2/23 Instance: Blame Game

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2/23 Instance: Blame Game

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:06 pm

timeline: concurrent to Ice Cream Social

Julia: Blinking down at the cup of ice-cream in her hand, Julia Grey sighed, resting it on a nearby table in the hallway and checking the time on her watch. And already, Rachel was thirty minutes late.

Julia: The conversations from the other room were barely audible. The other parents, in her opinion, far too readily accepting of the kind of misconduct such a place as Xavier's University bred (if her daughter was any indication).

Julia: The thought that kept her entertained was the possibility she might have seen the Vice President (or a man who certainly resembled him greatly) in amongst the crowds. Sighing, she checked the time again. Thirty-one minutes...

Rachel: Smoothing down her black top as she made her way through the halls, Rachel shot a glance to Paige and about asked how she looked, however she could only imagine the answer she'd get because she'd managed to escape their room in a tank top and the plaid pants. Raking a hand through her hair, she blew out a breath and advised, "Just, um... look pretty."

Paige: "I think I have that covered..." Paige told her nervously. She glanced over to Rachel, barely able to resist the urge to take Rachel's hand. What if her mom hated her?

Julia: Looking up, Julia raised an eyebrow. Well, better late than never, she supposed. Confused as to who the blonde girl was, she straightened up, pushing hand up against her hair and flicking it up to look a little more presentable.

Rachel: Once she realized she looked like her mother fussing over her hair, Rachel promptly stopped and came to a halt, eying the ice cream. She couldn't help but think this may end in so, so much ice cream. "Sorry, I was..." Doing more important things. "I got held up."

Julia: "Yeah...", her mother replied, "...not that your mother visiting you in the first time in goodness only knows how long, per your invitation should be something high on your list of priorities, hm?", she managed a sarcastic smile, shaking her head, "Never mind, Rachel."

Julia: Her eyes met Paige, "So, you must be one of my daughter's friends?", she raised her hand, a polite little smile on her lips, "Julia Grey: my surname, not my hair colour, though it's getting there(!)", she grinned.

Paige: Paige smiled warmly at her. "Paige Guthrie. It's good to meet you."

Rachel: "Oh, I know how much of a pain it must be for you to actually show up to something," Rachel countered with a roll of her eyes, resisting a comment on their surname. The jab she'd just taken was probably enough without mentioning her parents' divorce.

Rachel: Managing a slight smirk, she decided to just throw the correction out there because being blunt had worked out so well when she'd announced her marriage, "Girlfriend."

Paige: Paige felt her face turn bright red as she retracted her hand. What if it got bitten off?!

Julia: Julia released Paige's hand suddenly, "....i-is that some kind of joke?", she smiled wryly, "Y-you're....serious?"

Rachel: "Oh, totally a joke," Rachel sarcastically answered as she shook her head, already feeling bad for Paige. Wiping the smirk from her face, she added, "As serious as I was when I eloped."

Julia: Completely lost for words, Julia slowly shook her head, "I....cannot believe you.", she sighed, shaking her head, "Another one of your little phases, hm?"

Paige: Paige looked nervously between the two of them, not sure what she needed to say or do. Phase? She wasn't a phase... right?

Rachel: Eyebrows going up, Rachel incredulously asked, "You think this is a phase?"

Julia: "Isn't it always?", Julia rolled her own eyes, "You've always been such a child, it's a shame your 'faddy' ways have followed you into being an adult.", she gestured at her daughter's attire, "One day you'll grow out of all this rebellious 'sex, drugs and alcohol' silliness...I hope.", she cringed.

Rachel: It had to have been at least five minutes, which had to be some sort of record. She was fairly sure she'd never wanted to strangle her mother so quickly. Her jaw worked as she decided to hell with thinking before she spoke, "There doesn't appear to be much hope. I mean... Which phase of yours were Dad and I?"

Julia: Gasping in astonishment and disgust, Julia scowled, "My God, Rachel! Don't think you're so old I won't smack you in the mouth, you disrespectful girl!", she took a sharp, shuddering breath, "How dare you even think of saying that! I'm your mother, and I damn well deserve some respect!"

Paige: Paige stepped a bit closer to Rachel. And that lady owed her a quarter. Though she wasn't brave enough to demand it. Yet.

Rachel: Rachel was mirroring her scowl, holding her arms out as she gave a shrug, vaguely aware of her voice rising as she spoke and the fact Paige was still standing there, "Oh, you're under the impression I had to think about that one? Should I point out how mistaken you are there, too?"

Julia: "You ask me to come all this way and then you treat me like this!?", Julia looked utterly disgusted, glancing to Paige, "So, what, you've been concocting this wicked plan to treat your own mother like filth in front of....", she glanced to Paige again, unable to even think of a word.

Rachel: "Of course, Mother," Rachel drew out sarcastically, looking less than impressing by the implication, "How could I ever fathom you'd enjoy being treated how you treat me? Or that you'd want to get to know who I'm dating?"

Julia: Julia took a deep breath, "It came as a SURPRISE, Rachel.", she half-growled, "The last time I saw you I recall you were straight and red haired, remember?"

Paige: Glancing between them again, Paige blinked. Why on earth did it matter what color Rachel's hair was?

Rachel: "Because my hair color changing has ever been a surprise," Rachel scoffed. Blonde was a pretty tame color for her. "The last time I saw you, excluding the... like, ten minutes on Christmas, I'd just gotten married, which was... about three years ago. Y'know, when we stopped talking."

Julia: "So I'm sure you can see my confusion as to your sudden change of sexual preference.", Julia responded bitterly, "I've heard of having a thing for blondes but you looked like sisters from a distance..."

Rachel: "Well, I'm sure you'd be far happier if you had a former Miss America for a daughter," Rachel muttered.

Paige: Shooting Rachel a look, Paige reached for her hand. No, it didn't make them happier.

Julia: Julia looked between them, remaining silent for a few moments before sighing, "....why did you invite me here, just to make a fool of me?"

Rachel: "Because I'd like to have some sort of relationship with my mother, but whatever... It doesn't matter," she shook her head, releasing Paige's hand to walk away, heading for the nearest door that led outside. She needed a smoke... and to apologize to Paige later for ditching her.

Julia: "Oh, running away again?", Julia sighed, "Typical..."

Paige: Paige looked back at Julia, temper getting the better of her momentarily. "What is the matter with you!?" She calmed her voice back down to her usual Paige level. "She invited you here because despite how you treat her, you are her mother and she does love you. Why can't you just accept her how she is and be there for her?"

Julia: "Listen, Paige...", Julia shot a glare back at her, "Don't presume to understand what kind of girl Rachel is: she has always been difficult and you have no right to pretend you know better than me.", she folded her arms.

Paige: "Except you are the same as my mother. And I was Miss America. And I tried to be perfect. And it's never enough for people like you. And she will never be enough for you until you accept her. Just as she is. Because she is wonderful. And I pity you that you can't see it."

Julia: "You were right about one thing: I'm her mother, but mothers only work when a child LISTENS.", she pointed down the hall, "SHE has NEVER listened to me! All I have EVER done is try and be a good structure for her and she has gotten herself hurt EVERY time she's paid no attention!"

Paige: "Why would she listen to you when you constantly run her into the ground? You should be picking her up and helping her, not trying to knock her down further."

Julia: With a shocked expression, Julia curled a fist, "She had her chance to listen and she didn't, and now I'm to just accept that she's learned her lesson? She requests me to be here and presents that she's now gay?"

Paige: "Would you rather she lied to you? Or would you rather she be honest about herself?"

Julia: "I would rather she stood here and spoke to me like I was a person rather than running away like she always does.", Julia responded, virtually as soon as Paige had said her piece, "I think you've done enough - if you were going to mediate? You might have done it while your 'girlfriend' was here.", she turned to leave.

Paige: "Are you always so quick to dismiss everyone in your life? She showed up didn't she? She invited you didn't she? And what did you do? You complained at her for a greeting. You admitted you do not appreciate being spoken to in such a manner, so why would you speak to your child in such a way?"

Julia: Stopping, Julia turned, "She has constantly shown me zero respect, and you have the sheer audacity to think this is something I started?", she scoffed, "What do you know, anyway? You think a girl like her'll stick around? She changes her hair like she changes her clothes, and she changes her sexual preference between relationships...", she rolled her eyes.

Julia: "You think this is the first time she's had a little temper-tantrum?", Julia continued, "I think you need a reality check 'Miss America'."

Paige: "All you see is the negative. You'll never see how amazing she actually is. Regardless of who started it, you are the mother... you should have more maturity than a small child pointing the blame onto your own child. Have a wonderful rest of your trip." Paige turned to go after Rachel.

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