2/27 Instance: Trinkets for Treats

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2/27 Instance: Trinkets for Treats

Post by Starfish » Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:45 pm

Timeline: Current.

Cassie: "Try to keep up," Cassandra called over her shoulder, not even slowing down as she strolled and skipped down the narrow pathways left between cluttered aisles. "I thought rabbits were supposed to be fleet on foot?" It was the third store they visited that day, after the one specializing in second-hand costumes and the one stocking magic and hobby supplies.

Cassie: Nevertheless, the raven-haired girl showed no sign of slowing down yet, holding on to her top hat as she bend down to take a look at the trinkets in the lower shelves. Their current whereabouts was even more alternative than the ones before, the air in the dim room heavy with the scent of incense.

Cassie: The tall shelves were packed with anything conceivable, ranging from the hip, over the wacky, to the occult. Some of the things looked vaguely useful, others didn't even reveal what they could have possibly meant to be. It was a wonderful paradise full of treasure for the young artist.

Jack: "I think I'm going to sneeze.... but not... this incense is killing my nose." Jack just complainted as he leaned against the trolley with items and bags of the previous stores. "Please tell me this is going to be the last shop.... I'm bored... I'm hungry... are we done yet?" he nagged rather humorously.

Jack: And while Cassie was ignoring his ramblings, he went on to to pick at the things she placed in the trolley. "... what is this? It looks like what's his face, uhh... elder god guy." Jack turned it upside down and read underneath the sticker with the price and the name of what it was. "Jewellery holder? That explains the neeed for all the tentacles. Do you really need this?"

Cassie: "Do I need it? Oh, no." Cassandra stood up again and turned back to face him. Between her hands rested a wooden treasure chest, adorned with black metal in swirling patters. "It clearly needs me though. Just look at the poor fellow! Who's going to feed it the souls of the innocent if not for me?"

Cassie: She raised the box she had found, holding it up next to her cheek. A wry grin moved her lips as her eyes sparkled with excitement. "See? Aren't we two just made for each other? Tell me how I could possibly leave this beauty behind?"

Jack: "Easy, you put it back down and walk on." Jack said, knowing there was no way that she'd listen to him. "You know, I'm completely fine with paying for the magic supplies... and even the hobby store's stuff, because it all comes down to magic lessons... but this. You do realize I'm not made of money, right? I hope you got your wallet ready, because I'm not going to spend.." Jack took the box from Cassandra and looked at the price, then showed it to her, "Thi

Jack: Jack took the box from Cassandra and looked at the price, then showed it to her, "Thirty eight dollars on a box."

Cassie: Cassandra looked at Jack for several seconds, silent and with an unreadable expression. "Did you know all of these things are hand-crafted by local artisans," she then continued, as if he hadn't even said anything. "Don't you sense that someone poured their very soul into it. Here, just touch it! You can't put a price tag on something like that, can you now?"

Cassie: Another moment passed, during which she read his silent reaction. It became obvious he didn't exactly share her excitement. "Fine, I'll pay with my own money this time." Pushing the chest into Jack's arms, she pulled the small leather bag from her belt. "You'll just have to..." Cassandra quickly checked the contents of her wallet. "...add the rest to my thirteen dollars."

Jack: Jack was still silent for a moment longer, then rubbed his nose and cleared his throat. "So which of these you'll be putting back then?" he asked her. "Definitely the box, and definitely tentacle god thing. This scarf can go, that's almost forty bucks alone. What else is in here," Jack said ruffling through the goodies.

Cassie: An instant later, Cassandra had her hands on the small trolley and gently pulled it closer. "I don't think the great old one wants to be put back onto the shelf," she said, a determined look in her eyes despite the smile on her lips. "And I'm afraid he already took a liking to that box."

Cassie: "I did promise I'll pay you back anything I owe, did I not?" Her features softened as she sidled closer to Jack, trying to interpose herself between him and her treasure. "You know you can trust me, yes? Granted, that's what a shady person would try to tell you, but in my case, you can definitely believe I'll return whatever I borrow from you."

Jack: "You still haven't reutrned all my cards from the pack you borrowed last week." Jack told her, "Ugh, I'm not even sure I have enough money in my bank account to even afford all of this." Jack admitted as he leaned over to the trolley once more.

Cassie: Cassandra quickly held up a finger. "You'll see them returned shortly," she assured him. "This entire college affair eats up more time than I expected, and thanks to that, I also can no expect a regular share from working underneath the big top tent." A bright grin flashed across her features as she took a step back. "But worry not, I've got it all planned out already."

Cassie: "I'll simply go back to what I did before, and enthrall my audience wherever I may find it - in the clubs and streets of the big city!" Taking a step back, Cassandra spread her arms outward, taking a deep bow, revealing a cheeky smirk from underneath the brim of her hat. "If you can't find a crowd in the Big Apple, you won't find it anywhere."

Jack: "Yeah, you'll might want to reconsider that, pretty sure the city has some laws about street performers, probably just allowed to do that in the park." Jack blinked and looked down at himself when he heard a song start up.

Jack: He fished out his cellphone and answered it, "Yeah? Oh hey man.... no it's ok... tonight? Umm... let me think about this for a second... Oh, yeah, I know just the girl for you, really nice, very easy, plus she was in a breakup recently, so that's twice the chance if you know what I mean. " Jack gave the other person a name and contact details before putting his cellphone away again.

Cassie: "Oh, they most certainly do," Cassandra replied, after having waited for Jack to finish his phone call - which hadn't been the first of that kind she got to witness so far. "It's not like this has ever stopped me before, though. In case you didn't notice, I'm quite skilled at making a quick exit from the stage."

Jack: That might work for the cops for a bit, but remember, you're not in the circus anymore, you don't pack up and move to another city. And don't try to use that same idea to get all of this." jack said pointing towards the trolley. His phone started up again, "Oh for goodness sake," he said answering it once more. "

Cassie: "Oh,my repertoire can be quite varied," Cassandra remarked, holding up a hand as she nodded. "You'd be surprised how lucrative street performances can be. It's all just a question of offering the right thrill to your audience and keep their excitement high until the very end..." Her voice trailed off when Jack answered his phone once more.

Jack: "Sorry, Cassie, apparently there's a party at some place and somehow everyone's phoning me as a quickfix to get a date to that thing." Jack went back to the phone, "Hey... dude, just stop talking, I know of someone, hang on, shes blonde, a little ditzy... just bring your own protection." Jack sihed when he placed the phone back down again, this time putting it on mute beforehand. "Where were we?"

Cassie: "Wondering how to pay for these things," Cassandra provided, pointing downwards with one hand, before holding up the other. "Now, I understand you might say that I should have thought about this little problem just a little bit earlier, but let me assure you that there's a prefect explanation for why I did not."

Cassie: The palms of her hands pointing upwards, she put on a sheepish smile and shrugged. "You see, I try to never waste my time thinking about such things before they come up," she explained. "After all, any moment spent planning each step of a journey is one more before you actually start walking to get anywhere."

Jack: "Hmm, yes, hmm, that's a good point. So you're telling me you'd rather just walk out the store wihtout all of this, than think of a way of paying for them, I completely understand." Jack said tapping his mouth with a finger in thought.

Cassie: Cassandra gave Jack a long, doubtful look, her eyes narrowing at the black rabbit. "Nooo? That's not what I said at all..." She chuckled nervously while playing with a strand of her black hair. "Now, I mean that would be... possible, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, yes?"

Cassie: "After all, you only need to take a look at those magnificent things to know they'll be gone for sure before we get the chance to come back here again." She gestured at their trolley, before putting on her most charming smile. "What I was trying to say is that it's hardly worth it to plan ahead, because not anything ever goes according to plans, anyway."

Cassie: "Besides, you and me both know we don't need them anyway, right?" Cassandra strolled up to Jack and slipped her arms around his waist from behind. "For cunning people like us, there's always some kind of opportunity that presents itself just in time. I was hoping now it would be no different..." She put on an impish grin.

Jack: Jack cocked his head along with his ears, "Cunning people? My dear Cassandra, are you implying unethical methods of acquiring these items?" he asked. "Because if you did, then I'm surprised you haven't disappeared with them by now."

Cassie: Cassandra arched an eyebrow, slightly tilting her head as she watched Jack with a coy little smile on her lips. "Now now, what do you think of me," she asked in return. "Why would I do such a silly thing? After all, I'm pretty sure the clerk has already seen our faces, and you got to admit, we're hardly an inconspicuous couple."

Cassie: "And I also can no longer count on following the troupe to another town one week down the road;" she added. "Now that I made this place my home, I'll actually have to pay attention not to outstay my welcome."

Jack: "Then I can't think of any way that you can pay for all of this... or pay me back for all of this." Jack admitted. His phone vibrated again and he sighed. He checked it and read the text message. "Okay,for some reason this party thing is getting out of hand. Theres way too many guys and not enough girls to go around."

Cassie: "You're going out of your way to make this hard for me, aren't you?" Cassandra frowned, even though it did nothing to diminish her smile. "What, do you want me to say 'please'? Right, fine... pleeeaaase?" After blinking at him with puppy eyes, she let out a sigh. "See, I'll even admit that I may have let myself getting carried away a little."

Cassie: "But it's been a while since I've lived in an actual room with a real door, real windows, and a real roof it's exciting to decorate it with pretty things!" Leaning closer, she began to nuzzle his neck and nibble at the edge of his long ear. "By the way, you know it's not just money I can pay you back with, yes?"

Jack: "Yeah, but you'd do that with me anyway even if I don't lend you money," Jack replied, still enjoying the nibbling at his ear while he quickly replied to the text. "How's this, if you can put away some things and get the price down to... oh let's say a hundred bucks, then we might have a deal."

Jack: The hundred dollars weren't a figure he pulled out of the air. It would mean she'd have to put away more than half of what she placed in the cart.

Cassie: Cassandra bit her lip, looking none too happy as she contemplated that suggestion. "Or, instead of taking something out of the deal, I'll just add something else," she then replied, a flashy grin lighting up her expression when another thought crossed her mind. "That party you need help with? I could lend a hand."

Jack: "Uhh... hmm.. Well..." that actually brought several thoughts to mind for the black hare. "Well there is someone who really wants to go... but I'm having a slight bit of trouble finding him a date. If you agree to go with him, I'll buy all of this... but you'll still owe me afterwards as well. The date's just the deal to get me to lend you money." Jack warned her, holding up a finger towards her.

Cassie: "Ah, I see," Cassandra commented, tapping a finger against her chin, before pointing it at Jack. "You need someone to make that friend of yours look like less of a social reject among his peers, yes? So what is it, some high-school prom night where those without acceptable dates get shamed?"

Jack: "Close, some kind of new york rich snobby school reunion. And the lucky fellow you'll be helping..." Jack said as he started tapping through items on his phone, then held it up to Cassandra, "..this poor one."

Cassie: Leaning over, she slightly cocked her head, her brow furrowing as she took a closer look at the picture. "Ah... So I see his personality probably wasn't the issue." Cassandra peeked up from the screen. A faint smile played across her lips. "A pity, really, as the less physically gifted often try that much harder to impress with their wit instead of counting on mere looks alone."

Jack: Jack sucked in his breath and said, "Yeaaaah, somehow he didn't see fit to work on his personality seeing that looks weren't in his favour. Guy is a bit of a wet towel. Sometimes smells like said towel. If said towel was left on the locker room floor. Also, you might want to take some breathmints along, extra strong breathmints. In case he talks to you, you'll want to smell something that isn't his breath."

Cassie: You know, for someone considering himself a businessman you should really work on your advertisement skills," Cassandra remarked, showing the black hare a sly smirk. "You could just say it if you don't want my help with that party."

Cassie: "However, I got to be honest with you." She quickly raised a finger. "That event sounds like a dire snooze-fest to me, so you should ask yourself if it could afford to do without someone like me. As you should know, you wouldn't be able to find someone with skills like mine when it comes to spice up a boring get-together."

Jack: "This is actually more like a test. To see just how much you'd want these things. But I guess you have a point about spicing things up." Jack said.

Cassie: "As a natural born entertainer, I have yet to find a find a spirit I couldn't lift." A bold smile on her lips, Cassandra placed on hand on her hip, while adjusting her hat with the other. "So if I agree to keep your socially challenged friend entertained for that evening, we'll have a deal?"

Jack: "Yes, then we shall have a deal." Jack replied. He already started typing a different text ob his phone even before Cassie actualky said yes.

Cassie: "Splendid!" She spun around and slung one arm around the rabbit's waist, grabbing the trolley with the other. "Don't worry, you won't regret enlisting my help for that party. Believe me, no matter what stuck-up bores these friends of yours may be, I guarantee my performance will blow their mind."

Jack: "Uh huh." Jack nodded as he sent the message. "There we go. Also, they're technically not my friends per se. They are friends of friends... well except for Herbert, your date. Met him at the petting zoo." Jack added while he watched Cassandra drift towards the spiderweb lampshades.

Cassie: Looking over her shoulder, Cassandra had a hard time suppressing the mischievous smirk that wanted to show itself. "His name is Herbert? Your friend really dug down to the bottom of the barrel when fate gambled away all the good things, didn't he?"

Jack: "Well at least he got some good business sense. Or his parents had. He'll probably will want to pay for drinks or dinner afterwards. Or maybe give money in appreciation. Just take it, he'll make a fuss and a scene if you don't."

Jack: "If he does, you can even use that to pay me back. Maybe keep some for yourself. Oh, by the way, time for some small print. I'll be expecting intetest on the money you're borrowing."

Cassie: "Oh, don't worry - who am I to reject offered gifts?" Cassandra chuckled, leaning over towards Jack to nip at his neck again. "And I already promised I'll pay you back anything I... wait, did you say interest?"

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