2/23 Instance: A Smug and Smarmy Bromance

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2/23 Instance: A Smug and Smarmy Bromance

Post by Slarti » Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:52 am

Current timeline

<Shaw> Sebastian dismissed the bartender and swirled his three fingers of scotch, watching the liquid. He found nights at the Club increasingly tiresome, but tonight promised to be something entirely different. Taking a sip, he savored the burn.

<Tony> As he motioned for a scotch of his own from the bartender, Tony cast a look around the room and let out a sigh. It had been far too long since he'd been to one of the Clubs. Once he'd obtained his drink, he made his way own to Shaw, leaning back against the bar as he took a gulp, eventually commenting, "This place looks a lot better than it did."

<Shaw> "The wonders of a competent contractor." Sebastian greeted Tony with a wry smile. "I can always provide a reference, though he's hardly the lowest bidder. Government regulations. So taxing."

<Tony> "I'll have to keep that in mind," he replied as he swirled the contents of his glass, flashing a few people a grin as well as a nod. "People all look the same though... Mostly old."

<Shaw> "That has been a troubling trend of late," he admitted, taking another sip. "Perhaps I should step up my recruitment efforts again, specifically in youth of a certain genetic makeup." Sebastian turned his back to the bar as well to better watch his guest and his patrons.

<Tony> Tony raised an eyebrow at that, shooting a look Sebastian's way as he took another sip from his glass. After a moment of debate, he admitted, "I may have helped a bit there."

<Shaw> "Oh?" He feigned disinterest, looking into his glass again and loosening his bow tie.

<Tony> Finishing off what was left in his glass, he set it aside and gave a half shrug, "Just a little."

<Shaw> "Why, Tony," he said, putting on a dazzling smile and leaning an elbow on the bar. "You aren't scandalizing the mutant youth, are you?"

<Tony> Tony waved for a refill as he laughed and shook his head, "Not that I'm aware of, however I think I've heard you are."

<Shaw> Sebastian put on a theatrical wince. "Oh, rumor. We know the worth of that in gold, yes?" He shrugged and shot Tony another grin. "Or in Dalmore."

<Tony> He snorted as he reached for his glass again, "Well, rumor has it that she's a student at a school for people of a certain genetic makeup..."

<Shaw> "Aren't they all?" He tossed back the last of his scotch, not at all thinking of certain blonde telepaths, or winged Italians.

<Tony> Tony simply shook his head again, considering the liquid in his glass as he spoke, "I'm actually here to meet some students."

<Shaw> "Really?" Sebastian waved the bartender away, dropping his pretense.

<Tony> Putting on a smirk, he pulled his gaze from his glass to cast another glance around the room before focusing on Shaw, "My daughter's bringing some friends."

<Shaw> "Your daughter?" He set his tumbler on the bar with only a slight clatter, barely covering his wince. Sebastian took a slow breath. "Tony, have you been keeping secrets?"

<Tony> The expression Shaw was giving him was priceless, and he sagely nodded as he answered, "Oh, always."

<Shaw> He licked his lips, buying time at a premium. "You, of course, realize my interest in the school." Pressing his lips together, he sent a prayer to a diety not worth his time. "What is her name?"

<Tony> Deciding to drag out Sebastian's agony, Tony took a long drink from his glass, watching him the entire time. "Hope."

<Shaw> Oh, he owed someone something for that save. "Hope?" Sebastian repeated it with as straight of a face as he could muster. "Since when have you had a daughter?"

<Tony> "Apparently for... twenty years or so?" Tony answered with a shrug, pulling a slight face. Had it really been that long?

<Shaw> "Oh, well, twenty." He leered. "That's fair play then, isn't it?"

<Tony> He considered him over another drink, "I suppose it depends on how much you value your life."

<Shaw> Sebastian laughed, finally ordering his own refill. "So, surprise, surprise, and a mutant at that." Scouring his memory for files on a Hope, he was coming up blank. She mustn't be an overly extraordinary student then. "Obviously you've claimed her."

<Tony> "Well, not publicly," Tony answered.

<Shaw> "Politically sticky, I can imagine." He tilted his head, watching Stark. "Especially with your ambition."

<Tony> "Exactly," he replied with a sigh.

<Shaw> Sebastian accepted his refill and took a slow sip. "What do you need?"

<Tony> "Keep an eye on her," Tony answered. After a moment, he added, "...Except not the usual eye you keep on girls her age. Oh, and her ridiculous boyfriend. Make sure he doesn't do anything too stupid."

<Shaw> His lips split in a grin, taking another sip. Eventually, after running a surveying glance over the club, he met Tony's eyes. "Ridiculous boyfriend? How entertaining."

<Tony> "Storm," he supplied. "And, I suppose that's one word for him."

<Shaw> The files in mind, he laughed. Siblings were always worth note, so he knew who this was. "And your daughter's abilities? I'm afraid she's managed to escape me in her mediocrity."

<Tony> Tony motioned for another scotch and shooed the bartender after his glass had been filled, grinning, "Given her background, mediocre is likely an accomplishment for her. Plus, not everyone is presidential material. However, I find her powers to be fairly exceptional, seeing as she can mimic any power. If someone's in range, anyway."

<Shaw> "Really? And her range is?" Sebastian glanced toward the door.

<Tony> "Ask her," he shrugged.

<Shaw> "Oh, that's hardly sporting, especially if I'm meant to value my life over it." He took a drink.

<Tony> Tony snorted, "Do you know how to talk to girls without picking them up?" As if he was one to talk.

<Shaw> "You mean you can do that?"

<Tony> "I'm not sure I've ever really tried."

<Shaw> "Well, it's your daughter." Stirring the drink again, he watched the amber liquid slosh near the rim, then back. "If she were to decide to keep an eye on me, for example, I could hardly be blamed."

<Tony> "I highly doubt she'd be interested, though you'd make a far better pairing than her current choice," Tony easily replied, considering him, "Hell, you'd probably make a far better heir."

<Shaw> "Oh, Tony, I'm flattered!" Sebastian grinned and leaned close to Tony. "We should seal this with a kiss, yes?"

<Tony> Smug grin firmly in place, Tony shifted a bit closer and gestured to himself as he assured the other guy, "You can't handle this."

<Shaw> "Oh, but I don't have to! I just need to hold to Hope."

<Tony> He laughed, "I'm not sure you'll be able to handle her either."

<Shaw> "Well, we'll see about that, won't we?" Raising his glass, he toasted the vice president.

<Tony> Tony decided he could drink to that and raised his glass as well, "To hope for surviving Hope."

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