2/15 Instance: Bushido for Buddies

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2/15 Instance: Bushido for Buddies

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:09 am

timeline: current

Laura: As was her usual routine after returning from classes, Laura quietly slipped into the bedroom and carefully placed her bag on the bed, beginning to pull various textbooks and notebooks from it, neatly stacking them until her bag had been emptied. Once she had placed the empty bag by her desk, she set about separating the stacks into piles based on whether she was required to do homework for those classes.

Laura: The unneeded notebooks and textbooks found their spot on the shelves, and Laura found her spot in the center of the bed, settling in, cross-legged, to begin on the assignments, starting with her least favorite class.

Hisako: Already sitting upon her own bed, Hisako glanced up to spot Laura, going back to her PSVita, cutting her eye at the display on screen as her character was wounded, "Ittai nani ga...", she mumbled, clicking away at the buttons.

Laura: While she knew Hisako was there, it wasn't unusual for either of them to go about their own business with little to no interaction, which didn't bother her. In fact, it was somewhat nice to have company that wasn't necessarily a distraction from the task at hand, and the task at hand was writing. Writing was not something she enjoyed, as the answers weren't as clear as mathematical solutions.

Hisako: Hisako laughed dryly at her game, her expression giving it away that she was winning at whatever it was. She settled back, still remaining silent out of focus.

Laura: Laura blew out a small sigh, relieved that it wasn't a lot of writing. If she really focused on it, the task should be completed quickly.

Hisako: Glancing over at her, Hisako raised an eyebrow. It was somewhat endearing to her that another classmate took such interest in her work. Unlike some of the people she was used to. Sighing, she went back to her game, laughing a little at her progress.

Laura: She glanced over to her roommate at the second round of laughter, curiously tilting her head as she considered the device in Hisako's hand. Her gaze went from it to her notebook, not particularly interested in the work. It had to get done though.

Hisako: Realizing she was being looked at, Hisako looked up, "Laura?", she waved her hand a little to get her attention, "Were you curious about this?", she gestured to the handheld game.

Laura: Laura pulled her gaze back up from her work at her name, nodding as she answered, "Yes, actually, I was."

Hisako: "Do you....maybe want to try it?", Hisako offered, realizing at once how strange such a gesture must have been from herself, but willing to attempt taking Noriko's advice. She needed to make friends, because the emptiness of her life was slowly hollowing her out.

Laura: Uncurling, she moved to get up to accept the offer, "Sure, though I am uncertain as to how well I will do."

Hisako: Hisako smiled, shuffling to make room on her bed, "It's alright, you can just use my character. It's a pretty easy level for this game.", she confessed, "You have never played Monster Hunter, I guess?"

Laura: Laura shook her head as she took a seat next to Hisako, admitting, "I have never played any handheld games." Thinking about it, she hadn't really played any games at all except... "Though, I've played Dance Dance Revolution with Cecilia. I believe it is something you'd be very good at."

Hisako: "Eeh, Cecilia doesn't even look at me anymore.", Hisako rolled her eyes, "Her boyfriend pushed me to my limit and I got very angry and hit him. Since then, she hates me.", she didn't have any emotions left about it, "I just... prefer space. I can't be close to some kinds of people."

Hisako: Realizing she was digressing, Hisako shook her head, "A-anyway, this isn't important.", she offered the console to Laura, "Look, see? It's a game where your characters must hunt monsters to keep their village safe."

Laura: "I hadn't thought she liked you since the incident involving her arm," Laura commented as she carefully took the device, turning it over in her hands to peer at it from all angles before focusing on the actual game and Hisako's explanation, "Right. That makes sense."

Hisako: "It's a simple story, but very good.", Hisako nodded enthusiastically, deciding it best to just leave the topic of Cecilia Reyes and everyone who thought she was a bitch to one side, "At the moment, my character Nilofar is trying to find dinosaur monsters called 'Velociprey'.", she tapped a finger on the screen, "See? She uses a great katana to fight."

Laura: She smiled slightly at the katana, "Because that is your preference in weapons?"

Hisako: Hisako nodded, tapping her nose with a finger, "Katana is the most noble weapon! Both fast and powerful, it is the greatest sword!", she glanced over at the Samidare, mounted on her dresser beside her father's photograph, "They say that the greatest katanas can cut down a man in a single stroke."

Laura: "I would believe that," Laura agreed, also looking from the screen to the sword on Hisako's dresser. She considered it for a moment before asking, "Do you think you would be able to do that with yours?"

Hisako: Nodding without hesitation, Hisako confirmed, "Yes. This sword has defended my family for generations. It is old, but sharp, and has a powerful spirit within it.", she smiled proudly, "That is why I could not believe Cecilia drew it so hastily - you must never draw a sword unless you intend to use it."

Hisako: She looked back at Laura, "This is part of Bushido, the code of Samurai: a sword's spirit means that if it is drawn, it demands blood. The ultimate threat for a samurai is for him to unsheathe his blade just a liiiiiittle.", she showed it with her fingers.

Laura: Looking between Hisako and the small game console in her hands, Laura was torn between which she found more interesting and decided she could possibly multitask, trying the game as she asked, "Spirits?"

Hisako: "Yes.", Hisako smiled a little wider, "My grandmother explains it to me that there are spirits in things we love. If something is created for a purpose, and a great amount of feelings is placed into every aspect, then that thing has a soul."

Hisako: She tapped her chin in thought, "Oh, ok. Have you have a favourite pen? Or know someone does?"

Laura: Taking in the concept, Laura nodded, "Of course. I prefer to use the same one until I am no longer able to."

Hisako: "Well, it is kind of like that. People grow attach to things and push their impression into it. That is why using my pen, wearing my clothes - it would feel wrong.", Hisako explained, "But I believe this is too simple a way to explain it: an object like a sword is a symbol of the spirit of a family. The guardian of them. Generations of pride, with the power to take life."

Hisako: She closed her eyes, "Something like this should be respected. It is a noble thing, not a toy, not a weapon. A katana is much more than a sharp stick - it is the spirit made physical. Indomitable and decisive."

Laura: She was silent as she considered that, doing far more thinking about it than actually playing Monster Hunter. After a moment, she simply replied, "Like my claws."

Hisako: Hisako nodded, "Exactly! Your claws are a part of your body: you have a strong spirit, and your claws are a physical extension of who and what you are.", she explained, sagely as ever with a large smile on her face.

Laura: Laura returned the grin with one of her own, pleased she had grasped the concept well enough and admitting, "This is all quite interesting."

Hisako: "You think so?", Hisako blinked - true, others had found it interesting too, but something was different: Laura seemed...almost intrigued, "W-well, of course you think so! These are important things, and you are clever enough to understand this.",

Laura: "I wouldn't had said so if I wasn't," she answered with a nod, still grinning, "I am quite clever, thank you."

Hisako: Nudging Laura's side, Hisako narrowed her eyes slightly, "Be careful, your head is already kind of big.", she joked, smirk still playing on her face.

Laura: "Only a little," Laura admitted with a smirk of her own, looking down to the screen, "Could you tell me more after I figure out this game?"

Hisako: Hisako looked completely amazed, "Y-yes, if....you want.", she quickly regained her composure, smiling and nodding enthusiastically, leaning closer, "So: you have your thumbs here to move the character and to use your weapon...", she pointed out, trying not to keep grinning excitedly.

Hisako: And moreso trying to keep herself from being irritated that Ashida Noriko was right all along.

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