3/1 Instance: Yo-Yo Yo!

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3/1 Instance: Yo-Yo Yo!

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:03 am

timeline: after Yo-Yo Rodriguez Rides Again and Smells like Death

Cecilia: Cecilia didn't sleep exceptionally well but staying with Fabian had helped ensure she got at least some sleep that night. Now, at 9AM in the morning, she was just dozing- unable to go back to sleep but too lazy to actually get up.

Johnny: Johnny had showered when he'd returned from the police station, and he had showered once more when he'd gotten up surprisingly early. He had plans to shower again at some point because he was still sure he could feel the bits of body on him. First, he wanted to make sure Fabian had survived questioning, so he started that way after making sure he was relatively presentable.

Johnny: ...Not that it mattered since Fabian had seen it all.

Cecilia: Cecilia's eyes snapped open at a knock on the door. Quickly and carefully, she got up and opened the door...and scowled when she left standing face-to-face with John in her sleepwear. "Can I help you?" She deadpanned, leaning against the doorframe.

Johnny: He blinked when it was Cecilia - an unhappy looking Cecilia - instead of Fabian. Considering the question, Johnny shook his head, "No? Well, not unless you want to get Fabian..."

Cecilia: "Fabian's asleep and I'm not waking him up unless it's urgent," Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. "So you're stuck with me. Now what do you want?"

Cecilia: She slid into the hall and shut the door so they didn't wake said person- who was completely dead to the world and probably would be till well past noon.

Johnny: Johnny shrugged, stepping aside to lean a shoulder against the wall, crossing his arms. He supposed there were worse people to be stuck with as he answered, "I just wanted to see how he was after last night, so I guess it's not all that urgent..."

Cecilia: "He's fine," Cecilia said quickly. No thanks to you. "A shower, antibiotics and some sleep go a long way."

Cecilia: "But there's a few things I wanna go over with you actually..."

Johnny: He wasn't sure whether those few things should scare him or not. "Oh?"

Cecilia: Cecilia crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, studying John with narrowed eyes. "What's my middle name, John?"

Johnny: "Um..." Why was she looking at him like that? Was that some sort of trick question? He hated girls. They were so confusing. "I-I don't know...?"

Cecilia: "Well, why don't you take a wild guess? After all it shouldn't be too hard considering you're such an expert on Puerto Rican names," she said, voice dripping with sarcasm. "Tell me, how likely do you think it is that it's CONSUELA?!"

Cecilia: "Yo-Yo Rodriguez?! Really?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Did you want him to get arrested? For fuck's sake, John!"

Johnny: "Well, I mean... He couldn't be the Short Round to my Indiana Jones..." Johnny reasoned, "Short Round would've sounded ridiculous." He paused to think about what he'd just said, "...More ridiculous. And... Um, there were a lot of cops, we were covered in guts, and I had to come up with something quickly!"

Cecilia: "So you picked Yo-Yo Rodriguez?!" Cecilia exclaimed, laughing hysterically. "That has to be the stupidest fake name I've ever heard! Really, I'm actually astounded at the precinct that picked you up. Either you guys are really lucky or that particular division is run by the biggest dumb-asses in the entire force!"

Cecilia: "Why didn't you just use his middle name and maternal surname? Or just make one up that didn't sound completely retarded? Here, it's not hard, I can do it off the top of my head: Juan Martinez, Luis Torres, Miguel del Rio! Anything but Yo-Yo!"

Johnny: "...Well, Eddie was the one that took us in, and I don't know either of those," Johnny said, not at all sure what to make of any of this. Maybe he should apologize for... whatever it was he was being lectured about. He hadn't thought a fake name would be that big of a deal, especially if they'd gotten away with it. "I'm sorry... I'll keep that list in mind. ...Hopefully, we don't run into the cops again though."

Cecilia: Cecilia scowled. "The name is insulting and ridiculous but that's not the reason why I'm angry, though it's certainly offensive enough," she admitted. "I'm more angry at the fact he got arrested in the first place- the flimsy alias is just the cherry on the top of that shit sundae."

Cecilia: "Fabian wasn't pardoned or anything," she explained. "If the police ran his real name through the system and connected him to a particular Acolyte with a very similar name...that would be it...I do not want that happening. Do you understand?" Cecilia said, her brow furrowed.

Johnny: "I can't say he was all too pleased about being arrested either... Neither was I. The police showed up before we could come up with a way out of there," Johnny sighed and nodded. He tried not to think about the Acolyte thing. "But, yeah, I get it."

Cecilia: Cecilia sighed. "We need to come up with lists of aliases or something. It wouldn't hurt to have a few code words so people know we're talking under duress or what we're saying is an act as well."

Cecilia: Her expression softened a little. "I hear most of the corpse fell on you. Are you alright?"

Johnny: "Yeah, some safe words would definitely be awesome. It's pretty hard to call and explain when you can't actually say who you are or anything else," he commented, pausing to consider the question and pulling a face as he answered, "Still pretty grossed out, but I think I'll live."

Cecilia: "Fabian suggested it, mostly 'cause I thought he was yanking my chain when he called," she admitted, a little ashamed. "Ah, so you stopped by Dr.McCoy's way already then- good!"

Johnny: "Hope made fun of me..." he pouted a little before his brow furrowed, and he asked, "Stopped by Dr. McCoy's for what?"

Cecilia: "For antibiotics?" Cecilia said slowly and deliberately, as if John were a little special. Her face slowly morphed into an expression of horror, " Oh God. You didn't?!"

Johnny: "I didn't know I should!" Johnny exclaimed, taking in her expression, "Oh God... I'm not going to die for going a few hours without them, am I?!"

Cecilia: "Well fuck, John!" Cecilia exclaimed. "What do you think you're supposed to do?! Do you have any idea how many diseases corpses- especially decomposed ones-carry?!"

Cecilia: "Did you at least go through the decontamination shower? Did you get any in your eyes or mouth or any open cuts?"

Johnny: "I don't know anything about corpses except that they're dead and gross!" Ugh, this corpse was totally kicking their asses. Dead body, two. X-men, zero. He tried to think back to the previous night and shook his head, "None in my eyes, I don't think I had any open cuts, and I tried to avoid opening my mouth more than necessary... They picked me over for evidence, and I've showered twice since I've been home..."

Cecilia: Cecilia was already dragging him downstairs. "It should be fine as long as we get you on them right away, but next time don't wait!"

Cecilia: "McCoy's probably looking for you anyways, we stopped by the medlab when we got back."

Johnny: Johnny didn't protest being dragged along to the medlab because, despite their differences in size, he was more than sure Cecilia could kick his ass down there if she had to. "I don't really plan for any other corpses to fall on me, but I'll remember to not wait..."

Cecilia: "The life we're living it might not be the last time," Cecilia said grimly. Sure enough, there was a bottle of pills with a note from McCoy on the medlab desk. "Happy Birthday," she said wryly, handing John the pills along with the instructions.

Cecilia: "Besides, at the rate this freak is going through mutants it's likely more people are gonna die before this is all over," Cecilia said, her expression indecipherable "...The rally wasn't enough."

Johnny: Johnny took the pills and slip of paper, stuffing them in his pocket. He'd take them with his breakfast. "Probably more than likely," Johnny sighed heavily, "It's too bad the police have that building sectioned off... I'd like to go back and see what we can find since the police clearly aren't getting the job done."

Cecilia: "You can't," Cecilia said, frustrated. "As you said, the place is sectioned off and you can bet they'll be taking note of who's hanging around there. It'd be suspicious if you went..."

Cecilia: She sighed, "I'd like to think the police are doing the best they can...but considering my own experiences and the fact that the victims are all mutants...I don't entirely believe that."

Johnny: "So, I'll find someone that can get in, or I'll find a way," he shrugged, "I mean, my sister can turn herself and others invisible, so how hard can it be?"

Cecilia: Cecilia thought a moment "...I could go," she offered. "Fab's car is still nearby the scene so it'd be getting two things done at the same time...and I can think of a few of my friends that could get in and out of that place with no-one noticing."

Cecilia: "...I could even bring us a hound," she smirked wryly.

Johnny: Johnny considered that and eventually nodded, "If you think you can get in and out, go for it and take pictures or something. Fabian and I didn't get very far in searching the place."

Cecilia: "I could, if I had help," Cecilia said. "It'd have to be evening...less people around to see and it'd make it harder to spot me. I'd also need a layout of the building if you can get it or else both of you could draw me a map...If I'm going I'd like to pick someone reasonably bullet-proof. If I'm caught I'm running, I'm not being taken in by the cops."

Johnny: "I think can manage to get the blueprints." It'd just take some talking to Hope and having her pull some connections. "I'd say take whoever you're comfortable with taking whenever you're ready after I get the layout."

Cecilia: "Sounds good to me," Cecilia said. "When you got the blueprints come and find me. In the meantime though I'm going back upstairs to get some shut-eye. If I'm gonna do a night-op I don't wanna do it tired."

Johnny: Johnny put on a grin, "Well, I'm going to grab something to eat, take this medication, and I'll get that stuff for you. So, I'll see you later."

Cecilia: Cecilia was already making her way back up the stairs. "Adios, John."

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