2/13 Instance: The Sea Bitch

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2/13 Instance: The Sea Bitch

Post by Ferguson » Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:57 pm

Timelined after Hearts in Hell

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned at the docks where the cab driver was dropping her off. "Are you sure this is the right place?" She asked, face not amused. It was well lit enough with hanging Japanese lanterns strewn on overhead wires and there were various seafood restaurants dotting the shoreline but still.

<Cecilia> When one was told by text to 'meet at the docks' that generally meant there was some shady business to be done...or that they were about to get whacked, 'Good Fellas' style. And as much as Cecilia liked that movie, she wasn't really keen on the idea of getting shot and thrown into the harbour.

<Cecilia> Sighing, she paid the cab driver and got out of the car. Pulling her coat closer to her silk dress for warmth and began wandering among all the nice white boats. Hoping to Jesus Fabian's father didn't want her gone so badly he'd actually hired a hit-man.

<Fabian> Fabian was beginning to almost re-think his idea as well. Sailing wasn't coming back as well to him as he thought it should and there had been a few close calls as he practiced getting the little rental sailboat along but at least now it didn't look like he was going to be lethal. Although, the meal might be lethal as he did attempt to cook it. Luckily there were plenty of back up restaurants around.

<Fabian> He stood up, lashing the boat down to the dock in wait for Cecilia to arrive, straightening his bow-tie in a typical poncy way he had when he had occasion to dress with one. Any minute. He checked his watch and rocked back on his heels, waiting to catch sight of her.

<Cecilia> Cecilia let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding once she caught sight of Fabian...on a boat. With a penguin suit and was that a bow-tie?! "What's all this now?" She laughed as soon as he was in ear shot, approaching him from his back.

<Cecilia> "You're...on a boat!" She laughed again, remembering the song.

<Fabian> "I am." Fabian laughed as he turned around to see her. "Welcome to the .... completely forgot what this thing was even named. I've been thinking of it as my armada most of the day so I suppose I wasn't going for accuracy. In any case, come aboard," he laughed, offering his hand to help her into the boat.

<Cecilia> "Well as long as it's not 'Dixie Normous' I think I will," she snorted, gesturing to another yacht with the very same name before taking the offered hand and stepping aboard. "Thank you, mi amor."

<Fabian> "That'd be a horrible name for a boat, while true and also sharing an enjoyment of getting wet." Fabian smirked and gladly helped her step in before pulling the ropes free. "You're welcome...I'm going to warn you, I'm not the sailor I thought I was when I came up with this idea for Valentines day...so I figure we'll just idle about for the most part."

<Cecilia> "You're gross!" Cecilia said, for what felt like the millionth time. "And you're not exactly filling me with confidence there,"she said, pulling out silky scarf and gloves from her shiny clutch to keep her a little warmer on the water.

<Cecilia> "I don't think I've ever been on a boat," she admitted. "So I wouldn't know the difference...and anyways, it's not like I couldn't bubble us back with your help. I'm sure we'll manage, I trust you." She said, offering a smile.

<Fabian> "I'm not gross, I'm just truthful." Fabian defended himself as he stole a kiss. "And no cheating getting back, that'll spoil all the fun...unless we actually do turn too sharply coming in or something and do start to capsize, then we're cheating all we want."

<Fabian> "So, I take it I at least managed to surprise you, yes?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia turned a little red at that. "No, that's...true," she smiled, now actually having the experience to speak about that. "If that's what you want. But when have either of us ever played fair, hm?" She grinned, settling herself down.

<Cecilia> "You constantly surprise me," she admitted, laughing a little at that. "Shouldn't be a surprise to me that you do...but somehow it always is." She couldn't say she disliked it either, she always did feel very alive because of it.

<Fabian> "You do have a good point there but I'd like to think I'm more than capable to keep a boat afloat." He decided to swallow his rocking the boat joke for now, however. If that happened he would probably be rather proud. "I thought it'd be something different. Are you hungry?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded, taking in the harbour and the reflections on the black water surrounding them. "I've had champagne and a cocktail at the Hellfire club already, if I don't eat something and have more to drink I'll be well on my way to drunk...If this boat is capsized by my drunk ass I'll never forgive myself!" She laughed, amused by that thought.

<Fabian> "Don't worry, I'll eventually catch up to your drunkenness possibly." Fabian promised, steering her towards where he had laid down a blanket and had their wine and picnic basket waiting. "Be truthful if the food's not edible. I figured if it's bad we'll order sushi."

<Cecilia> "Well it's a good thing I know how to spear fish, 'cause I don't think anyone's gonna bring us food out here," Cecilia teased, settling down on the blanket. "...You made this on your own?"

<Cecilia> She smiled so widely and so genuinely there she wouldn't have been surprised if people could see it from the shoreline. "That's..." This was a lot of effort really, more than she expected...it was touching. But she knew better than to point that out. Least Fabian become sarcastic. "...This'll be interesting. I hope you don't give us both food poisoning, though I suppose it might prove you're fond of me if you stick by me through that."

<Fabian> "When did you learn how to spear fish?" Fabian asked, wondering when he had missed this lesson. "And I'm pretty sure if we lash ourselves down to the dock again we can talk some delivery boy into it if he doesn't think we're drug runners or something...we don't really look the part though."

<Fabian> "Interesting might be the word for it." He admitted, sitting down and getting out the food. Steak was easy enough at least and it was hard to screw up potatoes. He figured if he kept browning them in butter it couldn't go too wrong. Dessert...well...he just wasn't sure how dessert was going to go.

<Cecilia> "La Perla's located on beachfront property," Cecilia said slightly sarcastically. "When I was young my father would take me and my brother into the shallow water to spear fish. Well, my brother did. I was too little, so I just hung onto my father. I couldn't swim then and I was so young the water could easily go over my head." She smiled at that memory. "The ocean was so turquoise it looked like the actual gem."

<Cecilia> "I dunno about that," she teased. "We both speak Spanish and you've got an obvious accent. Just tell them you're from Columbia." She chuckled, wrapping an arm around him and giving him a squeeze. "I'm sure it'll be lovely."

<Fabian> "I'm just imagining three year old you with a spear and I can't help but find it cute and terrifying all at the same time." Fabian admitted, chuckling as he passed her her plate and silverware before pouring her wine. "I considered testing it on someone but after people figured out it was me and Rachel who blew up the brownies in the stove they don't seem to trust me with food...and I'd make the worst drug runner. I can only sell people on doing things they probably shouldn't when I think it's ridiculously fun."

<Cecilia> Cecilia didn't think it would be good form to comment on how one could get people to become drug mules willingly, so she didn't say anything. Though it said much about the world she lived in. So she just took a bite of food...not bad actually. "Obviously I made a good investment teaching you this," she smiled happily.

<Fabian> "I don't know about good investment. You don't know how many steaks I ruined getting two that looked edible. I'm pretty sure one of them I couldn't have brought along with me without a license to conceal and carry." Fabian admitted, raising his glass to his own truth. "But me in general I'd consider a good investment."

<Cecilia> Cecilia barked out a laugh at that, raising her cup to this as well. "Well, for me at least," she smiled, feeling more and more flattered as she learned more about this date preparation.

<Cecilia> "This is actually good work, Fab." She said, commenting on the steak. "And very creative...I'll be honest I was expected the stereotypical seafood dinner followed by a couple glasses of wine and a shag," she teased, raising her eyebrow. "So good on you."

<Fabian> "Now when have you known me to not be creative? I'm going to have to be a bit more careful if I'm slipping into any known patterns." Fabian laughed, sliding an arm around her. "I mean, I have to say the last two bits there sound like a good plan but still, creatively."

<Cecilia> Cecilia reddened a little and looked away, smiling. "And what makes you think you'll be so lucky again? Maybe I never do things twice," she smirked. Though what a riot that was. She wasn't that sort of person. "You are creative, I'll never say you aren't. You're better at essays than me, that's for sure."

<Cecilia> "But I'm still the better dancer," she said, sipping her wine. "Speaking of which, you missed some interesting things at the club tonight."

<Fabian> "That's the best thing about such things, infinite ways to go about it." Fabian just waggled an eyebrow as he ate. "And you'll hear no arguments from me but I might be biased. What did I miss?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia coloured at this still, but snorted at the same time. They both knew it how this was going to end, she thought. But she couldn't help but resist on principle. That and she liked to be obstinate.

<Cecilia> "There might've been a lesbian tango with me and Mayday," she smiled, sitting back. "I was also formally introduced to Sebastian Shaw this time...who apparently recognizes me, which I was not expecting."

<Cecilia> Her face began to cloud a little though as she went on. "There was a...disturbing turn there though. One of the older members, Donald Pierce, made some kind of...signal. Once he did that we had a lot of eyes on us all of a sudden..."

<Cecilia> "All of them were human too, or so Shaw informed me," she noted. "Before I gave him an out to investigate he told me he 'didn't have to tell me to keep my eyes open.'" She frowned, "Apparently my assessment of the wind changing wasn't wrong."

<Fabian> Fabian wrinkled his nose at the name Donald Pierce. "No, definitely not wrong. There's a lot of mutant/human politics at the club. With Shaw in the position he is in here we've got a lot of power and we're only moving up the longer that is. That's why I'd say unless you know what you're getting into it's always best to go there with someone just in case. Some people you don't want to be cornered by."

<Fabian> "That much you could have probably guessed though. I wonder what Pierce has planned...must be quite something if he's that unsubtle about it. Either that or it was just a front designed to put people on edge. There's no telling from here."

<Cecilia> "I think we should be more worried about people like Mayday there," Cecilia remarked, raising an eyebrow. "She's...painfully transparent. But you're right, I wouldn't go there alone, though I'm getting much better at the game...I think you'd have been proud, I fit in fairly well."

<Cecilia> "Besides, it's not like people expect to see me there alone," Cecilia said, looking at him. "People have noticed our attachment. That's how Shaw recognized me." She shook her head. "Word travels fast."

<Fabian> "Mayday was there? I can't imagine how she would take to the Club. I really wish I had made it there so I could have seen firsthand what happened." He groused somewhat but he was sure Cecilia was describing things accurately.

<Fabian> "And I'm sure people have. It's pretty important to pay attention to who's bringing in who and you're a notable new addition."

<Cecilia> "Not notable so much as scandalous, I'd say." Cecilia said, somewhat bitterly. "But I'll take notoriety. I can live with that."

<Cecilia> "...And Pierce really must've disturbed you if you completely missed the words 'me and Mayday' and 'lesbian tango,'" she laughed and leaned her head on Fabian's shoulder. "She was there. She...was worried she looked too dyke-ish with the tuxedo so I sorta made her my date for the night, to keep an eye on her."

<Fabian> He shook his head. "No, you're notable; obviously enough that Shaw's been paying attention: mutant, clever, opinionated. You're the kind of person that wants to change what they can even if you don't share some of the motivations some of the people at the club have...and I was trying not to make myself sad that I missed a lesbian tango because I was trying not to crash into every ship in the marina."

<Cecilia> "Flattery will get you everywhere, Fab." Cecilia teased, finishing off her potatoes. "Well, it drew some eyes. Thankfully not Pierce's, though he was busy with Jessica." She smiled, shaking her head. "And I think Shaw's more wrapped up in Cassie...much to Mayday's upset," she admitted.

<Fabian> "She all right?" Fabian asked, polishing off his own plate before pulling the dessert out. "And I'm pretty glad it didn't draw his eyes. I'd have to consider actually conversing with him and if he's anything like I remember that'd be tiresome as all hell."

<Cecilia> "He comes off as a pervy old man," Cecilia said bluntly. "And I'm pretty damn sure he is- if I got the right impression from him. I stayed the hell away from him and I think I'm gonna continue to do so, thank you."

<Cecilia> As for Mayday..."Jesus Christ," she muttered, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "Where do I even begin? She's currently in the middle of this huge relationship shitstorm. She thinks she's falling for Cassie and this is causing huge amounts of drama for her. She's worried about hurting Sue, she gets all jealous over Cass..."

<Fabian> "I hate to break it to you but pretty much everyone at the Club is a pervy old man, won't lie...especially on certain nights." It was the undeniable truth. She might as well know it now. "But most of them are the kind easily dealt with."

<Fabian> He passed her dessert and more wine. "Mayday doesn't have the confidence in herself to be in a relationship; not really."

<Cecilia> "Oh, I know," Cecilia snorted. "You'd have be blind not to notice that. And if I didn't I've got plenty of people telling me how 'exotic' I am that I've got no-one to blame but myself for not noticing."

<Cecilia> She raised her eyebrows. "You really think that?"

<Fabian> "She spends all of her time questioning whether or not something is right and if people will like her because of everything before and...while some of that's normal I guess I think if she's having too much trouble she'd probably be best stepping back and sorting herself a bit more."

<Fabian> "Luckily though you're with someone just as wonderfully exotic as you are, hmm?"

<Cecilia> "Luckily," Cecilia agreed, laughing. She took her dessert...though she wasn't actually sure what it was supposed to be. It looked charred...well, she supposed it she could give it a go. With some hesitation she put a little in her mouth.

<Cecilia> "I didn't think of it that way," she admitted, trying not to make a face as she attempted to bite down on the dessert- which was exceedingly hard to do. "I guess I just don't understand the problem all together. I know what I'd do, I'm just finding hard to understand why she doesn't do the same."

<Cecilia> "...And there's something...not quite right about this, Fabi." She admitted, when fear of chipping a tooth won over her desire to not insult him, least she discourage future attempts at romance.

<Fabian> "What would you do?" Fabian asked curiously, then looking more curiously as she commented on his dessert. Frowning, he took a bite...or attempted to. "...what the hell have I created?"

<Fabian> "I should sell it to the government as some sort of armour."

<Cecilia> "What do you mean: 'what would I do?'" Cecilia laughed. "Exactly what I wanted, that's what!" She shook her head smiling. "...That's not so specific. What I mean is if I were in her position I'd do what makes me happiest. If I wanted Cass then fuck it, I'd have her."

<Cecilia> "I believe..." she smiled and looked away. "It's sappy, but I believe everyone has a match, an equal in life. And unless you find your match you ultimately won't be satisfied...and you only live once, why would you settle? That's...unfathomable to me."

<Cecilia> "I don't want to live my life with regrets. If I wanted something I'd go and take it....that's probably selfish of me," she admitted. "But I learned early on there are no freebies. Take what you can and as much as you can, I say."

<Fabian> "Exactly, but my point is Mayday doesn't strike me as someone who knows what she wants half the time." Fabian was smirking though and poked her with his far-too-baked chocolate something. "So does that mean I qualify as that now?"

<Cecilia> "How do you not know? I don't understand that. You can feel it," She said, tapping her heart. "Either she's ignoring it or is too scared to do what she wants, I dunno..."

<Cecilia> Cecilia just grabbed Fabian's jacket and kissed him. "Yes."

<Fabian> Fabian simply tossed the dessert overboard.

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