2/9 Instance: Awkward Shrinkage

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2/9 Instance: Awkward Shrinkage

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Feb 09, 2013 9:26 pm

Timelined for evil o'clock in the morning after [Instance]Rules Of the Internet.

<@Pym> Skinny dipping was easy. Being naked and shrunk was equally exhilarating. He knew no one could see him and it made the adventure to the pool both more exciting AND more entertaining.

<@Pym> Stumbling around naked was a problem. In the exhilarating thrill of running down the halls naked, he realized he actually had clothes.

<@Pym> He had left them at the pool. Disappointed at his stupid decision (he blamed hormones, it was hard not to have them running a million miles an hour around this place), he figured no one would be up at this hour.

<@Pym> No one would notice him being naked at full size, and running at his height now? He'd get back to his room in a week. He returned to his size and began to carefully check out the halls.

<Jessica> Having woken up from yet another nightmare and unsuccessfully tried to calm herself down with a shower, Jess pulled on a robe and decided to try tea. Or hot chocolate. Or whatever the hell else she found in the kitchen. She yawned and scrubbed her face with her hands as she wandered along the hall, not really paying attention to where she was going.

<Jessica> Unfortunately this meant she rounded a corner right into Hank and let out a yelp of surprise, lifting a couple of feet from the carpet and hovering in the process.

<@Pym> "Gah!" He jumped back and tried not to scream too much louder than that. His hands quickly covered his genitals and he immediately shrunk down.

<@Pym> "I was just thinking of turning around! God damn it!" Of course, why wouldn't someone catch him at the exact moment.

<Jessica> Oh God, just the person she didn't want to talk to right now... "I... um... Hank... I need to land and I don't want to squash you...."

<@Pym> "I-... I'm naked." He shouted, hoping she could hear him. He knew she had super-hearing or some nonsense like that. Right?

<Jessica> "Well, that's lovely but I don't think being tiny is going to help you any with that.... and it's not like I've never seen a naked man before..." she rolled her eyes.

<@Pym> "You haven't seen this naked man before. And It would help me tremendously but if you'd like to land, just do so. I'm not under you."

<@Pym> He grumbled to himself about how stupidly awkward a situation this was.

<Jessica> She did land, carefully, and pulled her robe a little tighter around her. "What are you doing walking around naked anyway?"

<@Pym> "I was skinny dipping in the pool. I sorta... kinda got carried away, started running back to the room. Realized that I should maybe turn back incase someone came out here aaaand...."

<@Pym> He held his hands up. "You came out here."

<Jessica> "Right... okay... again... naked. Why? If you don't want people to see you, you should probably keep the nakedness confined to your bathroom."

<@Pym> "I-... I do mind. It's... an exhilaration thing. I didn't want to be caught skinny dipping, hence the late hour." He thought about it some more.

<@Pym> "And if I did want to be caught it was probably by a specific person. If we're being honest here."

<Jessica> "And I shall assume I'm not it?" She frowned a little, "How about if I promise not to look? Because if anyone else comes out here they're going to think I'm crazy and talking to myself."

<@Pym> He shrugged. "That could work. And yeah, no offense..." he regrew as she closed her eyes. "It's not you. Not that I wouldn't be flattered."

<@Pym> As he got larger he saw up her legs a little and realized "Whoa-hey! Are you naked under that robe?" Great minds?

<Jessica> "At least I have a robe!" She pointed out, before catching herself and lowering her voice again. "And I'm not looking at you so I'll thank you to return the favour!"

<@Pym> "Well - you already got an eyeful!" He whispered back. "Look, I'm going to go get my clothes, I'll be right back."

<@Pym> He took off down the hall, full sprint and fully nude.

<Jessica> Jess decided to follow him, "I didn't even look! I had my hands over my face!" She flew a little ahead of him, "But I can look now if it'd make you feel better."

<@Pym> "Gah!" he tried to outrun her to the room. "No!" he shouted, running faster now. I must look ridiculous! "It's cold, don't judge me! Shrinkage!"

<Jessica> She laughed, "I don't judge." She easily overtook him again, "You can't outrun me, I'd suggest you give up in case you trip and hurt yourself."

<@Pym> "You're trying to see me naked! Of course I'm trying to outrun you!" he got to the pool but did not try to hold back his speed. He felt his feet lose themselves on the wet tiles he had left behind him mere minutes before and he slid towards the water.

<@Pym> "Whoa-ah!" He reached out to grab something, pulling on her robe, and going down anyways, straight into the water with a splash.

<Jessica> Jess shrieked a little as he pulled her robe. There was no way this was going to end well. She lost the robe but remained in the air and attempted to cover herself.

<@Pym> He pulled himself out of the water with a gasp, opening his eyes wide and looking up to see Jessica completely nude floating above him. "Wha-whoa! Sorry!" He didn't pull away though. He couldn't.

<Jessica> "Give me back my robe!" She held a hand out for it, "And stop looking at me!" Damn it! She was actually blushing!

<@Pym> "I... It's sorta drenched." He stuck his hand into the water and pulled it out, lifting the now heavy cloth out to her. "And I think after you chased me into the pool, I was allowed the look."

<Jessica> Jess snatched the robe from him and landed at the poolside, wringing out the water as best she could before pulling it back on, "I didn't chase you - you ran all by yourself. And I didn't look. I have a boyfriend, you know."

<@Pym> "Yeahuh, girlfriends and boyfriends don't keep eyes in their sockets." he got out, grabbing a towel and offering one to her instead of the drenched robe.

<Jessica> She took the towel, turning her back on him to replace the robe with it. "Well this one does. I've seen enough naked men to last me a lifetime."

<@Pym> "Wish I could say the same about women." he grumbled to himself. "So, I apologize. If you think he'd hit me or something, please don't tell him. I meant no harm obviously, this is just a really bad situation."

<Jessica> "You don't wish you could say the same, trust me... and I can't tell him even if I wanted to. He's not here right now..." She ran a hand through her hair, the ends of it were wet now as well as most of the rest of her which meant she was getting very cold.

<@Pym> "Well, I guess when he gets back or whatever." He said, finally locating his own clothing after toweling off. He proceeded to put his pants on.

<Jessica> "I won't tell him... I'm sure it'll pale in comparison to whatever else you manage to do to me between now and whenever he gets back..." she headed for the door after draping her soaking robe on the back of a pool chair to drip dry. She'd fetch it in the morning.

<@Pym> He frowned. "Wa-... what is that supposed to mean?" he asked, following behind her and taking his shirt and socks with him.

<Jessica> "What do you think? So far, every time I've spoken to you for any length of time, something bad has happened to me."

<@Pym> "What! That's not-..." he thought about it. "Okay, that's true maybe... but it's not my fault!"

<Jessica> "It doesn't matter. It still happened. And it is your fault I'm up at this godforsaken hour of the night, for that matter." She stopped and turned to face him, holding the towel up with one hand.

<@Pym> "... I don't know if I can agree with that point." He said, cautiously.

<Jessica> "Well you should because it's true. Ever since that stuff in the Danger Room I haven't had a single night of undisturbed sleep. My grades are suffering, I'm having to call in sick to work and that's all on you."

<@Pym> ".... I had no idea, I'm sorry. Look, I'm going to go, I'll leave you alone. I am sorry about the nightmares, I don't know what I can do to try to make it better but..."

<@Pym> "If you come up with a way for me to do it, let me know." he waved to her meekly and headed to his room.

<Jessica> Jess didn't know of a way to make it better but.... "I will... you could start with promising to never shrink me down..."

<@Pym> "I promise..." he said to her. "I don't think I'm ever going to touch that stuff ever again, either so... don't worry."

<Jessica> She nodded, "Okay... thank you..." she looked between the way to her room and the way to the kitchen. She should probably put something on before she went downstairs again. With a sigh, she headed back towards her room.

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