2/13 Instance: Bang, you're Dead

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2/13 Instance: Bang, you're Dead

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:59 am

timeline: after Indestructible

Cecilia: Cecilia breathed in and out heavily, wiping her face with her tank top as the simulation faded away. "Danger: Run the program again with four additional combatants. Randomize weapons more and add more fire-arms into the mix," she said, rolling her shoulders. "Please."

Rachel: "Oh, shit," Rachel cursed as she stepped into the Danger Room. She hadn't really expected the room to already be in use and heaved a sigh. While she could work on her powers doing anything, this was the easiest way. As an afterthought, she added an apology for interrupting, "Sorry."

Cecilia: "Room's in use!" Cecilia said irately. Turning sharply to face the idiot who couldn't read the schedule, "I blocked out the time so there's no excuse-...Oh Jesus! Rachel...I, err....I'm sorry I thought you were someone else."

Cecilia: She rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly. Well, this was a whole fuckload of fun. Now she looked like a bitch, again.

Rachel: Well, there was one upside to being her. People were totally reluctant to chew her out, however she hadn't imagined that would stop Cecilia. Holding up her hands, she shook her head, "Didn't really think to look at the times, so it's cool. I mean, I can go."

Cecilia: "No, no." Cecilia said, waving her off. "Really I'm only possessive about my time-slot here when it's someone I don't actually wanna see. We're good, so..."

Cecilia: She raised an eyebrow. "I have never fought with you," she remarked. "Just simultaneously." And my friends fought against you. Was the unspoken thing here.

Rachel: Rachel wouldn't have been surprised if she'd been part of the list of people the other girl didn't want to see, as she was fairly convinced she was on that list for most. As she gathered her hair, pulling the tie from her wrist to hold it back in a sloppy bun, Rachel admitted, "I haven't really fought with anyone in a long time, so it sounds like good practice."

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded curtly. "Since you're the intruder here, you'll just have to put up with my sim," Cecilia said wryly. And if she didn't like it, fuck her. She got here first.

Cecilia: Cecilia dropped into a 'ready' stance as she took in her surroundings. The environment the computer had picked was a ransacked office that looked like it'd been pulled straight off the set of '28 Days Later.' "Dammit Danger, I told you to randomize," she muttered, eyes narrowing.

Rachel: Despite having pulled her hair back, her bangs were still in her face, and she had to reach up to brush them from her eye-line as she took a steadying breath. It'd been a while since she'd run a simulation, so she couldn't say she had a preference, but... Rachel had to ask, "What's the objective?"

Cecilia: "Survive," Cecilia said, grimly. "The sim will end when all enemies are incapacitated. There are ten of them. All are armed with various weapons and all are programmed to attack until they can't anymore. I had been doing this without powers. But if you want to switch things up a bit I'm game."

Rachel: Rachel loathed to admit it, "I think my chances of survival without my powers are slim to none." For as many fights as she'd be in while lacking powers, she couldn't remember one where she didn't get her ass kicked. On the other hand... "Though, that might be the case either way. I haven't used them much since... Well, y'know..."

Cecilia: Cecilia raised an eyebrow and grinned. "I wasn't gonna bring it up. Being the student who's cozy with former Acolytes I have learned not to bring up certain topics of conversation..."

Cecilia: "All the more reason to practice then," Cecilia pointed out. "I got my ass kicked multiple times too, that's why I'm doing this." Well, part of the reason.

Rachel: "It's not really as touchy of a topic as it was... For me, anyway. I like to think I'm getting over it," she shrugged as she peered around, beginning to feel slightly anxious as she started through the office, "And I definitely need the practice. I've been putting it off since I was released, but I need to figure out where my limits are..."

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded, stepping over knocked over filing cabinets and strewn copy paper. "Probably best we use powers...I've been increasing the difficulty of these things steadily, so nearly all of them have FIREARMS!" She shouted, throwing herself behind a fallen desk as a man with an uzi stepped out in front of them and began to fire.

Rachel: Rachel dropped just before the bullets sprayed over their heads and rolled to cover behind an upturned cabinet. She let loose a burst of telekinesis in the shooter's direction, kicking up various papers and office supplies, causing him to stumble back and misfire into the ceiling above them, a bit of dust raining down.

Rachel: While the bullets weren't aimed at them anymore, Rachel found it slightly frustrating that he was still conscious after the blow. She wasn't used to knocking people on their ass being an issue.

Cecilia: Cecilia took advantage of the shooter's momentary distraction, slamming a forcefield into him from behind, sending him flying face first into the ground. Quickly, she vaulted the desk and rushed up to him, kicking him in the face before he could grab the gun again.

Cecilia: Giving him another kick for good measure, though he was out, Cecilia turned. "I guess your powers are more stunted than I remember," she said, raising an eyebrow. "The TK waves were much more painful, as I recall, in Egypt."

Rachel: After getting to her own feet, Rachel nudged the gun further away from the gunman just in case and nodded, "Yeah, I don't remember it being so much of an effort, even before Essex nabbed me... Guess that means SHIELD got what they wanted when they had Xavier tone my powers down."

Rachel: "Means I'll definitely have to practice more," she sighed as she stepped over the prone body, pausing at the door to peer either way down the hall. Well, unless she tried that Kick her and Paige had bought off that kid. That wasn't a permanent fix though. Turning back to Cecilia, she stated, "Guys at both ends."

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded, busy rifling through the fallen man's pockets for anything useful. She frowned at a pistol she found on his belt before picking it up and prepping it. Might as well.

Cecilia: She took cover by the doorway, eyes narrowed. "Y'know, even if you can't take them out directly with your TK you can do it indirectly. Small projectiles can do as much damage as large ones," she said, indicating the gun.

Cecilia: "Try using a paperweight or something on them," she remarked. "I'm sure I can draw them out, then you just whack 'em and it's all over."

Rachel: "I can also grab them instead of using the force," she replied with a slight smirk. Using the force just happened to be more awesome because who didn't want to be a Sith Lord? ...Or Jedi. Regardless, she peered around for an object, pulling a nameplate to her and weighing it in her hand. Seemed to be heavy enough. "This should do."

Cecilia: "Grabbing them works as well," Cecilia noted, not really getting the Star Wars stuff. "Really I'm just going for anything that'll fuck their shit up...by the way, speaking of which, I'd prefer that you didn't mention I'm doing this to too many people."

Cecilia: "It's just...some people aren't so thrilled with the idea of using a lot of force...I'm not actually aiming to kill anyone in these things, but that being said, I'm not exactly being gentle either...I'd just prefer to avoid an argument with someone who's more against this sort of thing."

Rachel: "Yeah, I know that lecture, so consider it safe with me... Though, I can't see how anyone would be against a bit of excessive force with someone trying to kill them..." she commented with a smile. Glancing back to the hall, she asked, "You take one, I'll take the other?"

Cecilia: "Exactly! Thank you," Cecilia said, relieved someone here actually got this instead of flailing at her. "One on the right's mine."

Rachel: "You're welcome," Rachel mumbled as she slipped over to the left side of the doorway, sliding around the frame into the hallway. Making sure Cecilia had her guy covered, she reached out with her telekinesis, grasping at the man's feet. Blowing out a breath, she made sure her hold was good before ripping his legs out from under him, sending him sprawling backwards to the floor.

Rachel: She rushed over to him and gave him a good whack with the nameplate to make sure he was out because she wasn't positive the fall had been enough. Feeling fairly satisfied with the nameplate, she gave it an appreciative look before casting a look down the hall to make sure Cecilia was fine.

Cecilia: Cecilia had taken off down the hall shooting to give herself cover-fire while she advanced on him...and through some serendipity, she shot him with this cover-fire in the chest as he swung out and attempted to fire at her.

Cecilia: She kicked his gun away as she approached and finished him off with a kick to the solar plexus. Studying his wound, she decided it was possible he could survive where she'd hit him. Though he'd have to get medical attention quickly. And why the hell did she care? It was a sim. "You good?"

Rachel: "Yeah, I'm good," Rachel answered as she jogged to meet up with the other girl. "Which way from here?"

Cecilia: Cecilia pressed a finger to her lips. There were two more men in the office with their backs to them. She indicated with her head that they should enter the room. But then again...She projected an image of them surprise-attacking the two men, wondering if Rachel would get that.

Cecilia: And hopefully not see anything she didn't actually want to share.

Rachel: She promptly shut her mouth, looked to the room, and nodded at the thought being pushed at her. Take the right again.

Cecilia: ...Christ it was unnerving to hear a voice in her head. Almost schizophrenic, actually. But she projected her assent. Creeping around the wall to approach the men.

Cecilia: With little effort she created a shield to give her some height she lacked and wrapped an arm around the man's neck tightly in a chokehold that quickly made him pass out. That's five down. Five left.

Rachel: Knowing it was sort of creeping Cecilia out, Rachel made sure to be careful of any thoughts that weren't being directed at her, shielding thankfully coming easily because it was second nature by now. She kicked her target in the crook of his leg as hard as she could, which caused his knee to buckle, making it fairly simple to knock him upside the head with the nameplate as well.

Rachel: Despite the blow to the back of the head, he wasn't quite out, and she reached for his throat with her telekinesis, squeezing his airway actually taking some effort. She found having to exert effort for such a task somewhat annoying and tried to mask her irritation from filtering through the mental connection as she replied, Not doing too badly then.

Cecilia: "It's easier with another person," Cecilia admitted out-loud. Picking up a baton and tucking the pistol into the waistband of her pants. "Though I have been taken out by surprise before, but for the most part it's getting easier. I'm dying less and making it through alone more."

Cecilia: That and she wasn't nearly having a stroke every-time she saw a gun anymore. She could even shoot half the time without flinching now. She liked to think that meant her shooting practice with Fabian was working.

Rachel: "I suppose if I'm alert, we shouldn't be taken by surprise... I'm not making any promises on that though," Rachel replied, pulling a slight face, "And I imagine this being far creepier alone."

Cecilia: "The telepathy should help," Cecilia remarked. "Isn't that how it works? Cast the net and you should be able to tell us where the next victim is."

Cecilia: Cecilia face was dark. "That's the point. It's supposed to scare me. If I don't force myself to work through fear alone then I'll never learn at all. I can't expect someone to be there holding my hand every step of the way. Life just doesn't work that way. I have to be self-reliant."

Rachel: "In theory, I should be able to cast the net and knock out the next victims," she answered as she moved along, considering her words, eventually commenting, "That does make sense, but it's nice to know someone has your back," she shook her head, "I don't do well on my own. At least I don't think I do."

Cecilia: "It's nice," Cecilia agreed, twirling the baton as she walked. "But I'd rather it not be necessary. Besides, they're relatively few people I'd say had my back. I'll trust those few and fear the rest."

Cecilia: "...I'd disagree," Cecilia said, studying Rachel. "Depends on how you define 'well.' If it involves evading SWORD for months and standing against one of the greatest threats to the modern world? Yes. If it involves being mentally stable and not harming innocent people in a temper tantrum, then no."

Rachel: "I don't think many people actually have my back either, considering the whole evading law enforcement and harming innocents," Rachel stated, casting a glance over her shoulder as she decided to reach out with her telepathy, feeling for the next target, "And, it's not like I have a history of being mentally stable."

Cecilia: "Really," Cecilia deadpanned. "I'd say you got off pretty easy, considering. You have most of your old friends, as far as I can tell. Made some new ones in Mayday and Fabian...but I guess your backstory was sympathetic."

Cecilia: She was deliberately not being charitable here...but no-one ever said Cecilia was charitable. Especially when it was her friends that got hurt. "Not that I hold a grudge," she smirked. "Can't say I'm a shining example of mental health either, but we all do the best we can, yeah?"

Rachel: Finally finding the mind she was looking for, Rachel nodded and reached up to brush her hair out of her face once more, sending out a psychic blast to deal with him. "I didn't think any backstory made up for it, and I'm not sure my friends that went on their own killing sprees exactly count... But, I did get lucky. I mean, Fabian isn't really much of a surprise, given the Acolyte thing, but I didn't really expect Mayday to forgive me..."

Cecilia: "And they call you a mind-reader," Cecilia laughed under her breath. "I could've told you she would. She's nicer than me and your story would make a difference to her."

Cecilia: She paused, taking cover by a door and looking at Rachel, shaking her head.

Cecilia: "Your history- or what some person think they know about your history-is sometimes all that matters and the only thing that saves you from a bad situation. Do you really think the public gave a shit that the Acolyte's psychic had a music box that played 'Daisy'? Would it have made a difference if they had?" Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "It matters, more than you might think."

Rachel: "I've never claimed to be a good mind-reader, but there should only be four more left," she shot Cecilia a smirk, though it quickly dropped as she also shook her head, "I don't think it'd make a difference to the majority of the public, but I see your point. I just... I've never really wanted anyone's pity, especially not over my past."

Cecilia: Cecilia laughed darkly at that. "I'll take it if it comes, it's rare anyone goes easier on me even when they do know my past. It'd give me one helluva an advantage and I have no qualms-" she said, swinging around the corner and smashing in an enemy's face with the baton "-over playing dirty."

Cecilia: "I don't ask for it, but if they want to feel sorry for me it costs me nothing...though they're wasting their time," she grinned maniacally. "Since even I'm not sorry for me."

Rachel: "Well, it's generally pity, or they think I'm insane," Rachel shrugged as she trailed after Cecilia, making sure to consider the possibility of someone coming up behind them or something as they moved through the corridors, "I can at least agree with the latter."

Cecilia: "If you weren't at least somewhat insane by this point, in this kind of lifestyle, then I'd be worried." Cecilia admitted, turning the corner with the baton raised. "People who aren't at least eccentric in some way here are people I'm wary of."

Rachel: "Being sane is overrated," she commented, quickly calling out as a man stepped out from a room they'd already past, shotgun raised, "Behind!"

Cecilia: Cecilia easily sidestepped into one of the offices along the hallway, avoiding the shot and taking cover. "Mind ridding him of his weapon?"

Rachel: Biting down on her lip, Rachel threw up a shield as he shot and quickly ducked into the office after Cecilia, simply nodding as she grasped at the gun with her teke, pulling hard to yank it from the shooter's grasp.

Cecilia: Cecilia stepped out as soon as the shotgun was out of his hands, raising the pistol and shooting him in the shoulder. "Well...don't think he's getting back up from that one."

Rachel: "Hopefully not. Nice shot, by the way," she said as she considered the downed man. "That leaves one, right?"

Cecilia: "Thanks, I have a good teacher." Cecilia remarked, keeping the gun out. "Yeah, one left. Let's just hope he's an easy one, I haven't seen one with a rocket launcher yet, but I keep wondering when I will. Danger has to draw that shitstorm sometime."

Rachel: "Well, now that you've said something about it, you've probably jinxed us."

Cecilia: "Actually I've always wondered if my shield could stand up to one," Cecilia admitted, laughing. "S'why I never joined the army...someone with my skills would be priceless to send into hellholes. Like Hell I'd ever be treated like everyone else."

Rachel: "True, though I never joined the army because it would've been the death of me," Rachel replied, grinning as she peered around, "Might get to find out if I can figure out where this guy is... Unless he jumps out at us before then..."

Cecilia: "Well, let's hope we never do join...only way I'd ever go is by force," she frowned. "Can you sense him?"

Rachel: "Close," she answered, "Though, I'm not entirely sure on an exact location yet... Maybe around another corner or two."

Cecilia: Another corner or two wasn't an inaccurate statement, almost as soon as Rachel said the man came around the corner, screaming and rushing at them with a large machete.

Rachel: A series of alarmed curses were muttered as Rachel ducked the swing of the blade, throwing out another blast of telekinetic force to knock him off-balance, leaving Cecilia the opportunity to finish him.

Cecilia: Cecilia rushed the attacker, using her baton arm to block the attacker's machete arm and while simultaneously driving the heel of her hand into the guy's nose. She'd seen this sort of thing before, she knew how to deal with it.

Cecilia: While the guy was bent over she kicked him hard in the jaw, snapping his head back and dropping him. "And that's how it ends!" Cecilia said, breathing heavily.

Cecilia: "And just to make this official," Cecilia pointed her hand in the shape of a gun at the man's head. "Bang. You're dead."

Rachel: Snorting, Rachel straightened as the simulation ended and reached up to untie her hair, pushing a hand through it before putting it back up. "Well, that didn't go too badly," she commented and paused before asking, "...Wanna run it again?"

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded. "I run these things five...maybe six times in one go?" She shrugged. "I'm good till I drop."

Rachel: She managed a grin, "I think I can manage a few more times." Maybe. At the very least, she was also good until she dropped.

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded. "Danger: Run the simulation again, randomize the weapons more, add two more combatants...and let's try and have them attack us in pairs?" She rolled her shoulders and bounced on her heels. "Show time."

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