2/14 Instance: Insane Clown Posse

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2/14 Instance: Insane Clown Posse

Post by Starfish » Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:11 pm

TImeline: Current.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul checked the display outside of the DR to see who had it currently and noticed one of the carnival programs running, perfect. He rubbed his hands together, pleased with his luck as he opened the door and stepped on inside.

Cassie: The first thing to greet any would-be visitor to the running program was the crowd of clowns scampering by. Their costumes were colourful as ever, but their painted faces didn't look too friendly. The maniacal laughter wasn't helping, either - or the assortment of vicious looking weapons, ranging from jagged knifes to oversized hammers.

Cassie: They were after the slender girl that ran at full speed across the carnival site, her raven hair waving behind her as she tried to escape the crazed horde. "Ah! Shoo!" Her flailing stopped long enough that she turned around to toss one of the rubber balls she had snatched from one of the booths, hitting the evil clown closest to her on the nose.

Cassie: "Get lost, wicked things!" Cassandra took off again, quickly scaling the candy floss cart to get away from her pursuers.

Jean-Paul: "....and this is why people knock." Jean-Paul muttered to himself as he took in the scene before him. This was...a lot of creepy. This was more creepy than he could ever imagine shaking a stick at. Well, that added a bit more information in his mind as to what kind of a person Cassie was, anyway, but he wasn't sure what that said about her.

Jean-Paul: "Need any help with your clown posse?"

Cassie: Her last remaining ball decked another of the clowns as he tried to scale her makeshift fortress, sending him back down to tumble into his friends and form a mismatched pile on the ground. "Jean-Paul?" Cassandra looked up. "Well, if it's not too inconvenient, I wouldn't mind some assistance here..."

Jean-Paul: It was the least he could do, really. Jean-Paul took off into the air, picking up clowns and dropping them on other clowns. This was...surprisingly fun actually. "Ahhaaa, bowling for clowns, never thought I'd be doing this."

Cassie: "It's not exactly what I expected either." Cassandra jumped and danced on top of the brightly coloured cart, which shook as she horde of clowns tried to topple it. Stepping out of the way of a swung hammer, she quickly grabbed the large wooden tool and used it to fend off the costumed horde.

Cassie: "I was simply looking through some list of programs, saw something carnival themed, and hit some buttons because it sounded interesting," she elaborated, conking another clown on the head. "The next moment I'm almost cut in two by buzz-saws and getting chased by these guys!"

Jean-Paul: "I had a feeling it was possibly you in here practicing...I really wish that were the case because these buggers are actually pretty creepy." He laughed, bowling another on down. "Not getting homesick for it, are you?"

Cassie: "Perhaps a little,I'll admit." With the tip of her tongue tucked into the corner of her mouth, Cassandra wore a focused expression as she took careful aim, the large hammer hefted over her shoulder. "Getting chased by bomb-juggling clowns and having saw-blades tossed at me kind of took care of that, however." She swung through and struck true, another clown sent flying backwards.

Jean-Paul: "...yeaaaah, I can see how that'd cure things up pretty quickly. I can't say I'd want to go back to my home if it was filled with murderous clowns either." Sadly, Jean-Paul could think of a few people that might find home more appealing with murderous clowns but he was pretty surehe knew which camp he was going to stay in on that front. "So, you're settling in pretty well, yeah?"

Cassie: "You're not hearing me complain, are you?" She looking at Jean-Paul with a wry grin across her lips. Having earned themselves a brief respite, Cassandra caught her breath. "This place is incredible. I can't say how exciting it is to be here." She shrugged. "Even though I'm quite sure everyone else feels the same about me."

Jean-Paul: "Why would you say that?" Jean-Paul asked, looking back at her and then zipping out of the way of one of the clowns. Right, you had to keep your eye on those buggers. That made conversation a bit more interesting. He twisted back towards the clown in question, flying him higher and bowling him into his brethern.

Cassie: "Ah, just a hunch," Cassandra replied, eying the clown-car that raced across the carnival site, kicking up dust and anyone too slow to dodge out of its path. "It's probably nothing big. Still, I might have accidentally ended someone's relationship?"

Jean-Paul: "Aaah, so you're pretty well aware of the whole Mayday and Sue issues then. I wasn't sure how much was out in the open there." He cringed a bit but at least now he didn't have to hunt for answers on that front.

Cassie: "You could say that I am quite aware, yes." She nodded, before being forced to defend her little stretch of high ground against a squad of clowns on pogo sticks. "Mayday assured me it's not directly my fault, but I suspect Sue might feel otherwise. I may have been the catalyst for that whole mess, after all."

Jean-Paul: "Well, if she thinks that then she's sort of missing some other key issues there. You can't be blamed for someone taking an interest in you, that'd just be silly...so no interest in Mayday?"

Cassie: "Oh, I'm mostly just concerned about invisible girls with a grudge." Cassandra shot Jean-Paul a quick grin, before she summoned a shadowy limb to snatch away a clown's pogo stick. "Don't get me wrong, I would have let her drag me into her spider-lair if she had meant to, but I'm not the kind of girl to end up stuck in anyone's web, if you know what I mean."

Jean-Paul: He nodded, understanding what she meant and rather approving of the fact that she hadn't went ahead and given it a try anyway. "Well, I don't think you have anything to worry about when it comes to invisible attacks and I can now promise you you won't have to deal with any good friend speed attacks either." He returned the grin, glad there were no bitches to be choked today as that just didn't sound like fun.

Cassie: "I'll simply go ahead and trust your word on this," Cassandra remarked, sending another bouncing clown soaring backwards with a swing of her hammer. "Still, Sue and Mayday are good friends - some of the first I made since coming here. I'd hate to see that go to waste."

Cassie: She took careful aim again, raising the long hefted weapon - oblivious to the clown car speeding towards the cart she stood on from behind. "So I'm trying to think of ways to fix the rift, so to speak. You think I'd make a good cupid?"

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul stood beside her, completely unawares of the clown car as well as he chucked explosive honking horns back in the direction of the clowns they came from. "Well, it'll be awkward as hell at first I imagine but I don't think it'll be wasted...and I imagine you can put together a good deal of things when you want to, hmm?"

Cassie: "First I was thinking of just teleporting the both of them into a locked up basement and only letting them out once they've talked it all out, but something tells me I should perhaps go for a more restrained approach instead. What would you think about..." The clown car almost disintegrated their little fortress, sending the two mutants flying with the rest of the debris.

Jean-Paul: "I think-" And then Jean-Paul found himself unwillingly airbourne, unable to actually finish his thought. Picking a too-long shoe off of himself where he landed, Jean-Paul attempted to regain some of his lost dignity. "I think we should tell nobody we just got owned by clowns."

Cassie: An net of solid darkness manifested right before Cassandra hit the ground, safely catching the raven-haired girl instead. "Take it from someone who has worked at a circus - clowns are not to be messed with lightly." She bounced up and down on her conjured web, using it as a makeshift trampoline. "You never get into trouble with only one of them. There are always more."

Jean-Paul: "Do they move in packs? Well, if you can handle rabid clowns you can take girl-drama." Jean-Paul assured her, picking himself up.

Cassie: "You wouldn't be far off with that." Cassandra chuckled, before somersaulting off the shadowy web to land not far from Jean-Paul. Behind her, another horde of vicious looking clowns climbed out of the tiny wrecked car. "Speaking of, now that my initial worry about getting eviscerated is wearing off, I have to admit, this is starting to be quite a lot of fun."

Cassie: "I take it these simulations are supposed to help the X-Men train," she stated, turning around to look at the small, colourful flock rushing their way. The summoned black web was quickly repurposed to catch the front lines.

Jean-Paul: "Yes, plus they're just fun." Jean-Paul replied. "I mean...I don't think we're going to be attacked by a gaggle of clowns any time soon."

Cassie: Cocking her head, Cassandra cracked a cheeky grin at Jean-Paul. "Never be too sure about that," she told him with a chuckle. "You can't say for certain my troupe and I never clashed with rival circuses in the past. There might be ninja-clowns sent after me and out for blood."

Jean-Paul: In his mind suddenly there was a circus-themed West Side Story playing only more vicious. Maybe that was something he should mention to Professor Mrs. Drake sometime when she was recuperated from shelling out a sprog. "I'll be sure to sleep a little more carefully with that in mind."

Cassie: "Then my work here is done!" Cassandra smirked as she took a little bow. Afterwards, she took a look around, a thoughtful expression slipping onto her face. "You think it might be possible to learn to how lend your touch to these programs?"

Jean-Paul: "Oh yeah, we'll get you set right up. What would you like to add?" He asked, giving a little clap for what was a hob well-done.

Cassie: "First of all, is there any way to keep those killer clowns from trying to play skip-rope with our intestines," she asked with a smirk, fending off the occasional rabid, knife-wielding attacker. "They add much to the atmosphere, but they also make it kind of hard to concentrate."

Jean-Paul: "Danger? Can we ixnay any and all innards jumping?" Jean-Paul felt it was quite important to cover all their bases there. He didn't want the clowns getting creative and going for a stomach-lined hopscotch or anything.

Cassie: Only a moment later, the horde of clown ended their onslaught. Taking a curious look around, Cassandra found the fake circus to lie in sudden calmness. "Thanks," she said. "That's much more helpful already. Now... what to do with the place?" She put her hands on her hips. "Oh, I know! How about a Ferris wheel? Could we fit one in here? Because they're amazing!"

Jean-Paul: "Of course, you can fit anything you like, just ask Danger to plop it in and there it is." Jean-Paul nodded, holding his arms out wide to show the expanse they could be working with.

Cassie: "Really? Just ask and 'ye shall receive?" Cassandra arched an eyebrow, already looking excited at the prospect. "Now talk about user friendly." She rubbed her hands together, looking around the scenery. "Right, so... Danger, yes? Do you think I could have a big Ferris wheel? Perhaps right over there?"

Cassie: "Oh, and could you make it one of the classic ones? You know, with the ornate and decorated gondolas." She held up a finger. "Oh, and coloured lights! These were beautiful."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul laughed as the room began to change again. "I take it this is going to become a favourite toy, hmm?"

Cassie: "Oh, I feel it already is," Cassandra remarked, a bright grin across her lips as she watched her creation take shape, having to tilt back her head to take in its entire size. "Marvelous."

Cassie: She turned to give Jean-Paul with a challenging look. "What do you say? Have enough faith in my Danger Rooming skills to take her for a spin?"

Jean-Paul: "Lets do this thing." Jean-Paul nodded, quite confident that he would survive this adventure.

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