2/17: Controversial Dorms

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2/17: Controversial Dorms

Post by Ferguson » Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:34 am

Timelined before Ice Cream Social

<Cecilia> Cecilia hummed softly along to some music as she lay on Fabian's bed looking up at the ceiling, hands behind her head and ankles crossed. "I love friday," she announced suddenly. "Classes end at 2 PM for me, the whole weekend is ahead of us, I can take a break from work tonight..."  

<Cecilia> She just a had feeling she was forgetting something...oh well. If she couldn't remember it probably wasn't urgent.

<Fabian> "Two?  I'm stuck watching Xavier nap in Anthropology until dinner time."  Fabian pouted, lounging beside her as he readied his work for that class.  It was finished but he always found himself wanting to add a few things here and there.

<Fabian> "Dinner when I'm done?"  He looked up as he asked, chewing just a bit at the end of his pen.

<Cecilia> "That's what you get for taking a class with Charles," Cecilia teased, smirking. "Guy's a narcoleptic or something. You should take more science courses." She rolled over onto her side to face Fabian, resting her chin on her hand. "Of course, thought you'd never ask."

<Fabian> "I actually like Anthropology and it is a science course, thank you very much."  Fabian poked her with his pen, laughing.  "It's just not the type you take.  Are we staying in or going out for dinner?"

<Cecilia> "Ha! More like social sciences, maybe." Cecilia laughed. "I dunno, whatever you want..." This was reminding her of something though. "Oh, I meant to ask you. Do you wanna come out to dinner with my mom and me on Monday? I'm gonna take her out after the parent's day...thing."

<Fabian> "...Funny, I believe you used the word in there."  Fabian smirked at her laughter but the laughter soon died down.  "...your mother's going to be here Monday."  It wasn't a question, it was a statement of fact.

<Cecilia> "Oh shit," Cecilia said, face suddenly horrified. "Fuck!" She leapt up from her spot on the bed and ran towards her room without a backward glance, swearing the entire way down the hallway.

<Fabian> "Ceciliaaaa!  Where are you going?  Oh fuck everything in this room smells like pot!"  Fabian charged out, charged back in to gather up all of his bedding to get to the washer, and charged back out after her.

<Cecilia> Cecilia yanked the door to her room open. "Shitshitshit!" She muttered, rifling through her dresser drawers. "How the fuck did I forget this?!"

<Cecilia> She slammed the drawer she had opened shut again and ran her hands through her hair. "Fuck! Okay, I need to think a moment. Make a list or something and try to think of everything that could possibly be questionable..."

<Fabian> "We need to find someone who isn't immune to the smell of pot.  I won't be able to tell when my room smells clean."

<Cecilia> "Oh fuck!" Cecilia exclaimed, slapping her hands to her face. "Your room smells like pot!" She thought a moment. "Wait, Sean doesn't have any bongs in the room does he? Fuck!" She exclaimed again, throwing her hands up in the air.

<Cecilia> "My mom's gonna think we're getting stoned 24/7!" She cried, almost hysterical. "FUCK! Okay...no, I need to think. Lemme just think." She began pacing the room. "We'll start with my room then deal with the shitstorm of controversy that's yours. What could she possibly find questionable here?"

<Fabian> "...I'm pretty sure Sean has everything in the room.  I wouldn't be surprised if I moved his bed and a giant marijuana plant just sprung forth and took me to a giant and a goose with golden eggs."  Fabian frowned as he looked through Cecilia's room.  "We do most of our questionable things in mine so I don't know."

<Cecilia> Cecilia gave her dresser a long look. "I know..." she yanked open a drawer and pulled out her birth control pills. "These. We can't let her see these. That would open the door for the most fucked up conversation that I never ever wanna have!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia stashed them under the mattress and began rifling through her closet, pulling out a bottle of rum. "My mom's really Catholic, she doesn't think you should...you know... until you're married...if she knew about all that she'd have a heart attack!"

<Fabian> "...why on earth does your mother tolerate my existence again?"  Fabian opened the bottle and took a swig. Damnit, he needed a drink right now.

<Cecilia> "She doesn't know half the stuff we do!" Cecilia exclaimed, shoving some anatomy textbooks under the bed for good measure and slamming down her rosary on her dresser for appearances. "I wanted you to have a clean slate, so the only things she knows are the things you tell her when you see her."

<Cecilia> "I don't just call her up and say: 'oh Mom guess what happened this week? I got an 'A' on my exam and then I went out to the bar and got completely wasted and after that me and Fabian DID IT!'"

<Cecilia> She rolled her eyes. "Really, what the hell do you tell your parents?"

<Fabian> "That's not what I meant; I meant that I can't come off like someone she'd really approve of now, do I?"  Well, if he did that was about to all go to hell.  She was hiding textbooks, textbooks!  "And I tell them nothing and you'll never find them over here probably, either."

<Cecilia> Cecilia took the bottle and took a swig herself, walking out of the room and back towards Fabian's to deal with that nightmare. "You've been nothing but nice. You speak Spanish, you're polite, what's not to like?"

<Cecilia> She looked at Fabian. "Half the horsemen are in this school," she stated flatly. "Oh Christ...she knows about some of them, but I gotta warn her..." Fuck! Why did she ever agree to her mother coming here?!

<Fabian> "...we may want to remind people not to mention me being an Acolyte to your mother."  Fabian pointed out quietly, hoping he didn't piss anyone off between now and then bad enough for them to blab.  "And I bet she can find a few reasons here.  Okay...we've got to strip everything in here."

<Fabian> He stepped back into his room and just started chucking everything that was fabric.  It was all getting washed!

<Cecilia> "Do you have any febreze or something? Or a plug-it-in?" Cecilia said, sniffing at the bedding "...Fuck. Sean's got a collection of drug related paraphernalia...we can't get rid of his stuff..."

<Cecilia> "...Is Hisako still pissed enough to say something?" She asked. "Or Jamie? Fuck. If he calls you a 'terrorizer' again..."

<Fabian> "But we can decorate it?  Maybe that'll work?"  He tried to sound so very positive.  "And yes, we do.  Damned good thing, too, no other way to get the mattress clean."  He went pale as Cecilia brought up Hisako and Jamie.  "...I don't think Hisako will go out of her way to say something.  Jamie...I don't know what to do about Jamie."

<Cecilia> "Putting ribbons on it and shit isn't gonna make it any less of a problem! You'll just draw her eye!" She said, running her hand through her hair again. "I'll just tell her Jamie's special needs, though she probably would just think that anyways."

<Fabian> "Maybe we can make it not look like what it is though...pass it off as some sort of Irish thingamajiggers?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia gave Fabian an 'are-you-shitting-me-look.' "My mother lived twenty-six years in La Perla, Fabian. The slum is world renowned for being a drug dealer and gang haven. She spent the rest of her life in the South Central Bronx. She knows what drugs and drug items look like, she's not stupid."

<Fabian> "I'm trying to be optimistic.  I know it's rare but I'm making an effort.  Quit squashing it!"  Oh shit, the booze!  Hell, and the condoms.  "Get the baskets, we're filling them up and shipping them off to Lukas' room.  Sean'll understand.  Either that or I'll tell him it's a scavenger hunt."

<Cecilia> Cecilia grabbed a basket and started tossing Sean's shit in it. "I know, I know...I'm sorry, mi amor." She sighed heavily "...Fuck...I don't know how I forgot this..."

<Fabian> "Should I clear out my closet of any questionable t-shirts?  Please say I don't have to go through my bookshelf for questionable material because that could take us up until she arrives."

<Cecilia> "She won't go through your things," Cecilia said. "All that matters really is the appearance. We're just going to be picking you up really. As long as you don't have condoms laid out in a decorative piece or booze lining your windowsill we should be fine."

<Cecilia> "...I'm not ashamed of you," she clarified, sitting down on the stripped bed and putting down her basket. "I just...don't wanna have an awkward conversation with her. My mother will operate under the assumption I'm a virgin till my wedding night and I'd rather not cause a shitstorm there and just let her presume."

<Fabian> "Didn't think you were.  Parents are a different level, a level where we hide everything."  The booze basket was growing to proportions Fabian wondered if he should be worried about but, in all honesty, not all of it was his so he didn't take the time to think about it as he started hauling it out down to the other dorm room.

<Fabian> "All I'm worried about now is the smell.  Is there such a thing as an air freshener bomb like those bug bombs you can get?"

<Cecilia> "I dunno but even if there isn't we can just douse that shit everywhere hope it sticks..." She frowned though stuck on one thing, "So I'm assuming we're never telling them about your time as an Acolyte?"

<Cecilia> "...I mean, is that something we're never gonna tell them or tell them eventually or...?" She shrugged, pausing on the way to Lukas' room.

<Fabian> "I think that's something you'd better judge than me.  She's your mother, after all.  What'll happen if we tell her?"

<Cecilia> "...Do you actually want to let them know?" Cecilia asked. "Because if you'd rather not then I won't..."

<Cecilia> She thought a long moment. "If we tell her we'd have to tell everyone because there's no way she'd not tell my tio, tia and brother...I dunno. I really don't know. They saw so much of the damage from the horsemen's attacks. Herald attacked the city directly...."

<Cecilia> She frowned. "I dunno if it'd make a difference in how they view you...I was hoping for them to get to know you better...I thought it might make a difference if they knew you as a person before they found out...but now I wonder if they'd feel betrayed or lied to..."

<Fabian> "Well, it's a bit late to go back and undo giving it time so there's no reason to wonder if that's how they'll feel.  Nothing we can do about that part of it now...we'll just have to see how it goes when we are ready to let that go."  Fabian shrugged, opening the door and simply shoving his basket on inside.

<Cecilia> "If we decide it's best," Cecilia said, worried. "Honestly? It's probably the safer play to never mention it." Sometimes Cecilia wished she didn't know herself.

<Cecilia> "...I don't want you to go to prison," she said, throwing down her basket. "Ever."

<Fabian> "...I'm not going to prison, Cee.  We don't have to worry about that.  This is just between you, me, and family right now and it doesn't even have to go to the last bit if you don't want to.  Lets just worry about getting ourselves squared away for this visit and make it through it safely and without any big thing happening."

<Cecilia> "You better not," Cecilia grumbled to cover her upset. "If you do I'll commit an international crime, go to the same prison as you and beat you up in the showers myself! That'd teach you."

<Cecilia> "...Alright," she agreed "...Do you need help gathering up your shit for the wash?"

<Fabian> "Definitely.."

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