6/26 Instance: Congrats?

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6/26 Instance: Congrats?

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:51 pm

Current Timeline.

Illyana: Illyana sat down on the couch in the recroom with her customary cup of afternoon tea warming her hands. She glanced around a bit, looking for something. "Anyone seen the remote?"

Miles: Miles shook it in his hand. "Clicker's here." He said, focusing on his reading on his iPad.

Lorna: "Huh, I thought it had been set loose in the wild. I expected it to start showing up on milk cartons any day."

Lorna: Lorna leaned against the door as she spoke, chuckling. "Looks like we can take the missing signs down then."

Christopher: "Hey there cutie mind if I join you?" Chris hopped over the couch and plopped down in an empty spot.

Illyana: Illyana laughed a bit at Lorna, then Chris. "Hello Chris. Would you like some tea?"

Miles: "Bought a replacement." He added, skiming through his articles. The plopping made him shift and his thumb ran up the touch screen, bringing him completely back up to where he started. He groaned.

Christopher: "Nah I've got a protein drink somewhere around here I need to find and down."

Illyana: "You need to find it? Would it even be safe now?" Illy gave Chris a very concerned look.

Bobby: "Oh, so it's still lost then really. I bet Sel animated it. It's probably eating a mouse under the sofa." Bobby piped up from behind Lorna.

Christopher: "Healing hun, healing." He grinned and scanned around for his cup. "Plus at most it's been an hour."

Miles: Miles held up his Muscle milk and downed it. "There's more of those in the fridge if you'd like." he said. He exited his apps and put his iPad down on the coffee table.

Illyana: "Professor Mr. Drake you should not joke about that... though you aren't joking. It is entirely possible."

Jimmy: There was a groan from behind the sofa and a traffic cone fell out from behind it.

Bobby: "It absolutely is. Though it might be eating a lemon instead." He goosed Lorna.

Christopher: "Drink too much there newbie?" He looked over the back of the couch.

Jimmy: A few moments later a shiney bald head peered over the top of the sofa and peered around the room in a mixute of confusion and malevolence, "... What year is it?"

Illyana: "It is likely guarded by lemons." Illyana assured them.

Pietro: Yay! Lunch! Pietro added the finishing touches to his plate then headed into the recroom. It was rather a lot of lunch for a normal person but he'd be damned if he was sharing. He was starved!

Christopher: "Twenty-Fifty-Two. Dude we did it! You traveled through time!"

Illyana: Illy smiled up at her husband as he came in. "Hello Peeto dear."

Pietro: Pietro returned the smile and went to sit in a chair so he could more easily defend lunch.

Lorna: Lorna left for a moment, then came back armed with a spatula. "There's only one way we can find out. I'm going in." Lorna moved in, ducking down behind the sofa.

Lorna: "And you, no goosing when there's a wild remote on the loose." The spatula waved but Lorna was laughing.

Illyana: Illyana carefully got up and moved to one of the oversized chairs. Lorna under the sofa was a bit dangerous. "Be careful Mrs. Professor Drake! Don't touch the lemons!"

Bobby: Wow, that sparked her to action. Bobby grinned.

Pietro: He raised an eyebrow at Lorna then looked at the others for an explanation. He eyed the sofa warily, suddenly glad he wasn't sitting on it.

Christopher: "How'd you know about the lemon bomb traps, Illyana?" Chris made a shifty face.

Illyana: "She is looking for the remote." Illyana explained simply.

Illyana: "Selene was my roommate my first year here. I know far more than I care to share."

Pietro: "Ah...." he nodded understandingly... then remembered the food. All else was forgotten.

Jimmy: A heavy, black eyebrow was raised skeptically at Chris for a moment, ".... If poison control phones up ... I know nothin' 'bout the opened glowsticks an' TNT that're found in the water ... thingy, mains ... thingy .... that ..." he vanished back behind the sofa only to find himself at the mercy of a spatula, "... Da actual fuck?"

Miles: "Because... my replacement remote is not worthy?" Miles added wth a shrug. "For the record, I got us all the skin-channels." Miles told everyone. "Don't thank me, it was easy."

Illyana: "The skin channels?" Illyana looked to Pietro.

Pietro: Pietro frowned, "I think there's probably a reason they weren't already available...."

Jimmy: "'E means porn," the lurking sofa informed her.

Christopher: "I've got a sexy ass fiance I don't need skin channels."

Miles: "Skinemax. Playboy. Now we can't watch the Newds. It's the news. But naked."

Lorna: "It's the principle of the matter! Hi there, Jimmy." Lorna came out, sadly remoteless. "So if we find Chuckles in here awake we know he's had some quality entertainment?"

Illyana: Illy's face turned bright red. "How do we get them OFF of the tv now?"

Bobby: "Well, woo, porn. Good job, dude. I'm sure I shouldn't be sanctioning this behavior, but whatever."

Miles: "Same way I got them on, I guess? Fake an I.D. password and pretend I'm a member of the cable company. Also, we now have Netflix. Free. Forever."

Pietro: "Just stick to watching tv channels you're familiar with," Pietro advised.

Jimmy: "Wha' is it with you 'Mericans an' your reliance on the remote?" The hungover Jimmy wondered, "Do they not put th' button thin's on the sets o'er here?"

Illyana: Illyana just shook her head, frowning a bit. Distasteful! Stealing and porn, she couldn't decide which was worse.

Miles: "Don't go into the 1,000's, that's where the porn-channels lurk." He admitted with a smile.

Christopher: "You know there's enough rich people in this place you didn't need to do anything illegal to get stuff like that right?"

Illyana: "Well thank you for the fair warning." Illyana took a sip of her tea.

Miles: Miles shrugged. "Or you can fake being rich and get the same stuff? It all involves legality in the end anyways."

Christopher: "If you're not paying for it, it's not right." He frowned.

Illyana: "You shouldn't be watching it anyway." Illyana reminded them.

Jimmy: "... Why?" Jimmy peered over the sofa again to look at Illyana.

Lorna: "Well, I guess if the Popo come knocking it isn't for us, hmm?" Lorna looked to Bobby, shaking her head and giving a chuckle.

Illyana: "Unrealistic expectations of women." Illyana nodded.

Miles: "Nothing I do is so bad that it's booked anywhere. And Illyana? From the chicas I've seen rolling 'round here, the expectations are completely realistic."

Pietro: Pietro shook his head a little.

Jimmy: "... Only twatmuffin's believe real women're like porn."

Lorna: "Twatmuffins, I'm going to have to use that."

Illyana: Illyana blinked at that word. "That is a new word for sure."

Christopher: "Twat what nows?" Chris raised an eyebrow.

Pietro: Mmmmmm foooooood. Pietro was lost again.

Jimmy: "Twatmuffin ... is a good word ..."

Bobby: Bobby snickered a little. He kind of liked this Miles kid. "That's right, babe. We pay for our porn." He put an arm around her shoulder. "Or make it. Mmm, twatmuffin..."

Illyana: Illyana set her tea aside and took Pietro's hand, giving it a squeeze. "Guys... we have something we want to share with all of you. Things have been really bad lately, and we thought now would be a good time for some good news."

Lorna: "Okay, unless you want to do kinky things with muffins twatmuffin stays out of discussion of making porn." Lorna smirked, then looked over to Illy. "What do you have up your sleeve then?"

Christopher: "You bought us all cake?"

Jimmy: "... You're opening your own brewery?" Jimmy asked hopefully.

Christopher: "Woo booze!!!"

Pietro: Pietro gave Illyana's hand a squeeze and shook his head, "No... although those things are both good ideas..."

Illyana: Illyana giggled at all the suggestions. "It's better than all that..." She took a moment, unable to stop her smile. "I'm pregnant."

Miles: Miles decided these people were all a little too unsure about his methods, so as he watched the room get silent and focus on Illyana, he faded into the background, literally. Congrats? he thought to himself.

Bobby: Bobby blinked. Manners. "Well, congratulations!" He shot a glance at Pietro.

Jimmy: Jimmy frowned at Illyana and pulled a face, ewwwwww babies.

Pietro: Pietro smiled, "It was kind of a surprise but we're dealing with it."

Christopher: "I dunno, cake is pretty awesome...." Chris gave her a big smile. "Congrats, now we need some cake!"

Illyana: "It was a great surprise." Illyana smiled over at her husband. "And it gets better too. It's twins."

Christopher: Chris stared at them. "Uhmm fun?"

Lorna: "Yes, congratulations!" Lorna laughed, clapping. "Oh, buy one get one free? How long?"

Jimmy: Twins? Jimmy stuck his tounge out, "Bleeeeeh, that's gonna be hell innit? Congrats though if you're like ... happy and shit."

Illyana: Illyana giggled at Lorna. "Not very far. I'm due in December." She glanced over at Jimmy a bit awkwardly. "Yes... yes we are happy."

Pietro: "We're about, what? Twelve weeks in? Best guess anyway...." he gave Illyana another smile then cast a glance at his food that he couldn't eat because she had his hand.

Bobby: "Wow. Twins." He leaned his head against Lorna's as they still hovered in the doorway.

Illyana: Illyana kissed Pietro's trapped hand, then released it in favor of stealing off of his plate.

Pietro: "Hey!" Damn it that was his lunch! He frowned. He supposed he could let her get away with it but anyone else would be in trouble.

Lorna: Lorna looked over to Bobby, showing him her panic face at the idea of ever having twins. One was scary enough, two was a whole other creature.

Lorna: Literally.

Illyana: Illyana mimicked Pietro's pouty face. "Your children are hungry too."

Bobby: Bobby had to chuckle at her panic face and gave her a kiss. And a pat on the ass.

Pietro: "Well then they should have said something before I made my lunch." He poked his tongue out at her.

Lorna: That earned a goose back and a laugh. "Well, I guess you guys will have your hands full. Plenty of babysitters around the place though."

Illyana: "No joking there. I'm glad Pietro is a speedster."

Christopher: "Oh god.... That makes me wonder how many we're going to have if Greer and I ever...." His eyes grew wide. "How many babies do tigers have?!"

Jimmy: Jimmy was definetly not a baby person, they were little vomit and shit machines that sucked out your youth, good looks, sex life and your cash, "Plenty of sitters that ain't me!" He said quickly.

Lorna: She poked Bobby's side. "Speaking of food, I'll be right back."

Bobby: "I have learned by now to not hold the baby overhead and shake anyways." Bobby grinned, then moved out of Lorna's way. "Don't forget me!"

Pietro: "Two or three is average, they can have as many as five." Pietro answered Chris' question. "And I'm glad I don't sleep."

Illyana: Illyana smiled reassuringly at Chris. "Probably a couple."

Miles: Miles re-appeared next to Bobby. "How've you not had a baby yet?" He asked him.

Christopher: Chris went pale white. "Can you give a healer a vasectomy?"

Illyana: "I think you'd just heal, Chris..." Illyana gave him a sympathetic look.

Pietro: "Just have to be careful," He laughed a little at the look on Chris' face.

Bobby: Bobby jumped slightly. He didn't know spiders could be invisible. Dear fucking God. "Birth control, man."

Miles: "Good call." Miles added. "This isn't the place to be having babies right now." He added softly to his professor.

Bobby: "Yeah, you're probably right..." Aaand good mood gone. He looked at Pietro again, wondering if he should talk to him. He shouldn't be risking his life. Not now.

Illyana: Illyana finished her stolen snack and went back to her tea. "It feels good to let you all know finally."

Miles: "You start eating weird things yet? Like pickles in peanut butter?" Miles asked.

Illyana: "No... though I do really like sweets right now. I'm afraid I'll put on a ton of weight because of that."

Pietro: "You don't have to worry about anything," Pietro told her, "You say it like I won't love you anymore or like you won't lose it." he gave her a grin.

Christopher: "Yeah Peety's a chubby chaser you'll prolly turn him on." He gave her a playful wink.

Pietro: Pietro rolled his eyes a little and went back to his food. That wasn't what he'd meant at all.

Bobby: An actual thought occurred. "Since he's a speedster, maybe they'll grow fast and you'll pop'em out with less time in the oven?"

Illyana: Illyana laughed at the both of them, then gave Bobby a horrified look. "You think so?"

Jimmy: ".... Ewwwwww! That's horror movie shit right there, Proff."

Bobby: Bobby shrugged. "Who knows? Or maybe they'll teleport out?"

Illyana: Illyana visably shuddered. She hadn't considered either of those possibilities.

Pietro: Pietro laughed, "That'd give the doctor delivering a heart attack."

Bobby: "We've had mutant babies around here before, guys. Funny things can happen." He nodded.

Miles: "You know they could have completely differet mutant abilities. You could have a spider-baby!" He got excited at that.

Illyana: "I guess we'll stick with Dr. Summers then?" Illyana looked to Pietro.

Christopher: "Make McCoy do it. He'll prolly drop a twinkie."

Pietro: "We'll do whatever you're comfortable with," Pietro smiled at her, "I just want you to be happy."

Illyana: Illyana smiled at Pietro again. "Always." She assured him. "I just hope the babies don't teleport out. We may never find them again."

Pietro: "Of course we would. They'd teleport straight to you."

Illyana: "Awww you think they would? They might go to you, you know."

Pietro: "I doubt it, you're taking excellent care of them. Why would they think I'd do better?" he gave her a grin.

Bobby: Bobby watched their exchange with a slightly raised eyebrow. Were he and Lorna this bad?

Illyana: "You provide the food." Illyana reminded him, stealing another bit from his plate.

Pietro: "..... Mine!"

Illyana: Illyana looked as sweet and innocent as possible as she took a bite.

Christopher: "I can go get us some cake or give speedy pants here the cash and he can get it in a few seconds."

Pietro: Pietro sighed heavily and offered her his plate. "I'll go and make some more...."

Illyana: "Thank you dearest." She smiled at Pietro. "And cake! Chris, cake sounds delicious."

Bobby: "Haahaa, that'll be the story of your life from now on, buddy. Welcome to marriage." Bobby grinned at Pietro. Then he checked for Lorna behind him.

Pietro: "Yeah yeah...." he bent to kiss Illyana's cheek then headed back to the kitchen.

Christopher: "So that's what I have to look forward to.... And none of y'all tried to talk me out of this before I popped the question?"

Illyana: "Why would we do a thing like that?" Illyana asked Chris, slightly bewildered.

Bobby: Still smirking a bit, Bobby slipped away. He needed to talk to Pietro.

Illyana: Illyana just shook her head and started in on the rest of her plate. Lunch without having to make it and cake too? This was a good day.

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Re: 6/26 Instance: Congrats?

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:39 am

How wonderfully supportive.

She's gonna need it. ;)

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Re: 6/26 Instance: Congrats?

Post by steyn » Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:19 pm

I wonder if the babies will end up not sleeping, just like their dad :cracked.

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