ducked from the club-pillar.

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Re: 6/7 Instance: Snapped

Post by Ferguson » Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:54 pm

Adam: Adam just nodded, trying to stop concentrating on the walls and on the mayhem below. Unfortunately him trying to concentrate on one heartbeat meant he'd missed the one sneaking up on him - one of the guards he'd blown the gun up of had spotted him. He turned as he caught the scent of adreneline, but not before a knife went into his side.

Adam: His reaction was instant - a screamed Irish swearword, and suddenly the guy had a manic Irishman slamming two boneblades into his chest.

Pietro: "Sure thing!" he threw the remaining weapons then followed them himself. "I don't think you should be allowed to hit people with bits of building. That's cheating." He vaporised the pillar.

Melati: Repeatedly telling herself that they weren't real - easier said than done when their bite felt very much so - Melati forced herself to ignore to vicious hounds and jumped up on the scaffolding. "Tell me I'm getting closer," she radioed, gripping the rifle for added confidence.

Rogue: Rogue flew for the chain and tied it like a lasso. She threw it at Blockbuster and caught his foot just before he turned into Sam. "No."

Rogue: "Yes! Mel, go!"

Blockbuster: "No fair." Blockbuster gritted his teeth. "You don't see me breaking your toys. Yet." He gripped the chain around his leg and pulled, using the mutant on the other end as a flail to hurl towards her teammates.

Adam: He pulled off the now extremely perferated goon, panting as he pulled the knife out of his side with a whimper and stopped the the bleeding without a second thought. "Stupid ass. Stabbing's my special move." He muttered, fingering the knife. Then suddenly the entire building was burning and he could smell blood- "Oh come off it, lady, I see worse than this when I hallucinate. Wanna throw a body on a hook in there too?"

Danny: "Thanks!" He said to Pietro. He ducked and rolled between Blockbusters feet and as he rose out of the somersault he used his iron fists to smash into the back of Blockbuster's right knee.

Lady_M: She might be getting closer but Lady M was changing course rapidly to avoid any of them, looking to the closest one and inflicting an illusion of extreme pain on the lizard girl.

Pietro: Pietro easily dodged the Rogue-mace. "Too slow!"

Rogue: Rogue was frozen as she stared at Sam until he flung her like a ragdoll into another pillar once Pietro dodged her. She fell to the floor and tried to catch her breath, shaking her head to make the stars go away.

Melati: Moving forward, Melati knew she was getting closer when she suddenly found herself tangled up in wall made of barbed wire. "Fucking hell!" She clenched her jaw and winced. "Not... real... gaaah!" She tried to push on, slashing the obstruction with her claws.

Rogue: Rogue shoved the remains of the column off of her and looked over at Mel. Quickly, she got up and flew over to her, not knowing why she stopped moving. "Jason! Any time now!" Rogue started towards the corner, trying to figure out where the bitch was.

Jason: "I'm on my way in, please be sure to chase the other invisible illusionist." Jason did as he said he was, illusioning himself invisible. "The room's about to go topsy turvy, just go with it." With that the room seemed to shift onto it's side.

Blockbuster: Staggering under the continued pummeling he received from the group of X-Men, Blockbuster went down on one knee and steadied himself with a large hand. "Back off, maggots," he shouted, slamming his fist into the ground and sending debris in every direction.

Danny: Danny was pushed back from the debris, but he used it as fuel for his anger rather than a deterrence.

Lady_M: The woman screamed as Mel managed to land a slash on her, feeling herself wobble as the room shifted and it wasn't her doing. The motion startling her into becoming visible for a moment.

Danny: He charged Blockbuster with blood-rage in his eyes and leapt atop of him and used his iron fist to grip onto Blockbusters neck. Then, he wrapped his arm around him and tried to sleeper hold him. At the very least choke him out.

Lady_M: She scrambled back from them as she realized what had happened, clutching her chest where she had been hit and cut.

Adam: Adam was glad of the warning, filing the tilting room under 'hallucinations to not have again' and keeping his balance. He kicked into the air, hovering in the centre of the room and further disorientating the goons by causing them to all levitate.

Melati: "I see you, bitch," Melati snarled, forcing herself through the barbed wire as the illusion wavered, balling her fist to land a hefty punch against Lady M.

Rogue: "Ha! Gotcha!" Rogue flew up into the air so she wouldn't go topsy turvy with the room and she ran to block Lady M's exit.

Rogue: She caught Lady M as Mel's punch sent her flying backwards, "Care f'r a ride?"

Pietro: Pietro kept on the move so that the shifting gravity wouldn't bother him so much.

Lady_M: "Stop! Stop please!" She strugged with Rogue's hold, flickering in and out of visibleness.

Blockbuster: He stumbled backwards, his large arms flailing at the mutant on his back. As tough as his body may have been, Blockbuster still needed to breathe, the lack of air making his movements wilder and more desperate.

Rogue: "We'll stop when y'all stop. Sad thing is. Y'all won't. So we won't."

Melati: "Back down when you know what's good for you," Melati demanded, stepping up to the edge of the scaffolding where Lady M was floating, held aloft by Rogue.

Danny: He used his iron grip to squeeze tighter. His other hand slipped over Blockbuster's eyes, hoping to blind him and thus cause him to flail harder, thus exhausting his oxygen even faster. "C'mon!" The raging mutant was like a bull, bucking Danny repeatedly.

Lady_M: Pulling her mind back together, she tried shocking the hands that were on her as she struggled. Back down...backing down was looking pretty nice right now. "Y-yes.."

Rogue: "Hey Adam, wanna cause a little pain with this beautiful red stuff Ah got drippin' down mah glove?"

Rogue: "Liar," she snarled and squeezed Lady M tighter.

Lady_M: "No!" She struggled harder for some sort of purchase to get her feet under her. "I'll back down, I swear, just don't hurt me!"

Adam: "Mmm?" Came the dreamy reply from the spaced mutant, Adam drifting over to the trio. "What do you want me to do? Wait...isn't she surrendering? Didn't we agree that if they surrender they get treated as prisoners...?" The blood slicked off from Rogues glove, winding around him lazily.

Blockbuster: Racing aimlessly through the warehouse, plowing through everything in his past, Blockbuster smashed into the wall in a desperate attempt to get the guy off his back, shattering it into debris in the process. His vision was becoming blurry, all sounds around him sounding muffled.

Danny: Danny felt the pain of the debris of the shattering walls around him but he closed his eyes and tried to direct Blockbuster's rampage more-or-less directly into the floor. The sooner he hit the ground, the easier he would be to take out.

Rogue: "Not her. Not marauders." Rogue made sure she had a good grip on Lady M's head, "Nighty night sweetheart." She took a deep breath and only doubted herself for a second. Then Sam's tombstone flashed in her head and she snapped the neck of the woman in her arms, making sure to drain a bit of her powers before she was gone.

Rogue: Rogue flew up to the ceiling with the limp body before dropping her. She watched her fall. Almost like a leaf in fast forward.

Adam: Adam just...stared at Rogue for a moment, before sharply turning his back on her. He directed the blood circling him to hit a wall, then blew a hole big enough to let the rest of the goons go, even shepherding them out. That, what Rogue had just done? That had been murder.

Jason: Jason let himself go visible as he watched Rogue, both impressed and a little bit wary to tell the truth. "Well...I believe that finishes our business here."

Melati: The gun creaked in her hands as Melati gripped it tightly, watching the dead Marauder fall to the ground with empty eyes. She even forgot to breathe for a moment. "Fuck... she surrendered..."

Pietro: "And the moment she thought she was no longer in danger she'd have gone running back to Essex." Pietro put in.

Blockbuster: He went down on his knees, going down slowly like a felled tree. A gargling sound came from Blockbuster's mouth as his eyes started to roll back in his head.

Adam: "Yeah...yeah, she did." Adam's voice shook slightly. He was...angry. He was actually angry. He watched as the last goon fled. "Or...you know...we could have taken her back to the school. Got something out of her." He fingered the rip in his top where the knife had gone through - his own fault for not wearing the uniform, but he couldn't, not for this.

Rogue: Rogue glanced over at Pietro with a stone-cold face. "Exactly. Ah ain't that cold. Ah made sure that was what she was thinkin' first." She shrugged, "Sort of."

Adam: Adam took a deep breath as fresh air from the hole he'd made poured in, starting to overwhelm the blood and pain. God help Rogue's soul.

Danny: Danny couldn't hear what was going on as he strangled the air out of Blockbuster. "Unacceptable!" as he went down to his knees first. He pulled and twisted Blockbuster's neck, a loud cracking sound echoing in the silent warehouse, just to be sure.

Rogue: Rogue swung her bare hand out for Adam to see, "What tha hell do ya think this is?! Ah got everythin' outta her that Ah needed."

Danny: "We have a problem?" He asked, having missed the party apparently.

Pietro: "She wouldn't have talked, Adam. They never do."

Rogue: "Always knew y'all were alright, Peeto."

Adam: Adam simply stared at Rogue, landing, his eyes draining back to blue, absolutely nothing in them. "Welcome to being a murderer, Rogue, hope you like the smell of roast flesh." He said deadpan, before disappearing into the night.

Danny: "We didn't ask?" He questioned Pietro. "I know Blockbuster's type, and restraining him long enough for questions was not happening but... she was capable of being imprisoned, at least temporarily."

Danny: His eyes followed Adam. "He realizes we have to clean up a bit, right?"

Pietro: "Rogue gets memories and powers, if she knew anything Rogue knows it too." Pietro gave a shrug.

Melati: She couldn't help but wince when the nasty sound of Blockbuster's snapping neck reached her. "Just shut it, the whole lot of you," Melati said, dropping the gun to the ground. "This wasn't right. None of it."

Jason: "No problem, just some frazzled nerves." Jason responded, knowing the set-up well. He had worried about it when he had been told Adam was in on this but as he was only information and assistance in this business. "I will meet you all back in the car, don't track any blood into it, please."

Rogue: Rogue pulled her glove back on and nodded, "We're golden here." She turned to look at Melati with a frown, "Who tha hell recruited all y'all then? Ah know we told ya we'd prob'ly hafta break tha precious 'code'. We're doin' this ta clean up tha mess that tha X-Men let fester."

Rogue: "'Preciate tha help, Jason."

Pietro: "He knew what he was getting into. We all did. And we can all walk away at any time."

Adam: "No, it wasn't right." Adam's voice came over the radio. "There's rules." The blood began to circle off the walls, floor and other surfaces, spiralling outside until there wasn't even a drop anywhere. "Done my bit. You can clean your mess up. I'll be back at the school eventually. Mel, if you want a fag, just say."

Pietro: "We're just playing by the same rules they do." Pietro moved to start clearing up. It'd be faster if he did it.

Melati: "Oh spare me the bullshit," Melati snapped back, jumping back down to the ground to check on the dead Marauders and the fallen guards. "That includes you, Adam. I've seen what you did to those poor bastards. Seen you enjoy it." She knelt down, taking a deep breath.

Danny: He shot a look to Rogue. "I didn't realize we weren't a functioning group. What did he think this was, full contact american football?" He brushed off his jacket. "Mel... I don't want you to be a part of something you can't ethically handle. If you need out, you do it. No one will hold it against you." He realized he shouldn't speak for the lot.

Danny: "I won't..." He admitted. "At least. But... don't question our choices, please. The same actions that brought us here brought you here too."

Rogue: Rogue sighed and moved towards Mel, "Ah know this is a lot at once. Ah know it goes against everythin' we're taught an' brought up ta do. But it really was tha only option." She picked up Lady M's body and threw her over her shoulder. "We're a team. We back each other up. We work as one. Ya cain't be a part then go. Just keep ya mouth shut 'bout what ya seen."

Danny: "Tactful." Danny said as an aside to his superior.

Adam: Adam shook his head from where he was sat on top of the roof. "I don't enjoy it...I enjoy my power, not what I do with it. I'm just...fucked as it is. But I never killed anyone that begged to be let go..." He winced as soon as he said it, staring down at the rosary in his hands. He wasn't talking to anyone in particular, just babbling. "These people have done worse things..."

Adam: "...Like Blink...Clarice shouldn't be like that. That's why I agreed to this. Death and killing's terrible, but that...torture, brainrape, mindfuck, that's worse." He didn't even realise he was talking into the mic as he convinced himself.

Pietro: "Did you give that guard a chance to beg to be let go before you blew him up?" Pietro asked.

Jason: "That it is." Jason answered over the mic as he made sure he was clean of blood and anything before stepping into the car. "I suggest we all pile in in at least fifteen minutes. The flight back will be leaving in an hour."

Melati: She closed her eyes, tilting her head, trying to calm her heart by taking a deep breath. "I was ready to accept that someone might die during a fight," Mel said. "That's war. It happens. At least, I thought I was. But this... that ain't war. That was a slaughter."

Adam: "Maybe...maybe...death's kinder than what they deserve, after all...and if we don't, who else will they hurt? What else what will they do?" Adam was well into his own world, counting the beads as he rocked gently. "X-Men don't kill, yeah...but they kill X-Men, they tear apart minds...so...is it right...to do this?"

Danny: "Okay, let's stop discussing the ethics of the evening." He didn't like it. It made him question what he had done to The Hand. He was unsure about them, they had a code. One he disagreed with, but a morale code all the same. These were henchmen. Mutated maniacs out for their own gains... right?

Melati: "I know these guys aren't saints," she continued, talking with a low, yet strained voice. "Maybe they deserved that. Maybe they deserved worse." She shook her head. "Thing is, I wanna be better than them."

Adam: "They would have killed us, they were trying to kill us...someone tell me I'm right."

Pietro: "Ethics needs to be put to one side with this stuff. If you start doubting why you're in this it's time to leave."

Danny: Danny continued to brush off rubble and dust and then he knelt down in front of Melati. He tried to look her in the eyes and said: "An eye for an eye leaves a room full of blind men, that's why we are doing what we're doing. So the others can be better. So Xavier isn't... held responsible. So to speak."

Melati: "I've no blood on my hands, yet," Melati muttered. "And for as long as it's possible, I'll try to keep it that way." She looked up at the others with a stern expression. "I'm out before that changes."

Danny: "You mean before it changes you?" He added with a rather unintentional snappy tone. He bit his lip and put his head down. "I apologize. But you're right, get out while you can."

Pietro: "That's fine, Mel. Do what's right by you. We won't judge you."

Adam: Adam looked up at the sky, taking off his gasmask. Problem was, he had blood on his hands from the first time he'd ever used his power. Maybe he had to be worse than the Marauders and Essex to make sure others were better than that, to stop others who had those sorts of ideas. It wouldn't matter what he did, this was what he was made for.

Rogue: Rogue set Lady M and Blockbuster near eachother, arranging them so it looked like they killed each other. "Don't do this 'cause ya think ya should, Mel. Adam. Do this 'cause ya know that without it... Without this 'massacre' our friends... Our families... They'd be dead by their hands."

Rogue: "Ah know that from first hand experience. They deserve more than a quick death."

Melati: "And no you have no right to do so," Melati remarked, sucking in the air, before slowly exhaling. "I'll help you clean up this mess. That much I owe you. That much I owe them." She bit her lip. "After that, none of you will ask me about doing this again."

Danny: "This is going to make checkers tournaments difficult, isn't it?" He asked Pietro.

Pietro: "They're always difficult. They take too long."

Adam: Adam sighed. "Listen...I'm...going to go clear my head. I need to think. Rogue...can I...talk to you later...please?"

Rogue: "Ya don't owe us anythin', Mel. If ya wanna go. Go. Plain an' simple." She looked up towards the ceiling where she knew Adam was sitting above her and sighed. She wasn't in the mood for someone forcing a confession from her. But maybe it would help him see she was right. "Sure thing, sugah."

Pietro: "Going to walk home, Adam?" he had to ask. The flight was in an hour.

Adam: "I'll fly. Move faster than a plane when I'm determined enough." Adam sighed, pushing himself up. "It'll give me time to think anyway."

Pietro: Running home sure was tempting. It'd be sooooo much faster.

Danny: Danny shrugged. Nice group...

Melati: She nodded, more to herself than any of the others. "Thanks," Mel said. "Think I'll be sitting by the dock for a while. Tell me when you're done." She paused for a moment. "Don't think I wouldn't do whatever it takes to protect my friends. I can assure you I will. Not like this, though. Not while there's still a chance to do things differently."

Rogue: Rogue headed towards the hole in the wall Adam had made so she could make it to the car and turned to look at everyone left before she did. "What ya gotta really think 'bout is this: Will tha X-Men really get tha job done? Will they really keep me safe? Or will X-Force? Who will nip tha problem in tha bud an' stop tha weeds from spreadin'?"

Pietro: "I have my own reasons for doing this. I know I don't need to explain them to any of you. I will see this through to the end."

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Re: 6/7 Instance: Snapped

Post by puppygirl » Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:57 pm

Wow, I never would have thought out of that bunch Mel would be the one to do the right thing.

Rogue though ... she's starting to get to the point she's unsalvageable I think ...
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Re: 6/7 Instance: Snapped

Post by Slarti » Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:35 pm

Damn, guys, that was brutal. Adam just blowing that dude up is bad, but Rogue killing the chick who's begging is .... yeah.

It's probably for the best I did miss this or it would have become another Shoutstance. :shifty

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Re: 6/7 Instance: Snapped

Post by Esynthia » Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:56 pm

She's absorbed one too many people in short succession... Walls have cracks :shifty that's all I'm sayin'.

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Re: 6/7 Instance: Snapped

Post by Ferguson » Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:05 pm


Cracked seems an appropriate word.


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Re: 6/7 Instance: Snapped

Post by steyn » Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:08 pm

Three words...

Black. Tom. Cassidy.

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Re: 6/7 Instance: Snapped

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:37 am

Three more words...

Cream. Pickle. Potato.

But yes, very "BTC".

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