2/16 Instance: Parental Paranoia Pot

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2/16 Instance: Parental Paranoia Pot

Post by Slarti » Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:25 am

Timelined after Ice Cream Social

<Jessica> There were parents everywhere. After avoiding her way back upstairs and out of her own room, Jess decided to avoid the rest of the way off the grounds but first she wanted to find someone to avoid with. Wandering along the hall to Jean's room, she knocked on the door.

<Jean> The dark mistresses weren't around, so Jean was enjoying some alone time in her room, and some brownies, while inventorying her closet. Rachel. Damn her.

<Jessica> She could hear movement on the other side of the door... "I promise I'm not a parent...." she offered, knocking again.

<Jean> "I dunno, we have enough foreign students for you to be a foreign parent," she yelled at the door, taking a bite. A quick brush of her telepathy though and she knew who it was, so she opened the door with a grin. "Hi bitch! How's you?!"

<Jessica> "I'm fine, how are you?" She smiled, glancing along the hall, "Got some free time?"

<Jean> "Sure do, that's why I'm booby trapping my closet." She skipped back to said closet.

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow, following her into the room and closing the door behind her. "Booby trapping? Why?" She leaned back against the door.

<Jean> "Rachel is totally stealing shit from me. Not cool. Sooooo not cool." She closed the door carefully, then opened it, leaning inside to look up toward the ceiling.

<Jessica> "Right... so what's the trap supposed to do and is there any danger of catching yourself in it?" She eyed the closet.

<Jean> "Oh, totally." She closed the door again. "And I would, if I was still going to use my closet. Between my thieving cousin and these crazy bitches I live with I'm not keeping shit in there now."

<Jessica> Jess frowned a little, "So... where are you going to keep your clothes? Not because I'm going to steal them - I have my own - I'm just curious...." She turned her head, hearing more parents wandering the halls and just about restrained herself from banging her head against the door.

<Jean> "It's a seeeeeecret, silly!" Jean giggled at Jess and parked herself on her desk. "Brownie?"

<Jessica> "Sure," She left her spot at the door and moved over to her, "I was actually wondering if you'd like to get the hell out of here for a while. This whole parents thing is starting to get to me..."

<Jean> "You won't get full benefit of the brownies, but they still taste good." She grinned and held out the jumbo ziplock bag of goodness. "Uuuuugh parents. Oh my God."

<Jessica> "Ooooh... special brownies... you know what? Fuck it... I can definitely get full benefit." She dug in her pocket and found a patch. "I need a distraction... I miss Kevin and there are parents everywhere which is awkward enough without one of them being Tony-fucking-Stark."

<Jean> "WOO! That's right, bitch! Full benefit!" Jean held up her hand for a high five. Whoa... wait. "Tony Stark is here?! Holy shit he's like the president!!"

<Jessica> She returned the high five. "He's the vice president and he has a really touchy daughter so be careful about hitting on him any... or being nice to him at all." She lifted the hem of her shirt and stuck the patch to her stomach.

<Jean> "Ugh, no, he's like... old. But I wonder if he thinks all redheads are interchangeable too... maybe I could get a credit card." Jean picked another brownie from the bag before handing it off.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Interchangeable? Not a chance." She took one of the brownies. "You may be similar in appearance but that's where it ends."

<Jean> "I can be a bitch sometimes. Just sometimes." She grinned devilishly and took a bite of her brownie. "Especially when people steal my skirts."

<Jessica> Jess took a bite of her own brownie, "But that's within reason..." she argued, "You can't just take people's clothes... asking first is usually preferred."

<Jean> "Exactly! Thank you! So Hope, like, is scared for people to be around her dad?"

<Jessica> "Well... probably just me... but I feel like I could be paranoid there..." she gave a small shrug.

<Jean> "Why you?" Jean giggled and picked at her brownie. "Paranoia miiiiight not be helped by the brownies, but only if you eat lots. I'll cut you off before then. Promise."

<Jessica> Jess smiled a little for the promise, "Thanks... but it could not be paranoia... there was this whole thing where I met him at a fundraiser before we knew he was Hope's dad and he hit on me and I told Hope months later and she got all weird... and threw up..."

<Jean> Jean stopped chewing her brownie. "Um, ew." After a nose wrinkle, she finished her bite. "The president hit on you? That's so cool! Even if he is old. And a Republican." Wait. "Is he a Republican?"

<Jessica> Jess shrugged, "I don't know. He's pro-mutant though so that's probably a win..." she had another bite of her brownie. "We chatted for a while until his agents showed up and took him away. It was nice..."

<Jean> "Bet he wouldn't send his daughter to get brainwashed for a cure then," she grumbled. "Heee, it's a wonder they didn't, like, tackle you down and frisk you."

<Jessica> "Well he ditched them before we met," she had another bite, "So we had quite a nice conversation... it was fun... and he's not unattractive... Also, he was much better company than my date... and tried to get me drunk."

<Jean> "Yeah isn't he the one who's like a notorious manwhore? Like Bill Clinton!"

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Yeah, so I've heard." She ran a hand through her hair, "But not the point. Hope got all glarey when he poured me a drink today - which she drank without even asking me."

<Jean> "Oh. Well... fuck her!" Jean nodded and took another brownie bite. "If the president wants to pour you a drink, he can!"

<Jessica> She smiled, "Exactly, I'm not going to say no - that'd be rude. And it's not like he means anything by it, he was just being nice. She's just being ridiculous... and it's actually kind of offending me a lot."

<Jean> "Brownies are totally called for then. Maybe more retail therapy." She nodded. "There's, like, way too many old people hanging around here right now and they all need to go hit an early-bird buffet or something right now."

<Jessica> She giggled, "Ooooor we could go and get food and do some shopping and hope they're all somewhere else when we come back? I will brave my room to get my bag, I think I can manage parents for that long..."

<Jean> "It's a date, bitch!" Jean shoved the rest of the brownie into her mouth and hopped off the desk, dropping to the floor to shimmy under her bed.

<Jessica> Jess smiled and got up to go to her room, "I'll be right back... actually, meet you downstairs? Shall I call a cab or.... what do you want to do?"

<Jean> Coming back up for air with her purse, Jean jumped up and went for the brownies, shoving them into the bag. "Cab works. Maybe we can get a discount if we share with him!"

<Jessica> "I somehow don't think Stark's going to be getting a cab anywhere. Especially not with me." She pulled out of phone to call for one, "I'll meet you downstairs..."

<Jean> "Oooooooh, not him! The cabbie! But... sharing with Stark's not a bad idea either."

<Jessica> "Wait waaaaait, you want to get the cab driver high? While he's driving us somewhere?"

<Jean> "Nooooooooo. He can have it after he drops us off! Like a tip! Save me some money, girl!"

<Jessica> "Okay, after I can live with..." she made for the door, "So wait downstairs for me and I'll be as quick as I can..."

<Jean> "I kind of like your idea though... might see if I can find mister president. If I get him to eat a few brownies he might think I'm his daughter after all." She grinned, checking her reflection in the mirror and fluffing her hair.

<Jessica> "Just don't say it was my idea!" She called back as she headed out into the hall.

<Jean> "I'll be sure to!" Jean yelled back, pouting into the mirror to apply her lip gloss. This could be fun!

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