2/21 Instance: The Leather, The Mesh, And The Wardrobe

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2/21 Instance: The Leather, The Mesh, And The Wardrobe

Post by Ferguson » Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:26 am

Current Timeline

<Cecilia> Cecilia lay horizontally on Fabian's bed, head leaning over the side, hair brushing the floor slightly, just relaxing for the most part and lost a little in day-dreamland until..."Hey, what's this?" She said, catching sight of brightly coloured shoes parked by the foot of the bed.

<@Fabian> "What's what?" Fabian asked, glancing up from his homework. "Please say nothing questionable has slipped out for the hiding. I'm still afraid your mother's just going to roll on in."

<Cecilia> "...What else do you have that questionable?" Cecilia asked, face turning red as she tried to reach for the shoes. "That I haven't already seen, I mean. Is it something embarrassing like rash cream? Or maybe-" She'd overstretched though and ended up landing on the floor in a heap.

<Cecilia> "Fuck," she muttered, rolling over and crawling over to her quarry. "These!" She laughed, lifting the shoes like a trophy.

<@Fabian> "...they're shoes. You know shoes, Cee." He just looked confused at her, shaking his head a little bit. "What do you mean what are they?"

<Cecilia> "I know they're shoes," Cecilia said, rolling her eyes. "I did pass grade three for your information."

<Cecilia> "They're bright red!" She laughed, highly amused and slightly confused as to why this wasn't hilarious to him. "Are these Sean's?"

<@Fabian> "No, they're mine...why are my shoes weird to you?" Fabian asked, growing more confused as she went on as if the shoes were alien objects.

<Cecilia> Cecilia tried to suppress her laughter but failed miserably, holding her sides. "They're bright red!" She choked out between snorts as an explanation. "When would you ever need bright red dress shoes?" She said, indicating said shoes. It was one thing to have sneakers in different colours, but dress shoes? This is hilarious to her.

<@Fabian> "...those are good shoes. Where wouldn't I wear them?"

<Cecilia> "...Anywhere that's not the horse-races?" She tried. "Where do you even find these?"

<@Fabian> "Norman Vilalta, you remember when we were going through Eixample? It's around in there."

<Cecilia> Cecilia flopped down on the bed again, snorting. "If you paid more than twenty bucks for that you got robbed," she laughed, wiping her eyes. She had no idea who Norman Vilalta was but obviously he made hideous shoes.

<Cecilia> She wasn't getting the appeal of red shoes really. Her own brother had only three pairs of shoes in his life: black dress shoes, doc marten boots and sneakers. There'd been no variation on this throughout his life. Nor in any of the guys in her family or that she'd known back home.

<@Fabian> "...let me just sit back and take in the ignorance of that statement. I need a moment." Fabian did exactly as he said he would just then as well, sitting back in his chair and just look at her and the shoes. "Those are a work of shoe art and deserve the proper respect and a good deal more than twenty dollars."

<Cecilia> "If you say so," Cecilia said, putting down the shoes neatly on the floor. This was a European thing, she was sure. Or maybe it was a Fabian thing...only one way to find out.

<Cecilia> She hopped up from the bed and opened Fabian's closet. Grinning widely. Yeah, this was a Fabian thing. She'd never noticed before, probably because she only really ever saw one outfit at a time but Fabian had odd taste in clothes.

<Cecilia> "Your wardrobe looks like the closet of a fine gentleman who drops acid sometimes," she snorted. Indeed, there was some nice suits and stuff Cecilia was sure was Jacinta's taste, then more casual stuff that Fabian probably got...then there was some really fucked up things that Fabian probably got while high.

<@Fabian> "...And now you're attacking my closet?" Fabian asked, laughing. "And that's fairly descriptive of me, are you surprised?" He got up from his chair and came over to watch. "You can't always wear suits to go out. I like to think it's just I'm prepared for many different situations."

<Cecilia> "I'm not attacking it," Cecilia said, frowning a little. Wondering if she was jabbing something sensitive without even realizing it. Didn't seem so though. "I'm just laughing at it."

<Cecilia> "Not your mom," she said, pulling a tartan suit jacket off a hanger and putting it on. "Not gonna tell you what to wear, even if it blinds me or makes me sorry for the general public."

<@Fabian> "You realize Jacinta is probably responsible for half of my wardrobe, yes?" Fabian had a chuckle at the 'not your mom' comment. "And the general public generally looks like shit. You know this to be true."

<Cecilia> "Well so sorry to offend your sensibilities," Cecilia teased, putting on a hat with a feather in it- well, resting it on top of her afro at any rate. "But the general public doesn't have the money to spend on weird shit like red shoes...and what would you consider bad taste? You have a tartan jacket."

<@Fabian> "You don't need money to not look like shit and plenty of people with money do look like shit and what exactly do you have against that jacket?" Fabian snatched it and put it on. "Now the hat I'll grant you was just a crack buy."

<Cecilia> "It's got red and green in it- it looks like Christmas threw up on you," she snorted, shaking her head and pulling on a nice leather jacket, much better. "You have way more clothes than me," she noted. "I have maybe less than half."

<Cecilia> "No, you don't need money just look at-" She shut her face at any continuation at that though. That was too close to admitting she shopped at the Salvation Army.

<@Fabian> "And it's one of my favourite night out drinking jackets...should I wear it for our St. Patrick's Day crawl or would that be too on the nose?" Fabian held out the lapels, thinking it over. "No, far too on the nose."

<Cecilia> Cecilia just snorted at the idea of this. "With the red hair and the jacket people are gonna be disappointed when they talk to you and you're not actually Irish. You should lend it to Sean."

<Cecilia> "Should I tell people I'm black Irish?" She said, putting on a pair on sunglasses and grinning.

<@Fabian> "He all ready has one, actually. We considered going out matching and confusing people when it turned out we weren't related." Fabian reached into his closet, deciding to just pull out pieces he knew Cecilia would find ridiculous. "I don't think you could pull off the accent either."

<Cecilia> "Oh really?" Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. "Ye think I canna imitate Sean or Anna or watch Angela's Ashes an' jus' wing it?" She laughed, dropping into an uncanny Irish accent. "You underestimate me, dahlink," she said in a Russian accent, taking a shirt.

<@Fabian> "Yeah, but once you lose your focus your own accent's going to slip in there and then you'll sound hilarious." Fabian assured her. "And I'm actually looking forward to that."

<Cecilia> "Don't have an accent," she said, giving Fabian an odd look. "I have a Puerto Rican one when I speak Spanish but otherwise I sound like an American."

<Cecilia> "...Do you want to get arrested?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at the marijuana leaf on one shirt.

<@Fabian> "...you realize Americans have many kinds of accents, right?" Fabian laughed at her next question, though. "Last I checked shirts didn't get anyone arrested. Should I be worried?"

<Cecilia> "Yes, you should," she said, dumping an armful on shirts on his head. "The fashion police are gonna arrest you for blinding people!"

<Cecilia> "I know," she said to the accent question. "But I have the one that doesn't sound like anything. You on the other hand, have a raging accent. You say my name the way my parents did, nobody from America does that."

<@Fabian> "You're all ready blind because you're missing the brilliance even of my shoes. We're going to have to pay your closet a visit if you continue these shenanigans." He wasn't even going to try to convince her of her accent. "Of course I have an accent."

<Cecilia> "My closet makes leagues more sense than yours," Cecilia said confidently. "If you wanna have a closet-off though be my guest."

<@Fabian> "Oh it makes sense, that doesn't mean there isn't going to be a wonderment of things for me to mock." Fabian just grinned and practically skipped out of the room still in his tartan jacket.

<Cecilia> There was nearly skipping. Clearly this had been a mistake. Sighing, Cecilia took a hat for the road and followed Fabian down the hall. "No rifling through my underwear!" She groused, just to make sure that was clear from the get-go.

<@Fabian> "Oh, don't you worry, I'll probably be a fan of everything you have in there." Fabian called back, stopping at her door. "You can even give me the guided tour."

<Cecilia> "...No," Cecilia said, opening the door. "Weirdo..."

<@Fabian> Fabian waltzed his way towards her closet and went right ahead and opened it up. It didn't take him even a full minute to pull out a mesh shirt. "Now, I will say this isn't a complaint from me because I'm intrigued...but from a person not me this would make no sense at all."

<Cecilia> "Why not?" Cecilia said, holding the black mesh up to her current purple and red zebra striped t-shirt. "It's a mesh shirt, it's cool. Where's the confusion?" She demanded.

<@Fabian> "...I want you to think a little more like people like me to answer that."

<Cecilia> Cecilia thought a moment, then turned red and facepalmed. "You're supposed to wear a shirt underneath, you moron!" She laughed, whacking him with said shirt. "Or at least a damn bra!"

<@Fabian> "Which you don't usually wear. I'm surprised your mother didn't have something to say about this shirt....and please tell me you wear the leather pants with it, please please please tell me!" He grabbed those out next.

<Cecilia> Cecilia turned even redder. "My mother doesn't know about it, I don't shop with her usually," she said, scuffing her shoes on the floor "And I don't have any boobs, why would I bother!?" She cried, defensively. Covering said boobs. This was a sore point with her.

<Cecilia> "...No, I don't...why?"

<@Fabian> He held the mesh top and the pants together. "You're a harness away from making a leather daddy costume...Are you secretly a dominatrix because I'm not really sure how I feel about that."

<Cecilia> Cecilia's mouth opened and closed a few times before she managed to say anything, "NO!"

<Cecilia> She threw herself onto her bed, burying her burning face in the pillow. "As if I could be the dominatrix! You're the bossy one!" She said, voice muffled.

<@Fabian> "I'm pretty sure we're both the bossy one." Fabian was sure that nobody would argue with them both being so. "And I'm not the one with the awesome leather pants. Maybe I should get leather pants."

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked up from her pillow, expression horrified "...If you get a leather cap to go with them I don't know you anymore."

<@Fabian> "I wouldn't wear them at the same time." Fabian shook his head, pulling a face. "That's too much leather at the same time without actually being in some sort of fetish club...and Hellfire isn't a leathery place for me."

<Cecilia> "Not a fan of leather clad dudes on fantasy night?" Cecilia sniggered, happy she'd managed to turn the tables a little and gross him out for once. "All those old men in tight leather pants leaving nothing to the imagination..."

<@Fabian> "Not the dudes, no." He held out her pants teasingly. "Teach me to appreciate leather?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia thought a moment. Well, not like he hadn't seen everything already. There was also an opportunity to surprise him here... "Gimme that," she said, standing up and grabbing the pants from him.

<Cecilia> Quickly she stripped off her jeans, tossing them aside and slipped on the leather pants...Christ these were tight. Hopefully they'd give a little overtime. "Well?" She grinned, spreading her arms. Somewhat red-faced but not too bad.

<@Fabian> Fabian just grinned even wider. "I could be a fan but I prefer without overall."

<Cecilia> "Of course you do," Cecilia laughed, stealing a kiss. "So let's quit playing dress up and play undress-up?" Okay, bad flirting technique, but she was still learning.

<@Fabian> "What are your feelings about Hisako's bed?"

<Cecilia> "...That I want to live to do this again," she snorted dragging him down to her bed. "So...no. Nice try though."

<@Fabian> "Awww, she'd never know! And that bed deserves to have some kind of action."

<Cecilia> Cecilia kissed him to shut him up. "Maybe on round two," she said to appease him, wrapping her arms around him, despite having no intentions to do so.

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