2/10 Instance: Ok, This Might be a Thing

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2/10 Instance: Ok, This Might be a Thing

Post by Ferguson » Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:57 am

Timelined a few hours after It's Not Even A Thing

<@Mayday> Mayday sighed, stretching her arms out and putting her hands behind her back. Until she was out, she didn't realize how uncomfortable it was to be wearing her uniform underneath her regular clothing.

<@Mayday> "You know, Eddie has this so much easier...", she grumbled, itching the back of her neck before adjusting her small backpack, "I mean seriously! He IS his armor!", she poked her stomach through her hoodie, "I feel like I look fat - do I look fat?"

<Cecilia> "So am I," Cecilia remarked, amused. "I don't actually need a bullet and stab proof uniform, but it never hurts to have extra coverage. Never know when you're gonna run into a mutant that has a disruption power or a power dampening field."

<Cecilia> She snorted loudly at Mayday's next question. "Have you seen my ass lately? No, you're not. You're like a fucking willow and don't ever ask Fabian that. You're gonna get the biggest what-the-fuck look if you do."

<@Mayday> "I said I feel fat.", Mayday smiled, "I know I'm not fat. I'm cute and tiny.", she hopped a little on her toes, "Like a stick.....ugh, I should put weight on, huh?", she laughed nervously, stopping at the crossing and pressing the button to wait.

<Cecilia> "I think you're fine the way you are," Cecilia said honestly. "Everybody is exactly the way they're supposed to be. I never got people who tried so hard to change things they couldn't really change. Y'know a lotta girls where I come from straighten their hair?" She shook her head as the 'walk' sign came up.

<Cecilia> "It's like, learn to love yourself, right?" Cecilia continued as they began to cross. "Or at least think you're okay. 'Cause really, if you don't like yourself who the fuck will?"

<@Mayday> Mayday shrugged in reply, hands back at her sides, "In my case? Two other women.", she smiled a little, waving two fingers at Cecilia, "It's ok to joke about it....I-I think. At this point I'm over b-....", her eyes widened as she looked past Cecilia, "Uhm....c-car??",

<@Mayday> Though still a ways off, the car didn't show any indication of slowing down for the masses of people still crossing, most of which were oblivious to it.

<Cecilia> "Jesus Christ..." Cecilia muttered, stopping where she was at the median strip, watching as the car continued on its steady path towards the red light...and the pedestrians, only some of whom had the sense to run. "Fuck, he's not stopping!" She barked throwing a shield in front of those in the path of the car.

<Cecilia> The crowd gasped as the car flew towards a group of pedestrians, only to smash into a translucent field a second later, crumpling the front of the car and cracking the wind-shield.

<Cecilia> Cecilia gasped. "Ow...fuck. Okay...shit, I didn't...I didn't think that one through..." With some difficulty, she stumbled off the median and went to help the guy in the car.

<@Mayday> A few moments passed before Mayday returned. She hung down on a web, upside down, masked, with her hoodie absent along with her bag. She was clad in her X-er gear save for the boots, where she was still wearing her red Converse All-stars.

<@Mayday> "....heh. Erm...Spider-Sense kinda....I jumped really high.", she looked up at the lamp-post she was hanging from, where her hoodie and bag were dangling, "...a-and I changed real quick. Erm...", she laughed nervously, "Everyone ok?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia yanked at the door of the car, but couldn't open it. She peered inside, from what she could tell there was only a driver and he appeared to be unconscious. "Shit, here goes nothing."

<Cecilia> Slowly and carefully, she peeled back the crushed metal with a forcefield jaws of life and began to check on the driver. "Still breathing," she muttered, checking his pulse. "Heart's still beating..."

<@Mayday> Hopping down, Mayday approached the same side of the car, "Well, don't I feel redundant(!)", she joked. Behind her mask she felt a lot easier doing so. She motioned Cecilia aside, using both arms to force the crumpled dashboard aside and lift the crash victim free of the wreckage.

<Cecilia> "Well, you're already doing more than I can!" Cecilia laughed weakly, doubled over slightly. "Proportionate strength has it's benefits."

<Cecilia> Cecilia eyed the crowd around them nervously, people were whispering all around and pointing at them. So it was clear they'd caught on that they were both mutants...but Cecilia wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing. "Uh...is anyone calling 9-1-1?!" She demanded.

<@Mayday> "So, lemme guess...", Mayday started, resting the crash victim a little way away from the written-off car and sitting him up, beckoning Cecilia with a hand, "...late for work? Or just mad that the Giants lost the last game?"

<Cecilia> "Or he's just a fucking moron," Cecilia suggested, sitting down on the curb "...You're pretty funny with the mask on..." she observed. It was almost like a personality shift, really.

<@Mayday> Mayday shrugged, "I'm all 'Spectacular', all the time.", she laughed a little, nudging the crash victim to keep him awake, "Hey, what's your name anyway?"

<@Mayday> He stirred a little, looking both tired and embarrassed, "...'s Damien.", he answered, eyes glazed, "H-hey, you're Venom, right?"

<@Mayday> Sighing, Mayday cocked her head to one side comically, looking between Cecilia and 'Damien', "Yeah. 'Cause I'm a man dressed in a skin-tight gimp-suit(!)", she sighed, "You hit your head hard, 'Damien'?"

<Cecilia> "Wrong X-Man, asshole," Cecilia said to 'Damien.' "And good job coming to a full and complete stop there, too! If I hadn't put that shield up you'd be serving time for vehicular manslaughter, so you're welcome!"

<@Mayday> "Hey, seriously, buddy...", Mayday put her hand on the side of his face, checking his eyes, "...listen, have you taken anything? Even if it's just pain meds, I need to know. You....look kinda out of it..."

<@Mayday> Mumbling a reply, Damien shrugged, "...'snothing too bad."

<Cecilia> Cecilia reached into one of the pouches on her belt and pulled out a small reflective blanket, draping it over Damien. "For shock..." she explained to Mayday. She could hear sirens in the distance. "What did you take?" She demanded to Damien. "Don't fall asleep on me."

<@Mayday> "Some....some kid was selling these pills, said they were better than anythin' else.", Damien explained, "I took a couple to get through a rough shift at work, been so full o' energy since."

<@Mayday> People were already starting to take pictures. Mayday stood, folding her arms, "Sounds like you botched it, bro - unless the dealer was carrying a PhD, of course...", she shrugged, "Still, add me on Twitter and lemme know if that floats in court, eh(?)"

<Cecilia> "What part of 'do not take heavy medication and operate heavy machinery' is so difficult to understand?" Cecilia demanded. "Nice going, jackass."

<Cecilia> She looked up as an ambulance came and paramedics spilled out of the back. "There we go! Finally!"

<@Mayday> Mayday stepped back, letting the paramedics do their job. They assured her they'd take care of it and thanked her in a few words as she backed away a little bit, approaching the crowds to get them back.

<@Mayday> "Alright, can you guys step back please? Come on, it's New York, it's not like this doesn't happen on an hourly basis(!)", she sniggered, caught aback by a small crowd all but leaping to her side.

<@Mayday> "Hey, y-you're the Spider-Girl, right!?", one of the girls asked her, "Oh, my God, you're so amazing! Can you shoot a web? Pleeease!?"

<@Mayday> Cringing behind her mask, Mayday backed away a little, "Uhm...I-I guess so?", she did as she was asked, casting a web onto a nearby lamp-post which was immediately being touched by most of the group, "....what in the blue hell??"

<Cecilia> "Mayday..." Cecilia started, grabbing her friend's arm. "I think maybe we should go..." This was starting to remind her uncomfortably of another crowd she'd run into. Not to mention some of the faces were less than impressed than the ones touching the web.

<Cecilia> There was fear in some, shock in others...but some...some looked downright murderous. Like the Westboro Baptist Church on fucking crack and this was directed at them. "Apocalypse did a lot of shit here...I don't know how welcome mutants are anymore..."

<@Mayday> "Hey! Ea-sen-ey on the nam-el-way!", the masked redhead shook herself free, "In case you don't speek pre-school? That's 'I'm the freakin' Spider-Girl'!", she whispered enthusiastically, "And come on: I helped with the Apocalypse stuff! I saved lives with an improvised flame-thrower!",

<@Mayday> Varying requests were flying from the crowd, to which she decided to respond - a few little poses hardly hurt, after all, "Relaaaaax, Facade...", she shot her friend a little salute.

<Cecilia> "If you say so...." Cecilia didn't want attention, especially when most of the negative attention seemed to be focused on her, but that might've been because she was the one who'd crashed the car. That and she wasn't the most visibly known X-Men.

<Cecilia> She wasn't going to leave her friend in a large mob though, so she just stood here awkwardly, watching people take pictures of Mayday- The Amazing Spider-Girl. All the while watching a group of young men in their early twenties glaring angrily at them.

<@Mayday> Mayday laughed nervously as a bunch of people tried to get into group photos with her, one of them even enthusiastically rubbing her shot bracelet, "H-hey! Don't touch that!", she pulled it away, "If it had a dart in it, you could have your eye out!"

<Cecilia> Alright that was it. "Hey!" She said, flickering a few shields around the crowd. "Back off! Jesus Christ...Mayday, can we please go? These people are freaking me out and I'm getting some really bad vibes from some guys over there. I've already had problems with this earlier in the week. I don't need them now!"

<@Mayday> One of the surrounding members of the crowd managed to tear off a strip of Mayday's uniform, leaving a patch of her skin on her arm visible, "Aaah!", she gasped, backing away, "Ok, I'm outta here 'cause you people? Are screwy as hell!", she threw an arm around Cecilia, casting a web into the air and swinging them upwards and away.

<@Mayday> Once high enough, Mayday took them to a nearby rooftop, leaving Cecilia standing before casting a web down to lift her bag and hoodie away from the crowd who were now seemingly obsessed with stealing them from the lamp-post, "What the hell was all that about!?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia yelped as she suddenly found herself grabbed and swung high above the buildings on a web. "GODDAMMIT THAT'S THE SECOND TIME!"

<Cecilia> She scowled the entire time Mayday was off retrieving her things from the psycho crowd and scowled even more as Mayday asked her what that was all about. "I dunno...seems mutants are suddenly the new black to perverts," she shrugged.

<Cecilia> "Did I tell you what happened to me at the mall?"

<@Mayday> Pulling off her mask, Mayday shook her head, "Noooo....what happened?", she sat down on a ventilation shaft running the length of the rooftop, "Same?"

<Cecilia> "Close to it," she admitted. "A couple days ago I was at the mall with JP, Mel, Lukas and Ed. While we were there this group of...mutant fetishists, basically cornered us in a store and just...stared at us..."

<Cecilia> Cecilia shivered. "It was just fucking weird...We all thought we were gonna get, I dunno, fetish raped or something! The only reason I even got any of my shopping done is because Lukas offered to stay with me and JP tagged along because I think he was too scared to go to the parking lot alone!"

<@Mayday> "Woah...ok, there's fandom and then there's....", Mayday waved a gloved hand in the direction of the streets below, "Whatever that was.", she sighed, scratching her head, "Man....it's just been a week of this crap.", she rubbed her arm where the fabric of her red and black costume had torn, feeling rather unsafe in it.

<@Mayday> "I should have some kinda....I dunno 'Spider Armor' or something...", she frowned.

<Cecilia> "I dunno, it's been a pretty nice week for me, except for weird mutant fetishists!" Cecilia laughed nervously. "That's...yeah, that's just wrong though. What's wrong with people? They either want to eat us or fuck us...God, make up your goddamn minds!"

<@Mayday> Mayday blushed a little, "Uhm....w-what er...", she grimaced at the question in her head, "Cee, changing the subject here - what erm.....what was it like?"

<Cecilia> "What being cornered in the mall? Uh, sorta claustrophobic and a little weird but I knew I was safe for the most part, I had friends with me and we just sorta banded together...why?" She asked.

<@Mayday> "Oh, Jesus...not that!", Mayday groaned, blushing harder, "I-I mean....I-I was curious about....w-what it's like to....", she waved her hand in a circular motion.

<Cecilia> "Oh...OH!" She said, turning red. "Uh...Jesus, I dunno." Cecilia stood up, pacing awkwardly. "What's it like to be with a woman?"

<Cecilia> "I can't...you just have to live it," she said. "I can describe it-" though she really didn't want to "-but it's not...that wouldn't do it justice."

<@Mayday> Shrugging, Mayday scratched her head awkwardly, "W-well it's....w-with a girl it's...really intimate. L-like...I-I guess there's lots of cuddling and....", she was rapidly turning as red as her ruby costume, "I-I don't know how to explain. I-I guess you use your hands and stuff more?", she looked up at Cecilia, "I-I imagine..."

<Cecilia> Cecilia wanted to run flailing, but she was on top of a building and she didn't want to face the crowds alone. "...That was a rhetorical question."

<Cecilia> "From what I gather it's not that different..." Cecilia said, red-faced, "Just...with a guy...I'm sorry but I really can't do this. I'm much more Catholic than even I like to admit at times! Why are you even asking anyways?!" Cecilia asked, flailing.

<Cecilia> "...Oh my God...you're not doting on Ankka or something too right?!" She flailed even harder. Just what she needed. More romantic fuck ups.

<@Mayday> "H-hey!", Mayday's nervous, though happy demeanour turned sour at the mention, "I-I was just curious about one thing, geez!", she stood up, looking patronized - and non the merrier for it - "Talk about 'too soon', Cecilia...."

<Cecilia> "Sorry!" She cried, cringing. "Look I just...I'm not entirely comfortable with the subject. I find the whole thing very personal and well, I should actually feel pretty damn guilty about it. It's actually a sin in my religion to...y'know before you're married...but I don't feel bad about it. I didn't even care!" She shrugged. "Probably that makes me a bad person..."

<@Mayday> Mayday sighed, "No...just forget I asked.", she rubbed her forehead, "Today's...been a weird day.", she frowned again, "I'm not mad, just....it sounded like you were making fun."

<Cecilia> "This isn't the first time you've asked," Cecilia noted, sitting down on a ventilation shaft. "...Why the interest?"

<Cecilia> "Just 'cause girls are causing you drama doesn't mean guys are a picnic, either."

<@Mayday> "I dunno....", Mayday confessed, stretching a little, "...I guess....I wonder if the grass is greener.", she smiled wryly over her shoulder, "You ever wonder that? W-well, probably not, you and Fabsy are pretty perfect."

<Cecilia> Cecilia just stared at Mayday for a long moment before bursting into hysterical laughter, falling off the ventilation shaft and onto the snowy tarmac of the roof. "Oh, ow...Jesus Christ!" She snorted. "We're not perfect! Not even close! Where the hell did you get that idea?!"

<Cecilia> "We fight, Mayday. Last semester we royally pissed one another off, multiple times. We have awkward moments, misunderstandings. Troubles with both our families." Oh yeah, BIG troubles. "We're both moody and occasionally sour around each other. We're not perfect, but no relationship is."

<@Mayday> "Oh.", Mayday shrugged a little bit, "Sorry, I....would you believe I thought relationships that worked never had fights? I guess someone like me wouldn't know though...", she paced about a little, "I don't have a lot of experience with people..."

<@Mayday> She stretched, "I just hope you and JP are right about my thing with Sue.", she smiled, "Thanks, Cee."

<Cecilia> "Why wouldn't you?" Cecilia asked, raising an eyebrow. "You had nothing to base an opinion on. I had parents, May. Who were quite in love...but even they fought. They argued bitterly about a lot of things. Money, my brother and I..."

<Cecilia> "Love's...not enough," Cecilia admitted. "It matters...but what matters more is that you respect the person. If you can't respect them then it'll never work, you can't love someone you can't respect." She smiled, "You're very welcome and time will tell if we're right, won't it?"

<@Mayday> "Ominous.", Mayday nodded, "But you're right.", she took a deep breath, peeking over the side of the building at the crowd rapidly disappearing, "So, shall we make our dramatic escape? I think that's enough excitement for one day."

<Cecilia> "Oh please," Cecilia laughed, slinging an arm around Mayday. "It makes you feel alive and you know it. Why else do we keep putting ourselves in risky situations and love dangerous people?"

<@Mayday> Mayday laughed, "I think if anyone knew the answer to that, the world'd make a lot more sense.", she threw her mask back on, webbing her affects to herself and sorting them into a carry-possible state before putting an arm around her friend, "Shall we?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia tensed a little, knowing that the drop was coming. "Unless you wanna wander around for ages trying to find an elevator..." she said wryly. "Let's do it."

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