2/27 Instance: Yo-Yo Rodriguez Rides Again

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2/27 Instance: Yo-Yo Rodriguez Rides Again

Post by Ferguson » Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:38 pm

Timelined after Raiders of the Body on the Meathook

<Cecilia> Fabian and John hadn't come back from patrol when they were supposed to. This in itself was not unusual as occasionally something interesting did happen (though anything of note had yet to happen to her while she was out) but after several hours she'd started to worry...then after several more she got even more worried.

<Cecilia> After asking anyone who might know anything and coming up with nothing, Cecilia had eventually, reluctantly, gone to bed. Only to lie awake for hours tossing and turning and imagining every horrible scenario she could think of. As though this would somehow prepare her for the bad news that was surely coming.

<Cecilia> Eventually sleep had taken her under into fitful dreams and re-plays of situations that had happened long ago...except this time the people weren't the same and it was Fabian bleeding out on the concrete.

<@Fabian> Fabian felt ridiculous but it seemed that his false identity was holding up. There was a problem with that, however, in that he couldn't simply go back and pick up his car where he and Johnny had left it. The scene was still pretty crowded and 'Yo-Yo Rodriguez' would definitely not be driving that good of a car.

<@Fabian> He needed a ride and this was a call he did not want to make...especially as on top of all of this Cecilia would probably hear him and think he was making fun of the way she talked. Yeah, he was going to be in the dog house for all of this shit.

<@Fabian> Nevertheless he dialed the number and sat back, listening to the phone ring.

<Cecilia> Cecilia snapped awake at the sound of her phone, picking it up before the first ring had ended. "...Yes?" She said, fear flooding into her stomach. It was going to be the police or a doctor in a hospital somewhere, she just knew it. Nobody called in the middle of the night with good news. Please, please don't be dead. I'll do whatever you want God if he's alright. I'll go to church every week. I'll be a fucking nun! Just don't take him you bastard!

<@Fabian> "Vas a estar enojado conmigo." Fabian got out just so she knew what language this was going to have to be conducted in as he certainly couldn't drop character now. "Necesito un taxi desde la estación de policía."

<@Fabian> ((You're going to be angry at me, I need a ride from the police station.))

<Cecilia> Cecilia let out a very relieved sigh at this. "Oh thank God I thought..." Wait, what? "The police station? The FUCK?!" She shouted into the phone, making her roommates stir. Scowling she stood up and threw on a sweatshirt and her converse and began leaving the room. No doubt she was picking him up.

<Cecilia> "What the fuck do you mean the police station? Did you go on another drunk bender again?!" She railed into the phone. "And why're you talking in that ridiculous accent? Are you making fun of me!?"

<Cecilia> He was right, she was angry at him.

<@Fabian> There should really be codewords set for situations such as this. Once he was back home that was going to be something he suggested just to cut through the usual reasons that he might be in jail. "¿Qué quieres decir? Así es como yo siempre hablo." He lied, shaking his head.

<@Fabian> "Henry y yo estábamos fuera y nos encontramos con este cuerpo." He started, not really wanting to go into a whole explanation over the phone but knowing he'd at least need to get his ridiculous fake name in. That was another thing that should be set up for special occasions, codewords and aliases.

<Cecilia> ((What do you mean? That's how I always talk.))

<@Fabian> ((Henry and I were just out and we found this body.))

<Cecilia> If Fabian could see the hairy eyeball Cecilia was giving the phone he would be very very afraid. "Fine, whatever. Where are you?" She said churlishly. There had better be one hell of an explanation for this.

<@Fabian> There really needed to be a way to send a clue-by-four through a phone. Wasn't the strange name drop and a mention of a body enough to get him out of trouble? This was why he shouldn't try to do good things; they never worked out. He gave the station name and continued to babble to give her information.

<@Fabian> "Pero de todos modos, Yo-Yo Rodríguez en la comisaría y no hacer mierda a todos." Oh God, that name.

<@Fabian> ((But anyway, Yo-Yo Rodriguez down at the station and I didn't do shit at all.))

<Cecilia> There was silence on the other end of the phone for a very long long time. "I'll be there in forty-five. Don't say shit to anyone." Then the call dropped abruptly.

<@Fabian> Fabian hung up the phone and went out to wait impatiently as he hoped the cops didn't decide Yo-Yo didn't need a random drug test just for the shit of it for his testimony.

<Cecilia> ((Time Passes))

<Cecilia> Cecilia scowled in the lobby of the police station, shivering slightly whenever someone opened the door. Clearly running out of the school with nothing but flannel pajamas pants and a sweatshirt over a t-shirt wasn't the brightest idea she'd ever had.

<@Fabian> Fabian was glad that he had dressed in what Cecilia would call his 'acid trip' type of clothes, sure that anything that looked nicer would have ruined his story completely. He stood up once he saw her and made her way over, dropping his voice. "I was only in for questioning so we're free to leave, lets get out of here."

<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded sharply. "Vamos," she said, grabbing his arm and dragging him out of the station.

<@Fabian> Fabian didn't need to be told twice and he gladly followed along with her, relieved to get out of the station. "I need a shower."

<Cecilia> "Mmhm," Cecilia said, face stormy. He also might need the police again shortly, never before had she wanted to kill him so badly. She marched up to the school van she'd borrowed. "Get in," she said, climbing in the driver's side.

<@Fabian> Fabian slid right in, letting out a tired sigh. "Also, we need to establish fake names. Johnny is not good at coming up with them on the fly."

<Cecilia> Cecilia just started the car. "Mmhm," she said again, facial expression getting darker and darker as they drove. Yoyo Rodriguez. She might've laughed if she weren't so pissed off...she added John's name to her shit list. His choice in Puerto Rican names and Fabian's shitty Puerto Rican accent were only the cherry on top of this shit sundae.

<Cecilia> She drove about five blocks before she finally couldn't take it anymore. "YOU IDIOT!" She screamed, so loud she actually had a sore throat after. "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!"

<@Fabian> "...what the hell are you going on about?" Fabian gave her a pretty solid 'what the fuck' look.

<Cecilia> "You can't fucking get caught by the cops! Do you know what could happen if they put two and two together? DO YOU?! Are you careless or just stupid?!"

<Cecilia> "Why did you let yourself get taken in?! What the fuck happened!? And what the fuck is up with Yoyo Rodriguez and that retarded accent? Is that some sort of joke?! Because it's not fucking funny!"

<Cecilia> She pulled over, cranking the gear shift into park with far more force than necessary and smacked the steering wheel, hard. "FUCK!"

<@Fabian> Fabian just looked at her with an arched eyebrow. "Are you done throwing your little fit and treating me like shit or shall I give you a moment?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia rested her forehead against the steering wheel, the curls of her afro obscuring her face. All the anger draining out of her, like someone had pulled a plug in a bath-tub. He felt like shit? Well, good. Now he knew how she'd felt all fucking evening. "Yeah, I'm done," she said thickly.

<@Fabian> "Good, because if we're going to go on about how I'm careless and stupid then I'm just going to walk back and we can talk about it in the morning and I'll have you know my accent is perfectly accurate." He smirked at the last bit, however. "The name you're just going to have to blame on Johnny. It was damned hard not to give a reaction when that came out of his mouth."

<Cecilia> "...Don't walk back," she said, sniffling suspiciously. "It's cold and a fucking long walk and I'll just be waiting for you to get back." And worrying the whole time. "I'll shut up, just...don't leave."

<@Fabian> "I didn't say shut up, just don't make me out to be an idiot when I did...a pretty damned good job considering the situation if I do say so myself." Fabian let out a laugh, reaching over and rubbing her back. "Everything's fine. The worst thing that happened this evening was a body fell on Johnny and then he was naked."

<Cecilia> Cecilia just cried harder. "No, the worst thing is I nearly went insane from worry!" She blubbered into the steering wheel. "I didn't sleep at all. Nobody knew where you were and you never came back and then I get a call in the middle of the night!"

<Cecilia> "Nobody ever gets a call in the middle of the night unless something terrible's happened!" She finished, sitting up and scrubbing roughly at her face with her sleeve.

<@Fabian> Fabian decided to just not argue even though he was pretty sure a body falling on him and Johnny was a bit worse. "Cecilia, you knew what I was out doing...yeah, that's going to be something to worry about but people knew what I was doing."

<@Fabian> "Deep breath now, okay?"

<Cecilia> "And that's why I worried more!" Cecilia said, trying to do as instructed. "It's not like you were just out or anything. You were patrolling, that involves people with knives and guns and sick appetites for mutants!"

<Cecilia> She was silent again until she was sure she could talk without yelling "...I'm sorry, Fab."

<@Fabian> "Yelling's fine, let that on out. It's the talking like I'm stupid that I don't want to hear." Fabian admitted, sighing and sitting back. "Johnny and I had to break into this building because the cops got a tip about possibly cannibalistic happenings being there and we were basically a block away."

<@Fabian> "It would have been fine except...before we could find the body the body found us. It was on a meathook from the ceiling and the chain gave way so we couldn't exactly leave because now it was obvious we had been there since the body...collided...then Eddie showed up."

<Cecilia> "That's what I was apologizing for, in part. I know you're not stupid, I work with you all the time. If you weren't smart I'd be doing that a lot less no matter what I feel about you."

<Cecilia> She listened to the story without interruption. "...That's sixteen now," she said dully. "Jesus Christ...we haven't done enough. The rally was great but it wasn't enough, people are still dying...I gotta talk to JP. We should be harassing CNN or something. This is starting to feel like a personal offence."

<Cecilia> She eyed Fabian with horror. "Oh Gawd...did anything hit you?!"

<@Fabian> "Hence the comment about showers." Fabian admitted, pulling a face. "But you see why we couldn't just leave now, didn't want to have the cops realizing we were there and had left but we had to come up with a bullshit story quickly."

<Cecilia> "Hence 'Yoyo Rodriguez'?" Cecilia deadpanned. "Goddamnit..."

<Cecilia> She felt a small flutter of fear again in her stomach. "You need to be on antibiotics, right away. Corpses...well I don't need to tell you how many diseases they carry." She had a feeling he already knew more than his fair share considering Essex.

<@Fabian> "Well that was thrown out right in front of the cops so that was too late there. I think they were more reacting to naked Johnny though so that helped matters. Everything went kosher...I just can't pick up my car until probably tomorrow since it's still near the scene and I doubt 'Yo-Yo' would have that car without it being stolen..."

<@Fabian> "Yeah, we'll have to stop and pay Dr. McCoy a visit, then shower and then some sleep."

<Cecilia> "Probably you shouldn't go back there at all," Cecilia admitted. "Should have someone else get it. They photograph crowds at crime scenes, y'know. In case someone...comes back." And the fact that she knew this said so much about her. Why couldn't that part of her life ever rest?

<Cecilia> "I'll go with you," she offered. She didn't know if she should try to get an invitation to stay the night though...that might be pushing her luck. Though she would've liked to, it'd probably make it easier to sleep.

<@Fabian> Fabian was smirking all ready though. "Go with me for which one? Or all three?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "You're very confident in your fuckability, aren't you?" She snorted "...If I'm not in the doghouse I'd go for all three, I just didn't want to push my luck."

<@Fabian> "I'm over it so you're not in there anymore. Am I still in yours?"

<@Fabian> "...and why would I even doubt my fuckability?"

<Cecilia> "...You're never in it for long, no matter how hard I try," Cecilia admitted a little ruefully "...You get away with fucking murder with me...I hope you know I'd never be the same with someone else. You're an exception!" She said, pointing a finger.

<Cecilia> "Be flattered," she said, shoving the car back into gear and beginning to drive again.

<@Fabian> "I always am, and I'm sorry I worried you." Fabian just smirked a little bit more. "And you can try as hard as you like, my fuckability gets me out. It's like a trouble ninja."

<Cecilia> "Good- try not to do it again," she said, though she knew it was a losing battle. She laughed a little. "It's not your fuckability that makes me not mad at you, but if you wanna keep telling yourself that go right on ahead," she said, her accent creeping into her speech.

<@Fabian> "What is it then if not that?" Fabian preened as he asked, just smiling to himself at the accent.

<Cecilia> "You fucking know it's because I love you," Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. "Don't play innocent."

<Cecilia> "...Though you are very fuckable," Cecilia added, to make up for being an asshole earlier.

<@Fabian> "Love you too." Fabian sighed, finally relaxing from the whole ordeal. "Now, lets see about this shower situation."

<Cecilia> Cecilia laughed slightly hysterically, though she felt more happy than she ever thought it possible to feel. "Great timing as always and yes, we'll get you to a shower stat."

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