2/16 Instance: Waiting for Ms. Right

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2/16 Instance: Waiting for Ms. Right

Post by Starfish » Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:20 pm

Timeline: The same day as the instance "Queens".

Sue: Sue was trying to focus on her homework but the empty space on the other side of the room was distracting her in the worst way. She hadn't written more than a couple of sentences on her essay and it was due tomorrow. May hadn't been to see her since their date and with the imminent arrival of parents, it was almost pointless trying to do anything that wasn't sit and worry.

Sue: With a sigh of frustration, Sue threw her pen down and leaned back in her chair to stare at the ceiling.

Cassie: "I think you'll have more success stargazing outside," Cassandra commented, her violet eyes the first thing to contrast against the shadows in the corner of the room, soon followed by the rest of her raven-haired head peeking out of the amorphous portal.

Sue: Sue shrieked in surprise and vanished from view, her chair toppling over. "Doesn't anyone knock?!"

Cassie: "Knock knock?" Her smile carried only a hint of mischief as she floated into the room. "I'm sorry, but I figured if you wouldn't want me to see you, you could... do exactly what you're doing now." Cradling her chin on the palms of her hands, her fingers ended up framing her face.

Sue: "And what if I was naked or something!? It's not okay to just walk into people's rooms without announcing yourself first! Jesus! Does no one teach manners anymore?" Sue came back into view, standing a couple of steps in front of Cassie with her hands on her hips.

Cassie: "Then I promise I would have really relished the sight," Cassandra replied, her smile turning into a cheeky grin as she floated before Sue, carried by a swirling cloud of darkness. "I'm sorry, it's my first time rooming in a college dorm. What can I say, privacy is something you grow out of quickly when you live some time at the circus."

Sue: "Well I kind of have a problem with people just barging in so bear that in mind in future and be kind enough to knock." She folded her arms across her chest, "What do you want?"

Cassie: "See if I could catch you naked?" Cassandra's sassy grin gradually vanished in response to the look Sue gave her. "Actually, I came talk. You know, a little chat among friends, yes?"

Sue: "Chat about what?" She righted her chair with a forcefield as she moved to sit on the bed.

Cassie: "A mutual friend," she replied, showing Sue a smile, before she moved to take a seat in the now free chair. Pulling up her legs, she crossed her legs underneath her hips. "See, I think we should talk about Mayday..."

Sue: "I don't want to talk about Mayday..." Sue faded out of view again.

Cassie: Cassandra pursed her lips in response and took a deep breath. "Or... we just sit awkwardly in silence for a while," she corrected herself, leaning back in the chair.

Sue: "Or you could go away and I can go back to not getting any work done..." Sue added helpfully.

Cassie: "That's... also an option, of course," Cassandra conceded, lightly bowing her head. Fingers tapping against her knees, she was chewing her lower lip. "Though, that sounds I could hardly keep you from being productive, so I might just as well try to cheer you up!"

Sue: "How are you supposed to cheer me up? You're just a reminder that my relationship with Mayday is ballsed up beyond all repair."

Cassie: "Did you already forget that's my calling? I'm an entertainer, so let me entertain you!" Revealing her teeth in a flashy grin, Cassandra raised her hands and held them closer together. Between them, the shadowy shape of an owl took form. "Ta-dah!"

Sue: Sue's blankets seemingly lifted themselves and a lump in the shape of Sue curled up beneath them.

Cassie: The shadowy owl slowly melted into a sad looking black goo, running down between Cassandra's fingers, before vanishing in thin air. Her gleeful grin deteriorated at the same rate. "Right, I didn't want to let it come this far, but you're leaving me no choice." Clearing her throat, she held up her right hand, keeping still for a dramatic second.

Cassie: The next moment, a flick of her wrist made a small, bright-red sphere appear between her fingers. Tilting back her head, Cassandra held her hand in front of her face, keeping it there briefly, before revealing the clown-nose with an overly cheerful grin.

Sue: Sue grumbled and burrowed under the blankets. "You're not helping. You're just making it more obvious why she likes you instead of me."

Cassie: The air flowed from Cassandra's lungs as she slumped down into her chair, her smile collapsing to look rather awkward. "You're right - clowns rarely help; unless you get to whack them with big hammers. Which is something I can highly recommend, by the way."

Cassie: She plucked the red, round nose out of her face again. "See, you're absolutely wrong about that, however."

Sue: "Of course I am... that's why she went to the Hellfire Club with you on Valentine's Day instead of our date and why she hasn't come to see me since..." She pulled the sheets tighter around herself.

Cassie: Shifting in her chair, Cassandra pulled up her knees towards her chest, before wrapping her arms around her legs. "I'm not going to deny that Mayday grew infatuated with me," she admitted. "And do you know why? Because it's what I do best. I enthrall, I entice, and I entertain. She's not the first who wanted to fall for me, and she certainly won't be the last."

Cassie: "I can hardly blame her, but neither should you," she continued, resting her chin on her knees. "Mayday became mesmerized by a shiny, sparkling illusion - and nothing more."

Sue: "So why isn't she trying to fix it? Why doesn't she come here and make it right? She's avoiding me..."

Cassie: "Why, because she feels stupid and guilty, of course," Cassandra replied, before slightly tilting her head as she glanced towards the ceiling. "For understandable reasons, I guess. What's important, though, is that once she got to peek past the illusion, she realized I could never give her what she wanted... what she needs." She smiled. "Only you can."

Sue: "Shouldn't she be in here telling me that, not you? How can you be sure she feels that way?"

Cassie: "Come on, give me some credit." The grin showed itself on Cassandra's face again. "You can't be friends with a fortune teller without picking up some of their tricks when it comes to figuring out what people really want. Besides, that talk we're having now? She and I had a similar heart to heart."

Sue: "But she's not here, is she? How am I supposed to talk to her when she doesn't want to come here and see me? She's hiding out with her friends this whole time and I don't have anyone else to talk to. All these people are looking out for her and I'm not even the one that did anything bad! I'm well within my rights to be upset."

Cassie: "Oh, you certainly are." Her smirk matched the mischievous glint in her eyes. "See, I'm absolutely sure she'll try to make up with you. However, she's just as churned up as you are. Give her some time, yes?" She held up a hand. "I came here because I wanted you to know that nothing happened between us."

Sue: "She already told me nothing happened... but can't you see that's not the point?" She poked her head out from under the blankets, "She didn't volunteer the information. I had to dig it out of her... and she should have felt like she could have told me right at the start. It didn't have to get like this... and it definitely didn't have to ruin Valentine's Day." She ran a hand through her hair.

Sue: "And there's no way this is going to be fixed before my parents get here and I was actually starting to feel okay about introducing her to them and now it's all gone to shit and I don't know what I'm supposed to tell them now..."

Cassie: "You could do what I always do when caught in such a situation - make up a wild tale!" Cassandra attempted to lighten the atmosphere with another grin. "See, sometimes. bad things happen - but so what? It can't be helped. And dwelling on what could have been done to prevent it in hindsight doesn't get you anything but a dour face."

Cassie: "When you slip off the tightrope, you don't waste time thinking about how that could have happened," she continued. "You figure out how to break your fall and land on your feet again."

Sue: "But I don't know how... Mayday was the one good thing I had in my life that I could show off and be proud of and now I don't have her anymore..."

Cassie: "I know she'll try to win you back," Cassandra replied, adding a determined nod. "Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but I believe she feels deeply for you, and if she knows what's good for her, she'll come to make amends. I simply wanted to ask you to give her that chance when she asks for it."

Cassie: With a sheepish expression, she shrugged her shoulders, running a hand through her hair at the same time. "Well, and to say that I'm sorry it'll all came to this. I know I'm not entirely innocent."

Sue: "Of course I'm going to give her the chance!" Sue practically yelled at the other girl. "I hate not having her here! That empty space on the other side of the room is a constant reminder of the fact she's not here and it's horrible!" She disappeared back under her blankets again and curled up, sniffling quietly. "I want her to come back..."

Cassie: After chewing on her lower lip for a moment, Cassandra leaned forward and climbed out of her chair, silently stepping towards the bed to sit down next to the other girl. "Well, in that case, it just seems to be a case of how to get Mayday back here, no?" She smiled at the heap of blankets in front of her. "I think the least I could do is help with that."

Sue: "You haven't done enough?" Sue mumbled, instantly feeling bad. "Sorry... I didn't mean that..."

Cassie: "I wouldn't blame you even if you did." Cassandra laughed. "Actually, I didn't do enough. For one, instead of playing games with Mayday, I could have taken her infatuation more seriously and maybe... I don't know, try to snuff out her feeling for me when I realized she had any."

Sue: "I just wish she could have told me sooner... before it got to this...." She sniffed again, "I wouldn't have been so upset if she'd told me sooner..."

Cassie: After a moment of silence, during which the raven-haired girl looked down at Sue, she slowly reached out with a hand and gently put it where she believed to be the girl's shoulder underneath the blankets. "I'm pretty sure that's one lesson she'll learn."

Sue: "I don't know what to do... should I go and find her and talk to her? Or wait for her to come to me?"

Cassie: "If I were you, I'd give her a little more time to make a move," Cassandra suggested, giving just the gentlest of squeezes with her fingers. "Give her the chance to prove she's serious about being with you."

Sue: She heaved a sigh, "Okay..." Scrubbing her face with her hands then running her fingers through her hair, she emerged from under the blankets again. "Think I'll go and make some tea then arse about in the Danger Room for a while until I figure out where I'm going with my essay..."

Cassie: "Hey, there you are again!" Cassandra produced a bright grin when Sue's face reappeared. "And that sounds like a marvelous idea. Oh, remember what I said about whacking clowns earlier? If you feel like trying something new to help lift your spirits, I have just the right program for you to try when you go to the DR."

Sue: Sue shook her head, "I have a program I use already to cheer me up, thanks..." She cast her invisibility field around to find her shoes, pulling them to her with the aid of a forcefield bubble once they were located.

Cassie: "Alright, you do as you please," Cassandra commented, before she let herself fall back onto the bed, proceeding into a backwards roll that had her end up in a cross-legged sitting position. "In the meantime, I could check on your missing roommate. You know, just to make sure she doesn't stray from the right path and gets lost on the way here."

Sue: "No... just let her be... if she wants to come back she'll come back..." she got up and moved to her dresser to run a brush through her hair and tie it back.

Cassie: Sitting up with a straight back, Cassandra quickly raised her right hand to give Sue a salute. "Your wish is my command," she stated, before letting a moment pass in silence. "So... we're still friends, yes?"

Sue: Sue looked over at her, pausing in tying her ponytail, "Of course we are - this isn't your fault... it's just a great big mess..."

Cassie: "Splendissimo!" Cassandra stretched out her arms at different angles, before she basically leaped off the bed to assault Sue with a swift hug.

Sue: Sue grumbled a little because her work in gathering her hair up was undone but returned the hug, "Um... you're welcome?"

Cassie: "Why thank you." With a smirk on her lips, Cassandra lightly bowed her head after having released Sue from her grip once more. "Right, now that I've done my good deed for the day, I'll better find another opportunity to cause some mischief. Otherwise, I might actually start working up some good karma."

Sue: "Well... have fun with that..." Sue picked up her brush again. "I'll see you around school probably..."

Cassie: "With your powers, probably before I see you," she replied, before raising her hand to wave goodbye. "Ta!" Taking a step back, the swirling shadows once more wrapped around Cassandra's form, taking her with them as they vanished into thin air.

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