2/6 Instance: Pussyfooting

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2/6 Instance: Pussyfooting

Post by Starfish » Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:29 am

Timeline: Current.

Mayday: Sighing, Mayday folded a lock of hair behind her ear and adjusted her leather jacket. She usually felt much more 'ready-for-life' within its customized padding, but today she felt more self-concious than ever. She idly skimmed over the clothes in the aisle, picking out a white netted shirt, "...this is nice.", she murmurred.

Cassie: "Then you should try it on," Cassandra suggested, her head appearing behind Mayday's shoulder. "It looks like something that might fit you." She smiled. In her hands were two hats she had found, and she alternately put them on her head.

Mayday: Turning, Mayday looked from the garment to Cassie, "...I-It's netted. What would I wear under it, my bra?", she snorted as she giggled, blushing a little, "I'm such a dork. Erm...."

Cassie: "Depends on how much attention you seek," the other girl replied, showing her teeth as she grinned. Turning to the side, she stepped closer to the round mirror placed on top of some shelves, leaning close as she inspected her reflection. "You could always wear a top underneath."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, "Y-yeah...maybe.", she sighed, "I think you should get the purple one...", she pointed to another hat in the store, "With the black you wear, it'd match your eyes, and that'd....be nice..."

Cassie: Cassandra glanced up, her gaze following Mayday's outstretched arm. "Ooh, looks like you've found treasure." Placing the other two hats back on the shelf, she pranced over to the hat-stand and snatched the purple one. Then she plopped it on her head, spun around, and held out her arms as she posted. "Your verdict, please?"

Mayday: "Y-you look really....really pretty.", Mayday smiled, "It makes your eyes look like little gemstones.", she exhaled gently, wondering why it both made her happy and sad to admit how good the other girl looked.

Cassie: "How poetic! Thank you!" Cassandra smiled and performed a little curtsey. "In that case, how couldn't I buy it?" She took it off again and checked the price tag, arching her eyebrows. "Now let's hope this thrift store is open to haggling."

Mayday: "I-I could help you pay.", Mayday piped up, not a hundred percent sure why she'd even offered so suddenly, "I-I mean er...I have a job now, so I get paid. So....i-if you really want it, it can be like a thank you for helping me train."

Cassie: The raven-haired girl perked up. "You would do that?" Cassandra stepped closer and leaned over the shelf. "That would be... awfully nice of you." She smiled at Mayday. "Are you sure, though? I mean, I'd pay you back, of course. After all, I like to think I'm helping you train because you're my friend, not because you buy me shiny things."

Mayday: Mayday shook her head, "No, no, you...y-you don't have to. I offered, it's fine.", she smiled, "Really. I-I want to."

Cassie: After looking at Mayday thoughtfully for a moment, Cassandra flashed Mayday a grin. "In that case, much appreciated!" She quickly closed the distance between them and, leaned over, and placed a quick peck on the other girl's cheek.

Mayday: Flushing possibly the deepest shade of strawberry red anatomically possible for her, Mayday nodded, her hand gently tracing over the small, damp circle Cassandra had left on her cheek, "....i-it's....fine.", she all but whispered.

Cassie: "Now let's find something nice for you, too, shall we?" Cassandra tilted her head and nodded at the webbed shirt still in Mayday's hand. "Are you going to try this on now, or what?"

Mayday: "O-oh. Yeah, I-I guess.", Mayday nodded, "S-shall we do that first?"

Cassie: "Yes, let's." Raising a hand, Cassandra pointed sideways, towards the changing cubicles in the back. "And once you see how gorgeous you look in this, we go ahead and find you a matching skirt."

Mayday: Mayday shook her head, "I-I don't do skirts. Erm...'cause web-swinging means...you know, panty-shots. It's...k-kinda weird.", she laughed nervously as they made their way to the changing rooms.

Cassie: Cassandra snickered. "I wouldn't call that weird," she replied. "Seems like a valid concern. Fortunately, we have plenty of options."

Mayday: "L-like....shorts underneath it?", Mayday suggested, looking down at the netted top to avoid the eyes of the shop floor assistant as she passed by the girls, "Sorry, I-I don't go out and buy clothes much. This jacket is probably the craziest thing I ever bought....", she shuddered at the thought - so was she when she bought it.

Cassie: "Neither do I," Cassandra replied, following the other girl to the changing room. "When given the chance, I liked to raid any local thrift stores I could find, and patch something together out of whatever haul I could afford. Sometimes, digging into the old costume piles at the circus also unearthed the one or other gem."

Cassie: "None of us really could afford to buy clothes off the rack," she added, trying on her purple hat again. "So you learn to make do with what you've got. Every piece got its place."

Mayday: Mayday smiled at her again, "I think that's....really special. Like, that way you're not just buying stuff for the sake of buying it.", she shook her head, "W-what I mean is, when I look at my clothes, I try and imagine them like armor in a video game. My shirts might suck, but for me they're special, like...m-my Tobuscus shirt - it's kinda lame, but it makes me feel like I have plus five hilarity bonuses.",

Mayday: Realizing how silly she must've sounded, Mayday laughed, "I'm sorry, that sounded so much better in my head.", she sighed.

Cassie: The edge of her mouth curled as Cassandra gave a half-smile in return. "Don't be sorry," she assured Mayday with a little chuckle. "I think that really sounded... adorable. And you're right, of course." She nodded. "In a way, your clothes are as much a costume for you as mind are for me, yes?"

Mayday: "I...guess so, yeah.", Mayday agreed, "I-I think that....sometimes you need to put on a mask to discover who you really are.", she turned to face Cassandra, "I mean, when I'm out there helping people, I wear a mask. It's not 'cause I'm scared, but it's 'cause beside Mayday Parker, I'm something else, you know? I represent something bigger than me."

Cassie: "Oh yes, I know what you're talking about." Cassandra flashed a grin as she pulled the hat off her head, holding it in front of her face instead. "We all like to wear masks, for all kinds of reasons." She peeked over the brim of the purple hat, waggling her eyebrows. "Some more so than others. Why do you think I got so intrigued by your little superhero troupe in the first place?"

Mayday: Mayday giggled at her, "So you just want to know why we wear masks?", she shrugged, "You could be searching forever to answer a question like that, I suppose, right? But I wear mine because of that: when people see it, they know they can believe in me, and I can....I can try and be worthy of that belief."

Cassie: "Actually, it's more to give me another reason to dress up in public myself," she replied with a laugh. "After all, being a superhero isn't all about fighting bad guys and aiding people in need, no? You can't deny there's quite a bit of showmanship involved in it, as well."

Cassie: "I respect your reasons, though." She slightly tilted her head, giving Mayday a look. "They're not nearly as selfish as mine, I guess."

Mayday: "Y-you're not selfish.", Mayday smiled back, "Not at all! If you're gonna do something, you may as well look good doing it, right?", she beamed, "That's why I made my costume red and black rather than just plain black with a stripe.", she tapped her nose, "Check me out being all fashionable(!)"

Cassie: "You know what? I think you might be right." A wry smile slipped onto Cassandra's thoughtful expression, while she tapped a fingertip against her chin. "Until now, I simply entertained to earn my living, and because it's my passion. Now, I can do good in an entertaining fashion."

Mayday: "You know, someone once said to me that 'with great power comes great responsibility'.", Mayday quoted, "I...think that's important. We entertain, but we protect also. And since we can, we should, right?"

Cassie: Cassandra pondered on what Mayday had said to her for several moments. "Words to live by," she eventually commented, glancing up with a faint smile on her lips. "As I've always like to think - it's a crime to let great talent go to waste."

Mayday: Mayday nodded in agreement, "Yeah, that's exactly what I think too.", she laughed a little under her breath, glancing to the changing room, "S-sorry, I should go in there, huh?", she shook her head, "I guess I kinda ramble a lot..."

Cassie: "And I think you might just be trying to stall," Cassandra replied, chuckling as she put her hands on Mayday's shoulders to push her into the changing room.

Mayday: "I-I'm going! I'm going!", Mayday laughed, stepping inside and pulling the curtain closed, "No peeking, alright?", she called out, hanging up the top and starting to remove her jacket and t-shirt.

Cassie: "And if I can't resist, it's your fault for putting the idea into my mind in the first place!" Cassandra did her best to remain patient, passing the time by sauntering back and forth through the store. Spotting one of the circular, rotating racks, she halfway pushed herself up on it and slowly spun in circles - until the whole thing nearly toppled over, that was.

Mayday: Mayday peeked out of the curtain, catching Cassandra almost dragging the rack down and laughing out loud as she stepped out in the white, longsleved, floral netted top, "It's too much, isn't it? I-I feel very exposed beneath this. M-my bra is far too black.", she blushed a little, looking down, "...is it stupid?"

Cassie: Cassandra hastily stabilized the rack and pushed the falling clothes back on top, holding up her hands in case the thing decided otherwise. Turning her head, she gave Mayday a thorough look up and down. "Not at all," she said, her smile returning. "And the bra is perfect. It adds contrast."

Cassie: She turned away from the wobbly rack and stepped closer, smirking mischievously. "Of course, you could always go without it, if you preferred."

Mayday: Blushing, as she was wont to do in situations such as these, Mayday gulped, "You...seem awfully eager to see me naked.", she smirked back to mask her awkwardness, "Anyone'd get the impression you've caught the gay cooties off of me!"

Cassie: "Now that would be a mutant power that had conservatives trembling in fear more so than any deathray ever could." Cassandra laughed. Then she shrugged, cocking her head a little. "And what can I say? Spreading a little mischief - who could resist? Maybe I just love whispering bad ideas in people's ears." She smiled, her head above Mayday's shoulder.

Mayday: Mayday shuddered, letting out a soft sigh, "Y'shouldn't...", she half mumbled, closing her eyes, "What if....someone takes to them?"

Cassie: "Well, the most exciting things started with a bad idea," she replied, her smile taking on a devious edge.

Mayday: "S-stop it...", Mayday managed in a whisper, her eyes open again and looking down at Cassandra's lips with a budding temptation, her words as unsure as her heart.

Cassie: "It that's what you really want..." Cassandra winked at the other girl, before taking a step back. "So, are you going to take the shirt? I think you should."

Mayday: Exhaling a breath she wasn't even aware she was holding, Mayday nodded, "Y-yeah. Yeah, I'll....I'm gonna change out of it first.", she departed to do just that, squeezing her hands into tight fists to vent her frustration.

Cassie: "Splendid! And thanks again for the hat." Cassandra leaned against the side of the changing cubicle, waiting for Mayday to emerge again.

Mayday: Once inside it, Mayday slapped a hand into her cheek to punish herself for a crime she wasn't sure she'd comitted. Frowning at her reflection and rubbing the burning side of her face she took a deep breath, starting to undress herself so she could leave.

Mayday: Moments later she emerged from the cubicle, shirt and jacket replaced, and the floral longsleeve in hand, "Let's buy some stuff then, hm?", she smiled a little, though devoid of any humour or mirth this time.

Cassie: Taking off her hat, Cassandra swung it in a wide, dramatic gesture as she spread her arms. "Yes! Onward to treasure!" She flashed Mayday a grin, before hooking her arm into hers to drag the other girl along.

Mayday: Mayday let out another soft sigh, trying to maintain a playful smile as she let herself be dragged along. If only it was as simple to her as it was to Cassandra. Her arm tensed around the other girl's, as if trying to pull her within for just a moment. 'What if', her thoughts whispered, rhetorical and vain as every moment that had ended between them thusfar.

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