6/8 Instance: The Sorting Hug

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6/8 Instance: The Sorting Hug

Post by Ferguson » Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:47 am

Timelined the day after Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

<Ankka> The day was warm. Unseasonably, but it was nice after all the heavy storms and random snow. In fact, it was warm enough that one Fin in particular was eschewing a shirt, the offending bit of cloth tucked into his belt as he happily worked in the flowerbeds, smudges of dirt covering him and his jeans, a cig in his mouth.

<Sue> Sue was practicing with her forcefields again. The incident in the city had at least served to boost her confidence with them if nothing else and now she was practicing using them to make herself fly.

<Ankka> His hair was tied back as he wiped sweat off his forehead, leaving another smudge of dirt, checking the rosebush he'd just planted was well watered.

<Callie> Callie lay sprawled on a lawn chair, taking in the view of Ankka and sipping a glass of spritzer.

<Illyana> Illyana made a face at the cigarette. "Couple you please put that out?" She asked as nicely as possible. She tended to Pietro's roses, which she only let her or Michael touch.

<Jimmy> Jimmy was partaking of the great pastime of his home nation, complaining about the weather no matter what it was, "Gaaaaah, how can it be this hot already? I didn't think New York got much warmer than the UK, it's on the same thingy ... line thingy, going across that way," he made a horizontal line with his hand.

<Ankka> "...No, I can't. Ve're outside, it's not like I'm smoking inside." Came the happy reply. "Latitude, Jimmy."

<Jimmy> Though there was a good side to this unseasonally warm weather, perfect cider drinking conditions ... though any conditions were good for cider. He'd aquired a case of Bulmers, life was good.

<Sue> "Get used to it, it's only going to get worse..." Sue sat down in the air.

<Illyana> Illyana glared at Ankka. "Inconsiderate Fin." She muttered under her breath.

<Jimmy> "That's the one! Funny how you can like ... speak English better than me even though you get your sounds the wrong way around, innit?"

<Callie> "I think it's sexy." She stuck her tongue out at Illyana

<Ankka> "Stupid Russian." Came back, though not with any real bite - he was more interested in the ground, after all. "I do not get them the wrong vay round, you just talk funny." He chuckled.

<Illyana> "I would beg that I am highly more intelligent than any fin, but especially you." She huffed to the other side of her roses to get fresh air. There. Much better.

<Jimmy> "You yelled 'Wictory!' last night when we were plaing Mass Effect Co-Op, and you think I'm the one speakin' funny?"

<Sue> Sue decided this conversation was only going to get more tedious and walked away.... 10 feet off the ground on a forcefield.

<Ankka> "Of course you are. That's vhy we can beat you Russians in any var, in any schooling, ve have a higher rate of good living..." Ankka smiled condescendingly at the girl. "Hey, not my fault you can't speak Finnish, and I beat you, Jimmy, fair and sqvare."

<Callie> "I think it's hot, the way he speaks, so be quiet, you."

<@Fabian> "You've not had any of the side effects the doctor mentioned, have you?" Fabian muttered under his breath as he walked along the sidewalk, the school now in view. "Exactly what did we do to deserve this assignment...this is going to go so badly." They were going to die. This was it.

<Ankka> Ankka smiled at Callie winningly, a flirty edge to it. "Vhy thank you, ma'am, the compliment is appreciated."

<Lukas> "Not yet, but it's only a matter of time. The man seemed too amused," he sighed and lugged his suitcase along with him.

<Illyana> "Despite what you think, we still have better manners. It is rude to smoke around a p... around a lady." She almost let her secret out. It was going to be a long few months to keep a secret!

<Ankka> "Really? Outdoors? Vhere do you suggest I smoke? If you don't like it, change sides."

<Sue> "I can put a forcefield up if you like?" Sue offered Illyana.

<@Fabian> Fabian readjusted his hold on his own bags. "Have you seen how they murdered those four Marauders? I mean, they were twits all of them but that one just a few days ago? That was just...possibly us if this goes badly."

<Illyana> "I did move. And you can go away from the group to smoke. That is curteous." She smiled at her roses, inhaling the sweet aroma. "Oh Sue, that would actually be very helpful, thank you."

<Callie> Callie sighed. "Only in america are the people so paranoid about a little smoke."

<Ankka> Not like he was breathing it in her face - in fact, he was a couple of beds over. It was because he was Finnish, wasn't it? Godsdamned Russians. He simply took a long drag on it and went back to working.

<Sue> Sue smiled and spread one between them, "It's good practice for me to keep them there while I do other things."

<Illyana> "And now everyone is happy, except the Fin because they never are."

<Jimmy> "Tell me about it," Jimmy nodded at the pink lady.

<Lukas> "Well then let us hope that it does not, and if it does, let us take a few with us," Lukas smiled at his friend.

<Ankka> Ankka frowned at the roseplant that kept falling over, before summoning Mjolnir with a crackle of energy and stuck it in the ground, tying the bush to it until he had it settled. "I don't know, it's a beautiful day, I have a vonderful girlfriend, another beautiful lady called me hot and I'm vorking. I'm pretty happy...except for the buzzing in my ears from a pissed Russian."

<Sue> "You know, you could both just try being nice....?" Sue suggested, boosting herself back into the air.

<Illyana> "I have to run to the restroom. Please do not touch my roses while I am gone." She headed off toward the mansion quickly.

<Callie> "It's such a lovely day, do stop fighting!" She reached out and made the plant stand upright for Ankka. "You can remove your hammer, now."

<Ankka> "Ve are being nice. Ve aren't calling each other names." He chuckled a little, sitting back and wiping his face. "Fins and Russians...ve have this...deep-seated dislike. I think it's because ve beat them at vars so much. Hell, ve joined the Nazis to go against them. Thank you, Callie!"

<Jimmy> "... Anyone else suddenly have an urge to poke the roses now?" Jimmy cackled.

<@Fabian> "We can definitely do that." Fabian nodded, sighing and pushing the thoughts about what they were doing out of his mind. The 'medication' provided by Essex might help with the shielding of their mission but he wasn't about to take chances, especially as they neared the gate. "So...I suppose we buzz for someone." He glanced around for a button.

<Sue> "Well you don't have to carry it on...." Sue frowned.

<Ankka> "That and they occupied Finland for a vhile. Ve hold good grudges, apparently. Other than that, I like Illyana. Just don't tell her I said that." He winked.

<Lukas> Looking around the gate, Lukas wrinkled his nose ", first we have to find the damned buzzer."

<Jimmy> "He's jus' bein' a windup merchant, leave him to it," Jimmy suggested, finishing his can and tossing it to Ankka, "Crush that for us mate?"

<Sue> "Oh no let me try!" Sue begged.

<Ankka> So saying, he actually went and refilled Illyana's watering can for her, before catching the can and easily crushing it into the size of a cent and tossing it back. "You just like vatching me flex, mmm?"

<Sue> "Damn it, I need the practice guys!"

<Ankka> Ankka picked up his finished can of Bulmers he'd lifted earlier. "Hey, this okay, Sue?"

<@Fabian> "Ahha," Fabian poked at the buzzer, glancing around and catching sight of a few students out and about.

<Sue> "Yes it's perfect!" she seized it with a forcefield and concentrated, catching her tongue between her lips. She folded it in a field and applied some pressure. Slowly, the can flattened. "Woo!" she dropped it.

<Ankka> Ankka grinned, watching it. "See, that's more impressive than using my hands, mmm?" He frowned, looking at the gates. "Anyone expecting delivery? Someone's there."

<Jimmy> "Ten points to Sue!" Jimmy clapped.

<Callie> "I didn't think we had unscheduled guests. Should we suit up?"

<Sue> "I can check who it is from here if I invisible the wall a bit...."

<Jimmy> "Send the God of Thunder here to say hi, I can't be arsed with the gimp suit today, it's too hot!"

<Ankka> "Usually attackers don't ring the bell, yes? Still..." He shot a slightly paranoid look at Jimmy at the 'God of Thunder' bit. No way the guy knew. "I am not a valking shield, friend. Let's all go take a look - I think ve can handle anything that happens, yes?"

<Jimmy> "Yeah, anyone that hits you'll just end up with a broken hand," he extracted himself from his lurky spot and ambled after Ankka.

<Ankka> He carefully untangle Mjolnir, not noticing that the rosebushes had already grown a couple of inches, and hooked it onto his belt. "...True, I suppose. Anyone else coming?"

<Sue> Sue grinned and walked her way to the gate on her field aagain.

<Callie> "I have a gun." She said, standing up in her bikini. "...in my bag."

<@Fabian> "...they take their time, don't they?" Fabian looked over to Lukas. "Probably paranoia."

<Ankka> Ankka could not help the slightly dirty grin. "I'm sure you'll stop them in their tracks with that body, ma'am." He murmured.

<Jimmy> .... And now officially terrified of Callie, gun plus the epic plant smackdown made for some fear.

<Illyana> Illyana headed back outside, smiling again.

<Callie> "I work out enough for it. Should we say hello, or get a telepath?"

<Lukas> He shrugged a bit ", have you seen our higher ups? These days that's the kind of thing it's good to be. Paranoid."

<Ankka> "Illyana! Fancy using that qvick vit and barbed tongue on our guests?" Ankka grinned at her. "Come on, someone rang the bell, ve're going to find out if ve need to be X-Men or not."

<@Fabian> "Believe me, all ready there on that." Fabian signed, bouncing on his heels somewhat. "It's your cousin that we're saying we wanted to visit, yes?"

<Illyana> Illyana crossed her arms over her chest. "I am not quick witha barbed tongue, but I will go greet them, yes. It is clearly best left up to the Russian." She smiled a bit at him. Ok, he was cute.

<Sue> Sue also decided to turn herself invisible. Just in case. Then she would be a surprise.

<Ankka> Ankka started heading for the gate, hand on Mjolnir at his hip. "Of course, because you are so velcoming." He shot a grin at the Russian over his shoulder. He could get used to her, the insults were fun.

<Callie> Callie dug the rose's roots in, ready to enlarge and snare the guests in thorny vines.

<Illyana> "I am. To everyone but Fins." She assured him, keeping pace easily.

<Ankka> "Awww, I'm hurt, Illyana." He grinned at her. "And here I thought ve vere getting on so vell!"

<Jimmy> Jimmy ambled after Ankka, opening a new can and taking a swig from it as the gate came in sight, "I spot .... a gingeeeeeeeeer. Clearly they are evil!"

<Illyana> "Better now that you are not smoking. Thank you."

<Ankka> "No problem. It vas finished anyvay." The grin was purely cheeky. "Not all gingers are evil, Jimmy. Though I need to rub your head. You know. For luck."

<Lukas> Grumbling a bit, Lukas nodded ", he's going to try and hug me. I hate being hugged...." He watched as they started to approach ", please save me from hugs, Fabian."

<Jimmy> "Fuck off!" He grabbed his beanie and held it down over his head.

<Ankka> "Vaaaaait a moment." Ankka was now close enough to spot the pair- "LUKAS! Vhat the fuck are you doing here?!"

<Sue> Sue laughed from above them.

<@Fabian> "Your cousin is the giant blond person I might very well be nipple-level to, yes? I'm not getting in between that."

<Callie> Callie peeked around Ankka. "Cousin? Is he available?"

<Illyana> Illyana wrinkled her nose at the language.

<Ankka> All pretenses dropped, the huge Fin kicked up into the air and blurred to the other side of the gate, and before Lukas could escape he was lifted off the ground with a manly hug from his babbling blond cousin.

<Lukas> He winced a bit at the shout and then put on his best brightest smile ", Ankka!"

<Callie> Callie gave the newcomers a grin. "Hello!" She paused. "We should have someone look them over, just in case. I so should have grabbed my gun," she said in an undertone.

<Lukas> "No! No no no, Donald Blake don't you-" he was picked up in a hug ", you put me down this instant, Donald!"

<Sue> "I can make all their clothes invisible...?" Sue offered. "Make sure they don't have weapons on them?" She was only half serious.

<Illyana> Illyana had a horrified look at that suggestion.

<Jimmy> "Donald? Who the fuck is Donald?"

<Ankka> "Hell no, you bastard, you have any idea how vorried I've been? And your Aunt and Uncle? And your parents? Vhat the hell vere you thinking?" Ankka was incredibly happy, hugging him tighter before scruffing his hair with a huge grin. "Gods it's good to see you!"

<Sue> "Ankka is Donald. Donald is Ankka. Ankka is duck." Sue remembered that.

<Callie> "Donald?" Callie bit back a grin. "Your name is Donald? How was I not part of this conversation?"

<@Fabian> "L'infern sagrat!" Fabian laughed, stepping back quickly as Lukas was absolutely glomped onto. "We've been here less than a minute and someone is talking about invisible clothing. I feel at home all ready."

<Jimmy> Jimmy frowned thoughtfully as he tried to work that one out.

<Ankka> "My real name is Donald, yes, but I prefer Ankka. Is easier for Fins to say. I missed you, Lukas! Shooting bears vas not the same vithout you!"

<Lukas> Lukas sighed and rested his head on Ankka's shoulder, not getting out of the hug ", I know....I check in with mum and dad every once in a while. I just....needed to go." He snorted ", you're the only one that shot any bears."

<Jimmy> After a few moments of internal debate he pointed at Ankka, "... You mean he's really a duck that shoots bears?"

<Illyana> "That would explain so much."

<Sue> Sue decided it was safe to become visible again and sat down on the field beneath her.

<Callie> "Ankka does suit you better. I think your cousin needs to breathe. You should let go."

<@Fabian> "...bears, seriously?" Fabian was having far too much fun imagining that miserable hunting trip through the frozen tundra he always pictured Finland to be.

<Ankka> Ankka hugged him again and then put him down, still holding him at arm's length and grinning ear to ear. "Maybe, but you kept me company and - oh man, this is - this is amazing." Another hug. "I know, I know, I just...vas vorried, you know? You should have come here, seen me, yes?"

<Ankka> Ankka looked up. "Guys, this is my partner in crime Lukas - ve grew up together. He's awesome, and amazing at pranks. He's trustvorthy, and anyone he trusts, I'm good vith."

<Lukas> "Well, I'm here to see you now, am I not? It took me some time to grow into myself and my abilities," he smiled at his cousin and then started cataloguing everyone else around ", hello."

<Callie> "Hello, my name is Callie." She offered her hand to shake. "Abilities? What can you do?"

<Illyana> Illyana smiled back at them. "Hello, welcome. I am Illyana."

<Ankka> "Besides being awesome? Vait, you're a mutant too? This gets vay better!"

<Sue> "Sue." She introduced herself and waved from her perch.

<Jimmy> "... You grew up together? But you're so .... insane and he's so ... posh-looking," he was having a hard time putting the two of them together in his head.

<Ankka> "He travelled."

<Jimmy> "To Eton?"

<@Fabian> "Fabian." He decided to just keep Lukas between himself and Ankka because the giant happy Fin was just a little bit terrifying.

<Ankka> "Fabian!" Hey, you know the hug Lukas just got? You get one too, Fabian. "A friend of Lukas' is a friend of mine. Velcome to Xaviers!"

<Jimmy> "You're not his cousin too, are you?"

<Callie> "So, Fabian, what's your power?"

<Lukas> "Lukas Laufeyson," he raised a hand in greeting, smirking as Fabian was glomped onto by his cousin. Sweet sweet vengeance.

<@Fabian> Oh, this day just kept getting better and better. Being squished by Happy Sunshine Giant was not how he thought his life would end but it felt as if the very life might be squeezed out of him.

<Jimmy> "James Killer, most folks jus' call me Jimmy," he shrugged by way of introduction.

<Sue> "Annka... don't squash the poor guy. There's plenty of bad people in the world to do that for you..."

<@Fabian> Right, he was being questioned and questions involved air. Fabian fought for that. "What I do? Consider me a boost to your own powers." And, of course, there was the bonus of burning them out of control but that need not be mentioned.

<Callie> "Um. He needs to breathe too, Ankka."

<Ankka> Ankka put Fabian down when he realised the guy might actually be having trouble breathing. "Sorry. Forget my strength, and seeing Lukas after so long..."

<Jimmy> "Do you also have a soul as part of your mutation?" Jimmy just had to, there had to be at least ONE ginger joke here today.

<Ankka> He awkwardly patted him on the head too, hand going back to the huge axe-hammer on his belt.

<Lukas> He looked to Fabian and laughs ", my powers? Why, I'm magic." He held up his hand and let a spark of green light fly from fingertip to fingertip ", probability manipulation."

<Sue> Sue snorted at Jimmy but hastily covered it up.

<Illyana> "That is an interesting power, Fabian." She smiled warmly at him, trying to make him feel welcome.

<Jimmy> Green magic .... longish black hair .... SNAAAAAAAPE!

<Ankka> Ankka grinned widely at the show from Lukas. "I knew it! You alvays vere too damned lucky, is vhy you beat me at poker all the time, yes?"

<Callie> "Interesting. So, besides visiting Ankka, what brings you here?" She so should have brought her gun. "It's not often we get visitors, what is the saying? Out of the blue."

<@Fabian> Oh, sweet ground! How missed it was! "I'm afraid not. I'll be sure to steal a few sometime to make up for it."

<Ankka> "You know, ve could go inside. Is comfier. And cooler, yes?"

<Jimmy> "And give them to the professor there to mix into some potions?" He gave Lukas a suspicious look ... wait ... did that make Fabian a Weasley?

<Lukas> "Inside would be nice. I'm afraid I'm sweating through my shirt.....and you sweat through my shirt," he peeled the sweaty white button down off his chest and gave his cousin a smirk.

<Sue> Ew. Sue wrinkled her nose. She was glad she realised she liked girls.

<Callie> "You could just take the shirt off." Callie blushed. "Um. Inside is good."

<Sue> Hey she totally had a good view of Callie from up here. She turned invisible again so her staring was less obvious.

<Illyana> Illyana blinked a bit. Maybe she should head back to her flowers.

<Jimmy> "How can you wear two shirts in this freak-heat mate?" Jimmy goggled.

<Ankka> Ankka gave Lukas a sheepish grin and rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry...vas gardening before you came." He pulled the axe-hammer out of his belt and tossed it from hand to hand, making it disappear with a snap of energy. "Come on, I have booze inside - proper Finnish booze from home, Lukas."

<@Fabian> "How on earth is this hot?" Fabian simply didn't understand that at all. "And once Lukas heard Ankka had found himself a mutant school we thought it was something we should definitely look into. It is certainly an interesting looking place."

<Illyana> "Interesting does not begin to cover it." Illyana laughed a bit.

<Sue> "It's cooler when you're invisible." Sue tossed in.

<Jimmy> "It's an insane asylum is what it is!"

<Ankka> "It's a good place - since coming here I have only got more powerful." Ankka blushed a little. "Sort of. You know they call me Thor, Lukas?"

<Jimmy> "Be warned, stay here too long they'll dress you up in a gimp suit and give you a daft name ... then holograms will try and kill you."

<Lukas> Lukas laughed as he looked at Ankka ", yes, I can see where they would see Thor. Nevermind that we're from the proper part of the world."

<Callie> "It's actually fun. There's guns."

<Sue> Sue shuddered at the mention of the DR.

<Jimmy> "Guns are not fun!"

<Ankka> "I know. I svear it's because I'm huge, blond and Finnish, yes? Also, this..." He held up a hand, and white-blue energy snapped and crackled over his hand and arm. "That might have helped..."

<Illyana> Illyana eyerolled at all the showing off.

<Callie> "They are!"

<Jimmy> "I mean ... why do you even have one? Are the even allowed here? Don't schools in the US like have no guns on campus rules?"

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Re: 6/8 Instance: The Sorting Hug

Post by Ferguson » Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:47 am

<@Fabian> "Fabian Cortez is far too good of a name to replace." He chuckled though, moving on in despite it being the last thing in the world he wanted to do.

<Jimmy> ... She thought guns were fun? She was INSANE!

<Callie> "I have more than one." She winked.

<Lukas> Lukas caught the eyeroll from Illyana and smirked, walking over to her, form shifting while he walked until he stood next to her as a female version of himself ", not a fan of a little show and tell?"

<Ankka> Ankka turned and led the way into the school, a definite bounce in his step as he did, the weath if anything getting more perfect. "You'll love it here, both of you - on top of a proper education you get to learn about power control - Lukas!" He just...stared at his cousin for a moment.

<Sue> Oh hello. Now he was more interesting...

<Jimmy> ... Between insane terrorists, mind controlled former students, the upcomming end of the world and now pink chicks with guns ... he knew he was going to die ..."

<Callie> "Did you just turn into a girl?"

<@Fabian> "He did, that's one of his favourite party tricks. I believe there was a mention of drinks inside, yes?"

<Jimmy> ... And now there was instant sex-change!?

<Jimmy> Instant sex change! He could never trust a vagina on this property now! Bastards!

<Illyana> Illyana eyed Lukas, now female, a bit. "Not really."

<Lukas> Looking at Ankka and batting his eyelashes innocently, Lukas smiled ", magic isn't my only ability. I can shape shift as well."

<Ankka> "...Yes...yes...there are. I think you need to explain this to me, Lukas." Ankka said weakly, before shaking his head and grinning. Oh, gods help whoever was rooming with his cousin... "So I can see. Come on, my friends, drinks avait."

<@Fabian> "You've got to stop calling it magic. That just leaves yourself open for some cheap tricks jokes while you're in that form."

<Callie> "That's...interesting," she fished for a less rude word. "I need a drink now."

<Sue> Sue followed them, still overhead and still invisible.... and distracted. This could end horribly if she forgot to keep the field beneath her feet.

<Lukas> He shifted into his preferred adult form, all male now, smirking ", you have to live a little while you can, darling. Now there are drinks, I hear?" He pouted at Fabian ", magic makes it sound mysterious."

<Illyana> "Except Magik is my code name." She smiled a bit.

<@Fabian> "Point, but I'm not helping you out when people start quoting Arrested Development at you."

<Ankka> "Even my own family gets better mutation than me." Ankka grinned, clapping his cousin on the back. "I feel outstripped. Come, drink, tell me vhat you've been doing! I vant to hear any new pranks you've pulled!" He started leading them all towards the school.

<Jimmy> "Arrested Development?" Jimmy eyed up Lukas' new shape, "Mate, he's totally Snape!"

<Lukas> "They can do that all they like, I enjoy that show," he laughed and smiled at Illyana ", I'm sure they'll find something...fitting for me."

<Jimmy> "Like the Half-blood Prince?"

<Callie> Callie quirked an eyebrow. She thought they were saying too much too fast...she was now super paranoid after hearing about Malice in their principal. "So...I think I'll have more spritzer."

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Re: 6/8 Instance: The Sorting Hug

Post by Slarti » Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:10 am

<Jimmy> Instant sex change! He could never trust a vagina on this property now! Bastards!

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