2/15 Instance: On the Case

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2/15 Instance: On the Case

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:15 am

timeline: current

Eddie: Landing the folders on Misty's desk with a thud, Eddie slumped down into the chair opposite, both feet going up and then down onto the desk also, "That's every one of 'em.", he pointed a finger, helping himself to a doughnut, "Cannibaaaals 'raaah'.", he made a monster face at his snack before taking a bite out of it.

Eddie: "Gotta admit...", he managed past chewing, "Th's makes for....mmn...s'good way to get adjusted - never gonna se a case this weird again.", he sniggered a little.

Misty: Finishing off her cup of coffee, Misty leaned forward in her seat to set her mug on the coaster and inspect the stack of folders, smiling slightly at the monster impression. Splitting the stack in half, she shook her head, "Hopefully not. Which half do you want?"

Eddie: "Ttttthat one.", Eddie snapped his fingers and pointed idly to one of her sides, eyes still on his doughnut as he finished it in another bite, "We're still gonna be here until five a.m, right?", he smiled at her, licking a stray bit of sugar from the side of his mouth.

Misty: "Probably," she answered as she shoved the stack toward him, pulling her own to her and picking up the first in the stack. She flicked it open as she leaned back in her chair again, "And then, we'll probably have to go patrol or something because who needs sleep?"

Eddie: "~We-ell, you're never gonna get it!~", Eddie sang to follow up her rhetorical question, "Gotta love Barenaked Ladies.", he nodded, shuffling forward in his chair to reach the first couple of folders and resting them on his lap, lifting the first, "Let's see... Lewis Calvin Price, twenty-six, registered mutant...."

Misty: Misty snorted at his singing as she scanned her own file, trying to recall how many times she'd read this one. Or any of them, for that matter. She felt like she should have them memorized. "...Major lacerations, amputations, bite wounds consistent with human bite marks, stylized markings etched into the skin..."

Eddie: Eddie laughed dryly, "Snap.", he tapped the papers in his hands, "So erm....I was curious about something."

Misty: "You're always curious about something," she said with a slight smirk, placing a finger on the page to keep her spot as she flipped the folder closed to look across the desk at him. She'd gotten used to humoring his curiosity in the time they'd been working together.

Eddie: "I was wondering why you got involved with all this horrible business.", he waved his hand around in the air, "What made you want to be a 'super-cop', anyway?"

Misty: "Well, I don't know that I'm 'super-cop'." Misty gave a bit of a shrug, "It's not really an exciting story. I got interested in law in high school and stuck with it because I've always liked a challenge. Cases are like puzzles, and it usually feels great when you finally put the pieces together and are able to bring justice to people that have been wronged."

Eddie: "So, you're 'Lawful Good', eh? All 'Guts and Honor'.", Eddie laughed, "All Paladin, all the time, I like that.", he nodded, "It's....respectable."

Misty: "I am, thanks," she nodded with a grin, firing back, "So, what about you?"

Eddie: "What about me?", Eddie looked over to her, shaking his head, "No, wait....I've met enough women to know what's coming and yes, I talk like it's that big because it IS that big.", he grinned, cocky as ever.

Misty: Misty rolled her eyes as she clarified, "What made you decide to join up?"

Eddie: He tapped the papers against his head, "Hm....would you believe me if I said I was just shit at everything else?"

Misty: She glanced over to him from the folder in her lap, considering him for a few moments before shaking her head, "No."

Eddie: Eddie laughed dryly, "What was I thinking - much too pretty(!)", he tapped his nose with a finger, "So, full story, eh? Hm...", he pondered what he could get away with revealing, "Well, I moved here for schooling when I was younger."

Misty: Setting the case folder aside, Misty stood and stretched, reaching to grab her mug from its place on her desk. She shot him a skeptical look before moving to get a refill, asking as she went, "Is that so?"

Eddie: "What, you don't believe me? Misty, I'm hurt!", he grinned, "Wounded, even!"

Misty: "Depends," she answered as she poured herself another cup, "How much younger?"

Eddie: "I was seventeen.", Eddie explained, "I attended a special school for the gifted.", he smiled - at least that wasn't a full lie - adjusting his seating by folding his legs the other way he leaned back, "I've never been the best study, but I pick things up easily and show a lot of enthusiasm, apparently."

Misty: Misty took a cautious sip from the mug and pulled a slight face. Still too hot. Once she'd returned to her seat, she carefully set the mug down, commenting, "I can definitely see that."

Eddie: Grinning, Eddie shrugged, "That's what she said.", he pointed at Misty, "Legit. Anyway, I suppose my story's similar to yours - I was bullied most of my life, and my Dad bought me up believing that with great power comes great responsibility."

Misty: "Sounds like your dad knew what he was talking about," she replied as she gave in and reached for a donut.

Eddie: "He still does. I hope - he's a doctor.", Eddie smiled, "But yeah...I suppose I just believe in something better, you know? Better than all this.", he tapped the papers again, "I mean...what do you think about mutants?"

Misty: After finishing her first bite of donut, she answered, "I think somebody is targeting them for their next meal, and it's our job to figure this out to keep it from happening because, while others may not agree, they're people that have families and friends that care about them."

Eddie: Eddie sighed, "I mean in general, Mist, really.", he frowned a little at her, "You don't like 'em, do you?"

Misty: "Oh," Misty gave a small shrug, deciding to try her coffee again, "I guess I don't really have a strong preference one way or the other. I mean, I spend the majority of my time working, and they can make things a pain in the ass with all their vigilante bullshit... But, I guess I can see how they think they're being helpful, and I don't think they deserve to be murdered."

Eddie: "'Vigilante bullshit'?", he quirked an eyebrow, "What, you think guys like...", mentally, he sighed, but to hell with it, "...w-what about that Venom? He's pretty great, right?"

Eddie: 'Oooh, smooth as ever, aren't we...

Misty: "What good are cops with superheroes running around? Besides cleaning up their mess," she replied, eyebrow going up in return, "I guess. In a way."

Eddie: Eddie scoffed, trying not to sound too offended, "'In a way'?", he shook his head, "Between stopping bullets and saving people from falling buildings I'd say superheroes are something that are pretty under-appreciated!"

Misty: "Then, they can join the rest of law enforcement in being under-appreciated," Misty rolled her eyes over the rim of her mug as she took a drink.

Eddie: "....'k, that's fair.", Eddie sniggered, helping himself to another doughnut, "What if mutants worked for the law enforcement? What then?"

Misty: "I guess it'd be their jobs, and I wouldn't have anything to complain about."

Eddie: "Hm.", Eddie responded, the conversation seeming to have hit a dead end on that, "...so, is there a 'Mister Misty Knight'?"

Misty: Misty about snorted her coffee. "Depends. Is this a way to come onto me?"

Eddie: Raising his eyebrow, Eddie grinned slyly, "Wastes no time, does she?", he winked, "Hate to break it to you, but I'm taken. My girlfriend'd probably be up for a threesome though, should the need take ya.", he laughed.

Misty: She just set her coffee down before she actually did snort or choke on it, slowly shaking her head as she answered his question, "There is not."

Eddie: "Damn, so close(!)", Eddie was still in stitches at her reaction, shaking his head, "Sorry, I could not resist.", he grinned, "Besides, isn't there some kinda....I dunno, rule against dating in workplaces?"

Misty: "Generally, yes," Misty answered with a nod, blinking when the phone on her desk began to ring. She stared at it for a few rings, studying the caller I.D., and reached across the stack of folders to pick up. Cradling the phone between her ear and shoulder, she reached for a pen, motioning to Eddie to hand her the notepad as she stated, "Officer Knight."

Eddie: Eddie snapped to attention, sliding the notepad to her and sitting back, desperate to know who was on that call, but knowing better than to open his mouth.

Eddie: ''We're nervous about this...'

Eddie: 'Oh, it's only natural. Don't worry, we'll be fine.'

Misty: She scribbled some basic notes and hung placed the phone back on the hook, stretching as she stood, "So much for being here until five in the morning." Tearing the page off the notepad, she sighed, gesturing to the stacks on her desk, "We might have another folder to add to the collection."

Eddie: "Really?", Eddie cringed, "Ugh, pain in the ass....is it far? 'Cause if you want, I can head down there myself - I move faster on my own.",

Misty: Misty shook her head and offered him the paper with the address, "If you think you can handle it on your own until I get there..."

Eddie: Accepting the paper, Eddie read the address, "Yeah, no problem, Mist.", he smirked, "I got this.", winking for good measure he stood, stretching and grabbing his jacket from the back his chair.

Misty: She sure as hell hoped he had this because she didn't want to end up taking the fall if he screwed something up. She held out hope though because he'd done extremely well when they'd found the body in the drain. Walking him to the door, she assured him, "I'll catch up with you in a bit."

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