2/7 Instance: Gay doesn't come with a Manual

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2/7 Instance: Gay doesn't come with a Manual

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Feb 07, 2013 10:10 pm

timeline: before Valentine's Day

Rachel: Rachel had been digging through her half of the closet, pulling out a top, however she paused to glance around the room, gaze eventually settling on Mayday. The other girl looked just as out of place as she imagined she did in here. With a small grin, she said, "Sorry the room's so... blindingly pink."

Mayday: "Nah, nah...it's erm....", Mayday looked around, honestly struggling for a word other than 'pink', "....it's 'homey'.", she smiled wryly, 'Also, it's very pink!', she thought to herself, "So ah...she likes it 'homey', huh?"

Rachel: "Yeah..." she nodded, looking around again. While her things somewhat toned the brightness down, everything was still very, very pink. "I, um... I mentioned moving my things back into my room and ended up moving in..."

Mayday: Mayday snorted, "Even with all your stuff in here, I bet it'll still look....", she sniggered, "'Homey'."

Rachel: "Yep, and I think redecorating would be a losing battle," Rachel grinned and considered the top in her hand, holding it up for Mayday to see, "Do you think this looks formal enough?"

Mayday: "Depends what you're doing.", Mayday tapped the side of her glasses, "What are you doing?"

Rachel: "I have absolutely no idea," she answered, shaking her head, "It's some sort of Valentine's surprise date, and I was told I had to dress up."

Mayday: Adjusting her glasses, Mayday blinked, "Paige is taking you out? You...don't strike me as the kind to do that sort of thing.", she admitted, "N-not that you wouldn't look great in the right dress! Just....it's hard to imagine you like that...you know?", she shrugged, "It's hard to imagine you being gay, on the same score, but here we are!"

Rachel: "No, I totally know because... Well, I've never really been into that sort of thing. I mean, I swore I was going to wear jeans to my own wedding..." she rolled her eyes, laughing a bit. "Do you and Sue have plans?"

Mayday: "Not....as such.", Mayday scratched the back of her head, still unsure whether she wanted to talk about her relationship at the moment, "...there's some stuff going on.", she explained, for what little it explained, "No plans yet."

Rachel: "Like... Just regular stuff or other stuff?" Rachel questioned as she turned back to the closet, putting the top back. She had to have a nicer one in here somewhere...

Mayday: Mayday shrugged, though completely out of sight, "Nothing serious.", she eventually responded, believing in Jean-Paul's words. It was nothing serious. She sighed under her breath - it still felt like a lie to say it, "But no plans anyway."

Rachel: Letting the subject of her and Sue drop, Rachel commented, "Ah... I guess Paige has been planning this for at least a few weeks, which works because I hadn't even thought about doing anything." Then, she paused in her digging to turn back to Mayday, questioning, "A skirt would be fine over a dress, right?"

Mayday: "What, like a full, long dress?", Mayday pondered it, "Why would you wear a skirt over a dress? Or...d'you mean a dress top and a skirt?"

Rachel: "Dress top and skirt," Rachel answered, adding with a smirk, "She already thinks I have a terrible fashion sense, so the skirt over a dress would be hilarious as a joke."

Mayday: "After everything, I think we should go easy on the jokes.", the younger girl suggested, "And yeah, don't wear trousers. A skirt'd be a nice change - we're all about re-inventing nowadays, hey?"

Rachel: "Trust me, I already tried to make a case for wearing dress pants. It was denied," Rachel sighed as she moved to flick through some hangers, "I'll only have to wear the skirt for the night, so it shouldn't be that bad... I hope." As an afterthought, she moved to the brighter half of the shared closet, voicing her thought, "Wonder if Paige has anything I'd ever consider wearing..."

Mayday: Mayday gasped, "Hey! You can't cheat like that! You get out there and buy something!", she laughed, casting a web onto Rachel's arm and giving her a gentle tug.

Rachel: "But!" Rachel protested, turning to face Mayday again with a pout, "We already went shopping..."

Mayday: "Well, did you find a good skirt? You can't just steal your girlfriend's clothes like that.", Mayday explained, "It's like an unwritten rule or something, like 'no camping on Modern Warfare'.", she thought to herself, "You know, Cassie and I were out and I bought this top. It could easily fit you if you wanted to borrow it?"

Rachel: "I found my way into Paige's skirt," she answered with a wicked grin before really thinking that reply through, "That counts as good, right?" As for the offered top, she asked, "Maybe... What sort of top?"

Mayday: Mayday raised her hands, "It's...like this long sleeved floral netted thing. It's all 'high fashion' but kinda sexy too.", she smiled a little, thinking about Cassie and promptly ceasing to do so, "Anyway, it'd suit you. I think."

Rachel: "Hm... Maybe..." Rachel said after a few moments of consideration, "I might be able to dig up a top. I'm more concerned about the skirt..." Then, she had an idea, "Maybe I can steal a skirt from Jean."

Mayday: "Provided she doesn't yell at you.", Mayday replied to the idea, "I mean, I've heard she's kinda....self-entitled. Little bitchy. Can be a brat.", she stopped finally, "....I realize you're related and I'm sorry.", she put a finger on her lips.

Rachel: "Because she is," Rachel agreed with a shrug.

Mayday: Smiling, Mayday shrugged, "No comment as of yet, but I'll get back to you maybe.", she grinned a little wider, "Stealing clothes off her though - good way to check."

Rachel: "She's not horrible all the time, but I'm not going to be offended if you discover she's sort of a bitch," Rachel smiled back, "Considering all the smokes she's stolen from me, I'd say a skirt is a fair trade."

Mayday: "Kinda glad I don't have any siblings...", Mayday laughed, pausing at that. She...hadn't finished reading the letter from the DPS. She'd stopped on the first page, hadn't she? There was more information there. She snapped back to reality - she could read the letters any time; "Sorry, just...remembered something..."

Rachel: "I've always been glad to be an only child," she nodded, giving up on her search for clothes and plopping down on the couch. Glancing over to Mayday, she asked, "Remembered what?"

Mayday: Mayday looked at her properly, "That...I never finished the DPS documents I was sent. They er....I-I read the part about my Dad, but I haven't seen the rest yet. There...might be more.", she smiled a little, "Man, now I'm kinda scared!"

Rachel: "Oh. Well, it should still be good news, right?"

Mayday: "W-well...yeah. More family, just....it's kind of an overload with my Dad and stuff.", Mayday admitted, "...I-I was....gonna ask him to come to the parent's evening, but I don't think I will. We....w-we haven't really met yet, so..."

Rachel: "I can see how family would be overwhelming..." Rachel bit down on her lip, "Besides my dad, I'm not very close to mine."

Mayday: Shrugging again, Mayday giggled, "It'll be ok. I know my Dad's super cool, so I'm sure everyone else in my family will....be cool.", she wondered how true that was if her father lived alone.

Rachel: "I'm sure they will be," Rachel assured her with a grin, "I mean, you're super awesome, so you should fit right in."

Mayday: "Y-yeah. It'll be fiiine.", Mayday nodded, letting it go for now, "Ok. So....skirt is down. I guess you're all set, huh?"

Rachel: "I think so," she answered, looking around the room and smirking as she asked, "You want to go hang out somewhere less... homey? Like, the music room?"

Rachel: "I think so," she answered, looking around the room and smirking as she asked, "You want to go hang out somewhere less... homey? Like, the music room?"

Mayday: Mayday nodded, perhaps a little too enthusiastically, "Kinda....no offence but there's too much 'homey' in here for this spider.", she laughed, scratching her head, "Yeah, some practice'd be good."

Rachel: Rachel snickered and got to her feet, "Well, let's go before you become as immune to the homeyness as I am."

Mayday: Hopping to her feet, Mayday followed, "For what it's worth? I'm really happy for you both.", she assured Rachel, "God, to think she thought you and me? Hahaha....crazy!"

Rachel: "Thanks," she grinned over at Mayday. Someone being really happy made for a nice change, not that Bobby and Rogue weren't happy. "And, yeah, totally crazy. I mean, like that'd ever happen, right?"

Mayday: "Could you picture us? Like, really?", Mayday asked, "I mean, I'm not saying that if we met at a bar and we were single I wouldn't enjoy you buying me a drink but...", she sniggered, unable to stay serious about it all.

Rachel: "Aww, you wouldn't buy me a drink?" Rachel teased through giggling at the thought.

Mayday: Mayday scoffed, "What, 'cause I'm not good enough for you to make the first move?", she nudged Rachel, "You clearly don't get how dykes work - you're the tough one, you have to buy the first round.", she jested.

Rachel: "Oh, please," Rachel rolled her eyes, smirking, "You're tough, and I'm sure you're plenty good enough... However, I don't actually know how any of this works. I should have you teach me."

Mayday: "How can you teach someone how to love?", Mayday offered a small smile, feeling a little bad that she was probably the worst person to be answering that question, "She loves you. So be you, fuck what anyone else says."

Rachel: "I more meant things with lesbians. I don't know how any of that works," Rachel clarified with a grin, "But I can handle not giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks, whether she loves me or not."

Mayday: Mayday shook her head, "You're over-thinking it - it's so simple. Two people, gender aside, who are in love. Who cares, right?"

Rachel: "Point," she agreed, "So, it is just relationships in general that I'm not very good at... See? You should be glad you aren't stuck with me," Rachel joked.

Mayday: "Eeeh, I can think of worse fates.", Mayday assured her, sighing as she thought about Cassandra again, "Anyway - music. Go." she started down the corridor to the stairs.

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