2/28 Instance: Triple Threat

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2/28 Instance: Triple Threat

Post by Starfish » Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:25 pm

Timeline: Current.

Max: Max shifted in his seat next to Penny who was shuffling to get comfortable on the examinating bed. The big blue furred doctor was getting the equipment ready at the same time.

Max: "And what about the gender of the baby?" Dr McCoy asked. "Would you like to know it? You two hoping for a boy or girl?"

Penny: Penny shifted on the bed, careful not to cut it too badly with her claws and hair. She exchanged a look with her fiance, before glancing back up at the large doctor, wearing a small smile. <I don't know,> she signed. <It wouldn't mind either way. Going to be a mommy is amazing enough.>

Max: Max grinned, "just as long he's healthy... her... um it." Max watched as the doctor shuffled next to Penny and setting up the ultrasound.

Penny: "Now now, I'm certain everything will be fine," McCoy assured them, pulling over a small stool to sit down next tot the crimson mutant girl. "With two quite so formidable and healthy parents as you two, how couldn't your child be the toughest little thing anyone has ever seen?"

Penny: Giving both of the expecting parents an encouraging smile, he began to spread the clear solution on Penny's stomach. "Now, shall we see what the little bugger has been up to in there since your last check up?"

Max: Max turned in his seat to look at the screen. After a while max squinted trying to figure out what he was looking at. He leaned back cocked his head. "I think our kid is definitely a mutant."

Max: McCoy adjusted his glasses. "Well there is a good chance of that... but I do not believe what you are seeing is the mutation itself." McCoy leaned over to a volume knob and turned up the sound of the heartbeat...s.

Penny: Penny looked back and forth between the ultrasound screen, Dr. McCoy, and her fiance. <Is that... another head,> she asked, uncertainty painted across her face. <Does our baby have more than one head?>

Penny: The doctor responded to the girl's worried look with a laugh, much to her surprise. "Oh no, nothing like that," he told her, shifting the probe's head to the side. "Your baby will have only one head. All three of them..."

Max: Max wss speechless as he listened to the heartbeats and watched the three sillhouettes on the screen. Eventually he managed to say,"We're going to need a bigger room..."

Penny: Hardly capable of becoming even more speechless, Penny stared at the three vague outlines on the ultrasound screen, her mind trying to trace the shapes of her children. Eventually, she managed to tear her gaze away, an exhilarated grin forming on her lips. <We're going to have... triplets?> She couldn't decide whether to focus on Max or McCoy.

Penny: The blue doctor nodded, his smile growing ever bigger. "Yes, I'm almost entirely certain," he told the young couple. "At first it didn't look like it, because your children appear to be quite a bit smaller than regular human babies." He turned to give them a look and added quickly: "But obviously perfectly healthy otherwise, of course."

Max: "So ... um... wait.. how did this happen?" Max asked. McCoy gave him a stare. "I mean I know how... but... three?" And at that moment Max's mouth spoke before his brain could react. "Do I have like super mutant testicles?"

Penny: Both the blue doctor and the red student gave him a doubtful look in return. "While that may be possibly, I wouldn't know," McCoy told him with a light chuckle. "At least you have fully functional ones. As for this surprising outcome, even at the risk of hurting your ego, I'll have to tell you that this is probably much more Penny's accomplishment here than yours."

Penny: Penny immediately flashed her fiance a big grin and raised her hands. <Don't worry, you totally did your part,> she assured him. <And you did it well.> A smirk appeared at the edge of her mouth.

Max: "Oh my gosh, Penny, you're a baby making machine...I wonder when clown car jokes can be made..." max pondered outloud while his face was stuck to the screen.

Penny: Penny quirked an eyebrow. <I'd say between now and never if you ever want to try again,> she signed at him, smiling sweetly. <Before we should think about that, we need to give all our attention to them, however.> She placed a clawed hand on her stomach.

Max: "My babies," Max said twisting to grab hold of Penny and putting his head to her belly. "I've got goop on my cheek and I don't care. You hear me in there? Daddy's making an idiot of himself out here."

Penny: With an loving smile on her lips, Penny looked down at Max, raising her hand to affectionally stroke over the quills on his head. She turned her head towards Dr. McCoy. <I think he'll make a wonderful dad,> she signed.

Penny: The doctor chuckled, looking at the young couple instead of his screen. "I think you'll both make great parents," he assured them.

Max: "D'aww, thank you, Dr McCoy, but I'm pretty sure we are way over our head with one baby, not to mention three... know any good nannies that are cheap?" he asked.

Penny: Rearranging his glasses, Hank McCoy chuckled again. "I'm afraid not," he replied. "But I know of a school full of helpful friends. You can be sure to get everything you and your children need here. I promise we'd never let down anyone of us - especially not when they need us the most. You two shouldn't worry. You have so much to look forward to."

Penny: Turning her head, Penny managed an encouraging smile. <I'm sure he's right,> she signed at Max. <We can do this, love. This is a good place for our children.> Her hand came to rest on top of his.

Max: Max leaned up forward and kissed Penny on the forehead, cheek and finally her lips before sitting back down. "So they're healthy and three of them... um... and they're supposed to be small? You mentioned them being small." Max asked with a bit of worry in his voice.

Max: "Nothing to be concerned about, from what I can see they look healthy, healthy heartbeat, slight movements... let me just quickly retrieve the previous visit's image..." Dr McCoy clicked on the computer and looked between the screen of the current image and the previous one. "Yes, the image here it looked like it was a rather large baby, but now that we know it's triplets, you can just make out it's actually three shadows if you look for them. "

Max: "Yes, the image here it looked like it was a rather large baby, but now that we know it's triplets, you can just make out it's actually three shadows if you look for them. "

Penny: Penny's gaze was glued to the screen as she tried to decipher what the doctor was pointing out. <Maybe they're smaller because we're mutants,> she suggested, looking between McCoy and her fiance. <I mean, hedgehog babies are tiny, too, aren't they?>

Penny: Dr. McCoy smiled, watching the crimson girl over the rim of his glasses. "Now, looks like at least someone paid attention during my biology classes," he commented. "And yes, that would have been my first guess, as well. Otherwise, they appear to be perfectly healthy."

Max: "Wait... will our kids be... actual hedgehogs?" Max asked while horribly confused. Dr McCoy just chuckled and shook his head.

Max: "No, no, they are clearly mutants, cranium sizes compared to the rest of their body suggest human-like bodies. However I do think they will end up growing spiky like their parents."

Penny: <Then we're going to need even more baby clothes,> Penny remarked, a reluctant smile on her lips as she exchanged looks with her fiance. <Can't we let them run around naked until they've stopped growing a little?>

Max: "Well I'm starting to think that they might be cute enough that people wouldn't mind naked little porcupine things scuttling about..." Max said, then saw Dr McCoy's stare, "But that's only if all the clothes we're going to get for them suddenly disappears off of the face of the earth."

Penny: <And when all else fails, there's always duct tape,> Penny added, revealing her teeth with a wide grin, causing McCoy to laugh in return. "If you like, I can prepare a little guide for you two, so you know what to look out for. A well balanced diet is important during any pregnancy, but even more so when expecting triplets."

Max: "Thank you, Dr McCoy. Any help is appreciated." Max said in return. "One thing though... I.. um..." he looked over to Penny then back up to McCoy, "I'm kind of curious on the genders now." he admitted. "How about you, Penny?" he asked, squeezing her hand affectionately.

Penny: Penny met Max's gaze, a smile forming on her lips, before she turned to McCoy and gave him a nod. "Well, I guess when you have to get three sets of baby stuff, it would be a real waste to be wrong about your children's gender." He applied fresh gel to the girl's stomach. "Alright, we shall see if there's anything to... well, see already."

Max: Dr McCoy paused the screen, then leaned over to point out with a blue clawed finger. "As you can see here, this little one is a boy." He unfroze the screen and moved the ultrasound probe over her stomach some more before pausing again and pointing. "And another boy... and the last one is..."

Penny: "...yes, that's a girl." McCoy looked away from the screen, showing off his impressive teeth as he smiled at Max and Penny. "Congratulations, you two, you're going to be the proud parents of two boys and one girl." Penny's face lit up as she heard those news, quickly turning her head to give her fiance an excited grin.

Max: Max's own grin was stretching from ear to ear, showing off his not so impressive teeth. He immediately puhed himself up to give his Penny another kiss. "Guess it's time to start thinking about names." he told her.

Penny: Penny put her arms around Max to draw him in for another kiss, before she sat back with a smile on her lips. <See it from the good side,> she suggested. <At least we don't have to settle for that one single name we like best.>

Max: Max nodded, "Then that's settled, Godzilla, Mothra and Ghidorah will be their names."

Penny: After a long hard look at Max's stupid grin, Penny turned to Dr. McCoy. <While we're here, can you test if he's really the father?>

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