2/27 Instance: The Godfather

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2/27 Instance: The Godfather

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:54 pm

timeline: after Smug and Smarmy Bromance

Cecilia: Cecilia smoothed down her short black dress and put on her impassive facade as she stepped inside the Hellfire club once again. "I'll never get used to this," she said mostly to herself, smiling at the opulent surroundings.

Hope: Hope slid her hand into Johnny's, overwhelmed by the surroundings of the club. It seemed like some sort of fairy tale... or horrid nightmare. She couldn't decide which one. "I can understand why..."

Fabian: "Get used to what?" Fabian asked, flagging down one of the waiters to get their drinks straight away. They should start this night right, after all.

Johnny: Johnny was fairly sure he looked just as lost in the club and unconsciously reached up with his free hand to adjust his tie, "All of this?"

Cecilia: Cecilia smirked, shaking her head. Of course Fabian wouldn't take much notice of the surroundings. "Nothing, mi amor," she said, taking a drink from the proffered tray. "Cheers!" She said to the group, raising her glass.

Hope: Awkwardly taking the glass, Hope glanced around at the others before taking a drink herself. "Cheers." She glanced around again, feeling very out of place. She felt more adopted than birthed for such surroundings.

Johnny: Snagging a glass of his own, Johnny took an experimental sip before taking a larger gulp as he continued to look around. Considering the amount of older people, he could rest assured he was, at the very least, the best looking. "So, where to?"

Fabian: If he were to ask Fabian Johnny's assurance would be shot all to hell. "Does your father favour any particular spot in the place, Hope? We may as well mill about...keep our distance from that corner." There were some strange looks in that corner.

Hope: "I wouldn't know... I didn't even know I was a member until parent weekend."

Cecilia: Cecilia gave Hope and Johnny what she hoped was a reassuring nod and a quick smile. She wasn't born into this either, but practice made perfect. While she knew her place in the world she had no intentions of staying there, rocking the boat be damned. "Wherever we go we should stay alert. The incident wasn't that long ago," she said warningly, knowing Fabian would pick up on that.

Johnny: Eyebrow going up, he asked, "Incident?"

Cecilia: Cecilia shook her head at John. "Not now."

Fabian: "In this kind of place there's always an Incident. Pay it no mind but don't let yourself get cornered by anyone that looks especially shady." Fabian assured them all. "That's good advice for any night."

Johnny: "So, don't get cornered by..." he looked around again, "Like, anyone. Got it."

Cecilia: "That and don't be too friendly with the older male members," Cecilia whispered to Hope. "They get so lonely in their cold, sexless marriages and are just dying to find a nice young lady to confide all their troubles in..." she sniggered.

Fabian: "That just makes me think of a scenario where Hope could be another step-mother to me. I'm terrified now."

Cecilia: "Careful, Fab." Cecilia teased. "You might end up with half-siblings vying for your share of the loot!"

Johnny: "...I don't even want to think about that," he shuddered.

Fabian: "If I don't have any half-siblings by now, you mean. I'm pretty sure things have quit swimming around for the old man so I could be safe."

Hope: "I..." Hope stammered. She moved closer to Johnny. "You'll save me right?"

Cecilia: Cecilia made a face at Fabian's statement. "Don't put me off my dinner." She laughed at Hope's fear. "There are worse things, at least you get marriage out of the deal. Only thing I'm good for is being a mistress, apparently. Less to gain there."

Johnny: Johnny nodded and set his empty glass on a passing tray, "Of course."

Hope: Hope smiled a bit at Cecilia. "I think you're worth more than that." She squeezed Johnny's hand, glancing at him. "Thank you."

Cecilia: "Then you're smart," Cecilia laughed to Hope. "Mazid was not."

Fabian: "If I kept you for a mistress you know you'd have to kick my ass so I think we're safe here." Fabian laughed, still milling ahead to see who was among the patrons tonight.

Cecilia: Cecilia kept close by to Fabian, shoulders drawn up and head high. Eyeing the crowd as well. Hoping to Christ she didn't see Pierce. Thankfully though he didn't seem to be in the crowd tonight. "Not a bad crowd," she remarked, she could see a few big names.

Johnny: Reaching for another drink from a tray, Johnny moved through the crowd, making sure to stay near Cecilia, Fabian, and Hope.

Cecilia: Just not the one she was hoping to see. If Stark flaked on her she'd be rather pissed, but she was reluctant to say anything. God knew whenever she said an off-comment about someone the person in question was always behind her.

Hope: "So what do people actually do here? Just drink and talk?" Hope glanced around again, half hoping to see her dad.

Fabian: "Drink, talk, make connections and deals and work your way up the ladder so to speak."

Cecilia: Cecilia laughed and shook her head. "If the world is a stage this would be the backstage...or where the puppet strings are held," she said, trying to describe the place. "A lot of business is conducted here...and if I'm not mistaken pleasure as well, judging from my last visit." She chuckled at that. Oh Cassie.

Fabian: Fabian attempted to look innocent at Cecilia's description.

Hope: Business deals... excellent. She filed that away in her mind for the future. "Sounds like my kind of place now I guess."

Johnny: "Sounds pretty boring," Johnny commented.

Cecilia: "It can be. Depends on what you're here for. Are you here for business or pleasure?" She teased John, though she was looking at Fabian as she said it. Trying not to redden at her attempts to flirt.

Johnny: He smirked, "Guess it depends on what type of business we're talking about."

Cecilia: "If you love your work one doesn't have to preclude the other," Cecilia laughed.

Hope: Hope gave Johnny an odd look. The kind of business was he talking about?

Fabian: "All kinds." Fabian assured Johnny, downing his drink. "But since her dad might turn up we'd best behave." He nodded to Hope, smirking far too wide.

Tony: "Why are we behaving?" Tony asked, having pried himself away from the bar to search for Hope and her friends instead of simply waiting with Sebastian.

Hope: Hope smiled at her dad. "Who says we are?"

Cecilia: "To shake things up," Cecilia said smoothly. "Nice to see you again, Mr. Stark...sorry, Tony."

Fabian: Fabian...was not going to have a fanboy moment. "Well now, we don't always do what we'd best do now, do we?"

Johnny: Johnny had decided he was just not going to speak and reached to steal another glass from a passing tray, taking a long drink from it.

Cecilia: Cecilia couldn't help but smile to herself. Fabian looked ready to squee. Never before had she been so pleased to be obnoxious enough to ask the presidential candidate to come to the Hellfire club. It had been worth it.

Tony: Tony snorted at all the answers, offering his hand to the ginger kid, "Tony Stark, and there'd be no fun in doing what we'd best do all the time."

Fabian: "Fabian Cortez, and that's why I always aim for what I shouldn't do or what seems like fun at the time." Fabian gladly took the offered hand, deciding that Tony Stark was his spiritual father.

Johnny: He nodded as he shook Fabian's hand, "Seems like a decent plan."

Cecilia: "It's worked for him so far," Cecilia agreed, smiling widely and genuinely. "And myself vicariously."

Johnny: "I'm pretty sure it's worked for all of us," Johnny threw in.

Hope: "Usually." Hope snagged a drink from a passing tray and taking a sip of it. Wasn't rum and coke but it would do.

Fabian: "And that's how we get gaudy gold cars." Fabian raised his glass to Johnny.

Tony: Tony had to admit that intrigued him, and his eyebrow went up as Johnny toasted with Fabian. He looked over to Hope, "Why didn't you show me the car while we were at the school?"

Cecilia: Cecilia rolled her eyes at that, laughing. "I think it's gone now, thank God. You two looked like you were trying to be the next Huggy Bear driving it."

Fabian: "...what do you mean trying?" Fabian shook his head. He knew full well he and Johnny were the pimpingest people of the school. "It's in a special place of honour...I was afraid of how many people would try to take it out for sexy times and leave me to clean it up."

Tony: "I think I must see this car sometime," Tony decided.

Fabian: "When are you free? We can take it out for a drive." Yep, this was going to be his man-date and he didn't care what Cecilia said about it.

Hope: "It's a horrid car...." Hope rolled her eyes a bit.

Johnny: "It is an awesome car," Johnny corrected.

Cecilia: "Should I be jealous, mi amor?" Cecilia teased.

Tony: It was a miracle. He was pretty sure he actually agreed with Johnny on something and answered, "I suppose I'm already in town, but whenever."

Hope: Useless. They were all hopeless and useless. "I'll be back." She kissed Johnny briefly, then headed off in search of a bathroom.

Fabian: "We'll be by in that case. I don't think you'll miss it somehow." Cruising the town with Tony Stark in a gaudy gold car? This was everything Fabian ever wanted in life. "Huh? Oh, no. Trust me, I'll be coming back to you...it just may be a late night."

Johnny: Johnny started to protest about being left alone with her father, but he supposed he was safe with Fabian and Cecilia. Plus, he was part of the reason why the gold car was around.

Cecilia: "If you say so," Cecilia snorted, getting more and more amused as this went on. So perhaps Lukas wasn't the only exception. "I won't wait up."

Tony: Tony smirked, "It's almost always a late night with me."

Cecilia: "I'll just bet," Cecilia said, polishing off her glass and setting it on a passing tray before taking another and toasting Stark with it.

Cecilia: Cecilia watched Hope leave. "Am I supposed to go powder my nose with her? I just want to know if I'm committing some kind of female faux pas here."

Johnny: "No," Johnny quickly answered.

Fabian: "Though you could tell us why women go to the bathroom in packs, my sister would never tell me."

Cecilia: Cecilia shrugged. "I never got invited along so I dunno exactly why, but judging from the conversations I overhear they're usually dishing the dirt on certain guys and talking shit about girls they're jealous of."

Johnny: "Well, I am fabulous, but I suppose Fabian suits you," Johnny shot her a grin.

Cecilia: "You couldn't handle me, John," Cecilia laughed incredulously. "Nice try though."

Tony: Tony looked between the three of them, muttering as he shook his head, "I won't comment."

Fabian: "It's a big job even for me. You've got enough to handle with Hope." Fabian assured Johnny, laughing. "Well, when we're done here sounds like we've got to head for more interesting places then."

Cecilia: "I think you two might actually be less conspicuous in that car in my old neighbourhood than you would otherwise," Cecilia remarked. "It'd be an interesting social experiment."

Fabian: "...I'm game."

Tony: Tony glanced to Fabian, "...I think I want to go right now."

Cecilia: Cecilia checked her watch "...What the hell is she doing in there?" She asked about Hope. "I swear to Christ, half the time I don't know if a woman's using the can or giving birth they take so much damn time."

Fabian: In response Fabian downed his drink. "Lets do this thing."

Fabian: "...Johnny, you'd best check you're not a daddy. We'll get some cigars if you are."

Cecilia: "Congratulations, I hope it's a boy." Cecilia said, desperately trying to keep a straight face, patting John and hoping this wasn't going to get the poor guy strangled by Stark.

Johnny: Johnny was sure he looked absolutely horrified.

Hope: Finally spotting her group from across the room, Hope carefully made her way back to the group, rum and coke in one hand and a hot damn for Johnny in the other.

Tony: "If she is, I'm burning you with one of the cigars when we get back."

Johnny: Johnny wasn't going to mention that he didn't burn.

Hope: "Why are we burning the man of fire?" Hope asked as she got back to them, handing Johnny his drink.

Fabian: "Your surprise pregnancy. I'm the godfather, yes?"

Hope: Her face was as horrified, if not more so, than Johnny's had been. Maybe she should just go back to the bar.

Cecilia: Cecilia eyed Fabian critically. "They're not Catholic, people who aren't Catholic don't have that tradition, right? Please say you don't."

Hope: "I... I'm not... I'm not... I'm not pregnant!" Dear God she hoped she wasn't.

Tony: "Good because tie strangling was my next option," Tony replied, glancing to Fabian, "You ready?"

Fabian: Fabian had a look of pride on his face. He had helped make Hope stutter and that was something he couldn't help but enjoy. "All set."

Cecilia: "Jesus, I was just kidding!" Cecilia laughed at Hope and John's horrified faces "...If anything failed please don't tell me."

Cecilia: "I already know too much."

Fabian: "And I absolutely do have godparents...I think they god-disowned me after I destroyed their stables though...complete accident."

Cecilia: "My godparents are my uncle and aunt," Cecilia remarked "...I don't know what god-relation that makes us..."

Cecilia: Cecilia laughed. "You'll have to tell me that one sometime! Hope, are you alright now?"

Hope: Hope was busy looking at her stomach. "Huh? What?"

Cecilia: "...Stop it you're making me paranoid now," Cecilia said, frowning.

Fabian: "...we don't speak of this anymore. Lets get out of here before it gets to be a theme of the night."

Hope: "Sold!" Hope downed her drink and took Johnny's hand.

Cecilia: Cecilia slammed her glass on a passing tray and marched straight for the doors. Christ..."Let's hit it."

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