2/13 Instance: What the Heart Needs

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2/13 Instance: What the Heart Needs

Post by Starfish » Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:00 am

Timeline: Current.

Cassie: "Please remember to prepare the chapters on advanced perspective," Professor Kincaid called out as her class concluded. "We'll dive right in there next week. I'll see you around, and have a lovely day, yes?"

Cassie: As the other students were already making a beeline towards exit, Cassandra was in no rush to stuff her various books and notes into the dinosaur-shaped bag lying on the desk in front of her. She slung one strap over her shoulder and strolled towards the large doors.

Mayday: Finally back in a moderately healthy state, Mayday Parker was trying her best to stay out of the flurry of students' paths as she made her way to the quietest, most anti-social place she could find to study during her break.

Mayday: The events of the previous few days had been easy enough - staying with Cecilia meant she had all the time in the world (or, as long as Hisako would tolerate her presence) to figure out what was going on with her and Sue. Or more accurately, how she was going to go about getting her back.

Mayday: Smiling a little timidly as she apologized for bumping shoulders with someone, she stumbled into Cassandra, stumbling backwards and going wide-eyed behind her glasses. Her brain immediately scrambled to come up with something to say, leaving her in a 'loading screen' style trance.

Cassie: "Oh, I'm... sorry." Cassandra blinked when she saw who she had ran into, before biting her lower lip as she returned Mayday's silent gaze. Moments later, she tilted her head, the expression on her face turning curious.

Cassie: "Hello?" A sly smile played around the corner of her mouth. "Anyone home?" Raising a hand, Cassandra lightly tapped her fingertip against the other girl's forehead.

Mayday: "Y-yes!", Mayday shook her head, backing away from the touch and blushing, "I-I'm sorry...ah...'sneak attack critical', I guess.", she laughed awkwardly, "Instant paralysis...", she realized that joke was possibly the lamest thing she'd ever said in her life, "...oh, boy.", she muttered.

Cassie: "Oh dear, I didn't break you now, did I?" The raven-haired girl's slim eyebrows arched upwards as her face lit up with a grin. "Because you're speaking in tongues, I'm afraid."

Mayday: Mayday shook her head, "N-no, just....bad humor, sorry.", she bit her lip, realizing too late that there was a joke about 'witches' she could have thrown in there as the dislike for Cassandra crept into her mind again, "....so....", she adjusted her glasses, "Enjoy Shaw the other day?",

Mayday: Mentally, she kicked herself. In the head. Maybe she actually would kick herself later - that was a horribly uncharacteristic and cruel question, even given the circumstances...

Cassie: Her head cocking slightly to the side, Cassandra fixed the other girl with a look. If she had taken notice of the sting in Mayday's question, the impish edge that briefly appeared in her smile was the only visible cue. "Good girls don't tell," she replied. After a brief pause, her smile grew into a grin. "Fortunately, I'm anything but."

Cassie: "So yes, that's one way to put it," she added, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. "Though, I'm quite sure the enjoyment was mutual."

Mayday: "Faaantastic....", Mayday exhaled, half wanting to just explode in frustration that her own 'enjoyment' was incredibly short-lived. She looked back at Cassandra, "I-I need to....I should just....", she gestured down the hallway before starting past the other girl.

Cassie: Cassandra turned her head and looked after Mayday, before gripping the strap of her bag tightly and following her. "What's the matter, May," she asked. "Wait... this is because of Shaw?" With a completely inappropriate smile on her lips, she gave the other girl an intent, curious stare. "Oh my, you're jealous, aren't you?"

Mayday: "No.", Mayday intercepted the question far to quickly for it to sound convincing. It wasn't true, and the delivery just proved it, "....stop staring at me like that."

Cassie: Doing exactly the opposite, Cassandra's eyes brightened as she raised her eyebrows, looking much as if having just made an exciting discovery. "You are," she exclaimed.

Mayday: Mayday stopped dead, turning to Cassandra, "C-can you just drop it!?", she said a little harshly, the one or two students still around them turning to look at her for the outburst. She cringed, fumbling with a lock of hair.

Cassie: The surprise about Mayday's reaction did nothing to cloud Cassandra's seemingly cheerful mood, even though she held up her hands a moment later. "Alright, I will," she conceded. "Don't eat me, will you?"

Cassie: There was a brief period of silence between the two, until Cassandra offered a sheepish grin. "I'm sorry?" She remained frozen, an expectant look on her face. "And now you say it's okay?"

Mayday: "It is so not ok.", Mayday shook her head, her mind alternating between irritation and the pain of her broken heart. Cassandra deserved an explination, though: "...S-Sue and I broke up.",

Cassie: Inwardly, Cassandra winced. She bit her lower lip in an effort to banish her cheeky grin and took a deep breath. Lifting the felt cap from her head, she ran a hand through her black mane. "I'm sorry to hear that," she said. "And it's because of me, is it?"

Mayday: Hearing it from Cassandra made Mayday feel even worse, somehow, "N-no....no, it's not your fault.", she sighed. "It's mine.", the guilt felt lighter after the confession that she was to blame - in turn, the anger felt unjustified, "I-I'm sorry I snapped. I...I just don't know how to react to anything right now."

Mayday: Mayday looked around, "M-maybe....d-d'you wanna get lunch? I-I should explain myself...a-and maybe...."

Cassie: The smile returned to Cassandra's face. This time, it was a sincere one. "Lunch sounds grandiose," she replied, nodding. "And no need to feel sorry. It might surprise you to hear this, but this wouldn't be the first time I get chewed out for ending someone else's relationship, you know?"

Mayday: "I-I didn't mean to chew you out.", Mayday frowned, starting towards the entrance to the mansion so they could eat in the gardens, "...to be honest, I...I kind of had - I-I mean have a little crush on you.", she breathed. Well, she'd started now: "And I thought you liked me, so I wasn't sure what to do. But then Shaw turned up...", she sighed.

Cassie: "You have a crush on me? Really? I never noticed." There was that impish smirk again, as having remained serious for almost ten seconds had already taxed Cassandra's limits. "Okay, I admit I may have been toying with your feeling a little? I thought you were only playing around too, though."

Cassie: "Aftre all, you are... I mean, were... already in a relationship." After wincing again, she let out a sigh, before giving Mayday a sincere look. "Make no mistake, however. I do like you."

Mayday: Mayday felt a blush coming on, though her expression wasn't nearly as awkward as it usually was given the situation, "...you do?", she felt somewhat confused, "T-then....then why did you jump Shaw the first chance you got?", she felt herself surge with anger at the thought of Sebastian Shaw, "I-I mean how can you like me, but then get with the first seedy old geezer who expresses interest?"

Mayday: She pondered her words for a second after she'd spoken them, "....then again, how can I be in love with Sue and....ugh...", she shook her head.

Cassie: Giving her a sideways look, Cassandra crooked a single eyebrow. "You answered your own question there, didn't you," she asked in return. "And something tells me you don't really want to lecture me about having fun with whoever I want, whenever I want, when you were spending Valentine's Day with your secret crush instead of your girlfriend."

Mayday: "I-I didn't think we were gonna do anything!", Mayday groaned, "She wouldn't talk to me all day, she was avoiding my calls, I thought she just....", the more and more she said, the more and more it was obvious something was planned, even if it was a 'secret', "...whatever. You slept with a seedy old man.", she mumbled, opening the front door and stepping out onto the entryway porch.

Cassie: "Ah, Velentine's, the day where we celebrate awkward misunderstandings," Cassandra mused, giving an amused chuckle. Following Mayday, she turned her head to give her a look. "And I'll do it again," she gleefully admitted, before holding up a hand, a sigh coming across her lips. "Mayday, listen, I think you may some misconceptions about what kind of person I am."

Cassie: An instant later she was already grinning mischievously again. "Not that I make it easy for anyone to guess..."

Mayday: Mayday stepped down onto the gravel path before the mansion's expansive, emerald grounds, turning back to look at Cassandra, "And what kind of person is that? 'Cause like you said, I clearly have no idea....", which clearly saddened her, "...I thought it was as simple as we liked each other...was I wrong?"

Cassie: "Not at all," the raven-haired girl replied, revealing a smile as she balanced down the balustrade, hopping down to land right in front of Mayday. "For one, I agree that liking someone really is a very simple thing - either you do, or you don't. And to me, that's all there is to it." She shrugged. "What does it matter you like someone else?"

Mayday: "Apparently it does.", Mayday gestured at herself, meandering down the path twisting along the grounds and settling herself down on a bench overlooking them, "So....you just do what you want? Regardless of how people might feel?", she sighed, "O-ok, that sounded kinda harsh...."

Cassie: Cassandra swung herself over the back of the bench, sitting down on the backrest while putting her bag between her feet. "Well, I don't seek to intentionally hurt people, if that's what you think," she replied, looking at Mayday. "You're on the right track, though. Like it or leave it, I do as I please." A smirk curled her lips.

Mayday: Mayday nodded, pulling her bag into her lap, "Maybe I should be more like that....", she frowned, "Or more decisive....I don't know.", she shook her head, reaching into her bag and withdrawing her 'Companinon Cube' lunch box, "I guess I'm just another person then, huh?"

Cassie: "Oh, if you want to belittle yourself, go right ahead and believe that," Cassandra replied, putting an elbow on her knee and resting her chin on the palm of her hand. "I think we both know that's not true, though. You're much more to me than that."

Cassie: She crossed her ankles and shrugged. "And even though I probably will never be everything you want me to be, I could be more for you, too."

Mayday: "......", Mayday looked up from her lunchbox, "....y-you....what?", she blushed again, "W-what do you mean 'more'?", she gulped.

Cassie: A lopsided grin found its way onto Cassandra's features. "Well, you didn't tire to point out how eager I was to jump Shaw," she remarked. "This might come as a shock to you, but I've always been the other woman."

Cassie: She cocked her head and shrugged, still a smile on her lips. "To be honest, I didn't really care you had a girlfriend when you were flirting with me," she admitted. "After all, you're older than me, and should be knowing what you're doing. Or not."

Mayday: Sighing, Mayday nodded, "Y-yeah....I know it's my fault.", she frowned again, "It....I kind of feel....you didn't care I almost gave up my love for what you just said would have been a fling?", she looked rather dejected, "Sorry, it's just....w-would I just have been another guy like Shaw to you? Or did you....feel anything....?", she gulped again.

Cassie: "You wouldn't have been a fling - you're a friend," Cassandra assured the other girl, giving her a sincere look. "A good one." This time, she managed to show a truly sympathetic smile. "One I might let share my bed." She reached out to brush her fingers along a strand of Mayday's hair. "Not the only one, however."

Mayday: Mayday's hand intercepted hers, her other hand removing her glasses, "Cassie...", she started, breathing out slowly, "...I think...I understand now.", she smiled, "I understand you, and...I guess I see why I'm so fascinated by you.", she sighed, lowering her hand, but still gently grasping the other girl's:

Mayday: "I don't think that's someone I can be.", she explained, "I think that I'm the kind of person who would be upset if she wasn't the only person, you know? M-maybe that's selfish, but..."

Cassie: "It's not," Cassandra was quick to reply, slightly tilting her head. "You're you and I'm me, and none of us is alike. That's okay - and exciting." Despite the rebuff, her smile remained unchanged. "And while I like to think I have much to offer, what you want is not among it."

Cassie: "And you know what," she asked next, raising her eyebrows as she looked at Mayday. "You're right. I don't think you'd be happy with me."

Mayday: Nodding, Mayday smiled a little wider, "Huh...I feel....kind of better, I think?", she shook her head, "No....or is that the word I'm looking for?", she laughed a little, "This is such a weird conversation, b-but I'm glad we're having it."

Cassie: "It's good to know I haven't lost my touch then," Cassandra commented, reaching up to lightly tip her felt cap as she chuckled. "I wouldn't be much of a performer I didn't know how to make light of a crappy situation. And ideally, you even gain a new perspective and learn something about yourself."

Mayday: Mayday hummed in agreement, turning back to her lunchbox and looking down at her glasses. Glancing back to Cassandra, she took a breath and leaned closer, a hand rising to touch the side of her face and offer her a gentle kiss.

Cassie: Cassandra remained still, keeping her eyes closed for a moment, and doing nothing to stop Mayday. Eventually, she only revealed a wry smirk in response to the unexpected kiss. "So, what does the forbidden fruit taste like," she asked, licking her lips. "Was it worth it?"

Mayday: "I-it's...good.", Mayday affirmed with a smirk of her own, "But you're right....it's missing something.", she thought of Sue, slipping her glasses back onto her face and pushing them up the bridge of her nose with a finger, "W-we're friends, right?"

Cassie: The raven-haired girl nodded, a smile on her lips and as much sincerity in her nod as she could possibly manage. "Nothing happened that could change that, as far as I am concerned," she replied. Then she leaned over to press a kiss of her own to Mayday's forehead. "Now, how about we see to get you reunited with the kind of fruit you really need?"

Mayday: Laughing, Mayday returned her attention to her lunch box again, "Yeah...", she grinned, glancing back at Cassandra. Her problems weren't fixed, but at least this one wasn't an issue anymore. Friends was good enough for her, and probably best for both.

Cassie: "Swell!" Cassandra nodded appreciatively, sliding from the back of the bench to sit next to Mayday. Nudging her in the side, she then offered a devious grin. "And don't worry, if it helps you to get over me quickly, I even promise to sleep with plenty more rich older men."

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