2/10 Instance: Patience

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2/10 Instance: Patience

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:02 am

timeline: Valentine's Day

Paige: Paige smoothed her dress as she captured Rachel's arm. They left the theater where they had just seen Swan Lake, and Paige was still excited about it. "Oh the costumes were just fantastic!"

Rachel: Rachel still wasn't sure about the skirt she'd settled on, and she was even less sure on her feelings about ballet. On the other hand, it was nice to see Paige so happy about it, so she easily managed a grin as she looked over to her, "It was nice... Different. Never been to a show before."

Paige: "I know it wasn't exactly your thing, but I already had the tickets. And it was fun! You had to like some of it at least... we'll have to come see the Nutcracker for Christmas!"

Rachel: "I never said I didn't like it, and it was fun," she assured her, glancing around as she added, "Though, everything with you is usually fun."

Paige: "Ohhh you're just being sweet." Paige squeezed Rachel's captured hand and walked with her toward the restaurant.

Rachel: "Pfft, I always am," Rachel didn't quite manage to keep a straight face.

Paige: "You arrrrrrre!" Page giggled at her, smiling up at Rachel. "Incredibly sweet."

Rachel: She made a slight face, "Sometimes."

Paige: "When are you ever not sweet to me?" Paige grinned a bit more.

Rachel: "Mornings," she answered automatically.

Paige: "I never see you in the morning. I kiss you and bolt!"

Rachel: Rachel nodded, "Because you're smart."

Paige: "Not often I get called smart! This is a great Valentine's Day after all!"

Rachel: She looked over to her, feigning an offended expression, "It wasn't great already?"

Paige: "It was good." Paige wrinkled her nose at her. "But I'm hoping the best part is when we get home."

Rachel: Whatever comment she'd had to things simply being good died once the latter half had processed, and Rachel blinked over at her a few times as she debated whether she'd actually heard correctly. Rachel shot her a slight smirk, finding her voice again, "Been planning that part too?"

Paige: Face blushing in a dark shade of pink, Paige stole a kiss from Rachel. "Yes."

Rachel: After the kiss, Rachel considered that as they made their way down the sidewalk, as it wasn't exactly the answer she'd been expecting. "...Can we go home now?"

Paige: "Well.. we can... but I'm hungry..." Paige pouted at her a bit.

Rachel: She eyed her, considering the pout for a bit before deciding it won out over her desire to know what Paige had planned. She sighed, "I can wait."

Paige: "Not too long. But we didn't get all dressed up for nothing. I wanted tonight to be special!" Paige pulled her into a restaurant, going to give the hostess her name.

Rachel: Rachel glanced around the restaurant she'd been dragged into and then down at herself, brushing some hair from her face, commenting once Paige was finished with the hostess, "Well, I don't get all dressed up for things that aren't special..."

Paige: "You should more often. You look amazing." Paige smiled softly at her, keeping her hand as they moved through the restaurant to their seat.

Rachel: With a grin, she leaned to kiss her cheek before releasing her hand to take a seat. "I don't have the clothes to dress like this more often, and I miss pants already."

Paige: "You can wear any of the things in my closet. Maybe we can try some leggings under a dress. Then you'll feel like you are in pants!" Paige took her seat with a giggle.

Rachel: "I briefly looked through your side of the closet. It was far more terrifying than mine," Rachel teased, adding more seriously, "Though, I'd be fine with another shopping trip..."

Paige: "Oooo I love shopping!" Paige glanced through the menu.

Rachel: Shaking her head, Rachel simply reached for her own menu with a grin.

Paige: "Mmmmm everything sounds so delicious here." She was going to have difficulty deciding.

Rachel: As she glanced the menu over, she was beginning to think she was going to have the same problem. Plus, the prices made her die a little inside. "Yeah..."

Paige: Finally deciding, Paige set her menu down to take a sip of water, reaching for Rachel's hand. "Hey... Happy Valentine's Day."

Rachel: After using eeny, meeny, miny, moe to decide on her food, Rachel set her own menu aside and glanced across the table to Paige when her hand was caught, giving it a small squeeze, "Happy Valentine's Day to you too."

Paige: After a peaceful meal, Paige paid for dinner and held her hand out for Rachel's hand. "Shall we head home?"

Rachel: Rachel had spent the majority of dinner stealing glances at Paige and nodded at the offer to go home, reaching to retake her hand, "If you want."

Paige: "Well, is there something else you would like to do or somewhere you would like to go?" Paige swung their hands just a bit as they walked.

Rachel: "If you're not freezing, we could walk for a bit, if you wanted..." she suggested since it wasn't like she went out much. Plus, it was more time with Paige.

Paige: "I'm ok for a little bit I think. Oh oh oh, I've always wanted to do a carriage ride through Central Park. Can we?!"

Rachel: "Whatever you want," Rachel answered as she started in the direction of the park.

Paige: "Hooray!" Paige squeezed Rachel's hand and snuggled up, oblivious to the clouds looming overhead.

Rachel: Rachel had been just as oblivious to the clouds until it was pouring freezing rain on them, causing her to mutter various curses. Shooting Paige a flat look, she asked, "Rain check on the carriage ride?"

Paige: "Yeeeeees... my haaaaaaaaair!" Paige's hands were over her head in a desperate attempt to save her hairstyle.

Rachel: "I knoooow," she agreed with that sentiment, however she'd given up on trying to save her hair and was trying to keep it from being plastered to her face.

Paige: "Flag down a cab! Flag down a cab!"

Rachel: Sighing heavily, Rachel leaned to steal a kiss before going to do just that because this was ridiculous... Though, she hadn't bothered to check the weather today...

Paige: "It wasn't supposed to raaaaaaaaaain on Valentine's daaaaaaaaaay!" Paige could feel herself starting to cry. This was horrible!

Rachel: "It could be worse," Rachel decided as she pulled Paige into the cab, giving the driver the address, "I mean, there could be some sort of apocalypic disaster happening..." Though, she still wasn't pleased about being soaked either.

Paige: "This is a disaster! Look at meeee!" Paige glanced over at Rachel, then changed her mind. "No don't!"

Rachel: Crossing her legs, she settled in the seat and glanced over at Paige, making the roll of her eyes as noticeable as possible while insisting, "You still look incredibly awesome."

Paige: "You have to say that." Paige sniffled at her.

Rachel: Rachel raised an eyebrow, giving her an incredulous look, "You think I wouldn't tell you if you looked like crap?"

Paige: "Course you wouldn't." Paige stuck her tongue out at her.

Rachel: "Well... Probably not," she admitted, "You'd cry, and I'd just feel bad."

Paige: "Seeeeee..." Paige's eyes watered. "I look terrible!"

Rachel: Trying not to look overly bemused as she considered her, Rachel leaned over to kiss her cheek before tilting her head to murmur in her ear, hesitating slightly as she searched for the words, "Being rained on doesn't change the fact I got all dressed up for you, or that you proved me wrong on thinking ballet could ever be fun, or that I probably spent more time staring at you than I did eating dinner."

Rachel: None of these things were usually stuff she'd admit, but if it'd keep Paige from crying… "I wanted to go on a walk because I wasn't really ready for tonight to end, and now I'm sure I look far worse than you do… But I'd say it gives me even more of a reason to undress you when we get home, assuming that's what your plans were."

Rachel: Sitting back in her seat, she gave a shrug, "Also, I can never say you look like crap because I never think you do, whether you've been rained on or not."

Paige: Paige shivered at the breath on her ear, smiling slightly as she listened and took in Rachel's words. She gave a slight sigh as some tension left her. Brushing her hair out of her face a bit, Paige rested her head against Rachel's shoulder. "I wasn't ready for the night to end either, but we do agree on how it should. And I never think you look like crap either. You're gorgeous."

Rachel: Rachel pressed a kiss to her forehead, smirking slightly, "No, you just think my clothes look like crap."

Paige: "Sweetie... you think plaid pants are acceptable to wear... in public."

Rachel: "Because they are."

Paige: "Oh sweetie... you have so much to lean." Paige stole a soft kiss from her.

Rachel: Rachel rolled her eyes, "Oh, and you don't?"

Paige: "What else is there for me to learn? I already teach fashion design." Paige snuggled into Rachel, trying to keep warm.

Rachel: She slipped an arm around Paige's shoulders, "Well, you clearly know nothing about punk because otherwise you would see how awesome plaid pants are."

Paige: "I know nothing about punk," Paige admitted trailing her fingers lightly over Rachel's knee.

Rachel: "I can fix that," Rachel breathed, "Gives me an excuse to make you listen to all sorts of music since I went to see Swan Lake for you."

Paige: "But... but... isn't it like... evil music?"

Rachel: Rachel blinked a few times before answering, "...No," she shook her head as well, "It's awesome music."

Paige: "Are you suuuuure it's not evil?" Paige nuzzled Rachel's cheek.

Rachel: "Well, it's what I usually listen to, and I... turned out..." Rachel decided it was just better if she just stopped there.

Paige: Which caused Paige to just giggle at her. "You're amazing, you know that?"

Rachel: "Amazing wasn't exactly the word I would've used," she answered with a grin, "But I guess I can, maybe, accept that."

Paige: "I would hope so. It is very fitting for you!" Paige smiled contently, lightly running her finger over Rachel's knee again.

Rachel: "According to you," Rachel said as she reached up to attempt fixing her hair. It'd be fantastic if it wasn't dripping down the back of her neck, but she didn't foresee that happening anytime soon. She glanced between Paige's hand and face, debating whether she was supposed to say something about that. She settled on, "Your fingers are cold."

Paige: "Sorry!" Paige jerked her hand back and moved it to her own body.

Rachel: Rachel rolled her eyes again, trying not to laugh, "I didn't say stop."

Paige: "But... it's cold..." Paige gave Rachel a puzzled look.

Rachel: "So much to learn," she sighed at her.

Paige: "Don't be exasperated with meeee... did I use that word right?"

Rachel: "Yep," Rachel answered, leaning in for a kiss as she reached to place Paige's hand back on her leg.

Paige: Paige smiled as she returned the kiss, moving her fingers over Rachel's leg once more.

Rachel: Turning in her seat to better face her, Rachel deepened the kiss and released Paige's hand in favor of running it her side. Then, she remembered where they were and pulled away slightly, sighing.

Paige: Face flushed, Paige glanced away, also aware of where they were. "So um... yeah... dinner was great...."

Rachel: Laughing, she rested her head on Paige's shoulder and managed to resist telling her how lame that sounded. "Everything was great."

Paige: Paige rested her head atop Rachel's and snuggled her gently. "I completely agree but because of who I was with."

Rachel: "Well, all I had to do was show up and look nice," Rachel grinned.

Paige: "You always do that... even though you have questionable taste in clothing."

Rachel: She sucked in a breath at that, teasing, "I'm starting to think I like you more when you aren't speaking."

Paige: "Hey!" Paige shoved her with a pout.

Rachel: Snickering, she added, "See? It's so great when you aren't making fun of my choices in clothes."

Paige: Paige pouted a bit more. "But I don't have anything else to tease you about..." and her clothes were terrible.

Rachel: "I heard that!" Rachel exclaimed, giving her a small shove of her own as she added, "I guess you'll have to figure something else out."

Paige: "Well that's what you get for reading my mind. Try reading it now." Paige thought hard about what she wanted to do when they got home.

Rachel: "I... Um..." she started, trailing off as she bit down on her lip and eyed Paige, glancing her over. As she sucked in a breath, she shifted slightly in her seat and cursed the fact they were still in the cab because she wasn't sure she had the patience.

Paige: Paige giggled at her and snuggled up. "We'll be home soon, sweetie."

Rachel: Heaving a sigh, she muttered, "Not soon enough."

Paige: With another giggle, Paige smiled and took Rachel's hand. "I promise. You won't have to wait as soon as we're home."

Rachel: "Well, I imagine we should make it to the bedroom..." Rachel shot her a smirk, "Though, I doubt there'd be many complaints."

Paige: "I might complaaaain. I don't want people to seeee!" Her face flushed again.

Rachel: "Then, I suppose we should a little longer than as soon as we're home."

Paige: "Oh you knoooooooow what I meant Raaaaachie!"

Rachel: She simply shot her a grin as well as a few thoughts of her own, seeing as that was as good as it was going to get until they made it back. Plus, Paige's face was likely to get redder, and that was just a constant challenge now.

Paige: Instantly her face lit up red at the thoughts. Paige buried her face into Rachel to hide it.

Rachel: Rachel was grinning widely at this point and repeated in a mumble, "So, so much to learn..."

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