2/26 Instance: Raiders of the Body on the Meathook

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2/26 Instance: Raiders of the Body on the Meathook

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:46 pm

timeline: after On the Case

Fabian: "Is this the floor?" Fabian asked as he climbed along the fire escape of the old, derelict building. As much as he enjoyed poking around in old buildings he didn't really enjoy doing it on a rickety ladder in an abandoned high-rise.

Johnny: Johnny had decided to skip the part where he climbed a ladder that looked like it was going to give out at any given second and floated up to the desired floor. He squinted as he peered in the windows that surprisingly still had glass, attempting to see through the layer of grime. Looking down, he counted from the bottom up and nodded, "Think so."

Fabian: "Figures it'd be the only window I've went by with a full pane of glass." Fabian gingerly opened the window though, skilled enough at getting into such places to avoid having to break a pane and give a false point of entry for anyone else who would need to see the scene.

Fabian: Swinging in as quietly as he could manage, Fabian held the window open for Johnny. "Come on, you're my flashlight for this business."

Johnny: "I'm a pretty bad flashlight," he commented as he slid in the window after Fabian, pulling a slight face as he looked around the place, "Ugh, it smells."

Fabian: "Fine then, fiery meatshield." Call it like it was, that was something Fabian could do. "And yeah, it smells like ass. Which...might be literal I suppose." Ugh, that wasn't something that he wanted to think about.

Johnny: "I think I'd rather be the meatshield... Means I don't have to go back with bad news, should there be any..." Johnny replied as he reached for a piece of the floor that'd splintered off from the rest, making a torch out of it and holding it out in offering. "Sadly, I can't imagine why else they'd be calling the police in."

Fabian: "I like to make it back to most anything whole, good news or bad." Fabian shrugged, taking the torch and holding it out to light up his side of the room. "Well, it'd be a good question as to why anyone'd choose this building for shelter. Maybe I'm too picky to make homeless decisions but I'm pretty sure I'd just walk around the 24 hour wal-mart over this place."

Johnny: "At some point, they might notice you sleeping on their display futons..." he said as he moved about his half the floor, cringing at a squeaky floorboard. "Dealing with security would have to beat this place though."

Fabian: "Yeah, the security doesn't generally mean you're dead outback and it sounds like this place doesn't have that kind of luxury." Fabian muttered, paying good attention to where he was stepping as he entered the hallway.

Johnny: "This place doesn't have any luxuries," Johnny murmured back as he reverted back to his normal form, as there was no reason to waste the energy maintaining his fiery form. He didn't give off enough light to make a noticeable difference, and it wasn't like a dead body was going to jump out at them. However, something was leaking on him.

Johnny: Johnny paused to squint up at the dark patch on the cracked ceiling, pulling a face. Gross. He reached up to wipe the spot on his forehead, eyes widening when he pulled his hand away from his face. Ew, even worse! ...Wait, was that sound the ceiling, and was the ceiling getting a bit closer? "...Um, Fabian..."

Fabian: "Hmm?" Fabian stepped up as Johnny got his attention, glancing to him and then frowning. There was some kind of smear on his face. "...oh shi-" His exclamation was cut off as the meathook gave way and the body hanging above came tumbling down.

Johnny: He was instantly regretting thinking about how the body wasn't going to jump out at them and changing forms, especially since what was left of its insides spilled out onto them before the body and hook had actually landed. Plus, as usual, he hadn't thought about the fact that his clothes would've been destroyed. There were no words that described how disgusting a shower of decomposing intestines was. "I'm never going to feel clean again," he forced out, tight-lipped to avoid ingesting any of it.

Fabian: "...while I'm pretty sure I haven't and it's just the cold chill of fear surging through me you're not to tell a soul if I've just pissed myself from that scare."

Eddie: "......oh, this is just all kinds of fucked up.", came a male voice from behind them. A tall, sable shadow of a man stood at the door, holding a handgun high and lowering it slightly, "Hands in the sky, kille-....", they paused, "Is that Cortez? And....Johnny!?"

Johnny: Johnny snorted but startled once more at the commanding third voice, automatically raising his arms. Though, he gagged at the bits of flesh, glistening from the beam of flashlight, dangling from him. "Eddie...?"

Eddie: Answering his name with a flex of his neck, Eddie stepped a little closer, his mask sliding away in a mass of tiny tendrils to reveal his face, "Shit, it really is you, isn't it?", he lowered his torch beam to the body, "Lemme guess: 'this isn't what it looks like', right(?)", he felt a mixture of confusion and sickness in the pit of his stomach.

Fabian: "...what does it actually look like to you?" Only an idiot would think they were actually a little bit peckish and Fabian was giving Eddie a shocked laugh for even suggesting it. "We're a bit too clean to have just done this, wouldn't you think?"

Johnny: "If it looks like a body just fell off a meathook onto our unsuspecting heads, then it is exactly what it looks like."

Eddie: "Smart-ass remarks, hm?", Eddie lowered his weapon, "Look, don't tell me how to do my job, Fabian...", he shuddered - an anonymous tip, a mutilated corpse, and it just so happened that Johnny and Fabian - the two most unlikely people he could think of - were standing next to it?

Eddie: 'It fell from the celling...'

Eddie: Right. Over-thinking was making him forget - it had fallen, they just happened to be standing beneath it. In the middle of nowhere. After he'd gotten an anonymous tip.

Eddie: Eddie shook his head, "S-sorry....erm....why are you here again!?"

Johnny: "Because we heard the call on the police scanner," Johnny answered as if it should be obvious. As if him and Fabian just went out looking for corpses for a good time.

Eddie: "No, I mean...we got an anonymous phone call only about forty minutes ago, and by now, Mist'll have told them we're on the way.", Eddie slid his sidearm back into his belt holster, "I just think it's kind of....well, 'convenient'.", he took a deep breath, "Like maybe someone told you to come here so the police'd think it was you?"

Fabian: "It's mutant murders, of course the x-men are investigating and we're the ones that were closest at the time. I think you're looking for a conspiracy that's not here this time."

Eddie: Cracking a grin, Eddie shrugged, "Heh, 'this time'...what can I say: 'once bitten' and all that...", he stepped a little closer, looking at the body, "Damn....", he breathed, looking back at the two, "...you erm...you know that 'cause you're here, I have to take you both in for questioning, right?"

Fabian: "...what now?"

Johnny: He looked down at himself, over to Fabian, and back to Eddie, "Like this?"

Eddie: "Well, you're both vigilantes, technically! You don't get a 'skip procedure pass'.", he frowned, "It's just procedure, really. And it's gonna look pretty fucking suspicious otherwise...", he gave Johnny a once-over, "...'sprobably gonna have to be, I won't lie.",

Fabian: "Do you take yourself in for questioning after your patrols? You know very well what taking me in for anything can get me!"

Eddie: Eddie sighed, "You know, they....er...don't actually know I'm a mutant.", he shook his head, "And I forgot about your thing, Fabian, but don't you think the crime-scene contamination - ergo, the fact there's footsteps from both of you, Johnny's covered in gore, etcetera - is gonna be kind of incriminating?", he looked over his shoulder, "I'm expecting the fuzz to turn up any second to back me up."

Eddie: He turned back to the other two, "And when they show, and they find out there were two other people here...."

Johnny: "So we come up with a cover story as to why we're here, fake names, and so on..." Johnny decided, looking back to Fabian, "Think that'll work?"

Fabian: It won't help to beat Eddie. It won't help to beat Eddie. "Well, your hypocrisy aside, we're going to have to come up with a way to work around this fast." He nodded to what Johnny had said.

Eddie: Eddie groaned, "Not that we're left with a fat lot of options...", he cut his eye at Fabian - now if he could just fight the urge to shoot him and claim he'd done this....

Eddie: 'Hhhhhahahaha....we should...

Eddie: "Shush, you...", he murmured to himself.

Fabian: Fabian glanced to Johnny. Was this crazy ass talking to himself at a murder scene and they were the suspicious ones?

Johnny: "We're, um..." he paused as he thought, which was difficult given the fact he was covered in human remains. They also made it easy to miss the look Fabian was giving him and Eddie's muttering. Eventually, he snapped his fingers when an idea popped into his head and offered, "Graffiti artists scoping out a spot to tag, which is why we don't have any spray cans and such..."

Eddie: "Whiiiich happens to be a place where we got an anonymous tip to?", Eddie frowned again, "Eeeh, I dunno..."

Eddie: 'Tell the one where Fabian Cortez lost his mind and hid a body after torturing them!

Eddie: Eddie laughed a little to himself, "Art project...", he sniggered.

Fabian: He had never realized exactly how crazy Eddie did seem sometimes. Great. ""...do we have time to make the two of us properly homeless? Get some booze from the corner store and that might be convincing."

Johnny: Johnny looked to Eddie because it wasn't like they could go anywhere without giving anyone a heart attack.

Eddie: Scratching his head, Eddie looked around, "You know, just saying that you overheard and got here first wouldn't be so bad.", he looked at both of them, "....aaactually scratch that: naked, covered-in-gore Johnny is 'no bueno'.", he sighed.

Eddie: "You know what? I've got it. But you both need to leave.", he nodded.

Fabian: Fabian opened his mouth to agree with that sentiment exactly when he heard the footsteps and saw the flashlights. Another moment the room was filling up with officers and his mind went into winging it mode, switching to Spanish and ready to...just wing this business. "El cuerpo fue colgado del gancho, pero la cadena dio paso antes de que nos dimos cuenta que era incluso aqua."

Fabian: He kept up the rapid babbling, trying to keep his accent closer to Cecilia's than his actual accent as he did, reeling out a story about finding a place to sleep for the night.

Fabian: ((The body was hanging from the hook but the chain gave way before we realized it was even here.))

Eddie: Eddie blinked, "....erm...you're welcome?", he frowned, the language sounding more like a subliminal track on a metal album to him. His armor slid free of his body, sliding in whip-like tendrils beneath his police uniform and leather jacket, "Anyone got an idea for this as well?"

Johnny: Amazed by the number of officers swarming the hallway, the deer in the headlights look on his face was hardly faked and likely fitting, given his circumstances. He figured it was likely wise to remain silent and allow Fabian to continue babbling while pretending not to know Eddie and hoping the floor didn't collapse.

Fabian: That was a good deal of cops. Fabian didn't like feeling himself actually get nervous but this was something that was definitely making him feel that way. He tried to keep it out of his face in any way other than the obviously startled body witness he was currently sliding into.

Eddie: Eddie looked around, hoping that the armor sliding off his body wasn't too noticeable, "Officer Edward Brock.", he introduced himself, showing his badge on his belt to the other officers, "Here answering the anonymous tip about the 'dumping'."

Eddie: He gestured to the other two, "I found these kids scoping out some kinda graffiti spot or something....can only assume THAT one was streaking...", he pointed at Johnny.

Fabian: Fabian turned towards the other officers now that Eddie had made the introductions and kept his babbling up. Maybe Xavier's should start offering more acting classes for situations such as this. As he babbled he stepped in front of Eddie and, as he waved one hand animatedly, slipped his other into his back pocket and stealthily attempted to pass Eddie his identification. It wouldn't do to be caught with it.

Johnny: Catching on to what Fabian was up to, Johnny began to put on a show of terrified babbling, hoping to draw the attention to him, "It w-was a dare! I-I didn't... Dude... Dudes, I swear this, like... zombie just came outta nowhere..."

Eddie: One of the officers stepped forward, "Officer Jefferson, responding to the same thing, we'll take it from here...", he glanced over at the body, "Aw, that's gross! Can someone get some tape? We got another corpse over here!"

Eddie: Eddie shuddered, glancing around at the others whispering - he hoped they were talking about Johnny being naked, and not the fact he was just half dressed in his organic armor, "Someone bring this kid a coat?"

Fabian: One of the rookies in the group rushed off for one of the shock blankets as the area started to be taped off. Maybe this would have been easier being the crazy naked kid in the group. Fabian couldn't help but be a bit envious but, then again, he also avoided some of the body mess as well...he'd call them even.

Johnny: "Henry... M-my name's Henry Walton," Johnny stuttered out, gesturing toward Fabian, "And, uh... This is, um... Yo-Yo Rodriguez. He d-doesn't speak English very well..."

Fabian: ...did Johnny just introduce him as Yo-Yo? Fabian struggled not to react the the way he wanted to which was the loudest derisive snort imaginable.

Eddie: Snorting a laugh of his own, Eddie covered it by pretending to be coughing at the sick sight of the body as he walked away, calling Misty on his radio to let her know back-up had arrived on the scene.

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Re: 2/26 Instance: Raiders of the Body on the Meathook

Post by Esynthia » Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:55 am

OMG. that was full of gross and fun and win and lose all at once!

Yo-Yo. ROTFLMFAO. Johnny is SO white. ><

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Re: 2/26 Instance: Raiders of the Body on the Meathook

Post by PanicSwitch » Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:03 am

Yoyo Rodriguez XD! I think Cee's gonna be pissed that is the best Puerto Rican name Johnny could come up with.

Great one guys!
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