2/15 Instance: Working Up Courage

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2/15 Instance: Working Up Courage

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:19 am

timeline: after Bang, you're Dead

Paige: Paige ripped the head off of a pink gummy bear and nommed on it with a grin. She glanced through her latest magazine, smelling the perfume sample. "Mmmmm I like this." She tore out the page so she could purchase it at the store.

Rachel: Rachel was fairly sure she was ready to keel over and possibly die after that session in the Danger Room. The first few times had seemed easy enough, but the last half... Ugh. She didn't even want to think about how frustrating she'd found it as she made her way through the halls, blinking at the back of a person. Sure, she knew there'd be parents wandering about, but that couldn't be...

Rachel: Determined to believe it wasn't who she thought it was, Rachel found her way back to her room, shoved the door open, pushed it closed behind her, kicked off her shoes, and took up a handful of gummy bears on her way to the bathroom while she pulled the tie from her hair with the other.

Paige: "Racheeeeeellllllll!" Paige shrieked. "You took the last ones!"

Rachel: Heaving a sigh, she tossed the hair tie in the general direction of the sink, making a mental note to pick it up later, and moved to turn the shower on before heading back toward the room to gather clean clothes. Freeing a gummy bear from the group in her hand, she tossed it toward Paige and popped another in her mouth as she blankly stared at the closet. If that had been her in the hall, what should she wear? Hell, what did she say?

Paige: Paige caught the bear, popping it into her mouth and hopping up to move to Rachel. "Rachel?"

Rachel: Looking over to Paige, Rachel answered, "Yeah?"

Paige: "Are you alright, sweetheart?" It wasn't often Rachel said nothing to her when she entered a room, let alone their room.

Rachel: "I just got my ass kicked repeatedly, I can barely do a fraction of what I used to be able to with my powers, and I think my mother, who I've barely any idea how to speak to, is here for this ridiculous parents' thing..." she started, looking around the room, adding because she definitely didn't see the pants she wanted, "Oh, and I never fucking know where any of my clothes are..."

Paige: Paige swallowed her wibble. "What are you looking for?" She focused in on the things she could help rather than what she could not.

Rachel: Rachel offered another gummy bear as she shook her head, eating it when it wasn't taken, "It doesn't matter. I'll just wear..." she considered her selection, pulling the plaid pants from the closet, "These because, assuming that was my mother, she'll find them just as terrifying as you do, and I can't resist that."

Paige: "Oh Rachie..." Paige wrapped her arms around Rachel from behind, resting her head against her. Everyone should find them as horrifying as she did. "What can I do?"

Rachel: "I don't know," she mumbled, attempting to reach a top without making Paige move or using her telekinesis. She was fairly over trying out her powers today, though she had faith she could pull a tank top to her with them.

Paige: Paige didn't know what to do to help either. "Do you want me to distract her?"

Rachel: Remaining silent as she debated that, Rachel gave in and used her powers anyway, draping the pants and shirt over her arm. Damn... She was going to have to move. With a sigh, she did and went to retrieve underwear from the dresser, finally asking, "How do you plan on doing that?"

Paige: "You have met me right?" Paige just smiled, sliding her hands back onto her own bum, admiring the view.

Rachel: "True, you can be terrifying," she nodded, managing a small smirk as she tossed the clean clothes into the bathroom. Peeling off her shirt, she at least made an effort to toss it in the direction of the hamper since Paige was right there. "Though, I'm sure you'll be distracting enough when she finds out we're dating."

Paige: "I can handle it!" Paige smiled, still watching her. She weighed options in her mind, then began undressing herself. "And you are ready to tell her then?"

Rachel: "No, I'm not," she answered as she moved back into the bathroom, checking the water, adding over the noise of the spray, "Which is why I was trying to avoid this, however I suppose I had to inherit my inability to listen from somewhere."

Paige: Paige joined her in the bathroom, closing the door behind her. "I'm right here with you, though I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse."

Rachel: "Considering everything I've done, I feel like this shouldn't go too badly, but I don't know," Rachel shrugged as she stepped into the shower, leaning against the wall and closing her eyes. At least she didn't feel gross after working out now. "And everything is better with you."

Paige: "Everything?" Paige slid into the shower after her.

Rachel: "That's what I said."

Paige: Pulling Rachel to her, Paige kissed her girlfriend softly. "Well I think the same thing about you."

Rachel: After returning the kiss, she rested her forehead against Paige's shoulder, smiling slightly as she asked, "How was your day?"

Paige: "My day is always wonderful. I have you in my life." Paige nuzzled her, sudsing up the loofa and running it over Rachel's back gently.

Rachel: "It's not always wonderful," Rachel rolled her eyes, sucking in a breath. That was though.

Paige: "Well... I know nothing is always wonderful, but there is more wonderful than not with you."

Rachel: She pressed a kiss to Paige's shoulder, relaxing against her with a sigh, "I suppose."

Paige: Paige pressed her fingers over Rachel's hair, smoothing it back, still washing Rachel gently. "And you're so beautiful. I wish I could make everything wonderful for you."

Rachel: "You pretty much do," Rachel mumbled.

Paige: Blushing at that, Paige used her hand to gently lift Rachel's face for a kiss. "So do you."

Rachel: As she returned the kiss, she moved to lean back against the wall, pulling Paige with her, and throwing an arm around her shoulders. After a few moments, she broke it and rested her head back against the wall, asking, "Do you think we could just hide in here?"

Paige: "Not the whole weekend... and I want to meet your family."

Rachel: "Family is hardly the word for them," Rachel muttered.

Paige: Paige kissed lazily on her cheek. "You know what I mean."

Rachel: "Yeah..." Rachel would really rather not introduce Paige to either of her parents, but that wasn't really an option with one wandering around. "When do I get to meet yours?"

Paige: "When they come visit?" Paige offered hopefully. She kissed Rachel again, softly.

Rachel: She reached up to brush some hair from her face, mumbling against her lips, "Will that ever actually happen? Or are you going to tell them before then?"

Paige: "I... I don't know, Rachie."

Rachel: Rachel sighed and pulled her hand from her hair in favor of playing with Paige's hair instead, not exactly sure how to reply to that because she couldn't blame her.

Paige: "When I work up the courage," she promised.

Rachel: She wasn't quite able to keep the bemused expression from her face at that response, but she did manage to hold back the teasing comment. It was hard to imagine Paige working up the courage to do a lot of things. Instead, she leaned to kiss her cheek, dropping the subject, "I guess I should go entertain my mother."

Paige: "I think you are busy for the next, oh, 30, 45 minutes." Paige kissed on her again.

Rachel: The smirk didn't leave her face as she considered that, and she was fairly impressed she managed to maintain it because it was generally a shock to hear Paige imply anything of that sort. "Well, I think she can wait that long."

Paige: "Good." She deepened the kiss and ran her fingers through Rachel's hair again.

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