2/7 Instance: Warning

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2/7 Instance: Warning

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:49 pm

timeline: current

Sue: Sue sat cross legged on her bed, reading one of her text books and taking notes. She'd finished her homework and was now working ahead of herself.

Johnny: Johnny had gotten off the phone and decided that forewarning Sue would likely be a good idea. Otherwise, she'd whine, and nobody wanted that. He paused at the door to knock before simply walking in, "Hey!"

Sue: Sue flailed and dropped her textbook, "Johnny! You're supposed to knock and wait! What if I'd been naked or something?!"

Johnny: "You'd turn invisible before I was scarred for life or something," he rolled his eyes and flopped across the end of her bed.

Sue: "You don't know that I would. Maybe I'd think you were May...." She closed her textbook over her notes.

Johnny: He shook his head, "I sound nothing like May."

Sue: Sue rolled her eyes, "What do you want? I assume you want something otherwise you wouldn't be here."

Johnny: "Well, I was going to deliver a warning, but I'm not sure I want to now..."

Sue: She frowned, "A warning for what?"

Johnny: His eyebrow went up, "Why should I tell you?"

Sue: "Because I'm your big sister and you love me? And because if you don't you totally just wasted energy walking all the way here."

Johnny: "I guess," Johnny relented. "You know how that parents thing is coming up?"

Sue: Sue nodded, shifting uncomfortably. She had a horrible feeling she knew where this was going.

Johnny: Johnny could tell she knew from the look on her face, but he said so anyway, "Yeah, they're kinda coming for that..."

Sue: Sue groaned and rolled to hide in her pillow. "Whyyyyyy?!"

Johnny: "Well, I might've said you'd want to see them..."

Sue: "Why would you do that?" She lifted her head enough to frown at him. "That's a complete lie. It'll be all awkward and horrible..."

Johnny: "Because you all need to sit down and talk," Johnny answered, "I'm tired of being in the middle of it."

Sue: "You're only in the middle of anything because your girlfriend put you there." She hid her face in the pillow again.

Johnny: "No, I'm in the middle of it because none of you will just sit down for a chat, and I'm stuck going between you all," he rolled his eyes, "Sure, it's her fault you aren't talking in the first place, but she's not keeping it from happening now."

Sue: "It's not going to get better, Johnny... They'd hardly just going to change their minds about it all, are they?"

Johnny: "Well, you don't know that it's not going to get better if you don't try to make it better, and they could change their minds."

Sue: "They never change their minds about anything..." she sat up a little and ran a hand through her hair, "And what if they're horrible to May?"

Johnny: "They're not going to be horrible to May on principle," Johnny replied, "I imagine they'll be polite and just be horrible to you, assuming they're horrible at all."

Sue: "I think we can assume they'll be horrible because they still won't even write to me."

Johnny: "No, they just ask me about you. It's annoying."

Sue: "Well now you know what it's like to be me. How does it feel to be the favourite?"

Johnny: "I never wanted to be the favorite. Take it back."

Sue: "I can't take it back, they won't let me have it."

Johnny: "They would if you ever actually tried talking to them."

Sue: "What would you suggest we talk about, Johnny?" she hid her face in the pillow again.

Johnny: "Um, your life in general?" Johnny shrugged, "I don't know. I can't tell you what to discuss with them."

Sue: "My life has a lot of May in it and not much else... I somehow don't think they want to hear about that."

Johnny: "Um, mine has a lot of Hope, and I still manage."

Sue: "Well that's probably because Hope's not a guy."

Johnny: "That's not the point," Johnny rolled his eyes and shifted to sit up, "They're coming, they're going to expect to see you, you have a few weeks to figure it out, so figure it out."

Sue: "Ugh... I hate you.... but thanks for the warning, I guess....."

Johnny: "No, you don't," he replied simply, getting to his feet. "You'll appreciate me more when this all works out."

Sue: "Can I disown you if it doesn't?"

Johnny: He grinned, "Not if you want to have family left."

Sue: "Ugh..." she threw her pillow at his head, "It's not like I'd notice the difference. I hardly see you..."

Johnny: Johnny ducked it and gave a shrug, still grinning as he suggested, "Try coming out of your room."

Sue: "I do leave my room! ... For classes... and food...."

Johnny: "Well, add social events to that list, and you might actually see me."

Sue: "Minus a bitchy redhead?"

Johnny: "No, because you two also need to learn how to get along," Johnny rolled his eyes, "I'm more than nice to your girlfriend, you could put a bit of effort in with mine."

Sue: "Well my girlfriend didn't ruin your life. When that happens you're allowed to use it as an argument."

Johnny: "You know, if you ever actually let that go, you might not have so many problems," he commented, picking her pillow up off the floor and placing it back on her bed.

Sue: "I'll let it go when it's not a problem anymore."

Johnny: "You'd have to stop making it a problem for that to happen."

Sue: "It's not just me. It's mum and dad..."

Johnny: "Oh, look how this circles back around to my point of talking to them while they're here..."

Sue: "I don't want to make it worse... I'm scared, okay?"

Johnny: "Well, yeah, that's reasonable," Johnny sighed, adding, "But you're just going to be constantly worried about it if you never deal with it, and you're not going to get over that fear by doing nothing. You need to find out one way or the other and deal with whatever happens."

Sue: "But I don't know what I'll do if it goes badly... I know it's not good to assume the worst but I can't help it."

Johnny: "So figure out what to do if it actually does go badly when that time comes," he shrugged, "If you keep thinking it's going to go poorly though, it probably will."

Sue: She groaned, pulling the pillow into her lap and hugging it. "How did you get to be the smart one?"

Johnny: "I've always been smart," Johnny said as he started for the door, pausing, "You want to go out? Get some tea or something?"

Sue: She looked at her textbook. She could lie and say she had homework... "I, um... okay... let me put some shoes on..."

Johnny: "Good. Now I don't want to hear about how we never do anything," he grinned, pulling the keys from his pocket, "I'm driving. I'll meet you in the garage."

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