6/14 Instance: Deathly Hallows

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6/14 Instance: Deathly Hallows

Postby Ult_Sm86 » Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:19 am

[[Timeline: Directly after [Insert Name of Fic here] but a day before the instance: "Mardi Gross"]]

Death: She watched from the bushes, a sneer painted on her face. She could tell the sleeping X-man was completely unawares of her surrounding. Depression and anxiety can do that.

Rogue: Rogue subconsciously felt the rain falling softly on her but just curled into her jacket tighter, her hand groping at the soft dirt under her fingers. Her mind raced with dreams that swirled together with nightmares and she couldn't tell one from the other.

Death: "Rogue." A voice said from behind a tree. "Rogue? Is that you?"

Rogue: Rogue took a deep breath, slowly slipping back into consciousness at the sound of a voice somewhere close. "Mama Guthrie," she murmured softly before clearing her throat. "That y'all?" She yawned and pushed to sit, eyes still groggy from sleep.

Death: TJ stepped out from behind the tree, a smile spreading across her face. "Mama Guthrie? That's hilarious."

Rogue: Rogue was instantly alert and on her feet at the sight of Talia. "TJ?! ...But..." She looked her up and down and felt the hairs on her arms and the back of her neck stand on end. TJ hated her in life... Is she haunting her because of that?

Death: TJ continued to smile and shook her head. "You were never good with words. Good to see you're not saying everything that you think of still. Hey, have you seen Remy?"

Rogue: Rogue was insulted and wished she could smack a ghost into being real so they could have a fight like old times. "No, Ah ain't seen Remy." She gestured angrily to the tombstone, "Ah'm at mah husband's grave. An' Ah would appreciate it if y'all'ed go find ya own." She sat back down and put her left hand on Sam's name, trying to ignore Talia, "Go away."

Death: "Where is he?" She demanded, practically ignoring Rogue's response. "You told me you would take care of him! Where is he?"

Death: "Where's my baby?"

Rogue: "In New Orleans, Talia. Where he ran off ta an' abandoned us." She felt her shoulders tense at that memory. She still hadn't forgiven Remy for leaving when he needed her most... When Sam was killed. He was the only one who would have understood and he left her.

Death: "Why isn't he here?" TJ howled. "What is wrong with you!? Why do you let everyone important die and wither away!?" With that Talia rushed towards Rogue, arms open wide and ready to tackle.

Death: Rather than attack her though, she ran through her, and disappeared into a whispy smoke.

Rogue: Rogue clenched her teeth, letting that be the only sign that TJ had hurt her before looking up to respond, ready to take her on. She was shocked when she saw TJ rushing her and Rogue moved into a defensive stance but nothing happened... She felt a chill and looked behind her, but there was no one. "...Tha hell?"

Death: "Don't!" Another voice screamed, this time from the sky. "Rogue, RUN!" Suddenly arms began to pop out of the graves, all but Sam's grave. While his lay still, the others rumbled and arms and heads were unearthed as they climbed out of their holes, crawling towards Rogue, hissing and screeching.

Rogue: Rogue looked around, trying to find the source of the new voice, frowning then practically jumped out of her skin as the graveyard came to life. She screamed and flew just above them, trying to kick them off as they grabbed at her. Surely this was just a nightmare and she was still dreaming... "Wake up, Anna."

Death: "I got you!" Ben shouted as he web zipped down, wrapping an arm around her waist, and carrying her to safety. He webslung up to the limbs of a tall, strong tree, and smiled at her.

Rogue: Rogue squealed in surprise and pushed away from Ben as she balanced on the tree limb. "Wha... Huh? Ah... What?!" She reached out and poked him softly, "Ben...?"

Death: "Rogue! It's so good to see you! Did you get my letter?" He asked, his good old half-grin showing in the moonlight. "It took a lot out of me to write that to you."

Rogue: Rogue opened her mouth to speak then shut it again, stunned. Her dreams were becoming way more realistic, "Um.. Yeah. Yeah Ah did. It was real sweet." She flew off the branch a bit so she could circle him and get a good look at him, then landed back where she started. "Ain't y'all... Ya know..." She made a noise and stuck her tongue out while letting her eyes roll back in her head to symbolize 'dead'.

Death: "What?" Ben laughed. "Hey you're still a little crazy, I see? Let me ask you this though, how's Rachel doing?" He nudged her. "Her and Josh they uh... Y'know? Eh?"

Rogue: "They're married..." Rogue tensed at the mention of Rachel and put her back to Ben, looking down at the graves and glad Sam's was still untouched. "Essex has Rachel... Again."

Death: His smile faded completely. "What?... Again?! Rogue how did that happen!? How could you let that happen again?" He shouted. "Where were you!" He stepped towards her.

Death: "WHERE WERE YOU!?!"

Rogue: Rogue stepped backwards and nearly lost her balance, shock and surprise showing on her face, "What?! Ah was... Ah was at tha mansion! They moved out!" What the hell was going on?!

Death: "You didn't protect them, Rogue!" Ben screeched. "Why! You know how important she is! To you, to them, to me!"

Death: "How could you!?" He went to reach his hands around her neck.

Rogue: Rogue blocked his hands and jumped up to fly away from him, "Ah didn't mean it! Ah swear it! Ah didn't!" She shook her head violently, trying to wake up, "Ah'm tryin' ta get 'er back!"

Death: "You're not trying hard enough!" He hissed, his face turning gaunt and pinchers erupting from his cheeks. Extra arms grew from his ribs and became hairy and black. His pinchers began to gnash at her. "Skrreeee!"

Rogue: Rogue screamed bloody murder and lost her balance in the sky, clamboring to try to make it to a completely far away tree so she wouldn't land on the zombie bodies. "Nonononono. Wake up. Wake up, Anna Marie!"

Death: "Oy!" Jono shouted out. He and Black Tom lept out from the branches and pulled her down, throwing her to the earth. They lept down there themsleves, landing on either side of her. "Wot'chu t'ink of this?" One or both said. They reached for her face cackling.

Rogue: Rogue swatted at both of them, trying to keep them from touching her face, too startled to throw them off at first. She managed to kick into Jono's stomach and break Tom's ...limb...leg...thing with her other foot. "Get. Off! What'd Ah ever do ta y'all?!" She flew up and tried to get away from them, looking around for Ben but not seeing him at all. That was either amazing or horrifying.

Death: As as Tom fell to the ground and Jono bent over, they both disappeared. As their essence, the smoke of their presence, drifted away. Sam stepped out from the dark and into the moonlight. "Hey."

Death: He looked as she remembered him. Nothing had changed. He even smiled the right way.

Rogue: Rogue's heart leapt, her stomach knotted, and her eyes watered all at once. She couldn't breath, couldn't speak, couldn't move. She just stared at him for a long moment, wishing this weren't a dream. He looked so real. It felt so real. "S-Sam? Rebel?"

Death: "My rebel now." Death said as she too came out of the dark, her hands crawling all over Sam. He simply stood there, with his classic-Cannonball-smile, and took it. She sniffed his shoulder and then, with a giggle, slapped his firm behind.

Death: "Oooh! Still tight!" She growled and raised one foot as she stood on her others tippy toes to kiss him on the cheek.

Rogue: "Teagan?!" It suddenly all made sense. "Teagan," she growled low. It was really Sam. She was doing this. Rogue flew in a burst of mach speed towards Teagan, tackling her away from Sam, "Don't y'all dare touch him! Leave him alone!"

Death: Sam stepped in front of his mistress, a stern look on his face. "Oh my! A Prince Charming!" Teagan cooed.

Rogue: Rogue stopped dead at the look from Sam. "Sam. Sugah... Don't." She reached up to try and touch his face, "Rebel. Ah love you."

Death: Sam's eyes got wide, his expression appearing shocked. He appeared to be leaning in to the touch but instead.... blood began to drip from his mouth. Suddenly fingers were pressing through under his shirt.

Death: Seconds after that, Teagan's hand breached his chest cavity and popped out. "Whoops! No prize inside!" She threw Sam's carcass to the earth and backhanded Rogue with the bloody arm. "Dead is dead is dead, SUGAH... Unless you're me 'course." She cackled.

Rogue: Rogue screamed in horror, instinct wanting her to fall on top of Sam like she had when he had died the first time. She fought that and isntead dove for Teagan with a blood curdling cry as Sam's blood dripped down her face from the slap.

Rogue: "You're dead! Go back ta tha hell ya came from!"

Death: Teagan was tackled and her cackling persisted as she rolled over Rogue, pushing into the leaves and dead grass. Everything around them was dying now, death spreading like a virus. The grass went from green to dark grey, the trees withered, the flowers crumpled, and the animals dropped from their nests.

Death: "I'm going to bring you to hell with me, AAANNAAAA!" With that her head began to twist around like the girl from the exorcist. Once it had performed the full 360, Death reached her hand to Rogue's chest, placing it over her heart.

Death: "I want a squeeze..." She squeezed Rogue's breast and then, slowly, a cold sensation pressed down onto Rogue. "Not there, silly... I meant your heart!!" Death's eyes flared to bright white as her teeth grit and her claws attempted to dig through Anna's chest.

Rogue: Rogue felt her senses start to blur as she stared into Teag-- No. Death's eyes. "Don't," she gasped as she tried to get the energy to fight. "Ain't... worth it... Gal." She winced in pain and her head lolled to the side, her blurred vision making out Sam's still body beside her. He was real. She hadn't made him appear. She had actually used his real body.

Rogue: Rogue fought through the physical pain and let her emotional turmoil drive her as she put all of the hate for Kevin and Essex into getting Death off of her. She grabbed Death's shoulders and rolled over to pin her down, "Leave. Us. Alone!" Rogue flew up into the air, carrying Death with her until she was high enough to throw her over the trees. "Go ta Hell!"

Death: As Teagan was chucked into the distance she laughed and howled back at her "It's not over little ra-"

Death: And wherever she hit, she stopped, and she was gone.

Rogue: "Yes it is." Rogue flew down to the ground and landed gently beside Sam, tears lining her eyes as she sat and put his head in her lap. At least one good thing had come from this. He was whole for her to say goodbye to. "Ah love you, Sam. Ah'm so sorry things have happened this way..." She leaned down and kissed his forehead before letting her head rest on his chest, tears flowing freely now. Death would be her bitch for this.
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Re: 6/14 Instance: Deathly Hallows

Postby Slarti » Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:42 pm


Okay, kudos for creepy... but... Sam? He was in itty bitty chunks, yes? Teagan use super glue?
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Re: 6/14 Instance: Deathly Hallows

Postby Ferguson » Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:47 pm

Not to mention the snacky bits :shifty

but whee creepy ^_^
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Re: 6/14 Instance: Deathly Hallows

Postby Ult_Sm86 » Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:05 pm

Tangible apparitions. Sam was made whole for this endeavor.
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