2/15 Instance: Gottagofast!

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2/15 Instance: Gottagofast!

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:12 am

Timeline Note: Current Timeline 


<Johnny> "So, it's only the most awesome Christmas present ever..." Johnny said as he led the way to the garage doors, opener in hand. He glanced over his shoulder at Eddie, shooting him a wide grin as he pressed the button, the doors opening far too slowly for his liking.

<@Eddie> Eddie shrugged, "Hey, I got a family and my relationship back, I can't complain with mine.", he slipped a hand into his coat, scratching his nose with the other, "I'm half expecting this to be a dune buggy, to be honest. And...eeeh, that'd be okay...", he smirked.

<Johnny> "Well, I probably could've topped this with the ring, but..." Johnny trailed off as he stuffed the garage door opener into his pocket, shaking his head. "Anyway, it's far better than that. Hope does have decent tastes."

<@Eddie> "Wait, you didn't give her t-...", Eddie stopped dead, sentence falling apart as he took in the vehichle hiding in the garage, "Oh, no fucking way in hell is that real...."

<Johnny> Johnny was glad for the distraction the corvette granted, not that he expected Eddie to forget. While he wasn't particularly cold, as that'd be hard to manage with his powers, he started toward the garage, assuring Eddie with a smug grin, "Oh, it is."

<@Eddie> Approaching the car, Eddie walked around it, taking in every angle he could, "This is so, so sexy...", he laughed, crouching to inspect the rims, "Oh, man, imagine the Latverian bitches we could pull in one of these motherfuckers!", he stood up, in stitches, "Johnny, what the hell!?"

<Johnny> As he watched Eddie take in the awesomeness that was his car, Johnny nodded and heaved a sigh, "I know, I know... It almost makes it sad that we both have girlfriends..."

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded in agreement, "H-hey, hold the phone: we don't have to get laid in the car, but come on, we can still be a little immature.", he smirked, "I mean...remember that time with those two French girls? The pole dancers, and we just invited them out for drinks? Didn't even sleep with them, but it was still epic."

<Johnny> Johnny crossed his arms as he though, bringing a hand up to stroke his chin, brow furrowing, "...Vaguely? I mean, maybe I don't remember as well because we didn't sleep with them..."

<@Eddie> "Yeah. Which kinda sucked, huh?", he scratched his head, "But.....dude, this car. Jesus in Heaven, this car...."

<Johnny> "How mad do you think Hope and Liza would be if we just went to see if we could pick up girls with it?"

<@Eddie> For a moment, Eddie considered the question, "...is that an acceptable risk? I mean, I'm a cop now, I have to retain some decorum.", he grinned, "Some, I stress."

<Johnny> "I don't know..." Johnny slowly shook his head, grinning as he added, "But how bad could it possibly be?"

<@Eddie> "Exactly.", Eddie clapped, "Come on, I have to see how fast this goes."

<Johnny> After digging the keys from his pocket, he jingled them in Eddie's direction, "You wanna drive?"

<@Eddie> Eddie covered his mouth with his hands, as if an excitable teen girl who'd been proposed to by Tony Stark himself, "....oh, God, Johnny, I really dooooo, but....", he scratched his head, "I only really got my license for motorcycling...I can drive, just....I'm no Steve McQueen, bro."

<Johnny> Johnny blinked, "You have a motorcycle license?"

<@Eddie> "Erm...yes?", Eddie smirked at the question, "You....you guys are fantastic! I am willing to bet that nobody knows if you don't!", he laughed, "Seriously! What do you guys think I DO with my summers, anyway? You think before Liza I just stopped existing?",

<@Eddie> He shook his head, "After the first time I tried riding a bike I was in love with the idea, just....nobody close to me to talk about it.", he shrugged, "Naturally I told my Dad, and then he funded lessons. Simple enough."

<@Eddie> Eddie sighed, "...'course I don't actually have a bike. Damn shame."

<Johnny> "I just figured you web-slung everywhere," Johnny smirked back. Clutching the keys in his hand, he made his way over to the car, leaning against it, "...I could probably get you one. Well, I could get Hope to get you one."

<@Eddie> "Nah...", Eddie shook his head, "I'll get one when I need one - Liza's got me on this 'if it's meant to happen' thing.", he smiled, "I wouldn't believe it, but then again I'm dating the real life Juliette Starling. Also, I'm the fucking Batman or some shit.", he shrugged, triumphant as ever.

<Johnny> "I like to think we're both far cooler than Batman," Johnny commented as he held out the keys once more, "Are you sure you don't want to drive?"

<@Eddie> Eddie considered it for a moment before raising his hand, "Fuck it; throw me those keys, Sparky.", he grinned, "Let's get on it, lad."

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