3/2 Instance: Exhumed

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3/2 Instance: Exhumed

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:49 am

timeline: after Yo-Yo Yo!

Laura: Laura had spent the better part of their time scoping out the abandoned building, trying to decide the best entry point while avoiding being spotted by the police. When she'd finally decided, she easily slunk through the darkness, motioning for Cecilia to follow her. She slipped under the crime scene tape and headed for the busted out window, hoisting herself up before pausing to wait for her friend.

Cecilia: Cecilia silently pulled herself up and through the broken window. Hair tied back, black hooded sweatshirt over her uniform. "Looks like the coasts clear," Cecilia whispered, pulling a small flashlight from her belt. "The police must've cleared out for the evening."

Laura: "They are probably between shifts or something," Laura quietly replied as she hopped down from the ledge, landing silently. She peered around as she straightened, deciding based on the smell of this place alone, "We should make this quick."

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded, grimacing at the awful smell emanating from the place. "Right there with you, sister." She pulled out the small camera she'd brought along with her.

Cecilia: "There's the hook just like John and Fab said," she said quietly, indicating the fallen meathook and white chalk outline on the ground where the body had surely fallen. She snapped a few pictures. "Do you smell anything outta the ordinary?"

Laura: "You mean besides decomposing corpses?" Laura asked as she bent down to study the hook and the outline. Regardless of what Cecilia's answer would be, she nodded, "Faintly."

Cecilia: "Besides the obvious," Cecilia said flatly. "Even I could tell you it smells like death here...care to enlighten me?"

Cecilia: The temperature was dropping as night settled in and their breath was visible in the cold air. Cecilia shuddered a little, the building reminded her of some of the DR environments she'd been practicing in...or the set of Silent Hill.

Laura: "People," she shrugged, "Obviously, the police and forensics have been in and out of here, but there's scents that are less recent. I'm afraid I can't be more specific than that."

Laura: As she got back up, Laura started down one of the corridors. The police had appeared to cover the entire place fairly well, but that didn't mean they hadn't missed something. She couldn't imagine what though. This would be far easier if she'd been here before they'd gotten involved. Catching sight of some markings on the wall, she paused, backing toward the opposite wall to take it in.

Cecilia: Cecilia shone the flashlight over the graffiti. "'When cut across the neck a sound like wailing winter winds is heard,'" she read.

Cecilia: "...You don't think...?"

Laura: Laura pulled her gaze from the writings to look at Cecilia, asking, "What am I not thinking?"

Cecilia: Cecilia looked troubled. "I'm just wondering if this is a sick musing from some passerby or if this was written by someone involved...I'm also starting to wonder just who gave the cops this tip...it seems awful weird someone would just be wandering around a creepy old building."

Cecilia: "...Could be I'm paranoid..."

Laura: "Someone could've noticed the smell," Laura reasoned as far as the tip went. As for the writing, she suggested, "Take a picture."

Cecilia: Cecilia did as she was told. "Yeah, but you'd think that'd deter people."

Cecilia: She moved further down the hall... "Oh Jesus," she hissed, taking in the room.

Cecilia: It was safe to say that at one time this building may have been a bathhouse or a spa. The room contained a few old tubs and white tiles...except the scene before Cecilia didn't bring to mind anything remotely clean. Old bloodstains marred the bottoms of the tubs, the drains crusted over. The windows had been painted black, likely to obscure what was going on inside.

Cecilia: And the walls...the white tiled walls were completely covered from ceiling to floor with black graffiti.

Laura: Laura trailed after Cecilia and tried to spot anything that appeared to be out of the place, pausing in the doorway of the room. While she had seen some pretty horrifying things, she could safely say she'd never seen anything like this room. Sucking in a breath, she could smell everything from mold to blood to the paint that'd been used on the walls. Her face twisted in disgust as she ventured further into the space.

Laura: "This is awful," she stated, feeling like that was a massive understatement.

Cecilia: Cecilia had gone deathly pale "...I know these writings," she said flatly, shining the flashlight over a few of the verses, light skittering across the wall as her hand trembled slightly.

Laura: Her brow furrowed, and she tore her gaze from the drain of one of the tubs she was peering into, trying to decide what set of writing to focus on. "You do?"

Cecilia: "'And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, which the LORD thy God hath given thee, in the siege, and in the straitness, wherewith thine enemies shall distress thee...'" Cecilia read, marking the words with the flashlight.

Cecilia: "This is from the Bible. The Book of Deuteronomy, I know these verses. These verses are supposed to be speeches delivered by Moses to the Israelites just before they enter the promised land..."

Cecilia: "This verse is one of many that warn the Israelites what will happen should they..." she swallowed hard '...should they forsake God."

Laura: Despite the fact she wasn't entirely convinced of the existence of God, there were plenty of others that took the Bible quite seriously, however it was hard to imagine that people would take the words to this extreme. Grim look on her face, Laura let out a small sigh, "Let's get pictures, so we can get out of here."

Cecilia: Cecilia took out the camera with shaky hands and photographed everything. They needed to track these verses. She had no doubt that this all had some meaning. That something would be revealed from this. These verses were probably picked for a reason. There were no co-incidences.

Cecilia: "Done. Let's get the fuck out of here. Fab's car is parked a block away," she said to Laura pocketing the camera and walking back down the hall. "I've seen enough."

Laura: "Agreed," Laura turned for the door, freezing as she listened closely. Footsteps and voices. That... wasn't good. Dropping her voice, she briefly gave the room one last look, "We need to get out of here now. Sounds like the police might be back."

Cecilia: "Shit," Cecilia hissed, pulling Laura into one of the side-rooms. "Just hold on a sec, I'll get us out of here."

Cecilia: She inserted a forcefield in the space between the window and the window-frame, pushing the window up forcefully. "Let's go," she said, climbing out.

Laura: She wasn't about to argue, as she had absolutely no desire to be involved with the police, and moved to follow Cecilia out the window. Once on the ground, she pointed in the opposite direction the police were going. It'd take longer to get to the car, but it'd be worth it.

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded and ran in the direction Laura had pointed and after a detour of several blocks they'd reached the car. "Do you wanna drive or shall I?" Cecilia asked "...Actually, I should probably drive. Fab's really possessive about this car and if anything happens I don't want you to get blamed for it."

Cecilia: "That and you might need a booster seat to see over the dashboard," Cecilia laughed weakly as she slid in and buckled up.

Laura: Laura could hardly imagine being that possessive over something as trivial as a car, however she smirked as she moved around to the passenger side, "Are you sure you won't need one? You aren't much taller than I am."

Cecilia: "...Shut up," Cecilia said, snorting as she started the ignition. "It's not my fault I'm vertically challenged."

Laura: "True," she simply agreed. Genetics definitely were not her fault. Letting out a breath after buckling her seatbelt, Laura leaned back into the seat, wondering aloud, "Do you think any of the other crime scenes are like this one?"

Cecilia: "No, some of them are full of macabre holiday cheer," she said sarcastically, referring to the body they'd discovered just before Christmas break "...They might be. If the person who did this is some kind of Christian fundamentalist- or worse, a Satanist- it could get so much worse."

Cecilia: "...Those verses can't have been chosen by accident," Cecilia remarked as they turned on the streets, approaching the interstate. "That particular verse...it has to mean something."

Laura: "Maybe we should search the others... once we find out where they are," Laura suggested, falling silent when it came to the verses. She wasn't easily creeped out, but that room had managed to make her feel incredibly uncomfortable. She slowly nodded, "Indeed. We can speculate on those after we show the others."

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded. "It'd be helpful if we got a look at some of the files for this case...maybe Ed could shed some light on that."

Cecilia: "I..." Cecilia sighed heavily. "I don't know what I believe...I'm not sure if God exists or if it's all bullshit...but that...that's not what my religion was about...there is nothing holy or right about that."

Laura: "It is worth a shot." Laura doubted Eddie was allowed to share files, but it couldn't hurt to ask him about it. In response to everything else, she looked down to her shoes, taking a breath before speaking, "Generally, there isn't anything right about killing another person, whether there's a God or not."

Cecilia: "Yet you were a member of X-Force," Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. "How does that work?"

Laura: She shrugged, "At the time, I was still in the process of adjusting to this kind of lifestyle, killing was something I knew how to do, and I believed it was for a greater good. None of those things make it right."

Cecilia: Cecilia's hand gripped the steering wheel. "No, but there can be forgiveness if it was a mistake and the person is truly repentant- or so I was taught. I might not believe in God anymore, but I do believe in that."

Cecilia: "Anyways, I'm not trying to exhume the past or anything...what's done is done....let's just hope that particular part of our history stays buried."

Cecilia: "We got enough skeletons to handle right now, yeah?" Cecilia laughed a little hysterically.

Laura: Laura snorted, "Hopefully, we can figure this out before there's too many more."

Cecilia: "There's sixteen that we know of," Cecilia said ominously. "Every day we waste running around fact-checking and scrounging for clues is another day this psycho is out there hunting and every single one is too many...when I find this freak he's gonna wish he was never born."

Laura: "Or he'll try to eat you, which I imagine could result in the same line of thought." Laura leaned to peer at the speedometer, "This thing can go faster, yeah? Sooner we get back, the sooner we can run this past everyone else and check facts."

Cecilia: A sly expression settled on Cecilia's features. "I have always wanted to put this thing through the paces..." she smirked "...let's see how fast this baby can go."

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