6/10 Instance: Crispy and Kebabed

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6/10 Instance: Crispy and Kebabed

Post by Ferguson » Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:25 pm

Current Timeline

<Iceman> Bobby braked the van a block from the location, scanning the area. "I don't like this. There's a lot of activity here. We're going to have to be really careful."

<Toxic> Adam was, once again, nicely calm, but it was a brittle calm. Since Mel leaving he'd been shaken, though he was still pretty sure...they were doing the right thing, right? He looked out of the window. "Yeah...do we know if our activities are making them use more guards?"

<Deadpool> "So.... no loud weapons then?" Wade asked as he held a shotgun, a submachine gun, two handguns, and a very old flintlock pistol.

<Toxic> Adam eyeballed Wade nervously. "I...don't think you'll need all them."

<Iceman> "Well, we hopefully will in a minute." Bobby looked over his shoulder at Wade and winced. "Yeah.... let's keep it kinda low-key, huh?"

<Iceman> "In fact," he twisted in the seat to look at them both. "After last time... we're doing things different. What happened with Rogue?" He shook his head. "That shit can't happen again. If somebody surrenders, we let them."

<Toxic> That meant no asplody peoples. Adam nearly pouted, before he remembered that asploding people was actually a bad thing. He scratched his cheek, muttering to himself for a moment. "That's...fine by me." He nodded, meeting Bobby's eyes.

<Deadpool> "Right, just the stabby things then." Wade packed the guns back in the bag, putting the swords on his lap, as well some other sharp looking objects. "Sure, but if they start poking me full of holes, I'm poking back."

<Iceman> "I agree, man, don't worry. That's self defense... and if they're using lethal force..." He shrugged. "But the idea here is to get to Essex. These people are lackeys, and we don't know if they're being coerced, or what."

<Toxic> "Hey, I thought I had the monopoly on stabbies!" Adam pouted, before patting his pockets, checking he had everything on himself. "Left Bit at home, he's gonna be so mad...okay, do we need to do any scouting or are we waltzing in there, giving an ultimatum and then being heroic?"

<Deadpool> "....I should have brought the tranq-gun then."

<Iceman> "I think sneaking for starters would be good." Bobby grinned at Wade and blew out a puff of frosted air. "I'm my own tranq gun."

<Deadpool> "I still need to perfect my vulcan neck grip to render people unconscious." Wade added.

<Jason> At the front of the building Jason sat, pretending to read the newspaper as he posed as the building's security, waiting on the other's arrival.

<Toxic> "Same. When I don't get over-excited or go crazy or have some bastard shrink the goddamned walls on me-" Adam took a deep breath, flicking a dread out of his face. "C'mon, let's get this over with."

<Iceman> Bobby got out, taking a quick look up and down the street and marking where civilians were milling. "Let's keep it subtle, guys. We need to hook up with Jason."

<Deadpool> "Yeah! Let's rob this bank!" Wade said excitedly.

<Toxic> Adam got out of the van and facepalmed, gasmask in his other. "...Yes, Wade, yes, but I think I left my face sock in my other coat."

<Deadpool> Wade followed, slipping out and started to pull on his mask... then stopped. "I'm already wearing a mask, aren't i?"

<Iceman> "Way to go, guys!" Bobby shook his head and stuffed his hands in his pockets, non-chalantly as possible strolling up to the guard post. "Nope, we're not suspicious, not at all, not at all."

<Toxic> "You know, I love hanging around you, Wade." Adam shook his head. "You make me look sane. It's awesome." He rolled his eyes and followed Bobby, glancing up at the building and putting on his wraparound sunglasses so he could use his bloodsense without people seeing.

<Jason> Jason simply looked up, smilied and waved. "I was wondering when you would get here." The portly appearing guard said as they came up.

<Iceman> "That's a good look for you, Jay." Bobby gave him a thin smile. "Don't suppose you could help us blend a bit more too?"

<Deadpool> "Right, incognito. I got somethign for that." Wade said, pulling off both masks, and held up a brown paper bag with eyes cut into them. "Think that would do the trick?" the scarred one asked.

<Toxic> "Oh my god, Wade."

<Iceman> "Please?" Bobby gave Jason his puppy eyes.

<Toxic> For once, it wasn't him drawing the stares - though he was in blue and black this time, to be fair. Not his usual florescent green. Adam pinched the bridge of his nose over the glasses, feeling a headache coming on.

<Jason> "I wear it well." Jason chuckled, the laugh fading a bit as Wade produced a brown paper bag from...somewhere. "...yeah, yeah I can do that. Consider yourselves in stealthmode."

<Jason> "Your people got here about an hour ago, still in the basement."

<Toxic> That ticked a memory. Adam narrowed his eyes, trying to grab it, but it was a Brotherhood one and just made his head hurt more. He dropped it with a shrug. "Excellent. How many ways out?"

<Iceman> "Thank fucking god." Bobby reached over and gave Jason a friendly smack on the arm before he got serious. "Right. Any ideas on numbers? Or if there are big guns?"

<@Riptide> Riptide tapped his fingers nervously on the desk as the mooks did thier job, "I don't like this Arc," he turned to the woman with him, "This close to the X-fucks after what happened to the others, asking for trouble."

<Jason> "Two, Riptide and Arclight." Jason answered, looking a bit amused even in illusionary form at the friendly smack on the arm. Oh, the things that people bonded over.

<Jason> "And you've got exits pretty much on all sides on this floor, the basement has two elevators and a stair."

<Deadpool> "So if we're in stealth mode, can I make ghost noises with people walking by?" Wade asked.

<Toxic> "No, Wade, no. That defeats the stealth."

<Arclight> "Tell me about it," Arclight replied, leaning against the wall. "Can't shake the feeling we're playing bait here. Not that it matters, if it means I can get my hands on some of those bastards."

<Deadpool> Wade pulled his mask back on. "Don't worry, I can also do owl hoots and duck calls. Tehy'd think it is a ghost duck."

<Toxic> Adam gave Bobby a pleading look.

<Iceman> "Any idea what the fuck they're doing in our back yard?" Bobby ignored Wade and Adam for now, trying to figure out how best to do this.

<@Riptide> "It's almost like they want up to be picked off by 'em, this 'suvival of the fittest' shit the big boss' got going on," he shook his head, "guess it's up to us to prove the Marauder's are the fittest, huh?"

<Jason> "It's possible they've gotten spooked away from warehouses and decided to come to the source. This place makes some of the tech Essex seems to favour judging by what he had at the warehouses."

<Iceman> "Well that's awesomesauce." Bobby made a face and looked from Wade to Adam. "Okay then. Wade, get your gun. ....maybe not all of them."

<Arclight> "Wouldn't surprise me one bit if that's just another of the boss' sick experiments." Arclight huffed. "If the pay and the perks coming with the job weren't so awesome, I'd have been out of here a long time ago. Sure hope he wasn't just bullshitting us about all the promises he made, or I'll do the X-Men's job for them."

<Deadpool> "Sweet, I always wanted to try one of those things. Pretty sure they work the same like theones in the arcades." Wade said as he went back to the van to get his handguns.

<Toxic> "I'm still trying to work out how he holds all of them." Adam muttered. "Ready when you are, boss. Anyone surrenders, they go, if it's a Marauder I'll knock 'em out and we'll take them back, right?"

<Iceman> "Aim for knees first!" Bobby tried. "But since we know there are Marauders here..." He nodded at Adam. "Right. No fucking killing people who beg for their fucking lives, or run."

<Quicksilver> "We're taking prisoners now?" Pietro raised an eyebrow as he drew to a stop by the others.

<@Riptide> "Tell me about it," Riptide muttered, checking the cameras agin, "Still clear here, maybe half hour till the goons're done packing up the shit."

<Jason> "Do you have a place to hold them if you do take anyone?" Jason asked, figuring the practicalities should be addressed at least.

<Toxic> "I can live with that. And yeah. People begging for their lives and then having their necks broken is not a good thing, and I realise this is me saying that."

<Iceman> "We do. Learned some lessons from before.... and as for keeping them long term... we'll cross that bridge when we get to it." Bobby was terribly conflicted about all of this now.

<Arclight> "Yeah, though I wonder why we didn't just torch the whole thing," Arclight replied, pushing herself off the wall to check on the workers. "If the boss is so desperate to clean house, that couple extra million dollars sure wouldn't have mattered."

<Arclight> "Which brings us back to the whole bait theory..."

<Toxic> Adam nodded, looking up, fingering his wraparounds and then tightening his glove. "Come on. The longer we leave it, the more likely they'll make it impossible to take prisoners."

<Iceman> Bobby turned to Pietro and Laura, who looked a little windblown. "Ready then?"

<Quicksilver> Pietro nodded, "Any new details that I don't know yet?"

<Jason> "All for the party then? You'd probably best get down there. No telling when they might get their Herald to give them a ride out or something just so they don't have to be so close to where they know you lot are."

<Deadpool> "Bk" Wade said when got back. "I limited myself to just the guns smaller than a breadbox."

<Toxic> "...You scare me, Wade."

<@Riptide> "Tell ya something for nothing, once we're done here once we're done here I'm gonna go renegociate my contract, I'm not guienepig for some fucked up social experiment."

<X23> Laura clenched a fist, claws sliding out as she nodded.

<Deadpool> Wade eyed the claws coming out of Laura, then pulled out one of his swords from his back. "Mine's bigger," he said, giving a ^-^ face, which was remarkable seeing that he wore his mask.

<Iceman> "We got two Marauders down there. So let's go." Bobby caught Pietro and Laura up as they moved into the building.

<Quicksilver> "Do we know which ones?"

<X23> She eyed the sword and nodded again, "It is."

<Deadpool> "Does it matter? Them da baddies, we da goodies." Wade told Pietro.

<Deadpool> "That's all I need to know."

<Quicksilver> "I like to know what to expect. It's easier to make some kind of a plan that way."

<Toxic> Adam followed, moving silently, blinking slowly as his eyes flared behind the glasses. "Lots below us, most moving around, doing work from the heartrates...couple of others dotted, not doing anything but they're...scared, I think, judging from what their hearts are doing."

<Deadpool> Wade stared at Adam. "Oh oh oh, now do me." He said, holding up his chest.

<Jason> "I'll be here when you get out." Jason waved them on, sitting back in his chair to wait.

<Iceman> "Riptide. Arclight. Right, maybe we should split up, meet in the middle. Some of us take the far stairs, we take these."

<Toxic> "...Dude, I try not to think what you're doing when your heartrate picks up, but right now you're pretty damn calm."

<Toxic> "Corner them...probably the best bet." Adam looked at the far stairs. "I'll take them. Someone wanna watch my back?" He moved soundlessly to it, pulling out one of his notorious taped sticks, tapping it against a palm.

<X23> "I will cover you," she volunteered, moving to follow Adam.

<Deadpool> "No thanks, I'm taking the front stairs, last time we did this, I took it up the rear, and got lost."

<Deadpool> ...

<Deadpool> "Hur hur hur...." Wade hurhur'ed.

<Toxic> Adam nodded to Laura, giving her a grin before pulling on the mask. "Wade...please...please...that's not a vision I need just before this..."

<Arclight> "Any new contract will definitely have to include a clause about no fucking huge pills to swallow," Arclight said. "I expect to grow a satellite dish from my head any day now."

<Deadpool> Fun fact, those huge pills were not meant to be swallowed.

<@Riptide> "You said it! If he things those things are to swallow I hope to FUCK the good doctor doesn't ever give me a supositry," he groaned.

<Iceman> "Well, let's try not to get lost this time. And remember, kneecaps first... unless they're aiming for your head first. You know what I mean. Maybe. Whatever." Bobby's gave up as he shifted to ice and led the way down the stairs.

<X23> Laura managed to force a grim grin in return as she silently followed Adam.

<Quicksilver> Pietro was making no promises about what limbs got broken on the guards.

<Toxic> Adam nodded to Bobby as he slipped down the stairs, glancing back at Laura, the stick in his hand starting to glow faintly, a hand on the rail. Thanks to his black coat and dark blue dreads, he was fairly unnoticable in the gloom of the back stairs.

<@Riptide> Ripetide frowned at the monitor, "... Think I saw something, Arc, you wanna double check?" He pointed to the screen.

<Toxic> He adjusted the mask, eyes narrowed - at least with his sight the sunglasses didn't affect him - and stooped, rolling the glowstick under a pallet of boxes. Time to cause a little chaos.

<Arclight> She stepped over and crossed her arms. "You sure?" She frowned at the monitor. "Guess it's not the time to be careless. Let's send a few of mercs to check on the top floors. If there's screaming, we know the evening is going to get interesting."

<Deadpool> "Ooh, I feel all professionally n-..." Wade slid a little on where Bobby had walked, and got his footing again. "So very professional."

<@Riptide> "Good call," he radioed the order.

<Toxic> After a couple of moments making sure none of his team were close, he detonated it - destroying the pallet and anything that had been on it. A couple of the guys around it dropped, stunned, and Adam grinned. Widely.

<Quicksilver> Again with the explosions. Could no one manage subtle?

<Toxic> Another stick went under another pallet, and another, Adam destroying the equipment so that there was no way Essex would benefit from this, even if he sent another team.

<Deadpool> "Wait... we could have brought bombs?" Wade asked when he heard the explosion and rumble.

<Arclight> "We didn't have to wait long for our answer," Arclight commented, popping her knuckle joints. "Sound the alarm."

<Quicksilver> "Apparently..." Pietro muttered to Wade with a roll of his eyes.

<Iceman> "Guess that's our cue!" Bobby followed suit and froze the fire door, shattering it into the room with a kick.

<Quicksilver> Pietro dashed in and started knocking down guards.

<X23> Laura's face twisted slightly at the noise from the explosion and the resulting alarm. "That noise has got to stop."

<Deadpool> Wade dashed into the room, guns drawn, yelling "SPECIAL EFFEEEECTS!!"

<@Riptide> The alarms started to blare all around the complex and Riptide got to his feet, shrugging to get his bone spliters moving towards the surface of his skin, "Let's go say hi to our guests."

<Jason> Upstairs, Jason turned the page of his paper and illusioned the alarms away for the people out on the streets, only looking up barely to make sure it had worked.

<Quicksilver> "I'll see if I can find a way to disable the alarm," Pietro headed to explore the building for a security control room.

<Iceman> Bobby focused first on the startled group of people who apparently had been packing a box, icesliding to them and muttering an apology before quickly lowering their body temperatures. They crumpled silently to the floor.

<Arclight> Arclight rounded up the team of mercenaries. "You know the drill, guys - explosives are on a discount today, so don't skimp on them." She took the lead. "Don't care if the boss gets mad about his precious shit."

<Toxic> Adam ducked a punch, grabbing the hand and twisting his entire body. The guard went down with a scream as he hamstrung him with a blade, flipping him onto the floor, before he flicked out a hand and blasted away one sneaking up on him. "Confinded space - my favourite way of fighting." He grinned at Laura.

<Deadpool> Those a little further away from Bobby were already cocking their guns. "BANG BANG! BANG! BANG!" Wade yelled aiming at limbs.

<@Riptide> "Sure he'll be pleased as punch when we bring him back some X-fucks corpses to play with," he grinned, "These kids are playing hard now boys, you're authorised to use leathal force, 'cos if you don't, they will on you."

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Re: 6/10 Instance: Crispy and Kebabed

Post by Ferguson » Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:26 pm

<X23> She sliced at a guard and sent him to the floor bleeding and in pain before moving on to the next one. She was fairly sure he wouldn't bleed out. "I will take any way of fighting," Laura replied.

<Toxic> Adam reached out a hand to the guard she'd sliced, only taking a pint to whirl around him and wrapping it around a gun that was pointing at him. A snap of his fingers, and the gun was in half - which meant the guy didn't see the fist that snapped his head back, dropping him.

<Arclight> Grabbing a pair of canisters from the guards next to her, Arclight popped the pins, let the grenades cook a couple of seconds, then chucked them down towards the combat zone. "That's right, flashbangs, bitches," she muttered, covering her ears. "Hope you listened to your favourite song earlier."

<Iceman> So much for the non-lethal force, Bobby thought, dodging fire as he made his way around the room, trying to knock out as many of the non-combatants he could find. They were mostly running for cover themselves though, and Bobby toppled off his ice slide when he took a bullet himself.

<Toxic> Adam saw the grenades bounce, shutting his eyes and ducking down behind a smoking crate before they went off. It saved his eyes, but for a moment he was on the floor, keening in pain, hands clawing at his ears.

<X23> Laura let out a growl at the deafening flash, momentarily going down on her knees to cover her ears and squeezing her eyes shut.

<Iceman> His leg was already reforming. "Aim for the knees, he says," Bobby griped, pulling himself up, when the concussion from the grenade hit.

<@Riptide> Riptide took that as his cue and started to spin, throwing out razor sharp bone fragments at the red ninja guy and icepop.

<Arclight> "Look what we've got here, two kids wanting to play with the grown ups," Arclight said, stepping out of the cover and towards the downed X-Men. Her eyes narrowed when she recognized an all too familiar face. "Oh, it must be Christmas already."

<Toxic> He stopped keening when he felt the barrel of a gun go against his head, blurring, a blade going up through the man's chest and the other through the hand with the gun. Kicking the choking man off his blades, he sealed the wounds - maybe he'd live - before staggering in a circle and walking into a wall. He couldn't hear and his balance was shot.

<Quicksilver> Pietro found the security room and shut off the building alarm system. Ah blissful silence... well except for the sounds of gunfire somewhere below. He headed back to the fight.

<Arclight> Arclight slammed her hands together close to Adam, sending a shockwave straight into this back, before turning her attention to the traitorous girl.

<X23> With a great amount of effort, Laura got to her feet and stumbled a bit, arms going out to keep her balance.

<Iceman> Bobby threw up an ice wall, hearing the shards cahunk into the surface, then formed some projectiles of his own to throw at Riptide.

<Deadpool> Wade saw Bobby got shot. "That wasn't me! It was that guy! That guy!" Wade yelled, poitning with his gun towards a confused man with a submachine gun. Wade's gone went off by accident, and shot the confued man in the shoulder. "Whoops. Sorry!"

<Toxic> Adam was slammed into the crate, wheezing badly, half-falling over it. Fuck this - he shook his head, sounds starting to come back in muzzily, though from the feel he had a couple of broken ribs. He turned, recognising the woman instantly.

<Arclight> "Bait or not, I'm very much going to enjoy this." Balling her hand into a fist, Arclight brought it down on Laura's chin, a second punch aimed at her lower body.

<Toxic> He blurred, yelling something that was vicious and in Gaelic, jumping on Arclight's back.

<Deadpool> "Bang! Bang some more!" Wade yelled, and stopped banging when something ripped through his shoulder. "What? What is this?" He asked as he pulled out somethin boney and sharp. He got up and threw it back at the spinning guy.

<@Riptide> Riptide ducked the iceshards before bombarding Bobby again, the shards taking chips off his icey body, "Shouldda stayed at home, icepop!"

<Iceman> Bobby's instinct kicked in and he shifted to vapor, the mist swirling around Riptide, tiny razor-sharp ice crystals forming to tear at the man's uniform and exposed skin.

<X23> That... had not felt good. While laying on the ground, she sniffed to see if she could get her bearings. Arclight and Adam was nearby. She gave her healing a bit of time to work, risking opening her eyes. All she could make out were vague shapes. It was good enough. Getting to her feet once more, Laura lunged at Arclight.

<Quicksilver> Pietro ran into (and over) several people. They didn't stand a chance against his speed or the impact forces. Bones splintered as they were sent flying out of the way.

<@Riptide> "Holy fuck!" Since when could icekid do this? He started to spin again, trying to get the vapour caught up in his winds.

<Arclight> "Sorry, boy, you're not my type," Arclight commented, pulling Adam - and his teeth - off her back, slamming him down onto the ground. "Ah, you're just in time..." She grabbed Laura's wrists as the girl slashed at her, twisting them around. "Time to do what you were paid for." With a grin, she forced Laura's clawed hands around and aimed them at Adam.

<Iceman> The momentum just increased the speed of the ice, scouring and abrading. The ice crystals grew larger as the temperature dropped further.

<Toxic> Adam wheezed as he hit the floor, laying there for a moment - a moment too long, unfortunately. His reactions and speed meant what was meant as a fatal stab became deep slices down his back as he rolled away, but he was still swearing a blue streak.

<Toxic> "Fuck you, bitch, that was my favourite fucking coat!" Adam pulled off the ruined material, snapping out a boneblade, revealing a distinct lack of uniform - he was topless under the coat. Just...couldn't wear the X-Men uniform when he might be killing someone.

<X23> Laura scowled as her claws gouged into Adam's back and popped the ones in her feet, twisting around in her grasp to kick at Arclight's side.

<@Riptide> Okay, this wasn't working! New plan, stop spinning and run!

<Quicksilver> Most of the guards were down so Pietro moved to destroy the boxes instead. Exploding them with his powers (deliberately sending off splinters of wood to hit some of the remaining guards).

<DP> "BANGBANG BANG! BANG BANG!" Wade fired at the now non-spinning guy and the around him who were also shooting back. Fun fact: Wade uses a baretta 96A1 handgun, with 17 rounds in the magazine.

<DP> "CLICK CLICK CLICK!" Wade blinked. "Click?" Yay for fun facts!

<Iceman> The mist pulled back and then was shredded by the gunfire that tore into the man.

<@Riptide> One of the bullets tore through his knee and Riptide let out a scream as he fell over, "Fuckshitcunt!"

<Toxic> He shrugged, a hand going to his bruising side where the snapped ribs were, sealing the gashes in his back with barely a thought. More scars, meh. He spotted the bleeding, and after a moment's hesitation - she was trying to kill them - he pulled - no, ripped - the blood from her side.

<Arclight> Arclight cursed when the claw nicked her side, hurting well enough despite her tough skin. "Good for you I'm keeping you for last," she said, spinning around to hurl Laura through a few stacks of equipment and into a parked van. "Gaaah!" She staggered, whirling around to face the other X-Men.

<Toxic> Too slow. The woman started to sweat blood as Adam pulled every single last drop from her, the force actually tearing the wound wider. "You did try to kill us, lady, and you're threatening us." He said matter-of-factly.

<DP> Wade threw the handguns at a guy who was going straight at him. The guy ended up on the floor. Wade made it for the Riptard on the floor.

<@Riptide> "You fucking little bastard!" He howled, spinning his forarms and aiming a moving wall of bone shrapnel at Wade, not one fucked his knee up!

<X23> Laura hit the van hard enough to dent it and heard a few sickening cracks as she flopped to the ground. After a moment, she tilted her head to see how Adam was faring, now that her vision was back. She managed a small grin. Her kick had landed.

<Arclight> "Not... done... with you... yet..." Arclight clenched her jaw, lunging forward to take Adam into an iron grip. She felt the strength fading from her, going down on her knees.

<Toxic> Her own blood was turned against her - lack of blood was a slow, nasty way to die - and he coated her in it even as he choked. "You...bought this...on yourself..." He gasped for air, feeling his throat close. "Burn." The blood suddenly superheated to a white, glowing plasma.

<DP> "Gah!" Wade gah'ed and jumped staright at Riptorn, with his blades aiming at him as well. THe next moment blades sunk into body, and bone bits tore through muscles. "Gurgle...." Wade said, before coughing up some blood.

<X23> Breathing heavily, she rested her cheek against the ground, watching the blood swirl around Arclight. As it started to glow, she forced a hand up to shield her eyes. She supposed that was the end of her.

<@Riptide> "... Guuuh ..." The winds dropped and Riptide's eyes were wide and unseeing as Wade's swords ran through his chest and stuck out of his back. He let out a small gurgle and a dribble of blood escaped the side of his mouth as he slowly went over backwards.

<Toxic> Funny...he'd never looked into the eyes of someone he killed, as he broke her fingers to get out of her hold, gasping for breath. He expected himself to feel...well...something. Falling to his knees, still gasping, he patted his pocket for his inhaler.

<Iceman> The mist swirled into shape and Bobby reformed, taking a few steps back from Wade and Riptide as the man toppled over. He looked up at Wade. "You okay?"

<Quicksilver> Pietro knocked the last guard over then went to see if Laura was alright.

<DP> *cough* "You've been DP'ed." Wade said, as he got up, realizing one of his arms were swaying like a limp wet noodle. He grabbed both swords with his other hand and pulled them out. "Anyone left?" he asked while his shoulder started healing itself.

<X23> She unsteadily made it to her knees and then her feet, going over to where Adam was. Retracting the claws, Laura held a hand out to him.

<Quicksilver> "Just us, Wade." Pietro told him.

<Iceman> "...I'll take that as a yes." Bobby looked around at the damage. "....what the fuck happened to her?" He indicated Arclight with a wave of his hand at the .... mess.

<Toxic> Adam looked up, taking the hand, pulling himself up and pulling out his inhaler. Thank god he still had it, as he took in a few puffs. "You alright?" He asked, hoarse voice even hoarser as he looked at the ashen, crispy, squishy body of Arclight.

<Toxic> "Uuuuh. She tried to kill me."

<Quicksilver> "Adam and Laura happened."

<X23> "She died," Laura said simply as she nodded in answer to Adam's question, helping to keep him on his feet.

<DP> "Gooey." Wade commented, starting to feel a tingle in his spaghetti arm's fingertips. "Hey, wanna see something funny?" he asked, swaying his limp arm.

<Iceman> Bobby shifted back to flesh and sighed, running his hand through his hair. "Well... we won?" He looked at Wade and winced, then down at Riptide. He crouched and checked for a pulse.

<Toxic> "I coulda asploded her, figured some people might be a little attached to breakfast though..."

<Quicksilver> "I think your exploding would be less lunch endangering than mine is."

<Toxic> Adam looked down at the mess, taking his sunglasses off. "You do a mist. Mine's still in meaty, chewy, indentifiable chunks."

<Quicksilver> "You can inhale it by accident if you're too close when I do it."

<Iceman> "Right." The man was dead. He straightened up. "Let's see if there's anything of use around here, like intel, and get the fuck out. Jason can only hide us for so long."

<Quicksilver> "I left one box in one piece - they all had the same stuff in near enough."

<Toxic> Adam nodded, chest not quite so tight. "I need my back sewn up. Most of the boxes got blown when I started, so...I dunno..." He blurred into the office Riptide and Arclight had been in, picking up any paperwork he could find, before blurring out and hacking into a hand.

<Toxic> "...Note...to self...don't run...when asthmatic...and just been strangled..."

<Toxic> "And ow ribs. Why can't...I have...healing...like the other ferals?"

<Iceman> Bobby took the papers from him and offered him his shoulder to lean on. "It's all good, dude."

<Quicksilver> Since no one was interested in the box, Pietro went to blow it up like the rest.

<Toxic> He picked up the ruined coat, looking at it sorrowfully. It wasn't really repairable...he'd had that since Ireland. Leaning on Bobby, his breathing levelled. "Thanks. Think we need ice cream...or booze. Or both. Boozey floaters. I like that."

<DP> "Who you calling a feral?" Wade asked, pointing at Adam... which turned out to be just swinging his noodly arm, smacking himself with it.

<X23> She used her free hand to scrub at her eyes and then her ears, considering Arclight's mangled remains and looking around at the others. "I like ice cream."

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