2/25 Instance: Bad Influence

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2/25 Instance: Bad Influence

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:48 pm

timeline: after Blame Game

Rachel: Having made her way out to the patio, Rachel had taken a seat on the table and placed her feet in the seat of one of the chairs as she lit up, leaning forward to rest her elbows on her knees after tossing the pack and lighter to the side of her. Focusing on the ground, she exhaled with a sigh. That'd gone about as poorly as expected.

Paige: It took Paige some time to find Rachel. When she did, she sighed and watched her for a bit. "Are you alright?" She questioned softly, approaching her.

Rachel: By the time Paige had found her, she was lighting her second cigarette and dropped them both next to her once more, taking a long drag as she considered the question. Eventually, she nodded, despite not being completely sure, and mumbled, "Of course."

Paige: Paige gave Rachel a smile and moved to sit on the table next to her, resting her blonde head against her girlfriend. "Yeah, you always are."

Rachel: "Yeah..." Rachel sighed again, making sure to blow any smoke away from Paige. After a few moments of silence and another drag, she added in an attempt to justify the fact she was fine, "It's not like I expected it to go any differently."

Paige: She gently turned Rachel's head toward her. "I still see you for how wonderful you are, even if she can't."

Rachel: "I'm not really..." Rachel started, trailing off when she realized it was likely pointless to try and argue that with Paige. She looked away and simply shook her head, taking a breath as she flicked some ash. "Never mind."

Paige: "Don't listen to her, Rachie. I see you and I believe in you." Paige rested her forehead against Rachel's briefly, then backed up slightly, letting her hands fall to her own lap.

Rachel: "Well, I'm supposed to be good at not listening to her," she commented before another drag.

Paige: "You can pretend all you want. I know it still hurts, sweetheart."

Rachel: While considering how to respond to that, Rachel finished her cigarette, flicked the butt, and reached for the pack again. It did, but she was reluctant to admit it because she felt completely ridiculous for being that upset over it. Flipping the top of the package open, she counted how many she had left and debated, speaking while she tried to decide whether to smoke another, "I should've known better."

Paige: "I still have hopes that my mother will find me enough. You'll never be good enough for her because she isn't good enough for herself."

Rachel: She pulled her gaze from the packaging in her hand to look over at Paige, brow furrowed, "She doesn't?"

Paige: "She will never be happy with anyone else until she is." Paige kissed Rachel softly.

Rachel: "No, I meant your mom..." she clarified after returning the kiss, shaking her head as she glanced back down to her hands, "I thought... Well, I mean... I didn't know..."

Paige: "She and I have never gotten along..." Paige looked away, down at her hands. "Even when I won, it was never enough. She always found something to complain about."

Rachel: "Yeah, but you're, like... a decent person. I can't even imagine what there was to complain about," Rachel said as she gave in and pulled another smoke from the pack, speaking around the cigarette between her lips as she fumbled with the lighter, "I mean, I was, probably still am, a total nightmare..."

Paige: Gently taking the cigarette from her, Paige replaced it with a kiss. "You aren't a nightmare."

Rachel: Instead of protesting the stolen smoke, Rachel simply rolled her eyes and flipped the carton back open for it to be returned to the pack as she returned the kiss, "Well, not to you, no." She sighed heavily but reached for Paige's hand as she looked around, "When I got out, it seemed like everyone asked if I'd talked to her because I went to see my dad, so I figured it might be worth it..."

Rachel: "Except it never is," she said, trying not to sound too bitter, "We always fight, I usually storm off, and apparently I never learn. Speaking of, I'm sorry for the fighting and storming off. She wasn't horrible to you, was she?"

Paige: "I'm afraid I was horrible to her... but I'm proud of you for trying to make amends. It takes a big person to try, sweetheart." Paige squeezed Rachel's hand and rested her head against her.

Rachel: Rachel turned her head to stare at her, not entirely sure she'd heard that correctly. "You weren't."

Paige: "I'm not sure... I sounded pretty mean."

Rachel: "...You know how to be mean?"

Paige: "Well she was mean to you!"

Rachel: "What'd you say to her?" Rachel asked with a slight grin, "And what did she say after you were mean to her?"

Paige: "That she should accept you as you are. And that she tries to run you into the ground and she should be picking you up. And that she is quick to dismiss everyone in her life. She yelled at me that you were going to leave me and go back to men and that I needed a reality check."

Rachel: "Oh, so you weren't that mean." Rachel wasn't sure whether she was relieved or disappointed there, however she was impressed Paige had said much at all. Shooting her a smirk, she teased, "Well, I haven't gotten tired of all the glittery, pink stuff yet, so I don't think I'm going anywhere... Though, guys are still nice to look at."

Paige: "Aren't they?" Paige kissed Rachel softly again. "I'm happy to be with you."

Rachel: "Well, they aren't quite as nice as you," she mumbled before stealing another kiss and deciding, "I need a drink."

Paige: "I think I do too." Paige rested her forehead against Rachel's. "Maybe every day until your mother leaves."

Rachel: "Can we drink for every day she's supposed to be here tonight? Because I doubt she'll stay after this."

Paige: "Only if we stay here and drink. I don't trust us out. And I can get you naked here."

Rachel: "Pfft, I would get naked for you anywhere," Rachel replied with a grin, "But, yeah, staying here's fine... I mean, assuming we even have something to drink..."

Paige: Blushing, Paige kissed her again. "I know you would. I'm very glad about that too. Let's make a run and then we can come home."

Rachel: "You should also cancel your classes tomorrow," she advised as she moved to hop down from the table, stuffing the carton and lighter into her pocket before offering Paige her hand.

Paige: "I plan on it." She hopped down as well, taking Rachel's hand. "It can be our day. Of recovery." She giggled at her.

Rachel: Rachel leaned to kiss her cheek. "We should have one of those everyday."

Paige: "Everyday with you is our day though," Paige argued. "We just don't always need to recover. Because we don't need to drink the world away."

Rachel: "I'm sure we can find more things to recover from than just drinking."

Paige: "You are a terrible influence, Rachel, darling." Paige giggled at her though, squeezing her hand.

Rachel: Shooting her a grin, Rachel sagely nodded as she replied, "The best kind."

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