2/11 Instance: Friendly Fire

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2/11 Instance: Friendly Fire

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:35 am

timeline: after Deadly Storm

Johnny: "So, are you sure you want me planning dates?" Johnny asked as he moved to get the door, pushing it open as he peered over his shoulder at Hope. He'd decided a while ago that Valentine's Day could only get better from spending a few hours in the hospital with the secret service hovering outside the patient room they'd been seen to, even if there was only a few hours left in the day.

Hope: "Hey it's not your fault they cook their food in peanut oil and didn't put a warning on it. I hope it's Stark owned soon." Then she could fire them all. Hope rubbed her forehead, checking her arms once more to be sure they really had lost the rash. She headed into the building after Johnny, stifling a yawn.

Johnny: "Or we just missed the warning." It was a likely possibility. He led the way to the rec room and flopped down on the couch, suggesting, "Few rounds of slaughtering annoying kids on Live to make you feel better before bed?"

Hope: "It's not something I typically overlook, but it's likely. I guess I should get another epi pen too... I thought I was past having to carry one." She shook her head a bit, moving to curl up next to him. "I am totally down for killing annoying shit on Live."

Johnny: "Could be handy to have one just in case," he commented as he pushed himself back up to grab the controllers and put the game in.

Hope: Hope took the second player controller from him and settled back into her seat. "Well, I guess. Don't want to die on you."

Johnny: Johnny managed a smirk as he snagged the remote while plopping back down in his own seat, "How considerate of you."

Hope: "Well, considering you'd join me shortly thereafter because Tony would kill you..." She stole a kiss with a smirk.

Johnny: "Pfft... He'd kill Phil and Stan first."

Hope: "And give you time to hide?"

Johnny: "Maybe a little," he nodded as he considered the menu screen, flicking through the options to set up their game.

Hope: Hope giggled at him and kissed his cheek. "And people say you are a dumbass..."

Johnny: "I know," Johnny rolled his eyes as he waited for the match to load, "They clearly don't know what they're talking about."

Hope: "They don't. I can't think of a smarter guy. Or sexier." Hope nuzzled him a bit.

Johnny: "I'm just the best all around," he nodded, reconsidering and adding, "Well... except for the about killing you part..."

Hope: "Yeah that wasn't your fault. At least, I don't blame you for it."

Johnny: "That's good," Johnny commented as he chose his weapon class and waited for the match to begin. "Because I wasn't trying to, I swear."

Hope: "I would really hope not..." Hope eyed him a bit, suspiciously.

Johnny: "Meh, I wouldn't gain anything from it."

Hope: "So you would if you would gain something?!"

Johnny: Johnny briefly pulled his gaze from the screen to consider her before turning his attention back to the game, giving a shrug.

Hope: "Ass." Hope turned on him and killed him.

Johnny: "Friendly fire will not be tolerated," he grumbled, annoyed he hadn't thought to turn friendly fire off now.

Hope: "And what are you going to do about it?" Hope took out a few enemies.

Johnny: "I will end this match and change the settings."

Hope: "Awwwww pouty mc sore loser!" Hope took out a few more enemies.

Johnny: "We're on the same team," Johnny rolled his eyes as he found a spot with decent cover, picking off people as they ran by, "You aren't supposed to shoot me."

Hope: "I had something to gain."

Johnny: "Yeah, a loss because we could lose by one kill."

Hope: "Don't you ever doubt me, Mr. Storm," she warned.

Johnny: "I will doubt you all I please," Johnny scoffed.

Hope: "Oh yeah? Should I kill you some more to prove it?"

Johnny: "If you kill me again, I'm done."

Hope: "Awwww, come on, Johnny." She glanced over at him.

Johnny: He shook his head, eyes never leaving the screen as he racked up a few more kills, "No, I'm serious."

Hope: "Even if it's on accident?"

Johnny: "No because then you'll just claim it was some sort of accident."

Hope: "Johhhnnnnyyyy, I'm not going to kill you again. Sore loser."

Johnny: Johnny simply rolled his eyes and glanced to the timer on the match and the score. They weren't likely to lose unless the other team pulled off a miracle.

Hope: Hope sulked a bit next to him, taking out her anger on the other team.

Johnny: He was oblivious to any sulking as he focused his attention on the game, however he was also taking his irritation out on the opponent. Maybe this day could get worse.

Hope: "Sorry I killed you," she muttered.

Johnny: Johnny managed a small nod, "Mmhm."

Hope: She sighed and went back to sulking. Boys and video games were stupid.

Johnny: Girls were stupid. Almost as stupid as Valentine's Day.

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