2/13 Instance: Smile Solves Everything!

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2/13 Instance: Smile Solves Everything!

Post by Ferguson » Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:51 pm

Timelined days before Valentines Instance – 'Hearts in Hell'

<@Hisako> Closing her textbook finally, Hisako sighed, realizing upon inspecting her phone's display she'd been in the library alone for several hours.

<@Hisako> Briefly, she caught sight of her reflection on the plastic screen; her eyes still had those dark rings around them, as if she'd not slept in several days. Not that it was easy for her to anymore.

<@Hisako> Her hand slipped into her bag, open on the desk, and pulled out the pill bottle she'd bought all those weeks ago. She was low on them now, which concerned her. Letting out a sigh, Hisako straightened up, throwing a hand through her hair and shaking it around.

<Noriko> Hisako actually hadn't been alone for the last few hours at all; Noriko had come in to study at first and then spend her spare time making Ankka's valentines present. What most people didn't realise was that, when she wanted to, Noriko could hold peaceful silence when others were around.

<Noriko> She was, however, having to resist all urges to open her mouth and do her normal thing of chatting people to death because they looked like they needed a hug.

<@Hisako> With a sigh that gently cut the silence hanging in the air, Hisako reclined in her chair, looking around and spotting Noriko. She jumped a little, mind unbelieving that Ashida Noriko had the capacity for being so quiet:

<@Hisako> <"So, how long has Ashida been here?">, she announced, sticking to Japanese with her only Japanese classmate. Her normal sounding voice was uncomfortably loud and indisputably out-of-place in the library.

<Noriko> Noriko brought her watch up to check, glue stick between her teeth. "About three an' a ha'f h'rs" She mumbled around the stick wondering what was with the sudden loudness. <"And I don't mind if you want to call me 'Noriko', you know.">

<@Hisako> Hisako shrugged, <"I don't see how Ashida-san thinks we are so close...">, she sighed, <"...I have a bad habit of hurting such people recently anyway...">

<Noriko> <"I don't, but I live in the premise that there are potential friends everywhere or just friendly acquaintances." Smiling to herself, Noriko stuck another heart onto the card. Shoving all the white paper and red ribbons to one side, she started making a mini-hammer to go on the front. "Besides, I'm bouncy."

<@Hisako> Glancing at the card, Hisako raised an eyebrow, <"'Potential Friends'....">, she sighed again, <"No time for such things. I've always been better alone, less complicated.">, standing, she patted her skirt down, <"You made a Valentines Card.">

<Noriko> <"As you wish."> Attacking the thing with blue and silver glitter... it was starting to look hectic. <“Well, Ankka doesn't really get the whole 'White Day' and 'Red Days' we have back home. so I'm going western this year instead.">

<@Hisako> <"Valentines isn't as good...">, Hisako looked out of the window, <"Hinamatsuri is much more interesting, too: more decorations and people are not so self-absorbed...">, she rolled her eyes.

<Noriko> <"I know, I know. And I wish it was like back home but this will make him happy and that's what matters; I like showing him he's appreciated."> Smiling Noriko looked up from the card. <"Luckily me and Clarice are going to decorate the school for the day.">

<Noriko> Brushing some of the bright blue hair from her face she stretched out. <"Anyway enough about me, how are you adjusting?">

<@Hisako> Hisako sat back in her chair, folding her legs and crossing her arms, <"I suppose next you will do matchmaking with her and try to get everyone into relationships also?">, she clicked her tongue, <"Useless...">

<Noriko> <"Clarice is old enough to sort her own relationships out, as is everyone else in this school. If someone wants help organising clothes for a date I'm the girl; any other problems, well.... everyone knows how to talk to each other.">

<@Hisako> <"I don't care about such things anyway."> Hisako affirmed, nodding for good measure, <"So, I suppose everything will be fine as long as these things are kept away from me.">

<Noriko> <"I don't know, people are good at fucking their own things up without your imaginary help, I'm pretty sure you aren't fucking up everything you think you are."> And back to glitter and stickers.

<@Hisako> Rolling her eyes again, Hisako started placing her study notes away, <"So, suddenly you are an expert on my life? Why don't you check that with Cortez-san and Reyes-san before you assume like this?">, she cut her eye at the smaller girl, <"Or even with your 'Clarice'. Idiot...">

<Noriko> <"Fabian Cortez is actually an idiot, so don't worry about that. And Clarice has a religion against being angry at people, bless her. Things blow over! We're all hot-headed, hormonal teenagers here, and silly shit happens all the time!">, looking up Noriko continued to smile at the other girl.

<Noriko> <"Also, call me an idiot all you want. I don't care; I know how smart I am and am not, But it helps if you don't make fun of the only person willing to talk to you civilly, and maybe make your life a little nicer.">

<@Hisako> Hisako blushed furiously, glaring at Noriko, but finding no rebuttal to her infallible, and wholly fair, position. Instead, she settled for a grumbled, <"Fine. Sorry."> as she finished packing away her things.

<Noriko> <"Apology accepted! Now I'm hungry and I have some nice real herbal tea, sent from my Mom last week; would you like to share some with me? I even have a tea set and kimonos if your interested?">, Noriko offered, blowing on her card a little to help dry it a bit faster, smiling at the result (and mess caused by it).

<@Hisako> A few moments of silence followed as Hisako weighed up the options. She sighed, leaning on her hand and blowing a stray hair out of her face, <"Fine. But no kimonos.">, her eyes went from staring into space to Noriko herself. Maybe talking to someone new would make things easier?

<Noriko> <"No kimonos."> Smiling, she quickly packed her things away and swept the rubbish carefully into a bin, then, picking up the card, she stood up and patted her cyber gear down. Noriko was just one of these people who were able to be friends with anyone that didn't set off her alarms.

<@Hisako> Hisako stood with her, lifting her bag and slipping her phone into it, <"After you, Noriko-chan...">

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