2/7 Instance: Why Not?

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2/7 Instance: Why Not?

Post by Ferguson » Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:54 pm

Timelined the night after Cool Runnings

<@Cecilia> Cecilia brought over Fabian's magnetic chess board over to the double bed in their room at the ski lodge and placed in the middle of it. "So basically, I was thinking we'd play a game of truth and dare, except with chess. And a little less dare and more truths."

<@Cecilia> "Basically," she said, getting into one side and tucking the blanket around her pajama'd legs, "whenever one of us captures the other's pieces the person who loses the piece has to answer a question that the other makes up. Does that make sense?"

<Fabian> Fabian nodded though he found himself smirking at the board as he started to set things up for her. "Are you sure that's going to be fair for you? I might run out of questions with all of this pawn-owning I intend to do."

<@Cecilia> "Don't count on it," Cecilia said flatly. "I like to think I've improved, even if I've never actually beaten you. And I keep learning with every game, someday I will best you and you know it."

<@Cecilia> Cecilia took white, as usual. Which meant she had the opening move. "You're gonna have a run for your money."

<Fabian> "Yes, young grasshopper, I'm sure you will," Fabian sat up better, taking his move. "We'll just see. My truths will always have the chance to shock you out of your concentration, too."

<@Cecilia> "Try me," Cecilia said boldly, excited to begin this game. "I can take it and who knows? I might surprise you."

<Fabian> "I'd like to see you try." Fabian gave a cackle, setting himself up to castle in a few more moves.

<@Cecilia> Cecilia lost a pawn quickly to Fabian, per usual. "Shit...Alright then, question away!" She laughed, settling down on her side and resting her face on her hand.

<Fabian> "All right then, I'll start off easy for you, most embarrassing moment."

<@Cecilia> Cecilia turned red and laughed. "You call that easy? It's, uh, actually really embarrassing. Like not the funny kind of embarrassing..." she admitted. Well, shit. She hadn't anticipated this. Now she was sorta in a vulnerable position. "You can't tell anyone if I tell you and you can't laugh."

<Fabian> "I figure you won't have to think long and hard about it anyway." Fabian shrugged, smirking slightly as he lounged back in the bed. "Scout's honour and all that...does it count when I'm obviously not one?"

<@Cecilia> "...It doesn't matter really, I trust you," she said, looking away. "Uh...alright. I, uh...peed my pants in kindergarten 'cause I didn't really speak English all that well, despite being in America for two years...I just never really interacted with anybody who wasn't Caribbean."

<@Cecilia> "So I didn't know how to ask where the bathroom was and well..." She trailed off, turning bright red. "The teacher yelled at me and made me wear clothes from the lost and found. I was completely humiliated..."

<Fabian> "Oh that's not that bad." Fabian decided, looking slightly disappointed that it wasn't anything that juicy. "Everyone does embarrassing things of that caliber when they're little kids. Don't worry, I won't be telling anyone, though."

<@Cecilia> "Thanks..." Cecilia said quietly, making her move and taking one of Fabian's pawns. "Ha!"

<@Cecilia> "Alright, Fabi. What's your most embarrassing moment? If I don't already know it, that is."

<Fabian> "What do you think it is?" Fabian asked, smirking up at her.

<@Cecilia> "I dunno..." she said, smiling back shyly. "Uh, getting electrocuted and yelled at by two girls in public?" That was pretty embarrassing by anybody's standards, even Fabian's, Cecilia thought.

<Fabian> "Why should I be embarrassed by that? They were the ones that were acting out in a public place."

<@Cecilia> "...Because everyone probably thought you deserved it?" Cecilia tried. "God, what is it then? It's gotta be pretty bad if that's not your most embarrassing moment 'cause that's pretty bad by my standards!"

<Fabian> "I wasn't really embarrassed there. I guess I have a high tolerance." Fabian frowned thoughtfully though, trying to pick an embarrassing moment that he didn't at least think was hilarious and now shared with everyone. That was the hard part.

<Fabian> "I was around eleven or twelve, Anne-Marie had just manifested and we didn't know that I was a mutant at all yet so she was flaunting about practicing and so forth." He started after a while, finally settling on a story.

<Fabian> "Father had set me off about something earlier that day, I can't even remember what, not all that important. But we were having a dinner party that night, a lot of people were coming into town for it so it was a fairly important gathering as far as people were concerned and one of the families had a daughter I was harbouring a crush on."

<Fabian> "So once that family was there Anne-Marie could figure that out and thought that was the most hilarious thing in the world and ran off to tell Father who also thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world and went on to explain it to the family and also how Anne-Marie was a mutant and how wonderful to know that the family would be evolving on to last 'even if it wasn't with the name'."

<Fabian> Fabian rolled his eyes, laughing at his younger self. "So I basically make an ass out of myself throwing a temper tantrum that would make a three-year-old blush in shame and stomp off in a complete fit; Jacinta has to go after me and make me pull myself together and act my age, go back, and sit through dinner."

<@Cecilia> "How bad a temper tantrum? Did you throw stuff?" Cecilia asked, thinking of her rock incident "...And what was her name?"

<Fabian> "Ooooh yeah, I threw many a thing. It wasn't pretty at all." He admitted, imagining the scene. "Salma Bouchat."

<@Cecilia> "...Did she at least like you back?" Cecilia asked, wincing. She had a feeling the answer wasn't gonna be good...and that must've been humiliating if Fabian had lost his temper so badly. She never seen something remotely close from him.

<Fabian> "Oh God, she was I think seventeen at the time so that's not even what really mattered. I was mainly mad at the last part but I went off on it all."

<@Cecilia> Cecilia didn't think either thing was 'the most hilarious thing.' Actually, she thought it was sorta sweet, but she knew if she said that Fabian would get all sarcastic. "Gotta thing for older women, Fab?" She teased gently.

<@Cecilia> She was pinned, she frowned. Fabian was gonna get one of her pieces, the question was which one did she want to sacrifice? She choose the knight. "Dammit, you may as well ask, 'cause you're gonna get one of mine either way."

<Fabian> "You're right, that knight is too valuable and in too good of a spot. You should have at least made a good trap for me...and yeah, once in a while I've got to say, nothing wrong with a cougar." He teased, smirking and thinking about his question. "Who's power at school would you switch for yours?"

<@Cecilia> "I guess I can't talk...I had a crush on Lehnsherr and he's old enough to be my dad..." Cecilia admitted sheepishly. She thought a moment, "Clarice's...It's really useful. I'd travel the world with it," she admitted, a little embarrassed at this.

<Fabian> "Would you be pink as well?" Fabian asked, now trying to picture that.

<@Cecilia> "I don't want to be her," said Cecilia, churlishly. "I just wanna have a power that's useful in combat and day-to-day living."

<@Cecilia> "Jesus..."

<Fabian> "I know, I just associate the visible mutation as part of her power as well." Fabian shrugged, looking over the board. "Plus there's something to be said about a purple afro."

<@Cecilia> "Well, I'm not going to be purple, so there," Cecilia said quickly. "I like how I look...or at the very least I wouldn't want to look like anyone else. I was born this way, anything else would just be wrong."

<@Cecilia> She captured Fabian's rook, slamming the pieces down a little harder than necessary. "Alright, Fab. Who is the person you hate most in the world? As in you can't even look at them without wanting to strangle them kind of hate."

<Fabian> "Good, because I really don't think I could handle the purple afro. I'd have to have a pretty severe giggle each time I saw it." Damn, that was a lot of people. Who was at the top of that list?

<Cecilia> Cecilia began chuckling at the amount of thought going into this. "Don't like many people, huh? If it helps, it'd be a shorter list to say who I do like as well," she offered, grinning.

<Fabian> "I like plenty of people. I just hate a lot of people so much sometimes but half of the people I hate I either have to deal with so much it's just something I don't think about or they're just so dense it's hard to properly hate them...you know, like Jamie."

<Fabian> "Is it cheating to answer my Father?"

<Cecilia> "It's truth or...truth. There's no possible way to cheat unless your dishonest," Cecilia laughed. "And I don't blame you...If I were you I'd hate him too. I don't hate Jamie though, more I just want to smack him in frustration. Especially when he says I'm speaking 'latino.'" She rolled her eyes.

<Fabian> "If it makes you feel any better he decided I was speaking terrorist code." Fabian laughed as he moved forward. "Well, I suppose it's the most truthful answer I can give. I don't hate him all of the time but when I do I do so very thoroughly."

<Cecilia> Cecilia could tell she would be losing another piece in a few moves, but she put up a valiant fight anyways. "Terrorist code...please," she muttered. "The guy has about as much finesse as Inspector Gadget. If he managed to crack a terrorist ring I think I might die of shock!" She snorted at the idea of that.

<Fabian> "He could find the cannibal I bet...I mean, he'd have to be bait but he'd find him. Maybe we should just start following Jamie around?" Well, if they had no other leads why not? Fabian took the bishop in a few more moves. "Give me....a really embarrassing song you like. I'll get sheet music of it for you sometime for our practice."

<Cecilia> "I don't like the guy but I don't want him to get hurt or anything. I wouldn't wish death by cannibals on anyone..." she shuddered at that. Then thought a long moment. "Hm, I dunno if it's really embarrassing but it's sorta sappy...you know 'Walk Away Renee'? I kinda like that one," she said shyly. "That and few stupid rap songs that're kinda catchy."

<Fabian> "Oh, I don't want him dead, either...just a little nibbled possibly?" Fabian tried to sound innocent as he suggested that. "No, he doesn't even need to be nibbled, he just seemed like likely bait... never-ending supply for them."

<Fabian> He shook his head at the title of the song, though. "I'm afraid I don't know it, no."

<Cecilia> Cecilia hesitated for a moment. "Just walk a-way Renee, you won't see me follow you back ho-ome," she sang, fairly well for her. "The empty sidewalks on my block are not the sa-ame. You're not to bla-ame...~"

<Cecilia> She averted her gaze. "It would probably sound pretty good on the piano actually...It's sorta sad, but I like it."

<Fabian> As Cecilia sang Fabian set up his trap for her queen, edging his knight forward for bait. "I'll have to look for it then. My mission isn't done until it's stuck in the heads of everyone at school."

<Cecilia> Unfortunately, Cecilia had seen this move before and wasn't going to fall for the same thing twice. Instead, she began dancing around by the sides of the board, deliberately avoiding his knight and capturing a bishop instead.

<Cecilia> "Hmph, so long as you don't play 'Cecilia' I'm good," she said, knowing better than to protest. She did like that song, so there wasn't much harm there. "Okay, what's the weirdest thing you've ever said in bed? Or, if you've not said anything too strange, what's been said to you? Or y'know, both. Since I'm curious," she smirked.

<Fabian> "'Oh my God, is that goose watching us?'" Fabian, proud she didn't take the bait, simply moved the knight forward to threaten the rook and queen both. "For the record, it was."

<Cecilia> "So did you say that or your date?" Cecilia laughed. "And obviously this was in some sort of park if there were geese...how kinky, Fab." She quickly took out the threat of the knight. "What was the biggest lie you ever told?"

<Fabian> And there went the rook where the knight had been. "Check. And it was the date...I didn't really get too bothered about the goose so I didn't point it out but we still ended up having a whole conversation about it there...and if you think the park is kinky then I'm going to have to raise your bar."

<Fabian> "You know? I actually don't lie all that much. I generally just let people assume and it works out...but lets see now. I've been lying to my father about my inheritance from my grandparents ever since they died?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia spluttered. "What do you mean 'lying about your inheritance'? Did they give you everything and you just didn't tell him?! That's a pretty big lie!" She shook her head. "No, you don't," she agreed. "Actually, I'd say you're very candid, bluntly so at times. And when I'm not sure about something I can always ask. You don't exactly bother to hide much."

<Fabian> "Well, not everything. There's just some big ticket items he is trying to figure out why he hasn't been able to take possession of. The lawyers that took care of the estate keep telling him everything is sealed or handed over all ready but he is certain they're not doing their job."

<Cecilia> "Huh," Cecilia said, brow furrowing. "Must've been the favourite grandson...So what treasures did you get? If don't mind my asking," she added quickly. "Really it's not any of my business..."

<Fabian> "I don't technically own my share until I've finished university; that was one of their stipulations for both me and Anne-Marie...huh, I guess I'll probably be getting her share now, too." He pulled a face at that but shrugged it off. "They had an estate a-ways out of the city, a few vacation properties here and there."

<Cecilia> Cecilia choked a little at this, putting one of her pieces in a less than desirable position. "A few properties?!" Her eyes widened. "You say that like you're talking about the weather. That's millions of dollars, Fab! That's more money than I can even imagine and I can imagine quite a bit!"

<Cecilia> "Jesus Christ..."

<Fabian> "It's...just been their homes. I suppose I don't really think of it in terms of money...although I get a pretty hefty cut of their money as well although Father did get his portion of that, obviously."

<Cecilia> "Let's put it in perspective," Cecilia said, gesturing. "If we lost fifty bucks in my home, someone didn't eat for a few days. Most likely my parents because they didn't want me or my brother to be hungry. Fifty bucks was half the food allowance for the week."

<Cecilia> "I'm not saying this to make you feel sorry for me," she clarified. "Just...imagine. If you liquidated all of that into straight cash you could keep probably fifty families at my standard of living fed for their entire lives. And that's just for you. It's...unfathomable."

<Fabian> "You realize I know all of this all ready, yes?"

<Cecilia> "I know, I'm just having a small crisis!" She laughed nervously. "I know as well...I'm just having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around it!" She moved a piece nervously into the path of danger "...I guess I just never thought much about the money you have...It's sort of intimidating..." And you're a bad investment, said a nasty voice.

<Fabian> "If it makes you feel any better most of the estate land is rented out to a winery and the extra properties aren't anything ridiculous." He could just feel her getting weird so he took the piece. "Now, since you accused me of being kinky earlier, give me a kink you secretly want to try."

<Cecilia> It didn't really help, not only was that rich it was also classy as hell. The wine was probably vintage shit or something too. "Oh God!" She laughed, shoving her crisis away, turning red. "We haven't even...yet. I dunno!"

<Cecilia> She was fighting so hard not to flail here. "I, uh...don't think I'm that exciting...I'm not Catholic anymore but I still hold onto more than you might think..." she said, avoiding the subject.

<Fabian> "Cecilia Reyes, are you holding out on me here?"

<Cecilia> "No!" She cried. Wait...technically she was. "Well, yes! But...just...gah!"

<Fabian> "If you tell me I'll try to talk the lawyer into giving me the keys to one of the places early for summer vacation."

<Cecilia> She flopped down dramatically and threw the covers over her head. "Your money is no good here!" She cried, voice muffled under the duvet. Wait, was she being invited to stay over summer vacation?! She peeked her face out from under the covers. "Which one?"

<Fabian> "Whichever one we can fit in after the Puerto Rico trip we'd all ready thought about, I guess." He shrugged, flopping back as well. "There has to be something, anyway."

<Cecilia> She thought about it for a long while. Somehow she didn't think 'different rooms of the house' was gonna be enough. Then she got a very good idea. "The Hellfire Club," she said, not specifying anything because she didn't have a fucking clue what she was talking about. "During one of their fancy parties."

<Cecilia> "If you've not already accomplished that," she said, rolling her eyes. Stupid Hellfire debutantes and their loose moral values...

<Fabian> Fabian just looked confused as to why that would be anything she would have been interested in.

<Cecilia> And now Fabian was looking at her like she'd suggested they role play Joseph and Mary. "What?" She demanded, a little nervous. "Why're you giving me that look. You asked!"

<Fabian> "I'm just confused, seems a bit odd. I figured that was the last place you'd want to do anything."

<Cecilia> "Says the guy who did it in the park!" Cecilia said, flailing around under the duvet. "And a car! And God knows where else!"

<Fabian> "Neither of those places involve Fantasy Night at The Hellfire Club...but I suppose we can give it a go sometime."

<Cecilia> "GAH!" She exclaimed, flailing hard. "Jesus Christ NO! I just meant location! I'm not wearing some weird corset! GOD!"

<Cecilia> "I just didn't know what to say..." Cecilia said after a long while. Once she'd finally calmed down. "I didn't figure 'different rooms of the house' was gonna be exciting enough..." She frowned. "I guess I'm just boring..."

<Fabian> "Nonsense, just gives me more things to talk you into." Fabian teased, smirking as he moved to put her in check again. "I believe that might be mate."

<Cecilia> "You don't say..." Cecilia said quietly. She eyed him for a long, long moment. Seeming to weigh things in her head before pushing the board off to the edge of the bed and placing it on the floor.

<Cecilia> She stood up and quickly took her pajamas off before crawling back under the sheets and sliding close to Fabian. White made the first move in chess and so would she. She had to, since she'd been hesitant in the past she couldn't really expect Fabian to. "I dunno, should we find out?"

<Fabian> Wait. What? Fabian couldn't help but look a bit dumbfounded. He was pretty used to this being either a mutually timed thing or him starting off so this just seemed like it was soaring in from left field. There was one thing he wasn't about to do, however, and that was argue as he peeled the blankets back to join her.

<Cecilia> "You look like you just got slapped in the face!" Cecilia laughed nervously. "Did I surprise you?"

<Fabian> "You have succeeded in surprising me." He admitted with a nod, still taking it in.

<Cecilia> "What're you confused about?" She smiled shyly, kissing him. "Usually you can read me like a book...I'm surprised that I surprised you...you seriously didn't see this one coming?"

<Fabian> "One minute you're flailing about a corset, next you're naked and in our bed. I can be excused for some surprise, surely." Fabian smirked, leaning in and stealing a follow-up kiss.

<Cecilia> "Well, you put it that way..." Cecilia sighed, embracing him. "I just...today was a great day. We had a lot of fun, or I did at least. We're alone with no roommates and I just told you all that stuff and you told me and I just..."

<Cecilia> "It just reminded me...why I love you," she said quietly to his collarbone. "And life's short and so's love sometimes as I've discovered recently and I just...don't want to have this pass me by. What're we waiting for, really?"

<Cecilia> She lay her head down. "Why not?"

<Fabian> That earned a rather large grin as Fabian nodded at her question. "Why not, indeed?" He laid his head down beside hers, sliding his arms around her to pull her closer to him. "It's the perfect question, it seems."

<Cecilia> Cecilia's heart was pounding and her hands were shaking slightly, but she didn't pull away or break her gaze. "Jo ja sé el que és de lamentar. Puc dir amb seguretat que no serà un dels meus al final," she said, slightly breathless.

<Cecilia> ((Catalan: I already know what it is to regret. I can say for certain this will not be one of mine in the end.))

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