2/11 Instance: The Finnish Patient

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2/11 Instance: The Finnish Patient

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:42 am

timeline: after She Loves Me Not

<Cecilia> Cecilia sighed as she trudged down the stairs towards the rec room, homework in hand and a trashcan in the other. Mayday was out like a light in her room upstairs, but unfortunately deep sleep had also come with some snoring and try as she might she just couldn't concentrate with that racket.
<Cecilia> So, she'd decided to go back downstairs to try and get some work done and while she was there clean up some of the many wine bottles Mayday has left behind. It seemed the right thing to do...
<LadyLukas> In the rec room, Lukas lay sprawled out on the couch in female form. She had her legs stretched out and crossed at the ankle and had managed to find a bottle of wine that was still half full. Taking it upon herself, she decided to finish it off.
<Cecilia> Cecilia blinked at the new girl lounging on the sofa. She hadn't been told about any new students, but it was possible she'd just missed the memo. "Huh, I was gonna clean this up myself, but it looks like you beat me to it," she said, grinning in a way she hoped appeared amiable.
<Cecilia> She didn't have a shitload of friends, it couldn't hurt to be nice to a new student after all. "I don't think we've met," she said, throwing empty bottles into the bin after she'd set aside her mutant physio homework. "I'm Cecilia."
<LadyLukas> Lukas looked up at Cecilia and raised the bottle in greeting. Then one eyebrow slid up as she quirked an eyebrow at her. She smirked and laughed ", well gee, it's really nice to meet you. My name? My name is Lukas Laufeyson."
<Cecilia> "Wait... what?" Cecilia gave the new girl a really strange look. What the fuck did she-? Then realization hit her like a lightning strike. "OH JESUS IT'S LUKAS!" She almost screamed, leaping back and dropping the bin on the floor with a terrific crash.
<Cecilia> She stepped back, panting. "Uh...err...sorry," she said, face burning with embarrassment. Great, now she looked like a fucking idiot!
<LadyLukas> Laughing, Lukas winked at her and took a swig of her bottle. She sighed and stretched out ", so....you've never seen my luscious lady curves?"
<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned, mostly recovered. "Obviously not," she said, bending over and collecting her dropped bottles. "I mean, I did know you had a female form. But Ankka kept you pretty close after the whole Traskland shit, plus I was busy recovering in the medlab with a lacerated head and bruised kidneys at the time."
<Cecilia> "And you didn't use that trick out in the woods..." she smirked, teasingly. Recovering quickly, especially now that she was taking in the implications of this. "...Are you fertile in that form? I mean, can you have babies like a normal woman?" She asked, peering at him curiously.
<Cecilia> Or rather, her.
<LadyLukas> Sitting up, Lukas sighed. She got these kinds of questions a lot around the science-y types. "Yes, I am fertile. While I was brainwashed I experienced a menstrual cycle just like a real woman. I'm a shapeshifter, I become whatever I shift into, no matter the gender."
<Cecilia> "Wow," Cecilia said, kneeling down, awestruck. "This is so awesome!" She geeked, grinning widely. "You're a scientific wonder did you know that?" A thought struck her. "Do you think it'd be possible to impregnate yourself? I think you might be the only person in the world that can actually give birth to yourself! Genetically speaking of course!"
<Cecilia> "I'm sorry," she said, cringing a little at the sigh. "That was...insensitive of me. I'm not trying to insult you or weird you out...it's just I find physical mutations fascinating. Particularly shapeshifting and healing factors...if you want me to shut up though just say the word."
<Cecilia> "God knows Fabian's probably gonna implode if I wax on about his nervous system one more time," she chuckled, a little disappointed that this opportunity might pass her by.
<LadyLukas> The second eyebrow slowly slid up to join the first. Many things about that sentence were confusing ", you....you do realize that my mutation is probably a lot simpler than yours, yes? Well...this particular mutation. And frankly aren't we all scientific wonders?" Not that she wasn't flattered, because really, but still ", no, no it's fine. Usually in this form the first thing people say isn't 'your mutation is amazing' but rather 'your tits are amazing.'Nice change of pace even if my tits are amazing."
<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded. "I do, actually. I wanna be a doctor so I'm sorta well-versed in these things. And most people's mutations are simpler than mine. Have you ever tried to write a paper explaining force fields that appear on thought and are directly related to your energy levels? What is that even- a form of telekinesis?" She laughed. "Best I could come up with anyways."
<Cecilia> She frowned at the 'tits' comment. "Fuckers...no, actually I was worried you'd think I was only seeing the mutation. Not you. I do actually think of you as a person, I'm not just talking to you now because of it," she clarified.
<LadyLukas> "I actually quite like the attention to my tits. Side affect of being a shapeshifter, I think. Fluid sexuality as well. But as for science-y things, ask away. I am as of this moment a fully functioning woman."
<Cecilia> "Well...it is nice to be appreciated, I guess," Cecilia said, reddening a little. Though not really in that way, in her opinion. "Really? Thanks Lukas!" She smiled, flopping onto the couch, but keeping a certain amount of distance so she didn't make him uncomfortable.
<Cecilia> "Y'know I have a theory on how this might tie into your probability powers," she said, studying his face. "...S'kind of a hobby of mine. Science-ing everyone's mutation."
<LadyLukas> "Not a problem," she took another swig of wine ", enlighten me because from standpoint all I know is that both powers make it very easy to mess with people's heads."
<Cecilia> Cecilia was practically bouncing. Someone actually wanted to hear her science! This was fantastic! "You're a smart guy. I'm sure you know how sex chromosomes work. That XX chromosome means a woman and XY means a man and we can have a few variations on this so long as there's a least one X."
<Cecilia> "Now, because you're actually fertile- so far as we know- in both forms, this leaves us with some interesting possibilities," she smiled, gesturing. "What would be most interesting to know though is whether your shapeshifting is you actually changing from 'XY' to 'XX' or something else."
<Cecilia> "For example, you might be an 'XXY' and your probability powers might tie into that in that your shapeshifting is just an extension of this. Essentially, your probability powers might cause you to 'drop' the Y and just express the two X's when you shift into a female form."
<Cecilia> "Then your body would just be following the change in your chromosomes from then on...or it's possible you had both characteristics at birth and the probability just makes each trait more obvious..." she pondered this. "Do you know by any chance if you were born inter-sex? Or your chromosome status?"
<LadyLukas> Blinking at the onslaught of information, Lukas took this all in. That was far more in depth than she had ever really thought about her powers. And while it made sense in a way, it still made her wrinkle her nose. "No, I was born a normal, if slightly small little boy."
<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded. "I was small too, though obviously not a boy." She wasn't sure if she should point out these things could be not so obvious or that his parents might not have mentioned it. She wasn't so sure they were friendly enough for that.
<Cecilia> "Not so ordinary though," she grinned. "You can make a guy drop a soda across the room with a snap of your fingers and summon a pimp cane to fend off mutant fetishists. Neither of us are normal, we're extraordinary."
<LadyLukas> "I'm not sure if I prefer pimp cane or staff more. Both have such potential for jokes or innuendo. But I assure you that I was born a boy. I spent much time in and out of hospitals as a child due to injuries from adventures. Broken limbs and the like."
<Cecilia> "I like both so long as it keeps those fucking weirdos at least ten feet away from us!" Cecilia laughed. She wasn't sure why he felt the need to assert he was male there though. "Oh, curious then? So was I. Broke my arm falling out of a tree and spent a lot of my time putting bugs into little jars to study them."
<Cecilia> "Always put enough grass in though and let them go after," she added, studying Lukas. "Y'know, if you were curious you could always take a karyotype test..."
<LadyLukas> "And what would this entail? Other than me being prodded at for science."
<Cecilia> "A blood test- two to be exact- one in this form and another in your usual form," Cecilia said, leaning back. "And dealing with your best friend's creepy girlfriend for a few minutes." She laughed at that. "Or you could always talk to Dr.McCoy if you wanted to ditch me and find out on your own."
<LadyLukas> She shrugged and smiled ", I don't mind. I have nothing better to do with all this spare blood. In the words of the crazy overworked Richards down in the labs 'For Science!'"
<Cecilia> Cecilia laughed and got up. "That's what I like to hear! I'll pay you back, I promise...actually I already owe you for staying with me back at the mall." She thought a moment as she led the way to the labs. "How about drink for every vial? Your choice of drink."
<LadyLukas> "Oh sweetheart, I'm going to have to tell Fabian you're trying to get me drunk," she stood up and straightened her shirt ", he'll be so pissed he wasn't involved."
<Cecilia> "Really now?" She said, raising an eyebrow. "You'd think he'd be happy I helped his best friend into drunken nirvana." She shrugged, walking down the stairs. "It wouldn't be the first time he got pissed at me. I drove him insane when he first met me. You'd have laughed, I'm sure."
<LadyLukas> "Oh probably. But we'll see about this nirvana you speak of. I'm not sure if you could take that much blood from me to equal the amount of vials it would take to get me drunk."
<Cecilia> "Well I'd hope you'd be a gentleman and at least buy me one or two," she said, sterilizing her hands, pulling on gloves and pulling the cap off a needle once she got to the medlab. "Take a seat."
<Cecilia> "I actually do know how to do this," she said, sitting down. "Spent a lot of time here last semester, so McCoy took some pity on me and taught me a few tricks. If I hurt you though just shout, I can take it."
<LadyLukas> Lukas promptly started shouting in pain. Then busted up laughing.
<Cecilia> Cecilia gave Lukas a very worried look. Then smirked, "You're hilarious Laufeyson, but the needle's not even in yet." She closed his hand into a fist and lined up the needle quickly to one of the green veins, so easy to see on pale skin. "Now it is, though."
<Cecilia> She drew the blood and quickly injected it into a vial, pressing a cotton ball to his arm to stop the bleeding. "Now all you gotta do is shift into everybody's favourite Finn and this'll all be over," she grinned. "Not so bad, yeah?"
<LadyLukas> She smirked and shifted in her seat. "Would you like Regular Lukas or Lukas Max!" To illustrate he shifted to his normal form and then to adult Lukas.
<Cecilia> Cecilia blinked and laughed at this. "I'm never gonna get tired of that!" She grinned. "Must be hilarious to do that to some unsuspecting frat boy...I think just yourself is good though."
<LadyLukas> He shifted back to his normal form and cracked his neck ", it's fun to do just because. Freaking out anyone nearby is a bonus but the best targets are drunk frat guys that see a hot chick and stumble over only to find little old me. So many confused and disappointed faces."
<Cecilia> Cecilia laughed harder at this. "I heard the story about Remy and the car. I'd have died of laughter if I'd seen it!" She snorted. "I have to see you fuck over a frat boy. That'd make my day and I've had a seriously shitty day."
<Cecilia> Soon enough Cecilia had two vials, both neatly labelled and on their way to proper storage. "I'll give you the results when I have them, so you can see what's up as well, yeah?" She said, rummaging through McCoy's desk. Ah, here it was! She produced a green lollipop. "Unless you prefer twinkies," she smirked.
<LadyLukas> He took the pop and grinned,  opening it up and popping it into his mouth ", no this works. Besides, I don't take twinkies from that man. Like my fingers where they are."
<Cecilia> Cecilia snorted. "He's not so bad, despite giving me the worst haircut known to mutant-kind last semester." She hitched a thumb over her shoulder, "Whaddaya say we get you drunk then? And if I get drunk in the process, well, that's a risk we'll have to take."
<Cecilia> "If we're lucky this'll mutate into a party at some point," she mused. "I hope so, I need a goddamn pick me up..."

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